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When Cow Gets Her Hooves On The Farmer S Car, She Takes It For A Wild Ride Through The Country Moooo But A Bump In The Road Brings This Joy Ride To A Troublesome End Moo Moo Has Cow Learned Her Lesson About Living Life In The Fast Lane Moo Pairing Two Talented Creators Who Managed To Tell A Complete Story With Just One Word MOO This Imaginative Picture Book Will Have Readers Laughing One Moment And On The Edge Of Their Seats The Next, As It Captures The Highs And Lows Of A Mischievous Cow S Very Exciting Day

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    This book is too much fun I read it to a few different groups of kids, and one group asked me to read it again I think this book would go over well with older kids, even.

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    Oh my goodness YES I like this even than Banana possibly because I love cows And also because there is a little in the illustrations Can t wait to read this in preschool storytime 1 8 14 Fabulous The kids and adults all loved this Laughed throughout the whole thing Loved the pictures Loved that the cow took the car Loved all the moo ing I read it just right that they understand what all was being said in Moo The only downside I forgot the adorable toy cow I got for Christmas that I wanted to bring in with a red car so we could have props to awww over Oh well Wonderful Topsy Turvy theme closing book which turned out to be my best storytime and most fun in weeks Yay 9 29 14 10 2 14 I had this as an option during the Morningside school visits that I did this week I read it in classes covering grades K 5 Well received by all ages Some found it funnier than others Those who really got into it started mimicing my moos, which was funny except when it started to lead to a lot of noise K class mostly Still a great one to share.10 7 15 Used as closer in Troublemakers theme Overall the kids enjoyed this one But I had a lot of first timers who were rather talkative and squirmy since they just don t know how it all goes Some of their moms were that way too So I didn t have full on attention from some, which was a bit distracting for me But the kids who were in to it really liked it.2 8 17 Closer in E Preschool theme I told them ahead of time that I REALLY stretched for the E in this book They loved it children and adults Of course, since this book is fabulous Not as many laughs from the kids from the ending, but the parents were smiling So then I back tracked to help them with an explanation Explaining how the cow blamed, and that back with the other car shemade an excuse One of the moms laughed but they got it Honestly, this newer preschool group is a bit younger than what I was working with the last time I went through the alphabet, so they aren t catching on as soon as they did But it works and is a great way to help parents see ways they can teach early literacy skills to their children.5 1 17 5 4 17 Morningside Elementary visits Read this in 4th and Kindergarten Both absolutely loved it I liked that the K teacher really liked it, too 4 18 18 Closer in M theme Nice to have a personal favorite with this too tiny, too young crowd Took one kid a bit to catch on but the one mom liked it.

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    If you only read one children s picture book this year, READ THIS ONE And read it out loud with enthusiasm There are only 6 words used to tell the story, but only two that you really need to read out loud I promise, you will love it and so will those you are reading it tolittle kids and kids at heart.Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy CLEL chose this book as the CLEL Bell Award Book for the Every Child Ready to Read practice of Talk The illustrations are priceless and if you and your listener s can stop laughing long enough, there is so much to talk about I ve tested this book on a number of different audiences and it s a success every time Jan

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    Well, not just one word It helps to know car for sale and police And the wonderful sly ending,

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    Never has one word meant so much

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    This one had me cracking up Such a good story told in just one word until the end Great illustrations, they really enhance the story Read for my grad school class of Lit Resources for Children.

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    Moo is the only word used Except for the end B

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    Hilariously brilliant

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    A really funny and cute picture book

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    I can picture this book being a funny read aloud for young children In fact, I m sure they would be dying at the end if read correctly However, the story only follows the shenanigans of one cow who gets in trouble at the end I was hoping for a clearer message at the end, but I never felt like I received one.