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How can a book sequel be so empty and pointless Somebody please explain to me what just happened here I am confusedI read the first book which was average and likable You can see my review here this destroyed whatever hope for improvement I had for the series Our main heroine is a sad excuse for a book Her cat alien a sad complicated nut job And thats it No real development Unanswered questiones Empty irrelevant information and dialogues And the novel is a complete disaster The story itself has no meaning or relevance Not even the protagonists move youYou ll begin with excitement Then as you read along, you will be challenged and tortured And then you realize everything has left nothing and there is no way to erase that feeling inside that says This is so This was a terrible dissapointment compared to the first book in the series I bid you all farewell and may your next reads be fab 2.5 stars 0.5 stars for the slow plot for the first half of the book The characters were realistic butcould have been done to portray them better.The plot moved very slowly at first dragged, in fact but finally picked up pace at the end.I think, for this type of story, even though Rik can t remember the rest of his name isn t a MC in this book, his point of view could have made the plotexciting and fast paced I m talking about whatever he was doing off scene , it could have addedtension and suspense to the plot Also, dual POV from both MCs would have aided in spicing up the suspense of this plot As it was, I got kind of sick of being stuck the female MC s head There are only so many times I can listen to Woe poor little miss me and my rich girl family dysfunctional baggage Oh, how my parents screwed me over with their family drama My hardcore clubbing drinking problems are all because of them Oh, what would my therapist say about this. Okay, I amped up the drama there, but, after a while, this is how it started sounding to me. Pretty goodThis is a pretty good series I like the thunder cat themed aliens I love the tension between Carlyle and Kris I even like the action rescue scene at the end. This book s main focus was on Carly, Samantha s best friend who was with her when aliens invaded their hotel in Las Vegas The Abduction The Sa Tskir Brothers Chronicles Book 1 Since Samantha was there with her at the time and knows about the aliens, she moves in with Sam as she tries to overcome the effects that the invasion had on her Pretty much Sam is really the only person she can talk to and who understands If she tries to talk to anyone else about the aliens, they d think she was crazy.At first I was a little disappointed by this book It was pretty much the same thing over and over Carly contemplating her relationship, or whatevership, she had with Krissik She wanted him, but feared him, cared about him, got irritated at him, had amazing sex with him and pushed him away at times One of the reasons she can t commit is because of her past which there really wasn t a whole lot of detail regarding this I felt Also, she can t figure out if Krissik wants her for her or because she s a second choice to him She also has difficulty getting over Samantha s and Krissik s relationship from the previous book and found herself jealous at times She struggles to understand Krissik and the way his people think and why they do what they do i.e taking earth women back to their home planet to mate with Basically, the first 75% of the book was about Carly trying to find herself and analyzing her relationship.I initially was going to give this book a 3 star rating, but it redeemed itself in my eyes about 75% of the way in Don t get me wrong, the book was still good reading, but it got wayinteresting toward the end One of the things that I really did like about this book was the continuation of Samantha s and Rikist s relationship and how it continued to evolve I do like how Carly became stronger in the book and enjoyed reading about Krissik trying to learn English and adapt to his new home.With that being said, I did like this book, but I admit, I enjoyed the first one wayThe way this book ended, it seems like this story could continue If it does, I ll definitely be reading it. Because I make poor life choices Carly snapped.LOLReading onI really enjoy this series I look forward toMy only real question is why was it free Not complaining, just surprised. Loved it I usually don t go for sci fi but I really liked it Carly feels like she is second chose despite the hot chemistry she has with Krissik since he originally chose her best friend She never has felt worthy of love or had a true relationship They are both falling in love and don t know how to share their feelings with each other Loved the whole alien human concept Can t wait to readin this series. Fantastic series A five star series and highly recommended I m very happy with this purchase I couldn t put down until I finish it I wander if you will be writing another book about the brothers and their life on earth. Carly Is Not Crazy At Least That S What She Keeps Telling Herself After Surviving A Failed Alien Abduction And Losing Her Best Friend During A Wild Weekend In Vegas When Government Officials Smooth Things Over With A Plausible Explanation For The Blackouts, Carly Tries To Put The Event Behind Her But Then Samantha Returned Home, Bringing Two Of The Aliens With Her, And Carly S World Is Turned Upside Down Again When The Younger Brother S Affections Are Turned Her Way Krissik Sa Tskir Is Everything Carly Had Ever Wanted In A Man Tall, Handsome, Strong As An Ox And With A Quick Mind To Match, Carly Is Than Happy To Teach The Na Ve Alien All The Right Ways To Handle A Needy Earth Girl Then Government Forces From The Alien Planet Arrive On Earth Intent On Greater Destruction Than Their First Invasion, Bringing To Light Dark Secrets From The Brothers Pasts, And Questions Of Loyalty And Motive That Carly Cannot Overlook Mind Struggling And Heart Torn, Carly Must Decide Her Role In The Oncoming Battle, And Whether A Certain Alien Has A Place In Her Future Not as good as the first book I m not really a fan of Carly. BlahNo good Skipped most of it I really disliked carly She was a real with no reason for being so annoying.