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Nicole Langley SCrush Has Always Been Gabriel Roberts, But Settling For Being A Friendly Acquaintance Has Had To Be Enough Gabriel Has Always Seen Nicole As His Good Friend S Very Pretty, But Extremely Off Limits Baby Sister Then A Hot Summer Day And An Even Hotter Discovery Pushes Them Over The Lines Of Friendship, Over The Lines Of Unrequited Desire, And Into Each Other S ArmsWill They Indulge And Move On Or Will This Crush Turn Into Something , Something Deeper Something That Leaves Loose Ends Begging To Be Tied Crush Is Book One In The Loose Ends Series Each Book Is A Full Novel And The Series Will Conclude With Book Three

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    In 1 CRUSH Bennett does not ease her readers into the erotic nature of this story, she throws you in feet first in chapter one That isn t a bad thing because the tone of the story is established quickly Right away there is no question whatsoever what the heat level will be and that is five burning out of control flames Gabriel is fresh from a breakup with a woman who wanted to bend his natural inclinations to what she wants in a man Gabriel is at a crossroads in his life a failed relationship, an unfulfilling job, and a music career that is in the beginning stages are all weighing on him Nicole is young, impulsive, curious to a fault, and uninhibited in ways that will see her getting than she ever expected out of Gabriel It s Nicole s curiosity that triggers an encounter that changes the dynamics of their relationship permanently Catching Nicole in a a compromising situation dissolves the boundary that Gabriel has placed between them Treating Nicole as simply the baby sister of one of his best friends is no longer an option after what he witnesses The veil of innocence surrounding Nicole has been lifted Where once Gabriel saw Nicole as naive and innocent now he sees Nicole as a Lolita type figure whose outward appearance of innocence is seductive and alluring Nicole is now the provocative siren that he can t resist Now Gabriel can t resist exploring his sexual proclivities with Nicole For her part, Nicole is not dragged down the path of debauchery by Gabriel Nicole happily and enthusiastically joins Gabriel all but skipping and snapping her fingers down that road She wants to experience all that she can with him in their very limited time together What develops between Gabriel and Nicole is very fast paced as they gorge on each other as much as possible There s no over done angst, mystery, or huge plot twists in 1 CRUSH What you get with this one is a well written erotic story with enough background and informational filler to make it a full story It does lead into book 2, CLOSER but is not a true cliffhanger in my opinion Gabriel and Nicole s relationship is definitely not over but the story ends in a perfectly acceptable place and since CLOSER is already out you don t even have to wait to continue the story I received a copy in exchange for an honest review You can find from me at Monlatable Book Reviews gravy The descriptive hotness in this one is off of the charts Review to come.

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    Happy Teaser Tuesday, everyone Enjoy these hot, sexy teasers for 1 Crush Only 7 days until its release 3

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    I was given a ARC copy for an honest review Nicole is a college student who was spending some time with her over protecting sister Jackie Jackie s bestie Gabriel is her roommate Nicole has a serious crush on Gabriel It was just a crush It s not it s not a big deal We were always friends or so Nicole thought.Gabriel sees Nicole as Jackie s baby sister Until one day he walked into his bedroom and found Nicole there and what he saw blew his mind This was Nicole he was thinking about She was just a cute little college girl A cute, relatively innocent, college girl Now gabriel see nicole in a whole new lightThis book held no barriers Gabriel being the man that he is He had to have a fill of Nicole What miss Bennett did that many authors fails to do is show her love scene she not only tells you, she literally takes you there and Pure genius You will feel the chemistry oozing between These two were So hot and so heavy this book is a true definition of an erotica book.She can without a shadow of doubt write a great storyline and write an even better love scene better than what I have seen in some other books I love the way she wrote each characters thoughts how they both were Initially drawn by each other but was afraid to act on these lingering feelings Love how she was detail into the build up if this undeniable attraction between Nicole and Gabriel These two will have you panting and gasping as you read those mind blowing love scenes and get a glimpse into a possible relationship neither wants to admit Get to see how compatible they are outside the bedroom They were good friends, they did things together, they laughed gabriel even comforted Nicole when she broke up with her ex boyfriends I love that I love the fact that they are both afraid to commit because of past relationship.I can see the dynamics already unfolding I can see Gabriel falling really hard for Nicole and she falling even harder.I can t wait to see what s next for these two This author Is very consistent and I expect nothing but another 5 star penned Am so ready for the next books in this series Get this book your reading appetite will have its fill

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    3.5 Smutastic Stars My first book by Bennett, it will not be my last I didn t read the blurb or anything, I went off a recommendation from another author This author brings the steam The first chapter had my panties on fire Nicole is visiting her sister in NY for a week She s crushed on Gabriel for years Gabriel has always look at Nicole as a little sister What happens when the veil is lifted Can they spend a week fulfilling their wildest fantasies without their feelings intervening They live apart, she s in college He s trying to make it big with his band, their lives couldn t be any different Yet, they share a love of books, music, and rough sex Will one week be enough If you re looking for steam, look no further This one was written porn, with some kinky I wanted story though, less sex This was the explosive start full of lust and want The sex was descript and nasty I actually loved it, I m glad I was in the mood because this would ve been a 3 Star rating A crush, fantasy turned reality The throwbacks and memories between the two main characters was the build up I needed, there s a story, but it wasn t the forefront, I needed some conflict, angst The past between the two main characters are remembered, with a mixture of innocence wrapped in want This was 3rd person, not my favorite, but somehow this worked for me The ending is just the beginning, my thoughts anyway No cliffhanger, but I definitely want to know what the future holds for Gabriel and Nicole They have a fire that can t be contained.

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    Rating 3.5 Stars This was pretty good I had a very hard time getting into the story at first The scene where Nicole is in Gabriel s roomit went on forever I considered not finishing the book I put it down, read another book and started again Then it started moving in the right direction Gabriel and Nicole were a hot item in this book Gabriel was an unexpected surprise He is a musician in a popular local band and comes off as low key But boy, when he gets in the bedroom, he is a beast He introduced Nicole to some hardcore sex, something she had no idea she would enjoy The story ends with an unexpected surprise that had me one clicking to download the next book Why Not 5 Stars More story less sex I totally agree with the other reviewers, this was all about the sex between Gabriel and Nicole Yepporn Would have been really good with some drama, character development, something, anything It need a plot.

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    2.75 3 STARS This book was a bit out of my comfort zone I honestly felt as though I was reading a porn script I m not opposed to graphic erotic love scenes but this book was all about the sex And some hardcore sex at that.Personally, I prefer story and less sex I want a romance and of a build up I want of a connection to the characters I m sure this book appeals to others than it did to me, and I do think that those looking for this type of book would enjoy it I did like the writing style There were however a lot of flashbacks in the beginning that quickly became annoying I give props to some realistic and truthful parts that I don t always find in passionate scenes Although other parts were overdramatized too ARC provided for honest review

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    Received ARC from winning a Facebook Contest What can I say about 1 Crush I can say that it is amazing Kaia Bennett has knocked me upside the head again She s amazingly talented Great writing and story telling Her scenes are hot They were great heat substitutes for this winter day We have Gabriel He s hot and strong and intense Then we have Nicole She s awesome and not afraid to tell you what she wants Put those two together and it s epic I loved the telling of how they had first met and the scenes from when they were learning to be friends over the years before this final head to head happened I ve said it once and I ll say it again, I ve been hooked on Kaia Bennett since Sunday another awesome book, read it if you haven t and there is no way I m leaving her She has me hooked for life Super Read

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    3 stars Full review coming soon.I was disappointed in this one When I first came across this I was under the impression that this would be a romance read, but this was under the erotica genre But that wasn t really what disappointed me, the fact that there was a huge lack of romance Are they sexually attracted to each other Yes Yet Gabriel doesn t really seem to see her that way untilwelluntil certain events unfold in the opening chapter.

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    Meh.Protracted porn without plot that did nothing for me.

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    It wasn t for me It seems to get better throughout the series from what I have read from the reviews I might go back to reread it but for now I can t stomach it down.