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In A Rollicking, Cumulative Tale, A Badger Family And Their Friends Hedgie, Mr Ram And Vanya, The Horse Struggle To Pull Up A Giant Turnip A Cocky Rooster Steps In And Pulls, Sending Him Into The Air, Holding Onto The Turnip No One Knows That A Mother Bear In Her Underground Den Has Kicked The Turnip Up Through The Soil To Give The Family Room To Sleep Through The Winter Once Again Jan Brett Brings An Original Twist To A Favorite Folktale Snow Covers The Farm In Rural Russia As Badgers And Friends In Old Fashioned Clothes, And Bears Marching Through Bright Colored Borders, Send Young Readers Laughing From Page To Page

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    i just read the synopsis of this book posted above and oh my god why are you so spoilertown that s just crazy and it is NOT what is printed on the cover flap of the book i own so ignore that, unless you want the mystery of the giant turnip ROONED for you this is the first jan brett book i have read, but i m already kind of charmed i love the folksy quality of her artwork, which is appropriate as this is an adaptation of a russian folktale, but it seems to be her style in her other works as well the story is pretty simple and it has a familiar shape even if you ve never heard this particular tale before a seemingly impossible task is presented in this case, the removal of a gigantic turnip from underground , one by one, animals arrive bristling with confidence that they know how to solve the problem until one tiny creature manages what the strongest and bossiest in the land could not but in this one, there s a little twist which can be spoiled for you in the above synopsis, if you like.or you could just follow along in the text, where on each page, in these cute turnip shaped panels in the margins, the action leading up to the twist is playing out as a neat little side story and as an aside, but an aside that is way important than anything i have heretofore said about this book, how have i never had turnip pancakes before even as illustrations they look delicious i hate it when picture books make me hungry but it s better than when they make me want impossible things, like a pet unicorn or a tail or something i kind of loved jan brett s little author note on the inside back flap, so i m going to type it out here it is less spoilery than the synopsis above, but i m hiding it because it does give away a little what i love about this note is just the thoughtfulness and attention to detail she brought into the writing of this book, her inspiration for adapting it, and her sweet little worry about how it would be received if you do not want to read any of that, please enjoy how adorable the endpapers are view spoiler In 2011, my husband, Joe, and I traveled to Russia We were driving by a rural farm one day when I was reminded of a gift from a friend It was a simple carved wooden toy of three people and a bear struggling to pull up a large turnip The idea of finding a giant turnip really tickled my fancy, and I couldn t stop thinking about it.How could I make my story different from the old Russian tale I decided to use animal characters I modeled the badger family after the European badger, with its striking coat and mischievous expression They were the first to tackle the giant turnip Other animals would try, but it was the bear in the carved toy that gave me the surprise twist for getting the turnip out of the ground.As I started to write, I had one last thought Would readers believe a turnip could be as big as I wanted to make it I knew someone who grew large pumpkins Some were over nine hundred pounds It could happen, I said to myself hide spoiler

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    This book is beautiful like you expect from Jan Brett Her art work has so many details and such beauty I felt the story in this one wasn t all that much too it A community spends the story trying to pull a giant turnip out of the ground It wasn t bad, there just wasn t much to it It was still fun and cute and I guess I expect a little from her It s also looking like this is a Russian Fairy Tale The kids enjoyed this, with all the artwork and the animals It was fun to read together.

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    In a twist on this traditional Russian tale, Neo and I were able to end the day by reading this funny story about a giant turnip turning up in a vegetable garden When it is time to harvest, a young badger is unable to remove it, no matter how hard she tries Other family members, friends, and eventually passing folk try, unsuccessfully to uproot this giant vegetable It is only when a rooster tries that things seem to take a turn, but was there a bit of magic in his beak Read the book to find out for yourself, as Neo was highly surprised towards the end of the story Neo laughed, pointed at the wonderful pictures, and asked why anyone would want turnip pancakes I nodded right alongside him I ll stick with plain ones, thank you very much

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    I m still finishing up a few of the picture books I checked out at Christmas time This put a great big smile in my soul The artwork is bright and beautiful, and the animals are delightful in their old world costumes I loved the simultaneous story in the side panels I loved the sly, unstated moral Nephew will be getting a copy of this when he s big enough not to destroy it In the meantime, I may have to buy it for me But, yeah Don t read the blurb on Goodreads or it is totally spoilerific Whose idea was that

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    On the way to the library, Veronica and I were talking about those fabulous Freymanm Elffers books, and the conversation morphed into foods we don t like, and turnip was raised So, yeah, when I saw a book on display that was actually named Turnip I had to check it out I was not disappointed It is a story about one big ass turnip And there are badgers, which are always pleasing.library copy

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    Badger Girl is excited to find a giant turnip in her garden, but when it comes time to harvest it, she discovers that she is unable to pull it up from the ground Badger Boy attempts to help her, and then Mother and Father Badger get involved, but all to no avail A series of other animals also attempt to assist, but it is only when Rooster shows up that the turnip, which is at that moment being pushed up from below by some hibernating bears, is dislodged.Based upon a Russian folktale, Jan Brett s The Turnip features an engaging animal cast in the classic progression story, in which a series of individuals attempt a task, only for the smallest and humblest amongst them to succeed at it in the end I enjoyed both story and artwork here, and particularly liked the way that the parallel story of the bears is told in the border artwork, until they enter the main narrative The Badger family is beautifully realized as well, and the entire cast clothes in lovely Russian folk costumes Recommended to all Jan Brett fans, as well as to anyone who enjoys folktales and or animal stories.

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    Too cute

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    I know I am supposed to LOOOVE everything Jan Brett does, but while I find her art beautiful, I ve always found it too fussy for children But we don t have many versions of this classic story, so I was glad she d decided to do it.Unfortunately, she s changed it from the classic story where a family works together to pick the giant turnip, to a cutesy thing where different animals try different methods The punchline, so to speak, where a tiny mouse or ant in some versions is the final creature that helps harvest the turnip disappears here The cumulative cat holds on to dog who holds on to brother, etc, up to Papa Grandpa pulling the turnip is lost, and the replacement tale isn t very good.Grandmas and other gushing types will buy this for the art In fact, I bet I ll get copies in the donations, pristine from lack of use But I ll keep hoping for a really good version of this as a picture book Meanwhile I ll keep telling this with the kids , doing my rendition of Heather Forrest s splendid musical version, which you can here at

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    Story 5 starsIllustrations 4 starsPicture book re telling of the Russian folktale, with a couple additional layers added This is my favorite adaptation in terms of the text The enhancements serve to flesh out and invigorate this old tale.The illustrations are beautiful, but are embellished to the point of distraction The bears get lost in the side panels, and the rooster isn t prominent enough either, considering the importance of his role in the story The art is classic Jan Brett style, but I m not sure it is the best choice for this particular story.

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    Jan Brett is back with her classically beautiful illustrations with the retelling of the classic Russian folktale, The Turnip When a young badger finds an enormous turnip in her garden and cannot pull it up on her own, she enlists her family for help, plus other furry friends Fun for a one on one read aloud Recommended for preschool thru Kindergarten Reviewed by Alyson D., Youth Services, Vernon Area Public Library