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Cara Devon Has Always Suffered Curiosity And Impetuousness, But Tangling With A Serial Killer Might Cure That Permanently Cara Has A Simple Mission In London Finalise Her Father S Estate And Sell Off His Damned Collection Of Priceless Artifacts Her Plan Goes Awry When A Killer Stalks The Nobility, Searching For An Ancient Egyptian Relic Rumoured To Hold The Key To ImmortalityNathaniel Trent, Known As The Villainous Viscount, Is Relentless In His Desire To Lay His Hands On Both Cara And The Priceless Artifacts His Icy Exterior And Fiery Touch Stirs Cara S Demons, Or Could He Lay Them To Rest Self Preservation Fuels Cara S Search For The Gem Known As Nefertiti S Heart In A Society Where Everyone Wears A Mask To Hide Their True Intent, She Needs To Figure Out Who To Trust, Before She Sacrifices Her Own Heart And Life

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    I wrote it, so I m kinda biased An ancient artefact, a kick arse heroine, a serial killer a bad boy Viscount, sexiness, airships and pirates what could you want

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    Quick warning this book contains triggers for those who have experienced physical and sexual abuse.Overall, the book is a fun read if you enjoy a romance with a pushy male lead who swoops in and rescues the female lead in her times of duress If you are of a female kicks ass fan, you might not like this tale so much.What I liked The steampunk world well crafted with many creative mechanical elements subtly included in the regular every day way of things Well crafted foreplay many authors don t give the first kisses the time and attention to make them sizzle Exley has some of the best kisses and early flirtation I ve ever read Well crafted later sex the first sexual encounter is kind of odd, but the later one teems with both attraction and emotion.What I didn t like Less than believable recovery The female lead has been through an unbelievably brutal sexually abusive situation, and she hasn t let anyone touch her not even casually in seven years But she s willing to barter her body in trade with a man she knows is dangerous with very little motivation Less than believable attraction The male lead is pushy and doesn t always respect the female lead s No , whether or not it s sexually related In the first kiss contact, he prowls her around the room and backs her into the corner when she is obviously reticent and uncomfortable He knows what she s been through, and his lack of concern for having her true consent disturbed me a bit Dueling Plots the book has a romantic plot and a mystery plot The two don t really seem to intertwine or advance each other much It felt like there were two plots that just alternated with each other Neither of them were bad plots maybe a little far fetched , they just didn t seem to enhance each other Female lead less self protecting than expected the female lead is always armed, consistently insists she can take care of herself, and yet runs to the male lead whenever she s in trouble, never uses any of her weapons, and has to be rescued than once Kind of a bummer.Would I recommend Nefertiti s Heart I read this book because it was loaned to me, and I didn t have to pay for it That said, it s affordable on the Kindle If this sounds like a plot you like hot romance, decent mystery, tomboy damsel in distress , then this book is something you ll be glad you purchased If you aren t sure, check your local library for a perusal of your own.

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    Don t be fooled by the description for this book It has little to do with steampunk or mystery and everything to do with romance I don t like romance so it was a big turn off for me I was expecting a fun steampunk adventure with a strong female character but what I got was LOTS of romance Talk about being misled The sexual content of the book should definitely be mentioned in the description and I really think no book depicting the repeated rape and beating of an underage child should come without a warning I am not easily shocked so it didn t bother me but it wasn t what I expected from this book I did enjoy the premise of Nefertiti s Heart and found it intriguing I was anxious to find out what had happened to 14 year old Cara and liked that the details were divulged as the story progressed Still, as engaging as the first chapters were, the book went downhill faster than the speed of light My potential rating went from a 3 to a 2 before I settled for a 1 Terrible I know but this romance with a hint of steampunk and mystery thrown in really put me off What s , characterization is poorly done Neither Cara nor Nate make sense as characters Take Cara for example For the life of me I couldn t understand why she would confide in Nate and tell him all about the abuse she suffered as a child after knowing him for about 5 minutes And for someone who cannot stand being touched, there sure is a lot of touching going on between her and Nate Cara gets extremely annoying with her I want you to touch me so bad but my inner monster won t let me thing She keeps taking one step forward then three steps back This keeps going on an on until finally she gives in up on a tree Seriously Oh sorry, that s only because she feels much safer up there Anyway, Cara Nate are up in their tree doing their thing and the author will have us believe that Cara, who was repeatedly raped and beaten to a pulp at the age of 14, Cara who has an inner monster that makes it unbearable for her to be touched by others, this same Cara doesn t flinch when Nate pulls out a knife to slice her silk knickers She sure has come a long way really fast A few chapters before the tree episode she was freaking out whenever Nate touched her but now she has no problem whatsoever when he puts a knife near her knickers That doesn t make a lot of sense to me, but hey, this book has a 4.01 average rating and most reviewers seem to love it, so I must be the one reader who just didn t get it Nate s behaviour is a bit difficult to understand but his character makes sense once it is revealed that he has been lusting after Cara since he was about 17 years old The problem is, I hate the whole instalove thing, especially when authors justify it by explaining the characters met for about 5 minutes when they were younger More about Nate the author tries to make him come across as dark and handsome and dangerous and sexy and oh I m so good at hiding my emotions but he just feels fake Oh, and if you want your main character to come across as a bad boy, please don t make him run off with the girl s knickers peering from his pocket It doesn t make him hot and sexy and dangerous, it just makes him look silly Overall, I found this book to be quite ridiculous but I guess that it s just because of the steamy romance factor If you like romance you will probably enjoy Nefertiti s Heart.

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    8 4 19.67 for Kindle.

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    I took a chance requesting this one from Netgalley, and it was WELL worth it.This is a fun romp through a Victorian era London, with the steampunk technological twist Likeable characters, an intriguing mystery, and a vividly described and brought to life world made this a 5 star for me.Cara Devon s father was NOT a good man At the age of 14, after some seriously rotten events that are revealed over the course of the book , Cara bolts and doesn t return until 7 years later after the death of said father Her arrival thrusts her smack dab into the middle of a mystery A serial killer has begun tearing his way through the young debutantes, each attack growing and violent In the meantime, Cara has met the Viscount Nathaniel Lyons, a sky pirate of dubious and delicious nature, and a game of one ups and cat and mouse ensues.Adventure, mystery, romance, sex , action you ll find it all if you take up the enigma of Nefertiti s Heart Pick up this book Make this author famous, if only so we can have of her fantastic and fun work.

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    Free on Kindle July 23, 2016 Apparently, this is steampunk lite and heavy on the romance, with some possibly controversial topics Read my friend Sarah s review to see if you may be put off by it I m a masochist when it comes to books, so I m going to give it a try What can I say.

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    Cara Devon has suffered her father s whims and paid a horrible price Now he s dead and she must reface her past, return to London and the society that sat idle and watched while she was so badly misused She is a survivor She escaped her abuse and nothing will get in her way now Cara is determined to sell off all her father s precious collection and leave London and her past behind her forever.Viscount Nathaniel Lyons wants Cara s artifacts He wasn t prepared for the spit fire that shot his henchmen or sent him a message for a partnership Cara is also under investigation for the untimely death of her hated father He was killed by an Egyptian asp while he slept Pursued by the Enforcers, Lyons and a murdering mad man killing debutants, Cara must unravel the mystery behind her father s collection and the motivations behind these strange killings before she becomes the victim once again.I absolutely loved this story Nefertiti s Heart is a steampunk adventure, a murder mystery, and a love story all packed into a non stop, action filled, riveting plot Wondrously witty characters are just icing on the cake for this imaginative tale I will definitely be reading Hatshepsut s Collar , the next book from A.W Exley Don t miss this treasure, check out Nefertite s Heart.I received this copy of Nefertiti s Heart from Curiosity Quills Press in exchange for an honest review This copy was published on February 14, 2013.For More Reviews check out

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    AMMP Buddy Read with Venecia Preethi So I admit I skimmed a bit toward the 2 3 mark Maybe part of it was because I d put the book down for a few days in order to read Fairest, but I think it had already lost some of my interest before that point, unfortunately The romance didn t interest me at all I d gone into this book expecting something akin to an Indiana Jones adventure with a bit of steampunk thrown in, and the book seemed unable to decide whether it wanted to be that with a kickass lady protagonist or a romance novel that verged on trashy I really liked Cara in the beginning because she wasn t about to take shit from ANYONE And then she met Nathaniel Sorry, Nate I know I was supposed to like him because he was the guy who could help Cara track down the artifact s she was looking for, but he didn t understand boundaries from the beginning and that irked me I ll probably read the second one at some point because any time there was a scene where Cara wasn t creaming herself over Nate, I was genuinely invested killing girls with keys stuck in their hearts O R I G I N A L Hopefully I ll like the second book better since I know now that this series is romantic as well as kickass artifact hunting.Also, editing Editing needed to have happened a bit better than it did.

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    I lurk over at the Goodreads Writer s Group every now again I was impressed with some of A.W s comments her attitude to writing she is a Kiwi bonus this particular book was free on my Kindle for the win I liked the realisation of a very different Victorian England the story itself was a fast paced read In spite of her horrific past I never became fond of Cara found some of her actions motivations bizarre I did quite like Nate though.I ve never read a steampunk book before, so I don t know if this is a convention of the genre, but I found the changes from Victorian to modern speech quite jarring Cara favours a very different style of dress, but there is no mention of her underwear being any different from a normal Victorian lady.Here is a set of Victorian underwear from the 1860s view spoiler I don t think Nate would have been sticking these in his pockets hide spoiler

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    I m not sure how to rate this book First half was interesting, the romance didn t get in the way too much, and thenthere was too much romance,not enough adventure and mystery was solved too quickly I guess 3.5 going on is a well researched and skillfuly written book, though.