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While I loved Anne Tyler s Vinegar Girl , a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew, and Margaret Atwood s Hagseed , her retelling of The Tempest, this version of The Winter s Tale left me cold I have loved the other Jeanette Winterson books I ve read, but just could not connect to this one.So, not giving up on either Winterson or the Hogarth Press Shakespeare Project 3 stars because it was too good to give up on, but left me happy to move on after finishing. I was a little nervous about reading this because I am not really familiar with The Winter s Tale, but I found this a very enjoyable book The barbarity of parts of the original story must have made the update or cover version quite a challenge to create This is a thought provoking book of ideas leavened with a surprising amount of humour I won t try and comment on the details because that would expose my ignorance The Winter S Tale Is One Of Shakespeare S Late Plays It Tells The Story Of A King Whose Jealousy Results In The Banishment Of His Baby Daughter And The Death Of His Beautiful Wife His Daughter Is Found And Brought Up By A Shepherd On The Bohemian Coast, But Through A Series Of Extraordinary Events, Father And Daughter, And Eventually Mother Too, Are ReunitedIn The Gap Of Time, Jeanette Winterson S Cover Version Of The Winter S Tale, We Move From London, A City Reeling After The Financial Crisis, To A Storm Ravaged American City Called New Bohemia Her Story Is One Of Childhood Friendship, Money, Status, Technology And The Elliptical Nature Of Time Written With Energy And Wit, This Is A Story Of The Consuming Power Of Jealousy On The One Hand, And Redemption And The Enduring Love Of A Lost Child On The Other Jeanette Winterson is a master wordsmith, and she actually has me hooked I m not even exaggerating here, she really does, and I m loving the ride My bookcase is building up a marvellous collection of Winterson s works, and it craves Being one of Shakespeares difficult and complex fables, I was immensely impressed with Winterson s ability to translate it into a contemporary story Her technique was astonishing At the very beginning of the book, it read like a Shakespeare play typically would, and it made me a little apprehensive, but, a few pages in, Winterson s definitive style appeared, and my heart started beating just that little bit faster I thought the characters were all tremendously well developed, and some of them were that interesting, I thought they could really have their own little story You can usually tell when you re reading a Winterson book, as the element of erotica slips in It existed in this book, but not overwhelmingly so This was so beautifully written, and was done in such a unique style, that I was pretty disappointed when I came to the end Just amazing. I discover that grief means living with someone who is not there Boy do I have mixed feelings about this book The Gap of Time is a cover version of Shakespeare s The Winter s Tale , a play I love This novel is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare a project where noted contemporary authors write cover versions of Shakespeare s works I will read in this series, but not because of The Gap of Time I have never read any of Jeanette Winterson s work before, and she clearly is a gifted writer There are moments in this text where the prose is beautiful and profound At times, I had to sit for a second and digest what I had just read Lines like, Forgiveness is a word like tiger there s footage of it and verifiably it exists but few of us have seen it close and wild or known it for what it is and And the things that change us forever happen without us knowing they would happen And the moment that looks like the rest is the one where hearts are broken or healed That is good stuff right there.Unfortunately those moments are buried in a text that is melodrama of the highest order, and has than a few aspects where I have no clue what the author was thinking Now before you get mad and say much of Shakespeare is melodramatic, I am well aware However, his gift was taking melodrama and bringing great human truth and beauty to it He is Shakespeare, so I forgive Ms Winterson for not being able to pull it off What I do blame her for are some choices that seem too cute by half The decision to make much of this plot and thematic relevance rest on a video game is superfluous and brings nothing to the text Her insistence on being modern is also cloying and a bit irritating She really wants to show how progressive she is Rarely have I read a book where the author wants you to be well aware that this person is black, this one gay, this one Jewish, this one lapsed Christian, this one German, this one Trans, etc It is a bit much Write a real fully developed character and that will speak to me I do not need you to label a two dimensional character for me That does nothing for either of us.But having said that, it is a quick read and although I rolled my eyes a few times I enjoyed the experience Taking on Shakespeare is a monumental task and I give her props for that. Now take upon me, in the name of Time,To use my wings Impute it not a crimeTo me or my swift passage, that I slideO er sixteen years and leave the growth untriedOf that wide gap The Winter s Tale by William Shakespeare Sometimes it doesn t matter that there was any time before this time Sometimes it doesn t matter that it s night or day or now or then Sometimes where you are is enough It s not that time stops or that it hasn t started This is time You are here This caught moment opening into a lifetime The Gap of Time by Jeanette WintersonThis novel, considered a cover version than a retelling of Shakespeare s late romance The Winter s Tale, plays similarly with the theme of, as you d expect from its title, time It s quite a close rendition of the original play, so anyone familiar with the story will not find anything incredibly innovative here But what Winterson does with the characters identities is quite nice She messes with race, sexuality, positions of power and influence to create a unique dynamic that toys with the times much like Shakespeare did in his day.Overall, however, I found myself enjoying but not overly enthusiastic about the story I can t blame Winterson really because she did exactly as she was meant to she created a modern version of a Shakespeare play But it left little to the imagination, and that leaves me a bit nervous about how other authors will interpret their assigned plays Authors have two options either tell an updated but literal interpretation or use the play as inspiration to create an original story Winterson went with the former, and in the end, I was hoping for a bit innovation, playfulness with structure and time, and generally something a bit experimental Not a bad book, especially if you are unfamiliar with the original text, but not as memorable as I was hoping. I was provided a copy of this from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.The Gap of Time is a modern day retelling of Shakespeare s The Winter s Tale as part of a larger series of authors doing the same for several of his works You can read about the project at The Guardian Retelling is used loosely, as the names are not the same, nor are all of the situations The themes of jealousy, forgiveness, parenting they re all still here So how should I examine this novel Shall I compare it to the Shakespeare play har har Some things are lost by moving out of verse, although Winterson sometimes uses very poetic language particularly for internal dialogue The villain is very rough, than Shakespeare could ever have allowed, with rape language and violence than could have worked on the stage The characters suffer from too much coincidence but I wonder how restrained the author felt from the original subject matter.Compared to Winterson s other works, I felt like she was juggling too many requirements to really immerse in her typical writing style I felt like it was well done if I was not thinking Winterson But thinking of her and comparing it to her books that are favorites, well it just isn t nearly as thought provoking or beautiful It is definitely a compelling story, and was probably a fun challenge, but I still wanted it to be transformative. And the world goes on regardless of joy or despair or one woman s fortune or one man s loss And we can t know the lives of others And we can t know our own lives beyond the details we can manage And the things that change us forever happen without us knowing they would happen And the moment that looks like the rest is the one where hearts are broken or healed And time that runs so steady and sure runs wild outside the clocks It takes so little time to change a lifetime and it takes a lifetime to understand the changeThis novel is the introduction to the Hogarth Shakespeare, a collection which will include eight novels by eight different writers, where the famous plays of Shakespeare will be retold in a modern setting And we come to start with none other than Jeannette Winterson andThe Winter s Tale, one of the Bard s most beloved plays as well as controversial for its traumatic beginning acts and happy ending Most people know this play for the famousExit, pursued by a bear,perhaps the best death and exit I have ever witnessed and will ever witness in my entire life but the story is so much It is the story of the oracle of Delphi, a queen named Hermione, a crazy jealous king, and royalty that does not know is royalty, in its retold way, a famous Paris singer songwriter MiMi , a hedge fund manager with a knack for paranoia Leo , a video game designer with some love for both the singer and the manager Xeno , as well as a girl who thinks the guy she cares for is her brother Perdita and Zel Yet, the best part, is the psychological trauma suffered by the characters, which I was glad this re telling held, although, it is mostly a story about time, time is the main focus of the story, not the darkness of the original play I do also have to add, that instead of a complete retelling, this is of a revision or her own response to the play, so do not expect a scene per scene modern telling of the classic This is not my first Winterson novel, I ve read some of her other novels, and one theme that floats along all of them, is the beautiful writing Jeanette Winterson has a way with words, she threads very enchanting sentences, but in this novel, it made some characters seem too crude, with instances of their dialogue implying some rape committing it and violence also committing it , which were not vindictive of the original work Aside from that, I cannot complain over her use of words, metaphors, similes, allusions, denotations, euphemisms, and many I most likely missedHe doesn t take a photo or a video because he wants to remember by which he means he wants to misremember because the moment is made up of what the camera can t captureMy favourite part were the other literary references, from Oedipus to other Shakespearean works, to even Fox NewsRemember the story of Oedipus Eddy who Guy who murdered his father and married his mother Was that on Fox NewsAnd other small glimpses of brillianceThey had no idea about viruses in those days Plagues were sent from the gods They said that about AIDS Even I knew it was a stupid thing to say and I m no doctor One thing you notice about progress, kid, is that it doesn t happen to everyone She also wrote in queer characters, which although I did not see any of that in the original work, it was not a surprise, since it s sort of a hallmark of her novels and poetry, and in turn, added a lot to Xeno and Leo s relationship, but I do disagree with other characterizations I was not pleased with MiMi s Hermione s version plot line, such as who she was and did and had done to her , because it seemed to deviate for what I have always envisioned, however, many of the reviews I ve read like that about it, whether they have read the original work or not, therefore I seem to be an outlier Because of this, I was entranced by the love story and Perdita s adoptive family, than with the main three characters disruptive lives.Another theme that gets explored here is adopted children and whether or not they feel connected to their adoptive families, or if they are always in a state of hunger to know about their birth family We are never truly given a definite answer, or at least the truth perceived by the author, but this book is not meant to find an answer, it is about the daughter finding the answer herself Perdita asks about her family before, but she is confronted with incomplete or false answers, because her father and bother don t know about her family, so she stops asking What she does know, is that she is loved and cared for, and that is enough for her This below, is my favourite quote in the work, because it indicates a way of thinking that is seeing the greatest shrinking of the American middle class in historymoney and power being the most important things to you, you reckon they are the most important things to those that don t have them Maybe to some people they are because the way guys like you have fixed the world, only a lottery ticket can change it for guys like me Hard work and hope won t do it any The American Dream is done I find the hardest books to review are the ones I really do not like I don t want to write an unending page of criticisms but I do want to record my personal feelings so I do not pick the book up again in the future So for the record I found many passages too objectionable to read and eventually gave up because I have a huge list of books I do want to read waiting This one just was not for me. Hogarth Books has embarked on a project to commission acclaimed modern writers to re tell the stories of Shakespeare The Gap of Time by Jeanette Winterson is the first of the books to be published.http www.vintage about This volume retells The Winter s Tale Would I have noticed that it was a retelling of Shakespeare if it hadn t been stated right up front Not at first, no There s an introductory re cap kind of The Winters Tale For Dummies to get the events and characters fresh in our minds The first part of the novel introduces a contemporary drama Stumbling into the aftermath of a violent crime scene, an African American father and son discover a dead body on the ground, next to a safe haven baby drop and an infant in that drop Although unwilling to call the cops and get involved, the two men rescue the baby, assuming she was abandoned and unwanted, and adopt her, calling her Perdita Little did any of them know the complicated and ugly truth behind why baby Perdita ended up where she was But as readers, we gradually learn, as we meet Leo, an arrogant, obnoxious and obsessive 1% er, his closest friend from childhood, the free spirited slacker Xeno, and the woman who inexplicably cares for both of them the French chanteuse MiMi Leo insists on using the strands of the tangled web woven between them to strangle them all, in a shocking tragedy.I really liked this first part of the book, and thought it worked quite well on its own merits However, the second and third parts of the novel start getting concerned with the Shakespeare Winterson parallels, which I thought began to feel forced The plot events also begin to cross the line from family melodrama into straight up absurd comedy And around there, it lost me a little.Overall, it s good, but not one of my favorites of all time Definitely recommended if you re a particular Shakespeare fan though.Many thanks to Hogarth and NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always, my opinions are solely my own.