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Trixie Watson Has Two Very Important Goals For Senior Year To Finally Save Enough To Buy The Set Of Doctor Who Figurines At The Local Comic Books Store, And To Place Third In Her Class And Knock Ben West And His Horrendous New Mustache That He Spent All Summer Growing Down To Number FourTrixie Will Do Anything To Get Her Name Ranked Over Ben S, Including Give Up Sleep And Comic Books Well, Maybe Not Comic Books But Definitely Sleep After All, The War Of Watson V West Is As Vicious As The Doctor V Daleks And Browncoats V Alliance Combined, And It Goes All The Way Back To The Infamous Monkey Bars Incident In The First Grade Over A Decade Later, It S Time To Declare A Champion Once And For AllThe War Is Trixie S For The Winning, Until Her Best Friend Starts Dating Ben S Best Friend And The Two Are Unceremoniously Dumped Together And Told To Play Nice Finding Common Ground Is Odious And Tooth Pullingly Painful, But Trixie And Ben S Cautious Truce Slowly Transforms Into A Fandom Based Tentative Friendship When Trixie S Best Friend Gets Expelled For Cheating And Trixie Cries Foul Play, However, They Have To Choose Who To Believe And Which Side They Re On And They Might Not Pick The Same Side

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    This was SO FRAKKING CUTE I adored every single page of this damn book My heart is so happy.

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    OMG I COULDN T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN and it cracked me up Well a lot of it did, there are some serious stuff and some love stuff which was all done soooooooooooo very nicely SOME SPOILERS The book is about three best friends, Trixie, Meg and Harper They go to Messina Academy for the Gifted Mess for short It s a school for nerds and geeks and I want to be one and hang with them But I m not smart like they are and I love that they love comics and graphic novels and all the cool tv shows and stuffffffff Omg They are regulars at the comic book store and they get Marvel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and stufffff Trix is saving up to get the whole collection of Doctor Who figurine s they have in the store OMG They watch Sherlock and Doctor Who and all kinds of other cool stuff There was even a reference to Hulk smashing something I m in love I love my hulk smash I m going to add random excerpts here and there Oh and this is an UNCORRECTED PROOF copy of the book so quotes etc could be changed in the finished copyWhen I first started the book, I thought they were in middle grade because they are sort of goofy acting but they are seventeen and can t wait to graduate I fell in love with all of these characters Trixie just wants to get through the school year and out and she is stumped that Harper and Meg suddenly want love Harper finds it but I won t talk about that Trixie has an ongoing fight since childhood with Ben West All they do is fight and call each other names You know where that will eventually lead toward the end of the book Ben West spent summer vacation growing a handlebar mustache Seriously My hand shot out and two fingers wrapped around the edge of his mustache I yanked, just once He yowled like a jungle cat and staggered away from me Hmm, Meg said It is real I nodded Who knew, right Of course it s real, West snarled, stretching his face as he rubbed the injured portion God, you miserable harpy I haven t reached out and grabbed you If you make one comment about my chest, I said, brandishing a threatening finger, so help me, West, I will end you I reached over and flicked a piece of chicken nugget shrapnel from her specs I ve had time to plan with all of the good TV being on hiatus Without Game of Thrones, I get weird That s why I took classes over the break, Harper said And rewatched Supernatural God, I love the Winchester brothers, Meg said She nibbled on the end of a chicken nugget You know, considering it s our senior year, normal people might be thinking about things like the harvest festival I love this book so much They are just some of the coolest kids You just have to read the book if your interested in any of these things I have mentioned I m not sure it s a guy book, but still There are no major love scenes just a couple of couples kissing from time to time It s pretty much about all of the friends sticking together and some finding things out about each other Some major stuff happens at the school and they have to rally together and prove their innocence and the innocence of others But they are gifted and smart and they defeat the man You can t keep an awesome nerd down I also love how Ben and Trixie finally realize they are good together Well, there is a reason that happened, it wasn t like they just found out. Ugg, I can t tell you how it all went down, it s really cool and I can t tell you that One last little sweet excerpt You re perfect, he stammered His eyes flickered up to mine and held Don t ever stop being you I m just school and comics, too, I breathed I don t know how to be anything else Don t be anything else Be Trixie Awwww, oh and he turned her on to the Saga graphic novels How cool is that I love it Okay I m done rambling on Read it if you think it sounds like something you like I loved it I know, I said that, but I said it again I would like to thank St Martin s Griffin for a print copy of this book through The Reading Room in exchange for my honest review I would also like to thank Netgalley for a kindle copy as well, but I read the print book instead MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    This was the book I needed and I didn t even know it until I started reading it This was all kinds of nerd heaven Just try to imagine what kind of trouble genius kids who are all competing for rankings in their private school could get into and slip it into a retelling of Much Ado About Nothing add in a contentious relationship and you ve got The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You.Trixie is currently ranked fourth she wants to be number 3 by the end of the school year and she wants to bump Ben Watson out of the way Watson V West has been a regular show and quite often it s a gloves off battle Trixie has some new ammunition when senior year starts, and it appears that Ben has decided to grow a moustache of sorts Not only do the war of words seem to get harsher, but the fights now are causing a rift among the group of friends Is it heavy I asked Ben, waving at his moustache Like weight training for your face Or are you trying to compensate for your narrow shoulders He gave a half hearted leer at my polo I could ask the same thing of your bra But what if Ben doesn t really hate Trixie and what if Trixie doesn t really hate Ben As Trixie starts to question her feelings for Ben, students seem to be dropping like flies from the class rankings for cheating but what is happening is almost unbelievable, and Trixie is determined to get to the bottom of it and prove that what people are saying just isn t true If you re looking for the mother lode of nerdy references, lots of witty and fun banter, a clever fun interpretation of a classic, wonderful friendships and hate to love relationship, then look no further With unique and interesting and amazing characters, you re going to want to add this book to your to read list immediately Thank you to the publisher for an early copy in exchange for my honest thoughts

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    RATINGS 4 HILARIOUS STARSAfter reading the book, I was stuck with my absurd goofy grin and due to my overwhelmed emotions, my previous review might have indicated that I m crazy Anyways, I m getting back to the current review I picked up the book because of the title The book cover was promising, too seriously, who can ignore a cover which looks like a comic and a contemporary got mixed When I dived into the book, I couldn t help but relate myself to Trixie The book was filled with fandoms, pop culture, Marvel and DC, etc references which is surprisingly adorable Not that I m complaining about but I come from a country where IQ level and ranking is somewhat still considered to be most important factor in life so I could totally relate to these students The nerdy banter, eccentric characters and light hearted drama with cutest friendships was something I really craved for The book is a bit predictable but honestly, I never expected that ending So if you re into young adult, high school rom com with enemies to lovers trope, you can surely give this one a try.Thanks for reading my review Happy Reading

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    Between the Doctor Who reference in the synopsis and comparison of MAAN meets Ten Things I Hate About You, my expectations were quite high going into this book I loved Trixie and Ben Like an irrational sort of obsessive kind of love They re smart and snarky and the banter is unbelievable The entire cast of characters were awesome And Trixie s parents were hilarious Everything from the overall plot to the epilogue and all of the stuff in between was nerd filled perfection I loved every single thing about this and I know I ll be reading it again Huge thanks to St Martin s Griffin and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

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    4.5 starsMy little fangirl heart is soooo happy Numerous mentions of Doctor Who, Firefly, Joss Whedon, numerous superheroes.the nerd in me is squealing DAn added bonusthis is a Much Ado About Nothing retelling If you are a fan of any of the above, you will love this The description mentioned Firefly and Doctor WhoAnd this is a Much Ado About Nothing retellingSOLD

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    Trigger warnings bullying I think that s it 16 4 2019This is delightful from start to finish and I love it 31 3 2018On reread, I m bumping this up to 5 stars It s such a brilliant retelling that captures the ridiculousness and the fun and the humour of Much Ado perfectly Nerdiness abounds although I do sliiiiiightly question the idea of a group of teenagers being as dedicated to Joss Whedon s work as this lot are and it s woven into the story flawlessly Trix and Ben grated less this time around, probably because I knew what to expect On the whole, it was an absolute delight and I m so glad I reread it 29 6 20164.25 stars I picked this up because the blurb was all Teens who love comics And Doctor Who , and I was automatically sold I had no idea that it was a retelling of Much Ado About Nothing, so that was an unexpected but incredibly welcome surprise Trix is kind of a grating character to begin with, but to be perfectly honest Beatrice is exactly the same at the beginning of MAAN Ben is a pain in the arse at the beginning of the book But Benedick is exactly the same They grow and change together and become super adorable, and it was pretty stinking cute I thoroughly enjoyed all the nerdy elements included in the story it s set at genius school, and in addition to being incredibly smart, these are kids who love Star Wars and Doctor Who and Saga and who make time once a week to go to the comic book shop They all have their own interests and their own personalities And it s really obvious that Anderson got advice from her students in regards to discussing their fandoms, which is totally fabulous Basically It s a hell of a lot of fun.

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    Copy received courtesy of NetGalleyI loved this book It has one of my favorite tropes ever, the couple who begin loathing each other and who banter their way toward love Add in a Shakespearean substrate and shout outs galore and I was glued to the pages.Only child Trixie has two best friends, and doesn t need any friends She certainly doesn t need a boyfriend She wants no distractions from moving up the rankings at the school for very bright kids that she attends, but the thorn in her side is Ben West, who broke her arm in elementary school, and has been her arch enemy ever since It doesn t help that she and Ben constantly trade places in the highly competitive school s monthly rankings, but their on going snipefest senior year is beginning to fracture the easy social flow of their friends What to do about it Two things kick Trixie s calculations into a spin she overhears a conversation, and someone in this high powered future leader academy is accused of cheating Even I, tech idiot that I am, could see that the mystery ought to have been solved by the school authorities within half an hour after the breach After all, a school for brainiac teens has to have IT techs on tap who can handle baby hackers and script kiddies who regard firewall breaching as morning drill But the story was so involving The emotional and social reactions and exchanges rendered that quibble no than a plot accelerant this is a book about friends boyfriends social and academic hierarchies personal, parental, and peer expectations and not a cryptonomicon about cyber warfare.I loved the way everything played out, right to the very last page The melt downs, the examinations of friendship, love, geekdom, the many references, the text exchanges, the wit I think most of all, I loved the way Trixie faced up to her own issues, and when she couldn t get past her own teenage emotions, could catch herself enough to listen to someone else making sense.

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    Here are some of my thoughts This is a solidly cute, light read The only way I can describe the tone of this book is casual I appreciate that this not another angst ridden contemporary YA romance book It s a breath of fresh air to just see teenagers albeit incredibly smart ones but even that wasn t overwhelming just being normal and living The pacing simply flows as you follow the protagonist, Trixie, hanging with and texting her friends, making tons of geeky references, complaining about school, going to school events with friends, and developing feelings for a boy, etc There are a few key moments, but there is never a my life is over feeling or drama overload, which a lot of YA nowadays tend to have Even the plotline with the hacking is not blown out of proportions It creates conflicts for Trixie, but it is not particularly stressful to read as a reader view spoiler And BTW I totally called the hacker right away Whoo hide spoiler

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    I received an Advance Reader Copy from the publisher via NetGalley This in no way impacted on my view.I first read this book way back in January, after I finished my exams, and devoured the whole thing in less than a day Afterwards, life seemed to get in the way, and I kept putting off writing my review that I realised I needed to reread the book in order to remember what happened After rereading only the first few chapters, everything came back to me, and I remembered just why I loved the book in the first place.The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You is a retelling of Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing The main characters are all students at Messina Academy for the Gifted, also known as the Mess, and spend the majority of the day in classes most college students couldn t cope with As their senior year begins, they face the dreaded class lists, published every week, showing who has the best results, and who doesn t Trixie and Ben have been ranked third and fourth for most of their school career, and keep jumping each other from time to time Trixie can t stand Ben, and would love nothing than to be him, once and for all For Ben, it s a whole other matter yes, he would like to be third, but his feelings towards Trixie are completely different They have to spend time together once their best friends become a couple, and it s tense, to say the least.However, that s the least of their problems Soon, the class list is tampered with, and when Trixie s best friend is accused of doing so, she is expelled Ben and Trixie have to join forces to discover who the real culprit is, and even though they re now in the lead, statistically, they put their friendships above everything else.First things first, I don t like Shakespeare, and have never read, seen, heard, etc., this play I know, an English person not liking Shakespeare 0 No matter how much I like books, I m not exactly a fan of classics, except Jane Austen However, adaptations of Shakespeare such as 10 Things I Hate About You, She s the Man, etc are right up my street, as was this book I adored the book so much, I couldn t put it down, and when I discovered it was Anderson s debut, I was immensely impressed in her writing style.The main characters, Trixie and Ben, were fantastic, in their own ways They were geeky, but still extremely approachable They spend a lot of time at the local comic book store, and the book was full of fandom references, enough to appeal to just about everyone Their relationship was difficult since they d been in first grade, but since then, Ben had been trying to make up for it, but Trixie stood her ground Over the course of the book, we see Ben time and time again attempt to become friends, and , with Trixie, and she s completely oblivious Everyone else knows what s happening, but she can t see anything past her hatred I adored their relationship We really see them get over their past, and their feelings develop, even as their dealing with the real problem of friends being expelled, and friendships breaking up.If you haven t been able to tell I loved this book, well, I did It s the perfect kind of contemporary retelling for me, and I just wish I d had it in my life earlier The writing style was so compelling that I was hooked from page 1, and my only problem was that it ended I could have read so much I d recommend you pick this up, even if you re not a fan of Shakespeare, because you don t need to be for this retelling A perfect YA Debut