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Oh Then I See Queen Mab Hath Been With You Everyone Knows Romeo Juliet, But What If It Isn T The Whole Story What If Queen Mab, Mentioned In Only One Speech In The Entire Play, Is Actually Responsible For All The Tragedy About To Strike The Houses Of Montague And Capulet And Her Love For Mercutio The Key To EverythingWeaving Shakespeare S Original Text Into A New Story, Fans Of The Woodcutter Will Love This Latest Retelling By Award Winning Author Kate Danley Experience The Romance Of Romeo Juliet From A Different Point Of View Through The Eyes Of The Bringer Of Dreams Queen Mab My original Queen Mab audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The gods of old are infamous for playing with humans, giving out tokens of favor or destroying bloodlines over some trivial slight Taking one of the most famous tragedies by Shakespeare, Kate Danley weaves a new twist in which the mythological gods play an intricate and deadly role The houses of Montague and Capulet are the key victims being used by both Queen Mab, the bringer of nightly dreams and Faunus, the bringing of day dreams to get what they want However, Queen Mab discovers true love and becomes transformed trying to prevent Faunus from destroying the houses and her true love.Danley stays true to the story being careful to weave in hers without taking away from Shakespeare s infamous love tragedy Danley did not attempt to write in the eloquent Shakespearean style her writing is different yet just as expressive and fluent in a simpler style.Shakespeare is known for intrigue and Danley continues with the tradition her intrigue clearly compliments and fits with the classic tale making her story of Queen Mab richer and powerful It is never a good thing when gods interfere they are seen as petty and selfish While Queen Mab begins that way, her character grows revealing that even gods may have a depth of kindness hidden somewhere deep within themselves.As an English major and fan of Shakespearean writings, I was not sure that I would like this book I had my doubts that anyone could make Romeo and Juliet better Danley is a gifted and skilled writer She successfully tied in her story without breaking the integrity of the original story.The characters were well developed moving one from disliking Queen Mab to feeling a range of emotions from dislike to pity to sadness to cheering her on When a character goes through such powerful changes and grows, the listener cannot help but change their opinion.The narrator, Julian Rhind Tutt is talented His narration was flawless I liked that he spoke clearly and with a cadence that felt comfortable not too fast nor too slow His vocal expressions were strong especially during pivotal times I enjoyed hearing his voice soothing and even Well done There were no issues at all with the production and I have to say while there was definitely an opportunity for it to sound theatrical with sound effects, I am delighted that the production company chose not to go that route This was already a rich tale, it needed nothing than a talented narrator which it has Anything would have taken away from the story.Audiobook was provided for review by the author. A wonderful retelling of Romeo and Juliet told from the point of view of the people, gods and fairies around them Faunus the God of Daydreams breaks the heart of Queen Mab leading to revenge and that means trouble for the houses of Montague and Capulet Staying true to the original story but with a side story that interweaves with it like magic.A moving magical love story. All the world s a stage, and all the men and women merely players But in this dream world of Verona one must as the question Who are the real players and who are merely pawns on the chessboard of petty immortals Queen Mab is the story of Romeo and Juliet as you ve never heard it before, and it all starts with the theft of a bull 100 years before our star crossed lovers are even born But even so, it is the story of Mercutio and his queen of dreams, as she and Faunus play a ruthless and deadly game where members of Houses Capulet and Montague as merely convenient pawns to be disposed of as they see fit All under the ever watchful eye of goddess Juno.This is a story of petty revenge, a prison of our own making and the lesson that love just might conquer all in the end Kate Danley s book intermingles seamlessly with the Shakespearian play and I certainly understand why this book won an award for best fantasy Unfortunately for me, I really don t want to read Shakespeare when I m ready to delve into a fantasy novel You could say that my rating is a result of It s not you, it s me and for that I am both a little ashamed and unrepentant I will say this Kate Danley did an excellent job in picking the right narrator for this story Listening to Julian Rhind Tutt s outstanding endition was a delight and he would do even William Shakespeare himself proud I would very much recommend purchasing the audio book of Queen Mab Although I rate this book 3.5 stars, his performance merits the full 5 stars 2016 A Z reading challenge letter Q What if the rivalry between warring families from Romeo and Juliet was a masterful plan of Queen Mab, the bringer of dreams In this story, we get to see what happens to Romeo and Juliet through the eyes of a goddess, Queen Mab I loved this book for its originality, lush characters and for Queen Mab She s my favorite character If you re looking for a must read book to get lost in, read this Reviewed by Mrs NMy Rating 5 stars