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Best I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream Author Harlan Ellison –

A re read, of course but I was actually surprised at how much of the story I d forgotten although, the final scene stayed with me clear as day There are a lot of stories in which humanity s technology turns on us, but this is the ultimate classic example of the theme A supercomputer has become sentient and with consciousness it developed a consuming hatred of its creators Wiping out civilization was child s play and now, only five human beings remain, kept alive indefinitely and interminably for the sole reason that the AI enjoys torturing and tormenting them, messing with both bodies and minds Death would be a welcome release.I can confirm still horrifically nasty after all these years Imagine a bag of gumdrops It can be any candy, but spiced gumdrops seem appropriate.They look like perfect gumdrops EVERYTHIBG you want gumdrops to be.They taste like the perfect gumdrops at first But behind the sugar and spice, the flavor turns on your tongue Your eyes widen in shock and horror, but you can t spit the gumdrops are wrong They taste like empathy like bitterness, cruelty, psychopathy, heart wrenching despair and madness It seems to grow legs on your tongue as you quickly swallow.You leave them on the counter, unable to toss them away they seem so perfect The next day, you see them again and lie Oh Someone else got gumdrops or maybe that was just a weird one At least there s only seven in the bag.It s a pity there s only seven in the bag.That was this book. Jesus, that was emotionally sodding draining.This is desperate and visceral The imagery surreal and sticky with decay and rust The language angry, morbid and hate filled This is absolutely fantastic and vicious and knifes you repeatedly in the side while giggling, and I could throw many other backhanded compliments at this masterpiece of agony, but to be honest I cannot reccomend this story to anyone.It is depressing and disturbing, literally the most disturbing and depressing tale I have ever encountered and I wanted a vodka shot after finishing it.If you lust for apocalyptic sci fi, mental destruction, the moral question of AI, the world s most horrific ending, sadism, or you ve been diagnosed with some ailment that makes cheeriness fatal to you, then you might want to go against all common sense and give this a go, and if so may God have mercy on your soul, as you will be in Hell.Now excuse me while I watch a few hours of inanely happy mental bleach involving puppies. Creepy and really, really grossly descriptive I had bigged this one up in my head for a long time and it didn t really live up to my expectations, but I still enjoyed it Very disturbing and bizarre.Some people love the writing, some people hate it I, personally, enjoyed the disjointed style it was written in I think it helped in creating the messed up atmosphere of the story.I m noting the misogyny in this is garnering it several negative reviews, but isn t that just part of making the story even disgusting than it already is I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream Is A Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi Short Story By Harlan Ellison It Was First Published In The March Issue Of IF Worlds Of Science FictionIt Won A Hugo Award In The Name Was Also Used For A Short Story Collection Of Ellison S Work, Featuring This Story It Was Recently Reprinted By The Library Of America, Collected In Volume Two Terror And The Uncanny, From The S To Now Of American Fantastic Tales One of the most disturbing and hellish stories I ve ever read Seriously potent stuff of nightmares here, folks I think it s probably a good thing it s so short because two or three hundred pages of this stuff would seriously disturb my brain chemicals. In a very short amount of time, this story manages to paint what is probably the most convincing picture of hell that I ve ever been exposed to It s pretty disturbing, but also intriguing AM is basically a worst case scenario for an AI and convincingly shows the danger and ethical ambiguity that comes with creating sentient life, especially sentient life with superhuman ability Often, AIs are depicted as having superhuman intelligence Sometimes they are depicted as having emotions Often they are depicted as being bound to logic that is not in line with human well being This might be the only depiction I ve seen that postulates that they might not only have emotions, but superhuman emotions including negative ones like hatred Ultimately, I can t say that I felt a strong call to action, but the read was fast and thoroughly engaging. This short work of speculative fiction it cannot be called science fiction as far as I am concerned was warmly recommended to me, yet I found it severely disappointing.Sure the idea had potential and there were really strong moments, but overall, it is a mess and falls flat and every of its aspects is underdeveloped I could not accept the premise, because all its plot holes, logical shortcomings and technical impossibilities when thought out it s mere notion is ridiculous view spoiler War planning machines of opposing factions having been able to hook up one to another and having had the command over technology to create living beings out of flesh, modify humans physically and mentally as well as keep them alive and from ageing for centuries, without an option to be turned off in case of technical problems, yet ,in it s stead with enough resources to do whatever they wanted and the ability to maintain themselves is than just a tad unreasonable Further, the computer being unable to perform reanimation and healing wounds despite its miraculous powers, makes it even worse hide spoiler It s a pretty disturbing mindf %k sci fi short story I can t say I liked the writing. Probably one of the best and one of the scariest short stories I ve ever read The concept of human beings reverting to absolute primitiveness to survive against a supercomputer is a novel concept on its own but in a story where it s executed well Absolutely brilliant.I heard about how disturbing this story was from friends on GR, but didn t take for granted just HOW distorted and morally contemptible a 10 page long short could really get.I loved it.