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MAY THE VERSE BE WITH YOU Return Once To A Galaxy Far, Far Away With This Sublime Retelling Of George Lucas S Epic Star Wars In The Style Of The Immortal Bard Of Avon The Saga Of A Wise Jedi Knight And An Evil Sith Lord, Of A Beautiful Princess Held Captive And A Young Hero Coming Of Age, Star Wars Abounds With All The Valor And Villainy Of Shakespeare S Greatest Plays Tis A Tale Told By Fretful Droids, Full Of Faithful Wookiees And Fearsome Stormtroopers, Signifying Pretty Much EverythingReimagined In Glorious Iambic Pentameter, William Shakespeare S Star Wars Will Astound And Edify Rebels And Imperials Alike Zounds This Is The Book You Re Looking For

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    You re not reading this book for the story You know the story If you re picking up this book, you ve seen movie movies times than you can count You re reading this book for the execution And let me tell you the execution is hilaaarious Now you might be a little leery, what with George Lucas undo preference for a revised Star Wars coupled with his tight control over the copyright of the franchise, and fear that not even the language of Shakespeare can make worth entering into that whole mess again, and that s understandable But unwarranted Ian Doescher s got you covered HAN Nay, not that The day when Jabba taketh my dear shipShall be the day you find me a grave man.GREEDO Nay oo chlay nooma Chespeka noofaNa cringko kaynko, a nachoskanya HAN Aye, true, I ll warrant thou has wish d this day They shoot, Greedo dies. To bartender Pray, goodly Sir, forgive me for the mess Aside And whether I shot first, I ll ne er confess This is brilliant By god, I hope Quirk publishes Five stars.An ARC book was provided to me by the publisher through the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program Quote pulled from pp 76 77 of ARC version of ISBN 978 1 59474 637 6 Finished copy may differ in pagecount and wording.Recommended reviews

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    Actual rating 3.5 C 3PO Now is the summer of our happiness Made winter by this sudden, fierce attack R2 D2 Beep beep, Beep, beep, meep, squeak, beep, beep, beep, whee C 3PO We re doomed Sometimes the greatest things in life are made better in combination Chocolate Yum Peanut Butter Yes, please But a Reese s Peanut Butter cup is quite possibly manna under heaven Some things, like chocolate and peanut butter, are just meant to be Others, like David Bowie and Iman, require of a stretch of the imagination Even if the combination is obvious, sometimes we don t even know what we re missing until the hole becomes filled I, like many others, am a fan of Star Wars I m not a hardcore fan or anything, I mean, my Wookie is far from fluent, but I never realized what was missing from my fandom iambic pentameter.Please do not dismiss this book because you ve had your share of parodies such as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Those were parodies, whereas this book was written as an extremely well written, well researched tribute to both William Shakespeare s works and the Star Wars franchise.It s a work of art, what can I say I m not a fan of Shakespeare, I find the majority of his work irredeemably dull, as critically acclaimed as it may be However, when his style is adapted to Star Warslet s just say that I could hardly stop giggling at every other page The events in Star Wars are faithfully adapted into appropriate verse and Shakespearean language It s not 100% accurate to the original, for example, there s than a little dramatic irony, which is actually quite true to Shakespearean works, so we could just attribute it to the author using that literary device as a tribute to Shakespeare There is actually a great deal foreshadowing used in this version than there was in the actual Star Wars book Luke I wonder who she is Whoever she may be, whatever is Her cause, I shall unto her pleas respond Not e en were she my sister could I know A duty of weight than I feel now Oh, Luke, if you only knew Many Shakespearean conventions are in use here, such as the asides and soliloquies used by Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and even Han These gives us a greater insight into the characters minds and motives, as well as dare I say it give the characters depth and development than their sudden appearance in the films Even minor characters like the numerous Stormtroopers are given minor roles and lines in this play There are frequent allusions to other Shakespearean works, such as this famous balcony scene, reinterpreted by Luke Luke But O, what now What light through yonder flashing sensor breaks Even the technical language of the sci fi Star Wars universe is given a Shakespearean spin, for example, th auxill ry pow r Jabba speaks in corresponding iambic Huttese Chewbacca and R2 D2 are the few exceptions, whose lines are limited to Aaugh and beeps, squeaks, and whistles Reading C 3PO s frustration with his partner in archaic speech provided me with a tremendous amount of amusement After the initial bout of glee and hysterical laughter, the initial euphoria of reading a reinterpreted Star Wars die down and I have to admit, the second half the book went by considerably slower than the first However, it s still a hilarious and brilliantly written book, with depth than one would think in a book of this nature Recommended for Shakespearean try to hunt down the various allusions and Star Wars fans.This book needs to be turned into a Broadway play, ASAP.

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    Ian Doescher has set Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope to Shakespeare s iambic pentameter As someone who has the entire Star Wars story memorized but isn t the biggest fan of Shakespeare, I found this idea charming I read the entire play in under two hours and think it would be an asset for high school English classes because it could make Shakespeare relevant to the kids I am curious to read the other parts of the saga especially the I am your father scene which has the making for classic literature I am recommending this to Star Wars lovers everywhere even if they don t necessarily enjoy Shakespearean drama

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    4.5 5 StarsI loved this so so much I found the audiobook on Scribd and honestly, it was so much better than reading the physical book I started the physical book a while back and hadn t finished it, and I thought I loved it, BUT THE AUDIOBOOK MAN There are tracks from the soundtrack, sound effects, and a full cast doing the voices of all of the characters similar to how they sound in the movie.Star Wars written as Shakespeare is GENIUS and I am so pumped to read the rest of these NOW I NEED TO GO REWATCH THE MOVIE.

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    Find all of my reviews at Friends, rebels, Starfighters, lend me your ears William Shakespeare s Star Wars Verily, A New Hope is exactly what the title says Star Wars rewritten in iambic pentameter If you aren t a Star Wars fan, then what the fuck are you doing reading this you re probably not going to understand why this is the best thing I ve seen lately I m also fairly certain zombie Shakespeare won t be returning from the grave anytime soon in order to tell me that I read wrong, so that s another bonus Oh, and in case there is any doubt about my nerdery really there s still doubt at this point and because Mitchell is a camera whore who gets pissed if he isn t featured in a review on the regular, here is my Funko Pop proof that I am indeed a dork I really enjoyed reading this I mean, look what happened Ummmmm, Brigid I m still waiting for you to supply me with some sexy coffee for my sexy mug So many post its and I probably annoyed a good 78% of the Goodreads population with my non stop updates I could post quote upon quote, but is it really even necessary This story follows the original, only in an olde timey way The conversations worthy of a quote, however Those between R2 and C 3PO R2 D2 Squeak, whistle, beep, meep, nee, meep, whistle squeak C 3PO Hold thou they cursing and most cursed tongue I giggled every time they bickered.Bottom line you just can t go wrong with a Star Wars parody From feature films To SNL To video games To cartoons The retelling of Star Wars never gets old It is indeed a tale for the ages One that contains action and adventure, good v evil, and proves that the only love awkward than insta love is that of insta love with your own sister And if you play your cards right, being a superfan might even get you out of jury duty At bare minimum, Liz Lemon can teach you some kick ass lyrics to the Cantina band song Figrin D an the kloo horn man Highly recommended to all and may the force be with you

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    I m sorry, five stars is necessary What could have been an easy joke is instead a wonderful and perfectly hilarious tribute to both Star Wars and Shakespeare, written with care and attention to detail hey, iambic pentameter ain t easy Soliloquies about Fate Fourth wall breaking asides Omniscient choruses Idioms galore Yep, it s all here Doescher doesn t miss a thing, and the result is a book that can be enjoyed on different levels whether you crack it open to a random page for sheer amusement O jolly droid , or read it straight through Love it Can t wait for the next two And honestly, somebody needs to put this on as an actual theatrical production I would pay to see it Yes I am a giant nerd okay.

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    In time so long ago begins our play,In star crossed galaxy far, far away This was everything you would expect from Star Wars if it had been written by the great William Shakespeare It was witty, smart and full of crazy drama Basically A LOT of fun to read and something I got added enjoyment from by reciting it out loud to my dog C mon You know you ALL would do that too while reading this And honestly I m beginning to think that I missed my calling in life Surely the Royal Shakespeare Company are just crying out for someone with my ability when it comes to the impassioned delivery of a soliloquy or two I would recommend this to all bonkers Star Wars fans like me three and a half stars

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    I was raised on Star Wars.This book is just what it sounds like.Am I the only one who is really pissed that droids are slaves They are clearly sentient beings, and should not be sold at slave auctions and be subject to any master who buys them And at the end, how come C 3PO and R2 D2 don t get medals from Princess Leia This is bad.R2 D2 can speak perfect Shakespearean English and lets the audience know his innermost thoughts in numerous asides I m not sure I like that.The author also uses asides to have characters angst to the camera for long dialogues I didn t like this either.The best parts of this book was reading your favorite scenes and sayings in Shakespearean language Sometimes this worked out really well VADER I find thy lack of faith disturbing.LEIA The desp rate hour is now upon us please, I beg thee, Sir O help me, Obi Wan Kenobi, help Thou art mine only hope.LEIA O but how wrong thou art The that thou dost exercise thy grip, The star systems through which that grip shall fall But others I thought were a failure OBI WAN True it is, That these are not the droids for which thou search st TROOPER 3 Aye, these are not the droids for which we search OBI WAN And now, the lad may go his merry way TROOPER 3 Good lad, I prithee, go thy merry way OBI WAN Now get thee hence TROOPER 4 Now get thee hence, go hence LEIA Thou truly art in jest Art thou not small Of stature, if thou art a storm trooper Does Empire shrink for want of taller troops The Empire s evil ways, I ll grant, are grand, But must its soldiers want for fear of height This above scenes just sound horrible to me Perhaps because I was raised on Star Wars, and even though I feel like I m not a geek or a fan of my own choice, from spending a good chunk of my life in my father s house I ve become a Star Wars person It s practically in my blood From age 0 to age 18 I probably watched the original trilogy over 200 times I m not exaggerating In my house my father controlled what the family watched, and he LOVED Star Wars And so did everyone else Whether they loved it right from the get go or were just brainwashed by repeated watchings we ll never know But everyone who grew up in my father s house can quote the movies verbatim and at length o.O The fact that I know Star Wars pretty thoroughly was through no conscious choice of my own, I can assure you But of course, I love it so much and it will always hold a very special place in my heart The music makes me ecstatic and people who quote lines to me from Star Wars endear themselves to me I heart Star Wars I never had any use for or love of Episodes 1, 2 or 3, so don t even ask me about that stuff I m strictly an original trilogy kind of girl, due to my stern Star Wars upbringing by my purist father Great illustrations I love the one of Luke holding up a stormtrooper s helmet as if he were Hamlet gazing into Yorick s eyes.Overall, really enjoyed the book Even though I know it s a gag Like one of those books people give as gifts and never expect the recipient to ever read.WELL, I WILL READ THIS OVER AND OVER So fun

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    This is not a book to give someone who likes Star Wars and needs an introduction to Shakespeare nor is it a good book to give to someone who likes Shakespeare and needs an introduction to Star Wars First, if you really like your Star Wars, then it may be a novelty item, though for the adult who can get through the reading than the child who will have no basis for anything as it is written Second, for me, the author seems to have a base knowledge of Shakespeare, but not quite a complete direction of how to construct the work There are too many asides by characters, too much interjection of the Chorus to tell random bits of action generally unnecessary I might add , and words like troth are thrown in willy nilly without proper context usage Third and finally, simply adding th and st to words does not make them Shakespearean, nor does constantly using thee, thou, and aye, which get exceedingly tiring to read halfway through act one For the latter word s usage, are we in a Johnny Depp pirate movie No It s Star Wars which is thankfully Depp free I will give the author credit where due, though He does manage to get the iambic pentameter right which is something properly Shakespearean, but that s about the only part that s properly correct While I am not averse to the attempt, I just found that the subject in question does not translate overly well to the written Shakespearan page so to speak Act V was exceedingly tedious due to the fact it was mainly a space battle but simply talked through by the characters since the form itself is somewhat limited Some things work fine, and the artwork is spectacular throughout, but other sections just fall completely short in my opinion to which you are allowed to disagree Quite possibly my least favorite of all the books I ve read so far this year Give to others, but be aware that not all of us who enjoy Star Wars and Shakespeare will like appreciate the book as much as those who are in love with it.Note free copy received via Vine program in exchange for an honest review.