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I Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be Free Not To Need Wings Because You Don T Have To Fly Away From Your Country Anita De La Torre Is A Twelve Year Old Girl Living In The Dominican Republic In Most Of Her Relatives Have Emigrated To The United States, Her T O Toni Has Disappeared, Papi Has Been Getting Mysterious Phone Calls About Butterflies And Someone Named Mr Smith, And The Secret Police Have Started Terrorizing Her Family For Their Suspected Opposition To The Country S Dictator While Anita Deals With A Frightening Series Of Events, She Also Struggles With Her Adolescence And Her Own Personal Fight To Be Free What good is to escape captivity only to be imprisoned in your own misery It is the responsibility of those who survive the struggle for freedom to give testimony To tell the story in order to keep alive the memory of the dead.This is my second book of this author, the first being In the time of the butterflies Actually, this book is in some ways a continuation sequel to the book In the time of the butterflies only told from the view point of 12 year old girl Anita.It is at once heart wrenching and full of hope Like the author said, yet another fight for freedom against dictatorship Being young, Anita was confused about what was going on, why their life was at risk, why SIM was in front of her house, why her relatives moved to US leaving her family alone, why, why, and why Sometimes she got answers, mostly not She was terrified when SIM raided her house, arrested her father and when she and her mother had to hide in their friend s house in the closet without anyone s knowledge except two persons in the house To look from her point of view, I felt the despair and fear that such dictatorship wreak on so many people s life.Even though the author doesn t say, she herself was Anita s age when she witnessed El Jefe s dictatorship and her family escaped to US before serious harm could come to her family. Interesting historical fiction novel based on the authors childhood that takes place in the Dominican Republic in the 1960 s during Trujillo s regime Even though it takes place over 50 years ago the story is still very relatable today It reminded me a lot of the current civil unrest that is going on in Venezuela Popsugar Challenge 2019 An own voices book These days, I haven t been reading a lot except one book and it is The Shining but I already wrote about it The only other book that I am reading besides that book is the school book, Before We Were Free Even though it is a school book, I find it interesting with a great storyline and a lot of hints and symbols in it I recommend the book to anyone who wants to learn about the Dominican Republic and the time where they weren t free from the dictator El Jefe, and someone who just can t find a book to read like myself and wants something interesting and that will get your attention It is about a girl and her family who are trying to be free from the dictator El Jefe and live a better life.The book made me want to read and even beyond the chapter we are supposed to finish off at The story is in present tense form and is in the point of view of the main character which I enjoyed a lot since I can step into her shoes and imagine as if I m in her place The book has many symbols which I think people who want to compare this book to life and other things will enjoy Often, there would be an important object that symbolizes the main character, or Anita s, life For example, her diary said a lot about how they have to be private and erase things so that no one can see Overall, I think this is a great book with many symbols that make you think and compare it to life and it has an interesting plot so for the people, like myself, who don t find reading enjoyable or fun, it is a book that I would definitely recommend. While this piece falls into the young adult genre it is a look at the impact of the Trujillo dictatorship in the Dominican Republic It explores the nuances of family and the multi generational nature of the family in question Too it speaks to the island culture, and in part contrasts it with the American culture It was educational as well as entertaining. WowThis is so amazing A YA book about living under the Trujillo regime in the Dominican Republic. Before We Were Free by Julia Alvarez, published 2002.Historical fiction.Novel.Grades 7 10.Found via Horn Book Magazine, reviewed by Lauren Adams.Anita is an upper class girl in the Dominican Republic, living through the end of the Trujillo dictatorship and trying to make sense of it all She begins the novel clueless about the dictatorship, as many readers might be, and slowly she pieces together her family s fears and the freedoms that have been taken from everyone As Anita learns and keeps a diary which she erases when she feels her thoughts could be incriminating her family s presence in the resistance becomes clearer, culminating in her father and uncle participating in the assassination of the dictator Because the resistance s plans fall through, Anita s father and uncle are arrested, and she, her mother, and her brother have to go into hiding to escape a similar fate Eventually Anita and her nuclear family move to the United States to live with the rest of her family, while they wait for the final news of her father and uncle This heart wrenching story is based on the author s family s experiences, and it feels realistically detailed, reflecting the many concerns of a girl coming of age during such turbulent times As the reviewer states, these accounts can t compare to her historical predecessor Anne Frank s, well, few can But Anita s own story is a realistic and compelling account of a girl growing up too quickly while coming to terms with the cost of freedom Readers should be warned of descriptions of violence and murder to others, as well as descriptions of Anita beginning puberty. I recommend the book Before We Were Free because it keeps the pages turning and at the same time it makes you tense and want to know what s going to occur in the next page I did not finish the book yet so I don t know whether it was satisfying to read it or not but I can guarantee you that this book will make you satisfied I can relate that I feel scared at times and I want to be brave but I don t know what to do The plot is suspenseful and interesting and the theme is very well developed I personally didn t learn anything besides the history that occurred in the 1960 s My thinking did not change after this book and there are some memorable quotes like one that Oscar makes You can t be brave if you re not scared. This book was a solid blah for me It wasn t that it was necessarily bad, it was just boring Alvarez tried to make this book a heart racing drama, but it just didn t cut it Especially since Anita spent most of the book dealing with such average teenage problems, envying her sister, talking about puberty, and obsessing over her various crushes High Points.Whenever there was actually some suspensenot very often Trujillo s interest in her sister unlikely, but actually quite grotesquely suspenseful The title and cover.Low Points.Most of the book the excessive dialogue and conversations that bored me to tears Anything puberty related Writing in a diaryDear Anita,Writing depressingly in a diary in captivity is totally taken.Sincerely, Anne Frank Anita herself I wanted to feel bad for her, but she was such a Mary Sue, I just ended up wanting to yell at her to grow up already Most of the other characters were too stereotypical kind hearted father, protective mother, obstinate yet comforting older sister, wise grandma, etc I think you ll like this book if you like Newbery honor books, like, say, Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry For me, it just didn t pass the sniff test. Actual Rating 4.25 starsReread September 2019 This book was just as hard hitting and amazing the second time around Definitely a must read.April 2018 I really enjoyed this book This book takes place in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s and gives insight into Trujillo s dictatorship through the eyes of a 12 year old I loved but also was somewhat saddened by how innocent and naive the beginning of the narrative was and how increasingly aware, dark, and serious it became throughout later chapters This book was extremely well written and I totally recommend it.