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Discover What Happened After The Tragic Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet, As Mysterious Figures In Verona Are Determined To Reignite The Feud Between The Montagues And The CapuletsIn Fair Verona, Enemies Still Walk The StreetsTwo New Hearts Same Two Families The Fight To The Altar Is About To Happen All Over Again This Homage To The Classic Shakespearean Tale Of Romeo And Juliet Will Have Readers Pining For A Star Crossed Love Of Their Very Own Now An ABC TV Show From Producer Shonda Rhimes

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    Rating 4 4.5 In fair Verona, enemies still walk the streets Two news hearts Same two families I fell fast and hard for this book It is an absolute delight Let me start by saying I do not like Romeo and Juliet, I detest it really Perhaps it is because I read it in high school, or I was not a fan of Shakespearean language at the time, or perhaps it was because I found the so called great love story of Romeo and Juliet utterly ridiculous and eye rolling Honestly, even thinking of their story now just annoys me to no end Fortunately, for me I am not stuck with that wretched pair and their wantonness again This is the story of Benvolio and Rosaline Romeo s and Juliet s much sensible, and entertaining, cousins Beautifully written, well paced and engaging, this book is a delightful gem Rosaline is an intelligent, reasonable, caring, beautiful, witty young woman I liked her nearly from the moment she was introduced She is not engrossed in the endless drama that is her Capulet family Technically, if following her father s house, she is House of Tirmino But she does have Capulet blood, though she d readily relinquish the name Unlike Juliet, Rosaline is given depth, character, we as readers get to know her, understand her and her relationships with those her around her Which is why I care so much for her than I ever did Juliet Because she feels real Benvolio is a strong, wise, patient, mild mannered, handsome, witty young man Sound a bit familiar While I should hope so because he and Rosaline are far similar than they are different And both truly are foils to their overly rash kin Benvolio is a honorable gentlemen, he protects and defends what is right even against his own kinsmen He is funny and clever, and it doesn t take much to fall for his character Who honestly, makes Romeo look like childish, love sick fool More so than he already did Again, I found myself caring about Benvolio because he actually had some character So thank you Benvolio for not being a hopelessly ridiculous romantic to the point that it blinded you beyond reason Livia is Rosaline s beautiful, gentle, flirty younger sister She does not much for the plot, but plays a huge role in the end Thank goodness, she was not at naive as I thought she d be She proved that even those in love do not have to be blind to the truth That even in love you must recognize right from wrong So bless you Livia for not being the naive fool I thought you would be The story picks up not too long after the death s of Romeo and Juliet The tensions between their families still rather unchecked, despite the Prince s efforts in ensuring that both Houses promised peace But naturally, when hated runs as deep as with the Montagues and the Capulets you know that is next to impossible So the Prince hatches another plan in the hopes of saving his city from near civil war He decides to make the House of Montague and the House of Capulet one But of course Rosaline with Benvolio s engagement does not go smoothly And the bodies to continue to pile up The two then put aside their differences and set out to find out who been stirring the bad blood between their families, all while growing closer in the process I must say it took me a while to figure it out, which is good because I quite enjoy a good mystery Anyways, things take a turn for the worst when Benvolio is framed for murder and Rosaline chooses to flee the city with him in the hopes of clearing his name What ensues is an life changing adventure, an entertaining mystery, and a subtle love story Together these two save their city from the brink of war, and I could not admire them for it This was just a quick and pleasant read Even for those who do not like Romeo and Juliet, like myself I say give this a try It is lovely.

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    I picked up this book thinking that I d give it a try and if it wasn t very good, I didn t have to finish it But once I started, I couldn t put it down This book takes place a few weeks after the events of Romeo and Juliet Houses Montague and Capulet have bee formally ordered to make peace, but someone keeps stirring the feud between both families In a last ditch attempt to stop the fighting, Prince Escalus orders Rosaline who is a distant cousin of Juliet and the girl Romeo first fell in love with and Benvolio one of Romeo s friends to get married That s the plotline that the book jacket summary gives but there is a lot to this story than just that but I don t want to spoil it because it s really, really, really good Rosaline doesn t have any screen time as it were in Romeo and Juliet, which is probably why Melinda Taub could take give her so much character and backstory Same with Benvolio even though he actually is in the original play I loved that Taub kept the Shakespearean style dialogue, but was able to integrate it in a narrative that flows well for modern readers And there is so much consideration given to what s at stake within Verona and how important it is that these two Houses stop trying to kill each other in the streets Neither House is quite willing to forgive the other, even without the mysterious figure roaming around trying to frame members of both families of vandalism and murder against the other It takes the original play and gives it so much depth and it s a fantastic follow up Also there are some mentions of characters in other Shakespeare plays like Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew It kind of makes me hope that Melinda Taub writes other books about Shakespeare s characters and if she already has well, I ll have to go check and find out and makes an entire world out of this because that would be amazing Anyway Still Star Crossed loved it even if the title is a little clunky Well, you can t have everything Highly recommended

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    Cover Blurb Yes or No I am not a big fan of the cover at all it, in fact, almost put me off reading the book altogether It screams romance and girly read and all those things that I really don t like And while Romeo and Juliet isn t my favorite Shakespeare play, I was curious to see what a what happened afterward story would be like So I ignored the cover and gave it a try.Characters I at first didn t care about anyone As a matter of principle, I tend to not have an opinion either way about the characters of Romeo and Juliet, no matter who they are So it was that when I first met Rosaline, I shrugged and said, Eh, whatever But it really didn t take long for Rosaline s spunky personality to win me over She and her sister, Livia, have a strong willed character that is both period appropriate and refreshing in a story that is made rather famous for its flighty females Benvolio, too, started off as someone I really didn t care all that much about The most sensible Montague youth in Verona, he showed enough potential as a character that I was willing to give him a bit of a chance than Rosaline I m usually harder on female characters , but I still didn t really care about him And like Rosaline, he grew on my affections very rapidly Sensible and honorable, he was perhaps my most favorite male character in the entire story On the flip side, Escalus began as someone I rather liked and then was less likable as the story progressed At the same time, I appreciated his sticky situation The ruler of Verona, Escalus is desperately trying to keep the Montagues and Capulets at peace with each other He s willing to use desperate measures if it calls for it I knew Escalus didn t want to, but as he continued to deal with Rosaline harshly and with deceit and manipulation, I liked him less and less But then he redeems himself in the end, and I went back to liking him.The Romance Yes, there is a love triangle Rosaline and Benvolio begin the story by hating each other Their mutual dislike is perhaps a bit petty, as they each lay blame on the other for things that really weren t their fault, but it is also understandable Benvolio has lost his two best friends and Rosaline is mourning her young cousin s death But circumstances force them to work together, and they are both united in the fact that neither wants to marry the other Besides, Rosaline could never Benvolio even if things were different between their families, for her heart belongs completely to Escalus But as romance usually goes in stories like this, the Rosaline gets to know Benvolio, the she realizes that he truly is someone she could love Especially given the cruel lies Escalus has recently used against Rosaline for his own ends Surprisingly, though, the love triangle is not nearly as prominent or as annoying as one might think Benvolio and Escalus are both very likable young men Escalus has his up and down moments, but he really is a good person in the end Rosaline is torn between the two young men, but she doesn t spend a lot of time bellyaching over it There are far important matters to attend romance can wait And Benvolio and Rosaline s attraction is gradual and feels genuine and deep, unlike many romances, so I actually became emotionally invested in what happened to them In short, this is a love triangle that actually works.Plot With the deaths of young Romeo and Juliet, the Montagues and Capulets have promised their lord, Escalus, that they will set aside their blood feud But someone is trying to stir up trouble between them again, and the truce will not last long In an attempt to solidify it, Escalus forces his childhood friend and Juliet s cousin Rosaline of the Capulets to marry Benvolio of the Montagues, Romeo s boyhood friend He prays that such a union will bring the two families together at last and see peace restored to Verona But neither Rosaline nor Benvolio wants the marriage to take place Before Juliet, Romeo pined for Rosaline, who spurned his attentions Stricken with grief over his friend s death, Benvolio is convinced that if Rosaline had not turned Romeo away, the two tragic deaths would never have happened And Rosaline has renounced marriage and wishes to join a convent, for her heart already belongs to another a man she can never have due to her low station in life United in their determination to break off their engagement, Rosaline and Benvolio agree to work together to discover who it is that is trying to stir up trouble between the Montagues and Capulets But they are running out of time, as a masked man stalks the streets killing Montague and Capulet alike Verona is once on the verge of war, and it is up to them to fix it Part of what makes Still Star Crossed such a better story than Romeo and Juliet is it has a purpose it has a real plot Part mystery, part espionage, part political intrigue, this imaging of what happened afterward had my attention within 30 pages I admit that at first I wasn t all that interested, simply because it had to do with Romeo and Juliet But after that, I was very intrigued, as twists were revealed and I became and invested in what happened to Rosaline and Benvolio There were moments of frustration, when characters would take one step forward towards solving the mystery, and then two steps back, but it was a good kind of frustration The villains are relatively easy to figure out after a while, but it is easy to see why the protagonists wouldn t see it as soon as the Reader does It s, all in all, a great alternative for those who don t want to read Romeo and Juliet.Believability The Author notes that she is writing about Shakespeare s Italy, and is therefore not necessarily historically accurate the geography may not be realistic I can accept that, especially since she acknowledged it in her note.Writing Style Third person, past tense I highly commend the Author for her astounding effort to copy Shakespeare s style while still making the story easy for the everyday Reader to understand I was extremely impressed in this area I also really enjoyed her little hidden references to Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing I challenge the Reader to find them.Content None.Conclusion When circumstances go horribly wrong for Benvolio and he is forced to flee, he and Rosaline discover that whoever is behind the attacks against the Montagues and Capulets has far greater ambitions than they initially thought And if they don t act fast, it will be too late for Verona and Escalus The climax stays true to Romeo and Juliet in that it has a tragic end But because it is also better than said play, the tragedy isn t pointless and just there for tragedy s sake It is the sort of tragedy I enjoy it creates a very bittersweet end, where things overall conclude very well, but with a bit of a dark shadow dampening it I wasn t disappointed at all, and was downright impressed with this book.Recommended Audience Girl read, fifteen and up, great for fans of Romeo and Juliet, as well as Readers who don t care for Shakespeare s star crossed lovers story I would recommend this to any of my anti Romeo and Juliet friends in a heartbeat.

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    Still star crossed es uno de esos libros que a simple vista no llaman la atenci n Puede ser porque su portada es un poco sosa o que la sinopsis habl m s de una relaci n impuesta que de lo que en verdad abunda en esta novela.Misterio, drama, acci n y un poco de romance es lo que van a encontrar en esta novela A esto sumenle una protagonista independiente y fuerte una de mis favoritas por ahora y giros en la historia.Melinda Taub supo sacarle el jugo a Romeo Julieta y hacer de los personajes y de la trama algo mucho m s profundo y retorcido Otro punto a favor de la autora es la utilizaci n del lenguaje y como, a pesar de este, nunca se me hizo tedioso.Still star crossed definitivamente estar en mi top de lecturas de este a o.

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    Full disclosure I knew Melinda when I was about 17 and she was about 13 She was a pretty cool 13 year old, but since it s been a decade and a half since I last saw her, I feel like I can be impartial about this book.And my impartial opinion is I love this book Love it to pieces 4.75 stars, for me Still Star Crossed is the sequel to Romeo and Juliet, and tells what happened after the Capulets and the Montagues swore to the Prince that their deadly feud died with their children Slight spoiler alert It didn t go great If generations could not cure their ire, will a summer of murder really do so asks the Prince.The heroine of Still Star Crossed is Rosaline, the girl Romeo first lost his heart to, the girl who turned him down The girl now wracked with guilt that had she accepted him, both he and her cousin Juliet might still be alive Not to worry, though she does not spend her time languishing Because there is plenty that she is called on to do to save Verona from further bloodshed.Including marrying Benvolio Montague, Romeo s dear friend, at the order of her beloved prince, Escalus Marry the man who holds her to blame for the death of his friends, a Montague brought up to hate her as a Capulet descendant Not terribly appealing But don t worry she has a plan.I don t claim to be a Shakespearean scholar, but I ve read quite a few of his plays and enjoy them very much Melinda made the choice to keep the dialogue true to the way his characters spoke in his plays, using thee and thou I had no trouble with this, and I think that if you give yourself a chapter or two, you won t have a problem either I loved the evocative language, and I think it keeps you in the right headspace Melinda weaves in characters and references from other Shakespeare plays, but never overdoes it Instead, they are like delightful Easter eggs, visible only if you re looking for them She takes CERTAIN LIBERTIES with the characters you may be familiar with from your freshman English class, but it s all to the good.Rosaline, her sister Livia, Benvolio and Prince Escalus are wonderful characters, and I was happy to see the old crew as well Friar Laurence Dear, sweet, stupid Nurse It s been so long And the scene with a gravedigger made me chortle with glee.Still not sold on Still Star Crossed Let s ask the grandfather from The Princess Bride What can we expect from this book, Grandpa Has it got any sports in it Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, no giants, no monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles All this and .ETA Sorry, autocorrect changed the spelling on me It s Rosaline.

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    This was a really good book The idea is really original We ve seen a lot of retellings, but this ain t a retelling, it is a sequel to a classic I really like the idea It is done really well You get a Shakespearian feel because of the language son the translation is done really good as well , but it is still an easy read, as soon as the story gets going.The start was a bit tough You need to get through that It is a lot of names and a lot of information, but the story gets clearer after the first part This is why it is no 5 for me, the beginning is done to badly for a 5 But as soon as the story gets it vibe, it is an amazing read Lot of things happen, you want to read faster than you can I really like the main character She has a bit of rebellish touch to her character and a great sense of humor, but in a way that it fits the time this book takes place That is done really well.Yeah, there are some typical things in this, like a love triangle But come on, it is a Shakespeare sequel, what did you expect And I have to admit, I was not sure who she would pick until the page she did.

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    RESE A COMPLETA comentaros que este libro es como una continuaci n de Romeo y Julieta de Shakespeare, no he le do a n la obra original es uno de mis eternos pendientes pero conozco m s o menos la historia, as que me daba mucha curiosidad este libro y aunque al principio me result un poco lioso porque hab a muchos nombres y ten a que ponerme en situaci n al cabo de unas treinta p ginas me met de lleno en esta pica historia de traiciones e intrigas Est dividido en 5 partes, sin cap tulos y solo cuenta con una peque a ilustraci n que sirve como separaci n para cuando se cambia de personaje, lo que no me ha gustado mucho porque se me hac a m s cuesta arriba al no poder parar con el final de los cap tulos, pero es un mal menor.La prosa de la autora es sobresaliente, ha conseguido un lenguaje cl sico como el empleado en Romeo y Julieta pero moderniz ndolo un poco para que no resulte cargante Adem s, tengo que destacar la ambientaci n que es una delicia es una de las cosas con las que m s he disfrutado , los di logos tan ingeniosos y como ha ido dosificando las sorpresas a lo largo de la trama para cuando el ritmo parece que decae te cae una bomba que te deja con la boca abierta y manteniendo al lector en tensi n y pegado a sus p ginas Porque s que tiene partes m s densas que te sacan de la historia en algunos momentos y cosas un poco extra as, pero mir ndolo todo en conjunto la autora ha creado una historia s lida y muy buena que compensa esas peque as cositas.Traiciones, venganzas y amor en una novela con una gran ambientaci n, una prosa que se adapta al g nero original y giros argumentales impactantes.

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    wat een verrukkelijk boek vol intrige, spanning, romantiek, plotwendingen en perfect taalgebruik

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    Objetivamente 4, por la historia, la redacci n, la investigaci n de la poca y blablabla, pero le dar 3.5 Tengo una buena raz n para ello y no s lo es que mi kokoro se rompi con ese final y, para mi, no existe nada despu s de la pagina 359 m s una respuesta que no est escrita, pero que mi mente adicion xD Mi problema es Por qu los autores desperdician sus mejores personajes Aquellos que tiene m s complejidad sicol gica, posibilidades narrativas y tonos grises esos que enaltecen ciertos caracteres y dotan a los personajes de vida y sensibilidad Esos personajes que, al menos en anim y manga, se roban todas las escenas y uno terminan amando de manera irracional por sus matices y riqueza Es decir Por qu Melinda Taub desperdici el tremendo personaje que es Escalo Mi alegato no se debe a que Benvolio me fuera desagradable o porque sea el t pico muchachito de novela Ya que destesto No, Benvolio es un muy buen personaje, s lido, simp tico y atractivo, que posee grandes frases y bonitos pensamientos su recuerdo de Mercucio y Romeo me conmovi , pero es SOLO uno m s en la larga lista de jovencitos picaros y dicharacheros de las novelas juveniles, mientras Escalo, claramente, es algo totalmente diferente y aprovechable Benvolio est bien, cumple su papel a la perfecci n y ya, si,si si si pero cuando tienes una mina de oro por qu la desperdicias Tengo claro que la autora debe tener un fuerte crush con Benvolio desde su juventud, pero como escritora, si te sale un Escalo en le historia, creo que deber as dejar de lado tus preferencias y explotarlo Y, quiero ser clara, no s lo hablo de su rol rom ntico , sino de todo el espectro de situaciones.Debo decir que la novela me gusto mucho, la disfrut a concho y que a pesar de que tiene varios muchos defectirijillos , la recomendar a e incluso la volver a a leer Qued contenta con ella, se lee con facilidad, su ambientaci n est bien lograda, es entretenida, est bien construida y a pesar de que no me gust como termin , la descripci n del beso final fue muy bonita Benvolio es encantador, as que sus besos y muchas de sus ocurrencias tambi n lo son xD En cambio, Rosalia no me gusta todo lo que desear a, por momentos me parece un poco artificial Pero, el personaje en general est bien construido y matizado, no cae en los t picos t picos de hero na juvenil cabezota y arriesgada y salvo por esos detalles que la forzaban un poco, no me desagrad , pero, lamentablemente, no pude agarrarle cari o Livia, por otra parte me pareci un gran aporte a la trama, al igual que Isabel y sus nabos xD La historia en general tambi n me gust y como retelling en realidad, como qu fue lo que pas luego creo que funciona muy bien Hay partes que uno siente forzadas por ejemplo por qu ellos se odian en la primera conversaci n , pero eso lo paso por alto por que es muy shakespereano Como la historia est construida en ese universo una Italia inglesa como dice la autora hay que comprenderlo en ese contexto , aun cuando a nosotros nos pueda parecer ajeno.En cuanto al romance, no me pareci mal en el sentido de Tan r pido , pues ese hecho es perdonable en el contexto Shakespereano del que ya habl , aunque hubiese preferido algo m s sensato y no por ello menos hermoso Tampoco discuto la elecci n, porque ya dije lo que creo de ese personaje nanai Lindo , aunque esa soluci n es m s bien simple, f cil y obvia Mi problema es que al escoger esa direcci n de la historia, desaprovech , lo que a mi gusto, pudo ser una historia de amor mucho m s compleja, adulta recordemos que a esa altura a los 17 a os eras una mujer, no una ni a y que el concepto de adolescencia no aparece hasta comienzos del XX ,conmovedora y rica Otra vez por qu Resumiendo la recomiendo, est por encima de los est ndares de las novelas juveniles de hoy y por eso vale la pena leerla Pasar un buen rato y, si amas las ambientaciones hist ricas, gozar s muchos sus hojas Me gust bastante y creo que tiene mucho m rito como novela, pero, hay que decirlo, pudo ser mejor