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In October , A Replica Of The Famous HMSBounty, An Eighteenth Century Tall Sailing Ship, Was On A Collision Course With A Storm That Would Become The Largest Hurricane Ever Recorded In The Atlantic A Clash That Would Prove Dramatic, Tragic, Perplexing, And Ultimately One Of The Most Unforgettable Stories Of Superstorm Sandy Crewed By An Eclectic Team Of Seafarers, The Bounty Was Led By Robin Walbridge, Their Highly Respected Captain With Decades At The Helm, Whose Decisions Sometimes Questionable Decided The Fate Of His Ship And Crew Departing From Connecticut As The Storm Raced North From The Caribbean, Walbridge Attempted To Outmaneuver Sandy, Heading The Bounty Southeast As Violent Gusts Tossed The Wooden Ship, The Crew Fought To Save Their Beloved Bounty And Finally To Save Themselves When Waves, Wind, And Encroaching Water Finally Overtook The Ship In An Area Known As The Graveyard Of The Atlantic, The Crew Was Suddenly Tossed Into The Churning Sea The Bounty Was Gone, But Their Fate Was Still To Be Determined The Men And Women Of A Coast Guard Station In North Carolina Summoned The Courage To Fly Into Hundred Mile Per Hour Winds While The Residents Of The Eastern Seaboard Were Fleeing Or Bracing For The Hurricane S Impact Through Hours Of White Knuckle Flying, With Crew Members Thrown About Their Aircraft And Rescue Swimmers Jumping Into Thirty Foot Seas, The Coast Guard Accomplished One Of Its Most Memorable Rescues Ever Based On Interviews With Bounty Survivors And Unfettered Access To Coast Guard Rescue Team Members, The Gathering Wind Offers Not Only The First But The Most Complete Account Of This Heartbreaking, Thrilling, And Inspirational StoryCLUDES PHOTOS

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    I really wanted this book to be The Perfect Storm which I enjoyed because it packed so much history of the Gloucester area and Cape Ann fishing alongside the personal stories of the people involved and the story of what might have happened once contact was lost with the Andrea Gale This book was extremely factual and summarized a lot of points and relationships that could have gone into much greater depth and complexity I understand this makes it a quicker read which is enjoyable for some people and no judgments passed if you prefer something snappy and engaging This was just too snappy for me, and because of that I wasn t fully engaged until half way through, when I wanted to know how the crew would survive or not once the ship started sinking I d say the reading level, because of the snappiness is great for readers without much time to read, or for middle schoolers junior high kids interested in diving into their first adult narrative nonfiction books.

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    The captain had a fatal case of GetThereItis This condition usually affects private pilots Also, if you are going to sail or fly, you have to keep the equipment in good condition Faulty generator that ran dewatering pump, faulty dewatering pump that failed to keep prime probably an air leak somewhere , debris from wood working plugging pump intake rotten wood in the ship s hull causing large leaks, and no manual backup pump Also, a sailing ship becomes unstable when enough water leaks into ship, and the capsize with mast and rigging flailing about was a threat Capsizing is not as much of a problem on modern sailboats because weight is place much lower in the hull Should have abandoned ship sooner Also, the procedures for the Coastguard rescue were well presented This book gave me a real appreciation for the mission of the Coastguard and what these men and women go through to accomplish a rescue.

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    I found this book very readable It moves right along building in suspense until hurricane and tall ship collide At the time I could not understand why the ship was in the hurricane The reason is still not clear but the growing sense of doom is well built I am thankful for the survivors and mourn those that did not survive It s a clear and well written book.

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    A moving and cautionary tale As another reader criticized, it s very facts dates and numbers, but I appreciated hearing the story from an objective view Some authors would have tried to get into the mind of Capt Walbridge and what his reasons were for deciding to take the Bounty to sea with Hurricane Sandy bearing down I m glad he didn t do that He stuck to what is known and admitted what isn t known about the events leading up to the dramatic rescue at sea.A good read for anyone interested in tall ships, sailing, or reading of a harrowing and tragic adventure.

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    This is the story of replica tall ship HMS bounty versus hurricane Sandy in 2012 The well researched and factual account leads up to the sinking of the bounty and the aftermath including legal proceedings There were particularly vivid descriptions of the Coast Guard rescue efforts The author offered enough information on characters to make them feel real to the reader, and leaves us with questions concerning the decisions made by a much respected and loved captain who misjudged the situation with tragic results.

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    This book describes multiple view points of the crew of the HMS Bounty who had to be rescued by the Coast Guard It was a well researched book that was gripping from the start I learned a lot about Tall Ships and the Coast Guard and what the sea is like during a hurricane A easy read that captures your attention from the start.

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    I chose this book because it is a story about a courageous rescue at sea and Hurricane Sandy I strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of sailors and ship or anyone interested in stories at sea There are very many points in the book that made me even interested and wanting to read This book was also a pretty decent read for me considering it was around 270 pages long which, for me take, tends to take a while I really liked how much the author goes into detail about the ships back then and the way that the specific boat the characters are riding got to where it is now This book had a lot of real life facts and summarized the history of many different boats than just the main one The author does a very good job at describing what caused the disaster and the rescue efforts involved I also liked the vivid descriptions about the crew of the boat named the bounty and their personal lives One of things i didn t like were that the author never explained why this boat was taken into a hurricane in the first place The setting was also well described and much information about the setting was provided I like how he described the captain, A Vermont native, he favored polo shirts, khakis, and golf caps, and he wore his wire framed glasses with a neck chain that, along with his hearing aids, gave him the appearance of a kindly sailor likely to take his grandkids out for a trip on the family boat than the leader of a tall sailing ship famous for its role in pirate movies Freeman, 29 I m really into history and I like reading books like these because it makes me feel like I m in the book with them I also really like that it has true events in the book because when this disaster was happening I was watching it on the news and now that I m done reading this book I can also see it from the perspectives of the actual crew members I like the way the author writes because it really makes you feel like you re in the book I also liked the methods the crew used before entering approaching the hurricane, they tie everything that could get in the way down so that it was not rolling around on the ship as they tried to fix or maneuver it There wasn t too much dialogue but there wasn t too little either so it seemed pretty understandable and dramatic My favorite character is the captain because he has a lot of courage, dignity, and dedication, therefore I really look up to his ways The captain does not listen to rules very well though He understands them but he just doesn t obey them which eventually leads him, his ship, and his crew into trying to outrun a hurricane He also is very generous because in the story he takes a girl with down syndrome aboard the ship and allows her to travel with his crew for a while.What I mainly liked about the Author s writing style is how he fully explains each thing and makes it easier to understand how everything got how it was and almost the full story behind it.One of the things I noticed and liked in this book was how the crew on the ship would sometimes get seasick and puke, yet they still stick with their job Another part I liked in this book was when the coast guard came to rescue the crew at sea The Coast Guard rescue was one of the most heroic and tense parts of the story The book kind of starts off with describing the characters and the events that lead up to the wreckage which I liked a lot I think that one of the saddest parts of the story was when Claudene Christian, one of the characters, calls her mother to say, We re heading out and I just wanted to tell you and Dad I love you in case anything goes wrong Freeman, 71 I definitely liked the setting because it was of a challenge for the characters in the story and was, like most of everything, explained very well and understandable Overall, I believe that this book was pretty action packed and highly educational about the history of ships and I will probably continue reading books from this author for a while.

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    I was initially drawn to this book due to the fact that I saw this ship in Port Jefferson harbor on the north shore of Long Island a few months before it was lost in hurricane Sandy Now I half wish I had gone on board Oh well Getting to the book The author does a fine job of describing the circumstances that led up to the disaster and the rescue efforts involved The excessive number of chapter breaks makes me think this was designed to be a quick read, and it is There are some clinkers, and a lack of follow up or clarification on some points For instance, Ms Christian is described as a descendant of Fletcher Christian in the photo section, but in the text it is stated her family believed they were related, no proof is ever presented and the matter is dropped This is sloppy work on the authors part and the editor Overall I did enjoy the telling of this tragic loss of lives and ship due to one man s misguided arrogance.

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    fascinating topic book fails my chapter test 33 chapters and approx 270 pages, come on, organize better and less ADD but read it since i remember the tragedy when it happened.the captain may have been charismatic, but ultimately he was an arrogant fool to 1 take the Bounty to sea rather than remain in port, and 2 not trust the NOAA forecast, cutting across Sandy s path.fault also must lie with Hansen, the Bounty s owner he took the 5th during the hearings, so he must have plenty to hide did he refuse funding to get proper repairs done did he play Walbridge to convince him to set sail and the crew poor deluded buggers i find it sad that they defend Walbridge still hey, the guy s arrogance killed not only himself, but Claudene Christian too.i curse the captain owner, pity the crew, and feel bad for the loss of an innocent crew member.

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    As a former Tall Ships sailor with a brief stint 1 week on the HMS Bounty in the Ted Turner era, I found this book very difficult to read I did not know any of the people involved with the ship, but I knew the ship Reading the story of her last days was difficult It was obvious that the author was not familiar with Tall Ships sailing, but that probably made for a evenhanded telling, despite the few errors in the book Once the story moved on to the actual sinking, rescue and aftermath I found it paradoxically easier to read Having had some Safety at Sea training this makes a good case study for how things actually occurred in this case as the ship sank I would recommend this book to anyone crewing on board a Tall Ship.