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For As Long As She Can Remember, Twelve Year Old Emily Windsnap Has Lived On A Boat And, Oddly Enough, For Just As Long, Her Mother Has Seemed Anxious To Keep Her Away From The Water But When Mom Finally Agrees To Let Her Take Swimming Lessons, Emily Makes A Startling Discovery About Her Own Identity, The Mysterious Father She S Never Met, And The Thrilling Possibilities And Perils Shimmering Deep Below The Water S Surface With A Sure Sense Of Suspense And Richly Imaginative Details, First Time Author Liz Kessler Lures Us Into A Glorious Undersea World Where Mermaids Study Shipwrecks At School And Neptune Rules With An Iron Trident An Enchanting Fantasy About Family Secrets, Loyal Friendship, And The Convention Defying Power Of Love

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    Emily Windsnap s life changes in a split second during swim practice You see, she s a mermaid But she had no idea And when she discovers the truth, she opens herself to a whole new world of uncertainties and secrets waiting to be discovered.Such as, where is her father Why did he leave her Was it even his choice Emily is a lot like the heroine from HAVE YOU SEEN JESSICA JENKINS from the same author She s energetic, curious, courageous and adventurous They also have the same voice.I liked her of course She s a great kid whose life is complicated I prefer that to a heroine with a seemingly perfect life Boring and unrealistic Challenges must be faced and Emily is just the right girl to spark a revolution The world building is extremely underdeveloped So underdeveloped I could basically say that there isn t any We ve been introduced to few mermaids and got to know only one I hope the next books will show of the mermaid s life because fantasy books need showing, not simply telling And structure obviously but that hasn t been a problem so far It s a charming book though Predictable to the reader they know than the heroine at all times which in this case is unfortunate, but once again I anticipate creativity and mystery in the sequels.

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    Let s be honest, this book helped me be strong through bullying, with its magical worlds first review Eighth reread Still the same strong feeling of warmth, peace and safenessthis means so much to me I cannot even describe itIt gave me the strength to love myself, and smile again, and it taught me to be brave and hope for the best.And yes, I know this is not a proper reviewSo, I am just going to let a little something in here, that hopefully will make you understand how I feel about this Through the darkest of all times Through the storm and all the tides Through the nightmares, through the pain Your presence, all my fears has slain My savior, my brighest star The light in the darkness, my friend by far Keep me in your pages long But let me still be safe and strong When I return to this messy human world I hope I ll never get bored of this series, no matter how old I grow Mary

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    The plot idea is interesting a seventh grade girl finds out she s a mermaid when her legs become a tail the first time she s submerged in water for swim lessons but the writing itself is weak unless you like books with manipulative you aren t my friend unless you do this girl talk The speech Emily gives Neptune, the sea god, at the end is suppose to be a moving defense of love and families but came across as trite Neptune, although he does the right thing in the end, was a disappointment too I guess I expect from my gods than individuals who get blustery over being addressed as sir I understand that the author might be trying to show his imperfections, but how can someone be a god, when they re just as petulant as the seventh grader who s lecturing them The final straw for me was when the author described Emily s height Would it really have been THAT hard for the author to look at a measuring tape before describing their 7th grade heroine as three feet eight inches tall My first graders are taller than that I gave it 2 stars for concept and an overall positive message about families, but the book was predictable, whiny, and not one that I plan to read any sequels to.

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    It s amazing how a book can immediately transport you back to childhood.

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    One of my younger sisters and I discovered this book at the thrift store a few weeks ago, and the gorgeous cover and quirky title intrigued us both I decided to give it a try Since my thoughts on this book are pretty 50 50, I ll start with what I disliked so we can end on a positive note Things I Disliked1 This is a mermaid book, so Neptune a.k.a Poseidon was inevitable He was accurately unpredictable like all characters in mythology are, and it was flippantly mentioned that he had multiple wives Personally, this is not something I like seeing portrayed in a kids book 2 Believe it or not, one of the most normal characters in this book was Mystic Millie , and while it was pretty clear that all her stuff was fake, there were many mentions of auras, reflexology, etc., and a hypnosis session on the main character.3 The main character went around her mom a lot during the story Understandable in this case, but not my favorite theme.4 An adult male makes her feel unsafe and tells her about the circumstances of her birth in a pretty awkward conversation, though I m not sure a middle grade reader would catch what they were talking about view spoiler It s all lies, of course hide spoiler

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    A fascinating book about a girl who discovers herself is a mermaid, and she explores the secrets of her life.

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    Very, very cute book about a girl who, at the age of twelve, has never been fully immersed in water Although she lives on a house boat, her mother is deathly afraid of water so Emily s never been swimming The boat is so small there s no room for a bathtub When she finally takes swimming lessons in school, low and behold she discovers she s a mermaid Well, sort ofshe s got legs when she s out of water, and a tail when she s immersed in water.Emily is especially endearing because she s always been a bit of an outsider She doesn t have a best friend, and doesn t quite fit in with the girls in her school When she finally finds a mermaid best friend it s so endearing it s almost embarassing.There s a pretty sappy, unrealistic ending, but what are you gonna do I mean, she s a mermaid after all You don t read a girly mermaid book without expecting some unrealistic sappy ness.I actually listened to this one and I highly recommend it The narrator is convincing as a pre teen, and she s got a wicked British accent Or should I say swishy

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    Read this book to my 7 year old daughter Had been really looking forward to reading it, ordered it from the library, as there are follow up novels to this which we were hoping to enjoy too I am giving this book allowances for the fact that it is a children s book, and as such is geared towards and written for a young, unsophisticated audience.It was bad, bad, bad I was absolutely bored to tears with the dreary, thoroughly unlikeable, two dimensional characters, and the erratic and moronic behaviour of the main character, Emily The plot was repetitive, flat and ridiculous and the whole process of plodding through this book was draining and exhausting.I have never been so glad to get to the end of a book My daughter didn t enjoy this book either, even though I tried to keep my irritation and boredom to myself Our tastes veer towards the dark, weird and funny.On a positive note, when reading aloud, we hugely enjoyed making dolphin noises whenever those dreadful mermaids spoke, to liven them up a bit, and break the monotony of their endless, shallow nonsense We also discussed at length how unkind they were to one another, and how selfish they were, eg Emily emotionally blackmailing Shona to take her on a huge, tiring journey to see her father in Mermaid prison, telling her that if she was really a best friend, she would do it for her illustrating and condoning some very disturbing and manipulative behaviour.

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    I first read this book in 5th grade and ended up re reading it and buying the box set in high school for the nostalgia As a children s book I really loved it so much and it just fed my still on going dream of being a mermaid.

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    Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid Well, this will be the perfect book for you This book talks all about mermaids and a mermaid s life I personally really like mermaids and that is why I like this book This follows the adventures of Emily Windsnap as she discovers she is a mermaid Emily Windsnap is the main character who does not know she is a mermaid When she has her first swimming lesson, her legs stick together and feel weird, which makes her think something is happening It turns out that everytime she gets into the water she gets a tail and fin This leads her to discovery that she is a mermaid The second main character is Emily s mom who also does not know that Emily is a mermaid The genre of the book is fiction It is fiction because it talks all about mermaids I think that people who like fiction books and fantasy creatures would like this book If you like mermaids then this would be a great book for you If mermaids and mermen were real, then they would like this book as well The purpose of the work is to get people to be interested in mermaids if they are not already Without giving away the whole story I can say the main characters and main points This will help you readers get your interest in mermaids.The text does definitely reach to the intended audience because it was made for all people All people would like this book because it is not worded to easy or too hard for them to understand It may be worded too easily for grown adults, but who does not like mermaids In conclusion, this book is a great book and I would give it five out of five stars It is even a better book if you are interested in mermaids One of the best parts of this book was when Emily had her first swimming class because this is when she realized something strange was going on This is also how she figured out everytime she gets into water she becomes a mermaid If you want to know then you will have to read this book.