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A Fantastical Story About Love, Fear, And The Thrill Of Discovering Who We Were Born To Be, The Last Monster Is A Story About Making Peace With Our Insecurities And Defending Those Who Must Hide What They Really Are Sofia Has Never Felt Special Not At School, Or With Her Track Team, And Especially Not Since She S Become Sick She S Always Been Different, But This Doesn T Make Her Stand Out It S Makes Her Invisible Then Something Special Lands Right In Sofia S Lap An Ancient Book That Serves As A Portal For The Greek Philosopher, Xeno, One Of Aristotle S Lost Students Sofia Has Been Chosen To Be The Next Guardian Suddenly Sofia Is Not Only Trying To Survive Middle School Cliques And First Crushes, She S In Charge Of Protecting Grotesquely Beautiful, Lonely Monsters That Have Roamed The Earth For Centuries Drawn Into Xeno S Violent And Unpredictable World Of Mystery, Sofia Learns That Loving Outsiders Has A Price

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    The last monster, in my opinion, was referring to Sofia s greatest fear of being the odd one Once she accept that she s special, and a stronger person because of it, she has no problem defeating that monster of hers.Sofia is only 13 years old and surviving cancer at that age was something that she ought to be celebrated I like the reality of her getting overwhelmed by life.This book doesn t meet my expectation I was hoping that it explore deeper into the story of Aristotle and Olympias but I was left hanging The monsters weren t the main story either They re like condiments to make food tastes better Story 3 5Character 3 5Development 3 5Enjoyment 2 5Style of writing 2 5Overall 2.6 5

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    Intense mid grade book.

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    This book takes on an interesting balancing act, telling the story of a cancer survivor timely realism who becomes a caretaker for monsters fantasy inspired by classical history and folklore from around the world It succeeds beautifully Sofia drew me in from page one with her wry wit and introspective musings on life s deep questions Garrett leavens her serious subject with humor in just the right places, and weaves the real and fantastic skillfully With both high quality prose and richly complex themes, THE LAST MONSTER manages to be that rare thing a literary page turner.

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    Loved the monsters and Sofia s reaction to them aside did I miss someone mentioning that her name means wisdom , but not quite sure about the two sides battling part It could easily have been cut.ARC provided by publisher.

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    I am a 27 year old adult woman, but sometimes I enjoy easy reads that make me feel nostalgic for my childhood This book definitely did just that Sofia is a cancer survivor who is struggling to accept that her leg was amputated and her hair is gone She really feels like she is alone in the world, without serving a purpose I guess you can say she feels like an outcast and has lost purpose in her life.She does eventually find purpose as The Guardian for an ancient book and all it s documented monsters They visit her, seeking help and comfort as she tries to fight the threat of a larger fierce monster which she somehow created with her lack of self worth.In the end if was a beautiful lesson to be learned about loving yourself as you are She learned she doesn t need to conform to society s standards and that her truest friends accept her as she is She reconnects with an estranged best friend and also claims a new love interest despite her concerns of not being accepted.I will say that the story focused mostly on Sofia s character development and growth While this isn t a bad thing, I was hoping to read about the monster s and the history of the ancient book The author seldom spoke about the monsters in the storyline and that was quite disappointing She introduced a handful of monsters in the story but didn t elaborate on them The one she did write of most, Golem, still felt like it was just glazing over this character It was hard to believe that Sofia and Golem created an everlasting bond and love that was depicted in the ending of the book as Golem killed the bad monster Their relationship did not build over the storyline and so it almost felt like a rushed ending.Again, I m an adult and this book ultimately was not written for me Most children wouldn t pick apart characters and character development the way that I did in this one Overall, it was an enjoyable read with good life lessons for kids mixed with some spooky storylines It has a happy ending and I recommend it to young children, or adults who are just kids at heart

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    An amazing story for children who don t feel like they fit in So powerful

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    I thought it was really cool how the girl had cancer and the book was about her learning to love her true self I did think that it wasn t at the top of my list of books, but it is a good book if someone wants a bit of thrill and mystery.

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    Thirteen year old Sophia has battled cancer, and is surviving so far Even though she has a prosthetic leg and is worried about the reactions of her classmates, she is returning to school But for reasons unknown to her, she has been chosen as the guardian of a book through which Xeno, one of the students of Aristotle, can move The Bestiary describes all manner of strange monsters who fill her world and threaten those she cares about most deeply But some of the monsters are friendly and need her help While Sophia navigates the perils of middle grades, including what it takes to be popular and avoids her friend Alexis while beginning a reluctant relationship with Billy, she is also quite distracted by her new role and confused by whom she wants to be The book s message can be found in these moving lines Maybe we don t feel or taste or even believe the same things, and maybe that s not the answer We have to stop fighting what we see, especially what we see in the mirror, because it is the unseen that truly matters, and I ve made my decision p 296 Complicated, heartbreaking, and inspiring, all at the same time, the book somehow manages to blend elements of realistic fiction with fantasy in a believable fashion while making readers think about their own choices and the monsters that surround them as well as those that may lie hidden deep inside.

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    Garrett, Ginger The Last Monster, 296 pgs Delacorte Press, 2016 16.99 Language G Mature Content G Violence PG.Monsters who needs them right Apparently society does Sofia has been battling cancer and how she sees herself A middle schooler, Sofia is given an ancient book that makes her the guardian of monsters Can she handle the monsters Can she handle the truth Sofia has to make some big choices in her life Okay, I ll admit the cover didn t do much for me and I put this book off At the first of the book, Sofia is such a downer I wanted to shake her even though she is going through a lot She is definitely a flawed character But then the book of monsters changes everything There are many frameable quotes from this book and a lot to ponder Is Sofia afraid of living or dying This book could be read in layers, like an onion, or like Shrek I ended up loving it and the life lessons behind it I m thinking that kids, especially middle school girls could identify with Sofia and learn from her EL MS ESSENTIAL Michelle in the Middlehttp 2016