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The Exciting Topic Of Chemistry Is Explored, Covering The Atom Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Nucleus As Well As The Basics Of The Periodic Table, Elements And Atomic Number This Is Followed By An Examination Of Individual Elements, Such As Lithium, Helium, Carbon, Sodium, Neon And Oxygen Sound It Out Sections Aid Young Readers In Pronunciation And Elementary Definitions Allow Basic Understanding Of Complex Topics Learn The Vocabulary Of A Genius At A Young Age This Is Book Two Of The Super Smart Science SeriesBook One Cellular Biology Organelles, Structure, FunctionBook Three Neurology The Amazing Central Nervous System Coming March

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    I won the first book of this series through a facebook giveaway At first, I hadn t thought about reading science books to my 5 year old but when he got his hands on the first one, he was hooked We were shocked He hadn t shown any real interest in science yet That said, this is the second book in the series and we love it This book definitely has a WOW factor Starting in the beginning, the atom along with protons, neutrons and electrons is introduced We absolutely love the illustrations After the atom, you are thrown in to the Periodic Table of Elements Something I love about this author are the little reviews in each section to reinforce what you just read After introducing the term atomic number an example follows to make sure the comprehension is there My son loves answering the questions It makes reading time interactive with the excitement of answering a question correctly The next section goes into detail about specific elements The atomic structure is shown, atomic number reviewed and he finds it in the periodic table Then there is a real life association so my son knows where lithium can be found in batteries and medicine.As in all of this series, the book culminates in a review of all new terms learned My son truly feels as it says in the end of the book, You are a Chemistry expert

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    April Chloe Terrazas has written a series of science books for young children In chemistry, she tells about the first elements on the periodic table in terms that children can understand The illustrations are delightful and add to the text with pictures of the subject matter When I shared this book with children, they loved the concepts and how they learned about science My thanks to April Chloe Terrazas for my copy of Chemistry The Atom and Elements.

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    This is a very clever way to get children interested in science I personally enjoy the sound it out sections that help the child sound the words out independently This book is really empowering to the little ones We can t wait for the next book in the series.

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    This is a very nice introduction to the atom and elements My two month old is a bit young to appreciate it now, but I m sure it will make an excellent teaching tool in the future I received this book through a First Reads giveaway, but I plan on purchasing the others in this series.

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    Whilst the writing is clear and interesting, I was disappointed at the total lack of experiments in this book.