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[Free ePUB] The Dominican Republic Reader Author Eric Paul Roorda –

These are a series of country studies that provide a valuable overview of various Latin American countries They use both primary and secondary sources by eyewitnesses and important scholars respectively to illuminate key periods of each country s history They also include a trove of images, maps, and fine art Each volume focuses on a single country Currently, Duke has published readers about the Dominican Republic, Chile, Paraguay, Guatemala, Ecuador, Per , Costa Rica, Cuba, M xico, Argentina, and Brazil A fantastic collection of historical events of the Dominican Republic Any history buff, or lover of historical non fiction should pick up this fantastic historical book Reread portions of this informative compendium while down in the Dominican late last month and earlier this month A lot of intriguing stuff in this copious tome, from original historical documents to excerpts from recent essays. This is an exceptional collection with a wide array of contributions Worth reading. Excellent collection of writings about the history and culture of the Dominican Republic If you spend any time in the DR other than an all inclusive resort , I recommend this book. This would be an excellent book for anyone who teaches a course on the Dominican Republic to use as their textbook It is well written, easy to understand, and concise. I like all of Duke s Latin American readers I ve read I would have liked 16th Century source material in this one. Despite Its Significance In The History Of Spanish Colonialism, The Dominican Republic Is Familiar To Most Outsiders Through Only A Few Elements Of Its Past And Culture Non Dominicans May Be Aware That The Country Shares The Island Of Hispaniola With Haiti And That It Is Where Christopher Columbus Chose To Build A Colony Some May Know That The Country Produces Talented Baseball Players And Musicians Others That It Is A Prime Destination For Beach Vacations Little Else About The Dominican Republic Is Common Knowledge Outside Its Borders This Reader Seeks To Change That It Provides An Introduction To The History, Politics, And Culture Of The Country, From Precolonial Times Into The Early Twenty First Century Among The Volume S Selections Are Essays, Speeches, Journalism, Songs, Poems, Legal Documents, Testimonials, And Short Stories, As Well As Several Interviews Conducted Especially For This Reader Many Of The Selections Have Been Translated Into English For The First Time All Of Them Are Preceded By Brief Introductions Written By The Editors The Volume S Eighty Five Illustrations, Ten Of Which Appear In Color, Include Maps, Paintings, And Photos Of Architecture, Statues, Famous Figures, And Dominicans Going About Their Everyday Lives Lots of different genres and source documents Probably best to read with a good history book I d also like to see an anthology of contemporary writers from the DR. I really enjoyed the historical perspective especially since I was visiting this country for the first time The variety of sources and writing in this reader was great.