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Michael Redhill S New Hazel Micallef Mystery, Written Under The Pen Name Of Inger Ash Wolfe, Is His Strongest Yet For Readers Of Crime Fiction Who Enjoy Such Writers As Giles Blunt, Linwood Barclay, Lee Child, Louise Penny, Peter Robinson The Fourth Novel In This Acclaimed Series Is Brilliantly Paced, Addictively Suspenseful The Author S Best Yet Hazel Micallef Played By Suzanne Sarandon In The Recent Film Of The Series Debut, The Calling Has Become One Of Crime Writing S Most Memorable Detectives Port Dundas, Ontario, Is Portrayed Vividly In The Series As The Quintessential Canadian Town The Night Bell Moves Between The Past And The Present, As Two Mysteries Converge A Discovery Of The Bones Of Murdered Children Is Made On Land That Was Once A County Foster Home Now It S Being Developed As A Brand New Subdivision Whose First Residents Are Already Railing Against Broken Promises And Corruption But When Three Of Their Number Are Murdered After The Find, Their Frustration Turns To Terror While Trying To Stem The Panic And Solve Two Crimes At Once, Hazel Finds Her Memory Stirred Back To The Fall Of , When The Disappearance Of A Girl From Town Was Blamed On Her Adopted Brother Although He Is Long Dead, She Begins To See The Present Case As A Chance To Clear Her Brother S Name, Something That Drives Hazel Beyond Her Own Considerable Limits And Right Into The Sights Of An Angry Killer Hazel is back and this case bring back an incident from her childhood I love that this one kept me guessing till the end This is the first in the Canadian Inspector Hazel Micallef series that I have read Hazel is in her sixties, divorced, a cop and lives with her ex mayor mother who is suffering from dementia The location is the fictitious town of Port Dundas, Ontario and it runs with a present day investigation, along with one from the past In the present day, bones of murdered children are found in what used to be Dublin House, a county foster home It is currently a housing redevelopment site where the first residents are up in arms, protesting about lies and corruption from the developers After the discovery of bones, 3 residents are murdered and a cop goes missing The sets Hazel off remembering how in the 1950s, a friend of hers, Carol Lim, went missing and how her adopted brother, Alan, was blamed for her disappearance Alan is long dead, but Hazel sees an opportunity to clear his name as she investigates Hazel is told to step away from the case and let the RCMP take over Hazel is not having that, and with a little help from the still recovering Sargeant James Wingate, continues her investigations.This is a bloody and twisted trail as Hazel tries to get at the truth The two investigations come together at the end This is a well constructed story with complex plotting The narrative is both compelling and gripping An enjoyable and absorbing read which I highly recommend I gather the first in the series, The Calling, has been turned into a film with Susan Sarandon as Hazel Thanks to Pegasus Books for an ARC. 3.5 Fourth in this series, set in Port Dundas, Ontario, finds Hazel, a policewoman confronted with two different cases and another unsolved missing person that harkens back to her childhood Hazel has a remarkable doggedness, loyalty to her family and her coworkers Even when told to stop working the case, she finds a way around the order A boys orphanage from the pastwith many boys unaccounted for, bones in a field of new developments, a murdered rather well to do couple, and a missing policeman How these threads connect is the story.This is one series that it definitely helps to have read the previous installments, not much time is spent going over back stories Fairly fast paced, Hazel s mother, a ex judge who is sadly losing her marbles at times provides a great deal of humor Also loved seeing Hazel as a young girl, tenacious even then Although I had guessed some of the answers by books end, there were still some surprises, one big one in particular.ARC from publisher. THE NIGHT BELL is book four in the Hazel Micallef Mystery series, but I didn t have any problems reading the book, despite not having read the previous three books However, since I have seen the movie do I have some previous knowledge of the characters in the book But, I don t think you have to read the previous books to enjoy this one.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION