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Pulitzer Prize Winner And American Master Anne Tyler Brings Us An Inspired, Witty And Irresistible Contemporary Take On One Of Shakespeare S Most Beloved ComediesKate Battista Feels Stuck How Did She End Up Running House And Home For Her Eccentric Scientist Father And Uppity, Pretty Younger Sister Bunny Plus, She S Always In Trouble At Work Her Pre School Charges Adore Her, But Their Parents Don T Always Appreciate Her Unusual Opinions And Forthright Manner Dr Battista Has Other Problems After Years Out In The Academic Wilderness, He Is On The Verge Of A Breakthrough His Research Could Help Millions There S Only One Problem His Brilliant Young Lab Assistant, Pyotr, Is About To Be Deported And Without Pyotr, All Would Be LostWhen Dr Battista Cooks Up An Outrageous Plan That Will Enable Pyotr To Stay In The Country, He S Relying As Usual On Kate To Help Him Kate Is Furious This Time He S Really Asking Too Much But Will She Be Able To Resist The Two Men S Touchingly Ludicrous Campaign To Bring Her Around

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    3 stars The problem with Vinegar Girl is that it was written by Anne Tyler This means that my expectations were really high because Tyler is such a lovely nuanced writer of contemporary American middle class family life The other problem with Vinegar Girl is that it is part of a project to render contemporary versions of Shakespeare s plays, and this story is based on The Taming of the Shrew And, really, how do you credibly construct a work of contemporary American fiction around the story of a father who seeks to marry off his contrarian daughter to a man who seeks to tame her Final verdict It s a quick read It has some fun parts It felt like a comedy of manners clever but not deep Not Ann Tyler at her best But still better than what most authors could have managed with this storyline Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy.

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    WowEver notice a common theme in back to back books you ve read Then wonder if there is a reason these books are in your space at the moment I had recently read Stolen Innocence , by Elissa Wall, a memoir, about her growing years as a member of the Utah s FLDS polygamist sectbecoming a teenage bride against her desires the story about how she broke free Elissa became known for her captivating testimony in the courtroom which helped send a man practicing abusive behavior to prison Vinegar Girl , a modern retelling of Taming of The Shrew , asks Kate, a bright, educated, independent, female,will she immolate herself for a man This is a light hearted enjoyable tale but I thought about both of these women Elissa and Kate things they had in common and things they didn t Ann Tyler s fast easy reading novel allows for modern complex thought if you take the time to do so.This novel, was the perfect vehicle for an honest inquiry into an old well as a lovely love story it s sweet and a FEEL GOOD tale..Adding thought Since this novel was an inspiration for further thinking to me connecting themes I ve been visiting lately I m watching The People vs O J Simpson TV series right now,and seeing how a modern woman Marcia Clark cut her hair to please the world of men womenwilling to obey the mainstream popular unspoken rules , only to discover she was still being criticize for how she looked dressed and fixed her hair, after changing her style anyway A close friend on Goodreads is part of the Chabad community She, her husband and children observe the Chabad movement There are specific daily prayers..outreach humanitarian aid, mitzvos , as well as religious, cultural and educational activities at Chabad run community centers, synagogues, schools, camps, and soup kitchens Very bright, College educated modern women choose to marry a ChabadnikDoes that mean she has sacrificed herself to her man Is she considered a second class citizen Oris it possible the choice she made was a rich inner spiritual fit to the service she wants to contribute in the world.., and feels proud to be part of a family tribe which supports advancing Jewish values towards worldly ethical problems Ann Tyler s storytelling is shrewd light, sweet, lovable.., engaging characters and plot but maybe we can t be so sure that our Descriptions of The Modern Woman Today is the same for everyone.

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    This is the first Anne Tyler book that I have read and a little way in I was thinking that this novel is not for me However, I persisted and almost without me being aware of it, I was being charmed and drawn into the story Kate runs the family household, and looks after her absent minded scientist father, Dr Battista, and her volatile younger sister, Bunny Kate is taken for granted and has put her life on hold for her family She is taken aback and furious when her father suggests that she marries his indispensable assistant, Pyotr, to prevent him being deported Despite her efforts to resist the scheme, before she knows it, Kate finds herself agreeing to it Her heart slowly starts to open to the abrupt and eccentric Pyotr, as she becomes aware of his personal history, who he is and what makes him tick Pyotr is clearly bowled over by Kate and touchingly engages in random acts that makes this transparent to her.Their offbeat wedding day turns out to be action packed with Pyotr turning up late to the ceremony and missing mice With the wedding banquet, Pyotr makes his acquaintance with the Battista family and the warmth of family enfolds him With the exception of the minor tantrums of Bunny, Kate and Pyotr find themselves tied to each other happily This lighthearted story is a take on the Taming of the Shrew, and proves to be a beguiling novel It is full of wit, eccentricity and gentle comedy Highly recommended Thanks to Random House Vintage for an ARC.

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    As a retelling of Taming of the Shrew 1 starAs a stand alone story regardless of the source material 2.5 starsSaying that this is a retelling of Taming of the Shrew is like saying The Shining is a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk because the main characters are both named Jack I have read Taming of the Shrew and seen it performed several times and this was so far from anything I have seen that I didn t even recognize the story They had a few key lines and some similar names, but it would have been accurate to say that this story was influenced by it instead of a retelling Story wise it was just meh The plot points were all over the place and fairly unbelievable The characters were pretty blah and seemed to have little or no motivation Every scene was kinda like Hey Hey, yourself Guess we should argue about something Yeah, probably In general it did not look like this book has received high marks That is understandable after reading But, taking on The Bard is not an easy task too many expectations and big shoes to fill It s like auditioning with a Whitney song in a singing competition unless you knock it out of the park, it s probably going to seem pretty bad.

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    I admit that I ve never read The Taming of the Shrew I couldn t even make it all the way through the Wikipedia synopsis before I had to give up in confusion all those Shakespearean concealed identities may work on the stage, but not in summary So perhaps I m not the best person to review this book there are probably callbacks to the play that I m completely missing On the other hand, I firmly believe that these novelistic reimaginings should work as novels all on their own You may get out of Bridget Jones s Diary, for instance, when you know that it s based on Pride and Prejudice, but it s still a fully realized comic novel all on its own Vinegar Girl, on the other hand isn t Caution unfocused ranting ahead view spoiler Let s start with Kate, the shrew in question Kate is 29 and still lives with her father She was kicked out of college as a freshman for calling a professor s lecture half assed oooh, so rebellious and could have gone back the following year, but didn t Instead, still lives at home with her father and younger sister, works at a job she hates and isn t suited for, has no friends or love interests, no actual interests besides gardening, and she does all of the housework and cooking for the family She has a crush on a dude at work and becomes completely tongue tied and stupid around him, as if she were a junior high school student instead of pushing 30 In short, she s a total loser She really is So what makes her a shrew Well, she s kind of mouthy sometimes That s it.Again, I don t really know what the original shrew in the play was like, but in this day and age there are about a thousand believable ways to make a woman headstrong Make her an outspoken liberal in a family of conservatives, or a conservative in a family of liberals not that I d read that iteration, but at least the rebellion would have some kind of philosophy behind it Make her an activist or a burlesque dancer or a guitarist in a rock band Something Something besides just faintly sarcastic sometimes Honestly, I could not stand Kate Every time she mouthed off to someone I just thought it was really big talk from such a loser Uncharitable, yes, but how charitable can I really be expected to be toward such a useless character Then there s Pyotr, her father s lab assistant, who s about to be deported if someone you guessed it, Kate doesn t give him a green card marriage Pyotr could not have been of a caricature He has a goofy accent that s played for laughs and is constantly using malapropisms Despite coming from a war torn country, he has a jolly, expansive America What a country style enthusiasm for everything, including Kate But frankly, he s also kind of a sexist douchebag, and he doesn t always treat Kate very well He s traditional, old school, and not in a good way There s really no reason in the world why a contemporary woman would fall for him Again, this character could have been so much interesting why not make him darker His tumultuous past would certainly support his having a gloomy demeanor that would cause some friction, but that would be totally understandable and that Kate could have eventually broken through, enabling them to develop a deeper relationship And yes, I believe this could have been done without making the novel significantly heavier although some heaviness wouldn t have hurt This book is so light it s about to float away.Anyway, initially Kate is offended that her father wants her to marry Pyotr in order to keep him in the country Does her father really think she deserves nothing better in life than to marry some random dude she doesn t love, she wonders A really good question, one I would also have liked an answer to But eventually Kate begins to think that moving in with Pyotr separate bedrooms, of course would give her a chance to start over, give her life a jolt Meanwhile, I can think of about a million things that would give Kate s life a jolt that don t involve marrying a stranger How about getting a different job, one you re actually suited for How about going back to school How about moving out of your father s house, either on your own or with a roommate How about getting some friends How about getting on OkCupid How about telling your sister and father to do their own damn laundry How about just telling your father that instead of cooking the exact same dinner he has expected all of you to eat EVERY NIGHT for YEARS and YEARS, you re going to cook something different Honestly, the fact that Kate wanted to use Pyotr as a substitute for getting her own life made her seem like even of a loser to me Some shrew she turned out to be.Near the end of the book, Pyotr is genuinely rude to Kate and starts pulling a lot of I am the man, and you will obey me crap with her, and I honestly thought she was going to say hasta la vista to the whole situation She should have That would have been an interesting ending and made her much less of a loser Instead, she pulls a completely bizarre move At her post wedding dinner, she stands up and gives a speech about how men are always expected to hide their feelings, which wrecks their lives and relationships, whereas women are the truly free creatures because they are allowed to show their feelings This was utterly bizarre I mean, I totally agree that our culture discourages men from showing their feelings and that this is not a good thing But this doesn t give any individual man the right to act like a patriarchal douchebag, and it certainly doesn t mean Kate, or anyone, is required to marry a patriarchal douchebag What s , up to now Kate has given literally zero inkling that she d been thinking about Pyotr in these terms It all seems like a last ditch attempt to explain away Pyotr s less than desirable behavior Pyotr, of course, loves it And so they lived happily ever after And I threw the book across the room hide spoiler

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    I love The Taming of the Shrew and this was by acclaimed author Anne Tyler whose novels I have so enjoyed, so of course I was thrilled to acquire an advanced copy of this book , but I must admit I just wasn t as taken with it as I hoped I would be Sure it was witty and even funny , but it didn t really connect me to the play as I was expecting While I appreciate the intent of the Hogarth Shakespeare project which sees Shakespeare s works retold by acclaimed and bestselling novelists of today Crown Publishing , I prefer Shakespeare as he told it the first time However, it was an entertaining 3 star read and I rooted for Kate the whole way Thanks Crown Publishing , Edelweiss and NetGalley.

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    MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListWhen I read the blurb to the book, I thought it sounded like something I would enjoy I had no idea how much I would like it The book is hilarious I have never read William Shakespeare s The Taming Of The Shrew but I certainly want to now I fell in love with the character Kate, she cracked me up through out the book I love the way she just says it like it is and I found my self coughing at times because she had me laughing so much Kate lives with her dad who is a scientist of sorts, her little sister Bunny who is a little nutty but she s a kid, it happens Kate works as a teachers assistant and no one seems to really like her accept for the kids, they think she is a hoot too, but she is always getting in trouble for stating her mind She just says whatever she feels Then her father introduces her to his assistant at work, Pyotr Kate could care less but her father has ulterior motives, he wants to get Kate married off to Pyotr for his own reasons I found the characters to be likable and the book funny as I have said before And this is the reason why I give a lot of books a chance because sometimes I find real gems out of things I m not too sure about EXCERPTS To put it mildly, it had never been Kate s plan to work in a preschool However, during her sopho year in college she had told her botany professor that his explanation of photosynthesis was half assed One thing led to another, and eventually she was invited to leave. If you open your eyes during blessing, Chloe said, God will think you re not grateful Well, I m not grateful, Kate said I don t like pasta There was a shocked silence How could you not like pasta Jason asked finally It smells like wet dog Kate told him Haven t you noticed Eew everyone said. Monday 1 13 pmHI Kate We went to get marriage license Who s we Your Father and I.Well I hope you ll be very happy together. I would like to thank Penguin Random House for a print copy of this book through The Reading Room in exchange for my honest review.

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    Half an hour after I closed this book and I am still smiling I always enjoy Anne Tyler s writing and it was a pleasure to read this modern version of The Taming of the Shrew It has been years since I read the original and I have forgotten all but the bare bones of it This mattered not at all as Vinegar Girl is a delightful book in its own right I feel Kate is not as shrewish as her namesake but she was realistic in her behaviours and still likeable despite them I thought Pyotr had a lot beneath his rather simple exterior and it was very entertaining to watch the two of them work their way towards a happy ending.It is possible the book was a little too short and therefore the reaching of a conclusion a little bit simplistic but I am not going to criticise It is a perfect book to pass a few happy hours and I enjoyed it very much.

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    Retelling one of the most famous plays of the Bard, placing it in our boring modern era, is not an easy task However, Vinegar Girl is anything but boring I always thought that The Taming of the Shrew has some of the quirkiest characters created by Shakespeare, and the protagonists in Vinegar Girl are as quirky as you can get The story takes place in 21st century Balti Katherine is changed to Kate, Petruchio has become Pyotr, Bianca is Bunny and Senior Baptista is now Dr Battista What I found extremely clever is the presence of Edward as Bunny s beau, disguised as her Spanish tutor, a plot that is significant in The Taming of the Shrew However, in Vinegar Girl, Bunny is a hard to like, obnoxious teenager, not at all the meek, sweet girl in Shakespeare s play, and Edward is light years away from Lucentio This is a beautiful, feel good story It demonstrates how difficult is for someone who does not follow the established social norms to be accepted, especially by their family I can say I fully identified with Kate, and our Pyotr is a perfect match for our heroine Oh, and don t worry Kiss me, Kate is still there.

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    This was a nice and enjoyable story Though I did feel I received a good feel for the characters, I wanted Kate to be sharper, acerbic and the plodding Pytor just seems confused, not sure of his role in this story Wanted this story to, have oomph, energy but it remained just a nice story.