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I Am Granddaughter To A King And Daughter To A Prince, A Wife Twice Over, A Queen As Well I Have Fought With Sword And Bow, And Struggled Fiercely To Bear My Babes Into This World I Have Loved Deeply And Hated Deeply, Too Lady Gruadh, Called Rue, Is The Last Female Descendent Of Scotland S Most Royal Line Married To A Powerful Northern Lord, She Is Widowed While Still Carrying His Child And Forced To Marry Her Husband S Murderer A Rising War Lord Named Macbeth Encountering Danger From Vikings, Saxons, And Treacherous Scottish Lords, Rue Begins To Respect The Man She Once Despised And Then Realizes That Macbeth S Complex Ambitions Extend Beyond The Borders Of The Vast Northern Region Among The Powerful Warlords And Their Steel Games, Only Macbeth Can Unite Scotland And His Wife S Royal Blood Is The Key To His Ultimate Success Determined To Protect Her Small Son And A Proud Legacy Of Warrior Kings And Strong Women, Rue Invokes The Ancient Wisdom And Secret Practices Of Her Female Ancestors As She Strives To Hold Her Own In A Warrior Society Finally, Side By Side As The Last Celtic King And Queen Of Scotland, She And Macbeth Must Face The Gathering Storm Brought On By Their Combined DestinyFrom Towering Crags To Misted Moors And Formidable Fortresses, Lady Macbeth Transports Readers To The Heart Of Eleventh Century Scotland, Painting A Bold, Vivid Portrait Of A Woman Much Maligned By History From The Hardcover Edition

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    If you are looking for a novelized version of Shakespeare s extraordinary Scottish Play, this is not it This is a novel about the actual king Macbeth and queen Rue Based on the Annals of Ulster and other sources, we withness Gruadh s life from a young age to the age of forty Through her, we experience the constant battles for the control over Scotland, and the importance of the brave warrior Macbeth, the man who has passed from history into legend Elements of folklore are blended into the story, casting an otherwordly light over the fates of the characters, and the sacred places of Iona and Scone become alive through King s pen Having had the fortune to visit them some years ago during a trip to Scotland and Ireland, I can say that her prose does justice to the intense feeling that these two places provoke to the visitor Susan Fraser King shows, once again, that she is one of the best representatives of how powerful Historical fiction is, when done right.

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    This was a real disappointment In the hands of a better writer, this could have been an amazing story, but Susan Fraser King doesn t engage the reader at all The main character, Gruadh Lady Macbeth , is supposed to be a fierce warrior queen, so why does the author make her sound so sniveling, weak and, well, womanish I didn t care a fig for the secondary characters either, and try keeping them all straight in your head they have no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever Not recommended.

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    CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH REVIEW ONLYMacbeth v 1984A dark Cave In the middle, a teapot boiling Thunder Enter Mona Ogg and her two accomplices.1 WITCH Thrice the branded wool has knotted 2 WITCH Thrice and once, the dropped stitch fled 3 WITCH Harpier cries tis time tis time 1 WITCH Round about the garter stitch go Knit Knit Purl then BobbleNo invoice, this is a hobbleW2 What are you knitting Mistress Ogg W1 I was making a sock puppet for a Hungarian client but she was banned from using one New laws all the time, however that doesn t stop us does it ladies cackle cackle So, as this is SOCTOBERFEST I m making Nanny Ogg sockies.W3 I m using my craft skills to make a jumper to fit a prophecy, do you like it Meanwhile 1 Lady M is cleaning up the castle Meanwhile 2 ah but a minute or three away on the foggy, murky, darkling trail, two coconut horse riders come across a signGlammy Ay up Winston singing mournfully to himself Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me Glammy You ve lost your plot,Winston Buck Up and let s see what the crones have to say Meanwhile 3 back in the cave Clickerty Clackerty Cackle and ClackWe hear the boys have ridden back enter Glammy and an increasingly distraught Winston Glammy How now, you secret, black and midnight hags The three ladies giggleW3 He s learnt his lines well hasn t he Well so have we Macbeth shall never vanquish d be, untilGreat Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane hillShall come against him. Winston Funny they mention that wood, I forgot to show you this, Glammy, a tray full of fir tree ornaments that I will take to Julia to appease I made them in Birnam Wood so pretty don t you think As the tray comes forward towards Glammy, it looks like a whole forest on the march to his tired, watery, smoke filled eyes and he shouts BETRAYAL and sticks Winston with a grabbed knitting needle straight through the heart WIN FOR MACBETH

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    I love a good historic novel Susan King delivered a solid story in Lady Macbeth This is the story of Gruath, her journey toward becoming the wife of Macbeth and information through his battle to become the King of Scotland.If you are wanting a Philippa Gregory type historic novel, this is going to disappoint you There are lots of names many of them very difficult to pronounce , lots of facts and the characters are dry than Gregory s However, if you are like me, and enjoy Sharon Kay Penman s writing, then you will probably enjoy this book King had less to work with, from what I understand, then Penman did however There is very little recorded about the wife of Macbeth, but King s story was based around the academic research done on her and King Macbeth I read this book having little to no knowledge of that time period and place and was fascinated by what I learned This was not your typical highland romance stuff There was actual substance here Gruath was an educated, intelligent, strong woman To those who complain that she was protected by the men too much to lay claim to those adjectives, I d simply like to remind them that this was a book written about a woman living around 1025 For her to be educated, to be trained in combat and to live through what she did in fact, just to live, proves how strong this woman was Two husbands, numerous miscarriages, the deaths of at least two sons and countless battles witnessed including some that killed her own family before her eyes If that s not a strong woman, I m not sure what is.One of the most interesting things I took from this book was the tradition of the sticks Before battle, King describes a scenario where Macbeth hands Lady Macbeth a stick and instructs her to use her knife to carve a symbol twice on it, once at the top and once at the bottom The stick is then broken in half and one half placed in the field near them, bottom down The other part of the stick is hidden somewhere on their person After the battle has been completed, you are to go to the field of sticks, find your own and remove it Those sticks remaining will tell, on their own accord, of who died in battle that day Such a simple and effective method I had no idea.Anyways, a fascinating book about a time period not widely written or talked about at least that I ve heard If you are needing a break from the Tudors or whatever portion of British history you are reading about, I d recommend this book.

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    A very different tale of Macbeth and his lady than Shakespeare s Lady Gruadh Rue is descended from one of two branches of the ancient royal line of Celtic Kings First married against her wishes to Gilcomgan of Moray, her husband is killed in battle with Macbeth, and the pregnant Rue is married to Macbeth, Rue s pure bloodline giving him a stronger claim to the throne of Scotland Thus begins an uneasy truce between the two as they eventually make the marriage work and Macbeth schemes to take the reign of Scotland from Duncan Amidst the plots and treacheries of 11C Scotland, the author also works in plentiful details of Celtic myths and lifestyle as she tells Rue s story in the first person POV While I did enjoy this book, along with picking up some knowledge of Scottish history and the real Macbeth, I found this book to be slow paced at times with long periods of inaction and detailed descriptions of every day life Although I typically don t mind a slower paced book as long as the author can fully immerse me into another century, in this case I felt like I was on the outside looking in Rue s tale came off to this reader as a bit cold and aloof I never felt I was a part of the story just an interested bystander, and that is not where I want to be in a book I also felt it too short at just over 300 pages, perhaps the characters would be been stronger and had life if they had been fleshed out , but that could have been the publisher s decision and not the author We ll never know An entertaining and educational read about the real Macbeth instead of Shakespeare s version, but it s not a book I m willing to give a five star rating to, nor one I will read than once If you re not sure, get it from the library first and then if you love it, buy it Side note, there is an extensive list of characters with their full names and titles with pronunciation along with a glossary at the back of the book I really wish publishers would either put these at the front of the book or tell the reader it s there in the back for my reference Four stars.

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    Interestingly enough, I bought this book without even really knowing what it was about at a book signing.I started reading it in the car ride home and didn t put it down until I was finished It is a great historical fiction with an amazing and strong woman as the main character.If you liked Mists of Avalon, you will LOVE Lady Macbeth I actually enjoyed Lady Macbeth because of the historical detail You can tell the author did a lot of research to make this story seem very real.

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    4 1 2 stars This is the story of Lady Gruadh who later becomes Lady Macbeth Queen of Scots Set in 1025 1058 it tells the story of her life, her bloodline, her marriages, her stubbornness, beliefs and her losses and sorrows King, the author, does a great job of using as much factual information as she can and weaves in fiction for the rest I did think that this book could have been shorter since 3 4 of the way through it seemed the writing was mundane but I did learn quite a bit about not only Lady Gruadh and MacBeth but also some of their customs and beliefs during that time Other than that, I wish the author would have put feeling or emotion into her main characters, there was something missing that made it hard for me to connect and made this seem of a telling of what happened instead of me feeling connection with the characters.

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    I came to this or less neutrally, with neither low nor high expectations Thus, I wouldn t say I was disappointed Here s the thing King is attempting something admirable here, but it fell desperately short of a great novel She attempts a high degree of historical accuracy, but it lacks the marvelous insight and perspective of Hillary Mantel or Maurice Druon She attempts magic of the Old World, and lacks the poignant lyricism of Juliet Marillier or Patricia McKillip The result is somewhere in the middle Another large problem is that this book needed a very good editor, and much earlier in the process There is far too much explanation and repetition of details which should have been hinted at or appended, particularly the politics of eleventh century Scotland The book should also have included much material tying the reader to its characters We are often told Gruadh is fiery and independent, and there are a few example episodes to that effect, but had it been carried out better, it would have held the reader in fondness and affection, rather than deep mired in apathy, as I and many below readers were Further, in novels of such particular place, as in this case Scotland, the landscape itself should come to bear as a character in itself Frankly, allusions to Gaelic culture and language, also heavy handed, aside, this could have occurred anywhere in the eleventh century It is clear the King did a good deal of excellent research, but she fell in love with the facts, not the place, which those of us who already love Scotland deeply would see Native Scots would no doubt feel this even keenly than myself This writer could do well by paying attention to writers who imbue the poeticism of place, culture, and love of the homeland so well into their work, and I ll be at hand with a list if she ever does.All this said, I still recommend the book to fans of the genre She doesn t insult you with fake magic, and she has tried very hard to put forth a theory of legendary figures who still loom large in our collective conscious today The book was readable, and I moved through it very quickly out of desire to see what comes next This isn t a particularly emotional novel, but it is a fun one.