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What Happens When Big Ole Striped Silas Feels Sad And Lonely, Being Left Home Alone Each Day He Gets A Little Sister, That S What The Search Is On To Find Silas Some Company And A Playmate, Starting With A Trip To The Cat Show When Those Fancy Cats Don T Seem Like The Right Fit, It S The Ride Home From The Show That Leads To The Perfect Friend For Silas Meet Miss Opal, The Runt Of The Litter Who S Full Of Spunk Available At Thesilasseries

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    Fun book to read, great story for kids and adults, beautiful illustrations

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    Fabulous illustrations and fun rhyming read for kids My kids always look for the hidden mouse in this series.

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    Grannie Snow s Silas Gets a Sister is an incredible addition to the Silas Series Are you a teacher, or do you know one who also loves cats or pets in general Look no further for the perfect gift to them or their school library This book is the perfect children s book to read to a wide age group it instills important life lessons of the role of animals in our lives and dealing with the loss of a family member when they pass I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has children or a classroom full of kids The illustrations are beautiful, full of vibrant colors and detail that is thoughtful and so well done The story is heartwarming and uplifting, leaving everyone is a great mood.

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    An awesome follow on book to Big Ole Striped Silas Author Grannie Snow and illustrator Matthew Gauvin have once again come up with a winning formula This book is fun to read and has captivating illustrations Welcome aboard Opal If you are a cat owner and have children or grandchildren, you need to get to know Grannie Snow s Silas Series Keep them coming.

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    A wonderful book to share with children.

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    We learned about this series Big Ole Striped Silas , Silas Gets a Sister and Silas and Opal by happenstance when our major cat rescue organization recommended it as a series that promotes kindness to animals I like that sort of thing, so first I ordered Big Ole Striped Silas and found that first book to be so much than spreading the message of kindness which it does, but very indirectly Silas comes from a shelter and and the book has lovely, not depressing at all drawings of visit to the shelter to pick out a cat from several who need homes There is a large dollop of gentle humor and a gradual build up of suspense What is going to happen now that Granny is lonely for a kitty What will she do and will she find a cat who has the right chemistry, and vice versa The story is told in funny rhymes and the pictures are out of this world gorgeous and as expressive as all get out The cats faces are all so expressive and varied So, we ordered the next two books in the series and they were as fun and gorgeous We gave several of these books to a number of pre K kids and older and the mothers said that the children adored them, insisted on looking at all of the pictures in their laps, and require a re read each night for Lord knows how many days By the way, my 65 year old spouse and I got a kick out of reading the books and admire the pictures AND the writing SO much This series, we think, is a winner and so I want to see the fourth book in the series Yes, Silas does get a sister, Opal, and you can read about his adjustment to sharing his mom with her, very believable and with a happy ending.