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[[ Audiobooks ]] The Herbal Medicine Maker's Handbook: A Home ManualAuthor James Green –

THE HERBAL MEDICINE MAKER S HANDBOOK Is An Entertaining Compilation Of Natural Home Remedies Written By One Of The Great Herbalists, James Green, Author Of The Best Selling THE MALE HERBAL Writing In A Delightfully Personal And Down Home Style, Green Emphasizes The Point That Herbal Medicine Making Is Fundamental To Every Culture On The Planet And Is Accessible To Everyone So, First Head Into The Garden And Learn To Harvest Your Own Herbs, And Then Head Into Your Kitchen And Whip Up A Batch Of Raspberry Cough Syrup, Or Perhaps A Soothing Elixir To Erase The Daily Stresses Of Modern Life

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    Such a simple sentiment, but this passage has been paradigm changing for me, not only in my herb and natural health studies, but also in general Most herbalists I know strongly recommend that a student limit her studies to a few select herbs Get to know them well by learning to identify them, touch, taste, smell, and use them The energies of thirty to thirty five herbs will enchant you and keep you sufficiently busy for the following year or two Distinguished individuals from the remaining myriad herbs that dwell on Earth will, one by one, as situations arise, attract your attention and attach themselves to your initial repertory There are many benefits to simplicity The journey truly is the destination Slow down, use less, do less, live fully.

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    Another interesting topic for me In the past I ve made batches of elderberry syrup and saved myself a bundle, as its expensive to buy I m ready to add a few herbal natural recipes to my repertoire UPDATE DONE Didn t like it. didn t find it to have a very comfortable flow couldn t get into itand didn t like the new agey feel to it. read at least half of it and skimmed through the rest. the author is obviously VERY knowledgeable about his craft but I ll keep looking for a book to add to my library this one isn t it.

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    The nitty gritty of herbal medicine making, laid out in a well organized and thoughtful way James has a great conversational style to his writing, you will feel like a kind friend is right with you guiding your learning I like that he sticks to just a few 25 or so herbs that you are most likely to use, so you can get to know them really well He also has a great sense of humor and so reading through this book is never dry The lovely mucha ish illustrations throughout the book are done by his very tallented daughter I would love to meet James in real life, as he seems not only knowledgeable but kind and fun.

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    As a clinical herbalist who went to school for Phytotherapy, I have to say that this is still one of the best books on the subject of making medicines one which many of my teachers reference It gives multiple methods, and quite a bit of trouble shooting I suggest it to all beginner and advanced medicine makers alike

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    Fun book if you are into your own medicine making Lots of great recipes and ideas and in depth descriptions.

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    This is a book for all people interested in learning about herbalism and its many ways of being used.

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    A beautiful book with detailed information on making herbal medicines at home Describes the difference between types of medicine, and why certain types of plants work best with each.

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    I prefer this title to a few others out there on medicine making techniques It s historical, technical, and funny.

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    Contains a great deal of information about herbal preparations, but not much on the herbs themselves My guess is that this is an amazing resource for experienced herbalists, but not so much for relative novices such as myself

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    A great resource for learning every step of herbal medicine production Great illustrations Of all the books I have read in this genre, this one far exceeds all others in its quality as a technical manual He explains the medicinal qualities of 30 herbs and discusses the best preparation for each He has explanations for certain productions in this book that I have never before seen explained in writing As a trained herbalist, I have previously only heard this information passed from teacher to student orally.