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This is an amazing book about a couple that rescued 3 feral kittens and along the way they rescue the author I was eager to read this book because I appreciate those that help ferals as it is so difficult The author lived in NYC , but was dating a man in New Jersey She preferred the city, but when they discovered 3 feral kittens and a mama cat in the neighbor s yard, things changed They did a lot of research and borrowed a trap They were able to trap them and with much time and effort socialize them so they could be adopted In doing this, the author ends up spendingtime in NJ and likes it She also discovers a lot about herself and findsreasons daily to realize this boyfriend is the one I always get nervous when I read books about cats because they make me cry This book did not make me cry I love a happy ending and this had one all around I highly recommend this book to all cat lovers It may even inspire you to want to help ferals. Heather is a successful, driven, independent Manhattan based professional, whose architect boyfriend, Matt, bought a house and moved across the river to New Jersey This made for a weekend commuter relationship, until, one day she looked into the eyes of a feral kitten in the overgrown, cluttered yard next door and it changed her world As a former New Yorker, I could relate to the adjustments that people make in their lives to follow their dreams and how just one incident can change everything that you thought you wanted and planned I plan to pass this book to my sister, who has been a feeder for years. A nice little read about a fellow kitten rescuer, except along the way the kittens helped save her. I was provided an advance review copy of To Catch a Cat by the author Heather Green, who was one of my coworkers at BusinessWeek from 2000 2010 While I primarily know Heather as a knowledgeable and thorough business reporter with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything related to technology, I have to say I was impressed with her ability to switch gears, open up and write what is ultimately a great, heartfelt book for animal lovers and in particularly anyone who has ever fallen for a kitten.To Catch a Cat is about Heather s venture into the world of cat rescue, which I learned is a place full of caring, careful people who are trying to make our neighborhoods safe for feral cats, while at the same time making it possible for them to transition from the wild into loving homes While taming three feral kittens and ultimately their mother , Heather learns the value of patience and of nurturing relationships.I was particularly impressed with Heather s ability to bring the four cats at the center of her book to life As the author of a book about animals Heal The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures , I know how challenging it is to do that, especially when you can t interview the animals about their thoughts and feelings But I felt I knew these cats well by the end of the book Another highlight for me was Heather s discovery of the neighborhood feeder, a woman with a heartbreaking history who finds a daily dose of therapy in feeding the cats.All in all an enjoyable read about the world of cat rescue This book was pretty much what you d expect It s about rescuing three kittens, and the trials, challenges, joy, and satisfaction that goes along with it It was cute A simple story, and a slow moving one, it was a sweet read that kept me company on my Thanksgiving travels Heather Green and her boyfriend Matt found three kittens and a mama cat in their next door neighbor s yard They devised a plan to rescue the kittens and spay the mama cat, and dove into the world of cat rescue and TNR Heather s writing is witty and cute, but it was drawn out It took four chapters for them to even catch the kittens, and she described everything like the process of acquiring traps in excruciatingly lengthy detail The kittens, of course, stole the show I loved reading about mama cat, Oona, and her babies with their varying personalities Zero, Two Spot, and Number Three As a cat lover, I liked reading about their socialization, their slow progress towards affection with humans, and ultimate adoptions Like I said, it was a cute story One thing that seemed odd was that Heather writes about her depression, which took away from the sweetness of the kittens It seems she was actually depressed while caring for them spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle of fast food, too much alcohol, and loneliness I would have much rather readabout funny stories involving the kittens there are always funny stories with kittens But this book took onof a serious tone, and I m not sure it worked that well At its core, this was a simple rescue story But Heather or maybe her editor publisher wanted it to beabout defeating her demons and finding what truly matters in life I m just not sure that really worked out I liked reading about the cats, and the world of rescue I liked learning about trapping and socializing, and everything that Heather and Matt learned throughout the process And I loved the kitten personalities But other elements of the book made it feel a bitlike a drag Ultimately, though, a good book, and perfect for a long car ride or a lazy day. I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways This was a very light and enjoyable read I loved the cover and it had my interest from the moment I won it I also had to go through a lot of cat trapping and it was nice to hear that someone else went through the same thing You don t have to go through what she did to enjoy this memoir I will definitely read this again and recommend it to all. A Heartfelt, Funny Memoir About How A Kitten Rescue Project Changed One Cynic S Life Journalist Heather Green Was Finally Putting Down Roots In Shiny, Buzzing Manhattan She Loved Her Work And Threw Herself Into Sixty Hour Weeks Once Walking Into A Subway Pole, Getting A Concussion, And Still Going To The Office Her New Boyfriend Matt Lived Across The River In A New Jersey Town That Had None Of The Glamour Of New York She Liked Matt A Lot Yet She Wasn T Sure What To Make Of Weekends In Gritty, Dilapidated Union City But Things Changed The Summer Morning Heather Discovered A Beautiful Stray Cat And Her Three Black And White Kittens In Matt S Neighbor S Backyard When She Made Eye Contact With One Of The Kittens, She Felt Something She D Never Felt Before She And Matt Had To Save The Little Animals Because If They Didn T, Who Would The Crazy World Of Cat Rescue Soon Drew Heather In As She And Matt Worked Together To Figure Out How To Trap, Tame, And Find Homes For Their Foundlings, She Began To Question The Life She Had Back In Manhattan This Is The Story Of How Three Furry Beings Taught One Woman About Love, Community, And What Truly Matters In Life Mrs Heather Green Just so you know, you ve been work hard to write this book I totally proud of you At first, the storyline is a bit slow but later on I just naturally enjoy every pages I cannot denied that I cried hard at chapter 9 onwards, as a cat owner and rescuer I can relate so much what Heather felt. I really enjoyed this book I want to dofor the stray cats in my area. An insightful book by the author of sharing her experience or how rescuing cats, altered her life and her experience with commitment.