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This is one of those books that I wanted to like so muchthan I did Hell, it s one of those books that I feel like I should likethan I do I mean, with the little literary cameos and the wry humor and occasionally groan inducing puns , with the jumping through books and really just the whole thing it should be right up my alley But it just doesn t work for me.Part of it is that I feel it has a little bit of the Un Lun Dun problem it seemsa showcase for all the nifty ideas and wordplay that Fforde can throw in, but he seems less concerned with developing interesting and or likable characters and an actual plot line with any sort of momentum.And part of it is that while I really like the idea of Jurisfiction and it seems like a really cool premise, I m less enthralled with the execution Parts of it just don t make sense For instance, view spoiler the characters in the books are limited to their lines and actions in the book, and, when someone is reading their book, they have to be there to say their lines however, these same characters often go gallivanting into other books and doing various business for Jurisfiction So what happens when someone reads one of their books when they re not there I mean, sometimes they have a character exchange program, but that seems to be forlong term things For short term cases, it just seems like they aren t in their books So who takes over if they re not there And I m unclear on whether the characters that come out of the book are for specific editions, or, since the library at Jurisfiction is sort of an place of archetypes where the books are alive if a character is removed from one edition, are they removed from all editions And, if so, how come throwing Jack Schitt into the Raven only seemed to effect the version that Thursday was reading Or was it all versions, and, if it was all versions, then why was no one mad at her for that when they were mad at her for changing the ending of Jane Eyre hide spoiler The Inventive, Exuberant, And Totally Original Literary Fun That Began With The Eyre Affair Continues With The Second Installment In What Is Sure To Become A Classic Series Of Literary FantasyJasper Fforde And His Ever Resourceful Literary Detective Heroine Thursday Next Are Back In The Second Installment Of What Promises To Be One Of The Most Talked About Series Of The Decade If Thursday Thought She Could Avoid The Spotlight After Her Heroic Escapades In The Pages Of Jane Eyre, She Was Sorely Mistaken The Unforgettable Literary Detective Whom Michiko Kakutani Of The New York Times Calls Part Bridget Jones, Part Nancy Drew And Part Dirty Harry Had Another Think Coming The Love Of Her Life Has Been Eradicated By Goliath, Everyone S Favorite Corrupt Multinational To Rescue Him Thursday Must Retrieve A Supposedly Vanquished Enemy From The Pages Of The Raven But Poe Is Off Limits To Even The Most Seasoned Literary Interloper Enter A Professional The Man Hating Miss Havisham From Dickens S Great Expectations As Her New Apprentice, Thursday Keeps Her Motives Secret As She Learns The Ropes Of Jurisfiction, Where She Moonlights As A Prose Resource Operative Inside Books As If Jumping Into The Likes Of Kafka, Austen, And Beatrix Potter S Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies Weren T Enough, Thursday Finds Herself The Target Of A Series Of Potentially Lethal Coincidences, The Authenticator Of A Newly Discovered Play By The Bard Himself, And The Only One Who Can Prevent An Unidentifiable Pink Sludge From Engulfing All Life On EarthThe Inventive, Exuberant, And Totally Original Literary Fun That Began With The Eyre Affair Continues With Fforde S Magnificent New Adventure, The Second Installment In What Is Sure To Become A Classic Series Of Literary Fantasy Maybe only a 3.5 star, but it was another fun trip into such a strange world filled with literary references, slippery characters, murder, mayhem There s plenty of wry humor, puns, ridiculous situations to make sure things don t get too serious I d call it a cozy mystery, except that belies just how fantastic the world is there is no way the reader can figure out what is going to happen I sometimes wonder if the author knows He writes the way Mrs Haversham Yes, the lady from Great Expectations drives with complete abandon sheer joy It s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world except for Lola Thursday Oh, oh, Lola Thursday OK, I ll quit singing now, but if this series had a theme song, that wouldn t be a bad one.It was a bit uneven, but I put that down to the high points striking me as so funny There s a great scene at a book sale, for instance I didn t quit chuckling for several minutes Reminded me of the time I stood in line at 5am in 20 degree darkness to get Ghost Buster backpacks for the boys for Xmas That was 30 years ago, so I can laugh about it now The savagery of mostly mothers on the prowl was shocking a lot of fun to watch, once I got the backpacks, of course Very well narrated which added to the atmosphere I m definitely up for another at some point. I really, really liked this sequel I liked the first book in this series but I thought this one was incredible I felt like this one really drove home the bookish element to this series that the first one only touched on Some of my favorite parts about this book was the book jumping, the conversations in the footnotes, all the bootstrap paradoxes, and this books funny self awareness In the last book we got a glimpse of Thursdays power to jump into the events of any book, but it wasn t the main plot line In this book we really get to see how it all worked and I loved the imagery of a library that contains every book ever written as well as every idea for a book I would love to just go hang out there for a while I really liked the way the characters developed in this book Last book I found the characters to be interesting but they didn t really grab me and I was wayinterested in the alternate world the author created and not so much the characters In this sequel I loved all the characters just as much as I loved the world building I also enjoyed the mystery of this book a littlethan the last one and I like seeing the Goliath Corporation takeof a front seat as the villain of these stories Speaking of Goliath, my book had a little approval rating at the front of the book from Goliath which I thought was really cute and I love when books have those sort of things in them I also loved how there were parts of this book that tied it to the titles of the previous books and to the sequels And on top of that any book is made better in my mind with quotes at the beginnings of chapters I loved this book a lot and to be honest I was a little surprised at that because the first one to me was good but not great This book definitely convinced me to pick up the next book in this serious and I would enchorage anyone who read the the first book and liked the concept but thought some of the delivery was only meh, to definitely try this one because I think this one is a great sequel and a great improvement over the first one and I hope I like the next detective Next book as much as I liked this one Curses About 40 pages from the end, I had to run out and get the next book in the Thursday Next series, Well of Lost Plots This book doesn t have an ending Even worse, I got sucked up into it and had to keep going Lost in a Good Book is the sequel to The Eyre Affair starring spec ops officer Thursday Next To say that Thursday s life is complicated is an understatement I m not going to get into the plot or characters of this book To do so would spoil this book, the preceding book, and the following book I will say that, unlike The Eyre Affair , Lost in a Good Book does not stand on its own You must have read the first book to understand it Then, you will have to read the next book to get any resolution I rather suspect that there won t be any resolution in the next book either Now, I rarely read series It s evenrare for me to read books in a series back to back But, Jasper Fford is such a compelling writer with such a weird imagination, that I m breaking my usual rules.If you like weirdness and literature, and don t mind spending a lot of time on a series, go ahead and read the Thursday Next series They are a lot of fun. Bad boy she added in a scolding tone The Tasmanian tiger looked crestfallen, sat on its blanket by the Aga and stared down at its paws Rescue Thylacine, explained my mother Used to be a lab animal He smoked forty a day until his escape It s costing me a fortune in nicotine patches Isn t it, DH 82 This is such a clever book and there ere are so many quotable passages, but the problem is that may favourite parts contain spoilers of either this book or of pretty much any classic work of literature worth reading I really admire the level of detail and research that Fforde put into this book, but I didn t think it lived up to the enjoyment of the first book, The Eyre Affair, tho Maybe the novelty of Thursday s world has worn off a bit already, maybe the incessant puns and jokes were just a bit too much.However, Thursday is still one of the best protagonists out there kickass and kind.The only real problem I have with this book is that it was so obviously written with the idea to continue the story in book 3 and therefore doesn t even attempt to be a standalone story which makes me feel somewhat cheated and tricked into having to get the next book to find out what happened to my favourite characters.I NEED TO KNOW THAT THE EGG IS OK Seriously, not cool, Mr Fforde But I guess, now I know how Scott s or Dickens readers must have felt when they had to wait for the next installments of their stories.And, yeah, I obviously am still in denial that Harry Potter worked the same way except that I wanted to read the other books for their own sake, not to find out what happened to one particular character.Ugh Changed my mind about the rating and going to go with 3 , not 3.5. Though I m not generally a big fan of book series, the Thursday Next books are really growing on me This second book picks up shortly after The Eyre Affair ended and follows Thursday as she again tangles with Goliath, tries to figure out why she is experiencing life threatening coincidences, and begins to learnabout the fine art of book jumping Though character development does not seem to be Fforde s priority and the bad guys in particular a little too thinly drawn, the underlying premise of this book was so interesting to me I was able to overlook the occasional clich d moment As someone who has always gotten easily lost in books, I really love the idea of being able to literally enter books and explore the world behind the story on the page Fforde has created an endlessly interesting world of possibilities with his oddball alternate reality, and I am most curious to see where he will take it next. This was a reread and I still loved it just as much as the first time around Pickwick the dodo gets so many mentions in the early books The way she looks after her egg and makes plock plock noises is delightful And of course this is the book where something happens to poor Landon Disappointing because he is one of my favourite characters but still very typical of Fforde s clever, funny and crazy ideas.Thursday is developing her skills at book jumping and we start to meet all the wonderful characters at Jurisfiction Miss Havisham, the Cheshire cat, Marianne Dashwood and the Queen of Hearts are just a few of them I always love a book about books and this one is brilliant I love the sheer inventiveness of Jasper Fforde s books, and in this series, the madcap way that he messes with literature, with both love and a childlike glee, and it makes me happy to have spent some time rereading this book.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook