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I was a little skeptical about these new inspired by Peter Rabbit tales, but I was pleasantly surprised by this story The artwork is gorgeous and evocative of Beatrix Potter s style without being an exact copycat The story was a lot of fun and really felt like the kind of antics Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny would get into The writing was also similar to the originals, but definitely along the lines of the shorter and simpler tales rather than thecomplex ones Overall, a lovely story I m sure we will reread many times over the years I haven t listened to the accompanying CD yet, but will report back once I do. Okay, folks, The Tale of Peter Rabbit was not the start of a series, aside from it s being the first of Beatrix Potter s little books She wrote books about different characters Yes, Peter is part of The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, but he s not the lead character And then Potter moved on to hedgehogs, ducks, and the rest.As I stated in my review of The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, developing this as a series turns it into a formula, the same way as was done for poor Curious George, with those Curious George Goes To books They re still about George, but they are just the same plot, over and over in different settings Or all those dreadful, dumbed down Disney desecrations of Winnie the Pooh Hey, Emma Thompson, you re a really good writer How about The Adventures of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail The good little girls could break out of their sweet Victorian goodness and have some new, original adventures of their own That at least would be different and I m sure it would be a heckuva lot better than those dreadful Peppa Pig books. Emma Thompson Sends Peter Rabbit To The Fair A Fair Has Come To The Lake District And Peter And Benjamin Are Forbidden To Go Driven By Their Ever Insatiable Curiosity, The Rabbits Sneak Into The Fair To Have A Look Around Mesmerized By All The Activity, The Rabbits Stand Incredibly Still, Watching Suddenly, A Little Girl Picks Up Peter, Declaring Him To Be Her Stuffed Animal Prize Covered In Kisses And Stuffed In Her Bag, Peter Rabbit Is Taken On His First Ever Roller Coaster Benjamin Is Barely Able To Rescue Peter, And The Two Bound Home, Smelling Of The Fair Couldn t you have waited to rescue me until after the merry go round said Peter Another so well done book by Another installment from Ms Thompson, and it s charming as well Peter claimed by a pudgy girl as a prize at the fun fair Love it Once again, it came with an audio CD with Emma Thompson narrating Brilliant writing and illustrating. Of the three further adventures that Ms Thompson has penned, this is my favourite although still not quite at the same level as the classics But that is to be expected, and this tale is cherish able in its own right. This trio of new Peter Rabbit stories by Emma Thompson is such a delight This story of the two little rabbits who sneak away to the fair is totally adorable Eleanor Taylor s illustrations are simply perfect. Adorable with gorgeous pictures Is there no end to Emma Thompson s talent I love this Peter Rabbit series I am so glad that she has taken the charge and decided to continue this timeless series Bravo I saw her on Jimmy Fallon and she talked about this book I really like Emma Thompson I was excited when it came through the library and there were no holds on it I checked it out and listened to the audio on the way to work It is so adorable Loved the audio book being read by Emma Thompson I really cant wait to have kids and this will be a must have book