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Oh, I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series I was given a copy of this for an honest review And honestly, I thought it was great This was a deviation from the string of paranormal romance and adult contemporary romance books I ve been reading lately And it was a welcome change of pace I do have to say, the book had a very Harry Potter ish type feelminus the school being for witches and wizards, etc We are introduced to Arica Miller who is beginning her sopho year at a new school, Hill Valley Private Arts Academy She will be attending with her three cousins, Jessica and Janine twins , and Joseph She is given a strange gemstone necklace by her Mother just before starting at Hill Valley Little does she know what is in store for her because of this necklace A great supporting cast that I am sure will play a much larger role as the series continues Ash, Rowen, Rein, Cale, Geoff, Adam.yep, it s gonna be great Without giving too much away most of the book is setting the tone for an epic last couple of chapters Everything coming to a head on Halloween Night And these authors leave us LITERALLY wanting one of the best cliffhangers I ve come across I will definitely be checking out the next book in the seriesfor sure I didn t get into it right away That s why it took me awhile to finish reading it I kept putting it down The characters weren t relatable I usually have a hard time with a book when I am unable to connect with at least one character Overall, it s a great story I couldn t give it less than 4 stars, because I still enjoyed the plot and how the story developed I cannot wait to read the sequel One Gemstone That Changed Her Life Now It Was Almost Before Me My Breath Quickenned As I Struggled To Let Go Of The Necklace I Even Stood To Pull The Box With Me, But The Ribbon Of The Necklace Reddened My Wrist Like A Hot Coal And I Cried Out In Pain Suddenly All I Heard Was My Breath In, Out The Figure Moved Quicker And Quicker, Closer And Closer The Figure Was Now Above Me, Drifting Over My Head, And Then It Tumbled On Me With The Force Of Gravity And Then With A Whimper, I Fell Unconcious As Darkness Surrounded Me ARICA MILLER Is Thrilled To Begin Her Sopho Year At Hill Valley Private Arts Academy Little Does She Know That The Prestigious School Holds Hidden Secrets Than She D Anticipated Especially With The Head Mistress After She Accidentally Comes Into Contact With A Mysterious Gemstone Necklace, She Receives Strange Hallucinations That Connect To Her Family S Past Arica Soon Realizes That This Is No Regular Necklace That Contains Power Beyond Her Knowledge And That S Not All Her World Unwinds As She Is Absorbed With Knowledge Of A World Of SorceryAll Dating Uo To Halloween Night, Arica Must Face Suspicious Friends, Monstrous Creatures, And The Truth Of Her Family S Connection With Sorcery But Worst Of All, She Must Face A Powerful Enemy Keen On Only One Thing The Gemstones I was sent The Gemstone by Sarena and Sasha Nanua to review Sarena and Sasha wrote The Gemstone at my age which I was very impressed of I have always tried to write a whole novel, but it is hard for me to juggle school work and my own writing Sarena and Sasha have done both Kudos to them I was really into the plot and the fantasy world The Pendant Trilogy was revolved around However, it was still kind of a slow read because it was easy for me to waver my attention from the book Even though the plot was very interesting, there was still trouble of getting bored.It was a fairly well written book for two teenagers It was a little blocky and sometimes I felt like everything was just going in a good way There were little moments of actual trouble However, with me being the same age, I know the struggle and know the kind of writing they would know at this point in their life Also, I know the struggle of trying write YA when you are still a YA.I loved the development of characters There were lots of details maybe a little too much , but all in all, it helped me imagine my version of the world.The Gemstone, the first book in The Pendant Trilogy, was a detailed and fairly written fantasy novel written by two inspiring teenagers I would recommend this for younger teenagers. My actual rating for this book is 3.5 stars, but ofcourse on good reads we cannot put 1 2 stars.I was sent this book in exchange for a honest review.I enjoyed this book, the story line was interesting and I wanted carry on reading even if I had to do other things I do not want to add about the plot as I do not want to give the book away but the synopsis above pretty much covers it I liked the main character Arica, she is 15 but she is not made to be too childish which sometimes I find can happen in YA books Saying that I think she was a bit too accepting of magic, there was no incredulity which I thought would have been the normal reaction as she s knew nothing about magic before I have to admit there was a bad guy in the book but I spent the entire book trying to work out who else was an accomplice and who was good The other characters in this book were interesting, I liked Joseph the best.This is a well written book considering that it is Sarena and Sasha s first book There was a scene with a mango that made me chuckle out loud, so hats off to the authors for thinking and writing such a enjoyable book I am not just saying this as they sent me a copy of the book but because I did actually enjoy it, though I will admit this will not be everyone s cup of tea My niggle with the writing is there can be too much description at points and there are parts that I feel do not add to the story or description so could have been missed out This does not take too much away from the enjoyment of the book however.I did think at points in the story that things were too convenient, as the characters needed to discover something or something needed to happen for the story to move on and so it did, but this was just a minor issue and hopefully this will improve with the next book in the series as the story has been established The book ended on such a big cliffhanger once everything was just getting really interesting I really want to find out what happens and will at some point soon pick up the next book.This is a good solid read, so if you enjoy books such a The Summoning or YA books with young character then give this a go Do not forget to leave me a comment if you check it out Thank you to the lovely Sarena and Sasha for giving this to me to review Free book for honest review 5 STARSThe Pendant Trilogy consists of The Gemstone, The King s Jewel, and The Poisoned Emerald This is a remarkable series because it is written by teenaged twins who, according to the bio on , attend high school in Ontario They should be commended for following their love of reading and writing by publishing a book for other teenagers.The Gemstone begins with the main character, Arica attending a new private school along with her cousins Janine, Jessica and Joseph All three possess inherited magical gifts, but only Arica is completely clueless about her magical heritage her magical background having been concealed by her mother who was intent on protecting her from the dangers of magic Faced with a headmistress with malevolent intent, and roommates and other peers who may be either friends or foes, Arica and her cousins must survive while protecting heirloom magical gemstone necklaces from theft During these trials, Arica, who is otherwise a clueless ninth grader, reluctantly rises to a leadership role and with the help of her cousins and others who become allies slowly learns the truth of her magical inheritance The same malevolent forces fought by Arica, her cousins and her friends in The Gemstone persist in different threatening forms and hideous activities in The King s Jewels and The Poisoned Emerald The authors have left plenty of opportunity to expand the trilogy into multiple volumes.Written by peers, this is a fine fantasy selection for middle school and lower high school students The plot is a simple straight forward good v evil scenario which is sufficiently imaginative to provide good entertainment While some of the characters and situations may seem elementary or somewhat implausible to adult readers, it should be remembered that these books were not written for adults The descriptions of objects and locations are rich and detailed often entertaining in and of themselves The choice of words and dialog are simple, but seem stilted and awkward, not at all how I would expect ninth graders to talk in America however, the authors are Canadian, and the main characters have recently moved from England to Canada to attend a new school, therefore, a British influence accents the dialog.Overall, I feel The Pendant Trilogy is a great start toward a writing career for the authors, Sarena and Sasha Nanua, and an entertaining fantasy selection for middle school aged students perhaps a good Halloween read Clabe Polk This book was such a delight to read I was getting myself into a reading slump and The Gemstone got me out of it It was written by twins Sarena and Sasha, I personally think that is so cool To be able to work on something with your sister seems like fun, a headache maybe but fun They are sweet girls, I ve had the pleasure of speaking with them on social media a couple of times.Arica just started the most prestigious art academy in the country Her mother gives her a beautiful gemstone necklace before she embarks on a journey into this new unknown school, life is great It doesn t take long for Arica to learn the magical secrets behind her gemstone and the gemstones that her twin cousins possess Then everything starts to change and they will all be fighting to keep the gemstones away from the evil sorceress The plot was so fun and creative Even though Arica was only fifteen it felt like she was in college, I think that was because of the school she was in I was worried that since she was so young there would be too much high school drama but it wasn t like that None of the characters acted like their age, if I didn t know they were fifteen they could have passed as college kids I really enjoyed Arica, Jess, Janine and Josephs characters and the friendship between all of them I know they were related but you can still be friends with relatives The mango scene was excellent and had me laughing, loudly I commend Sarena and Sasha for writing such a great scene and a great book.I think it was pretty obvious that Ash and her little clan was just not right I knew there was something up with them immediately for once my non existent detective skills were right I don t want to elaborate on any of them because I don t want to give anything away That s the only thing wrong with this book, so much happened but it was all so relevant that saying it could give something away I loved how EVERYTHING was connected, the author duo did an amazing job making everything fit together perfectly I can t believe the ending though, holy cliff hanger I can t wait to get my hands on the second book For of my reviews visit Sarena and Sasha Nanua The Gemstone YA paranormal suspense adventureWhy has the world suddenly gone totally strange From the moment Arica Miller finds an odd necklace in a box stored in her basement, nothing is ever as it was before Moving to another house and a new school was hard enough Now she is getting visions, her cousins speak of sorcery, and the headmistress at her new school is eyeing her with interest than Arica is comfortable with.Then there s Ash, Arica s roommate, and her friends They seem friendly and harmless enough, but there are timesAs Arica delves deeper into what she has learned from her cousins, and her own magical abilities heighten and mature, she is pulled into a world, and a destiny, much greater than anything she ever dreamed possible.Stars 3, with a real possibility of 4 or 5This was a fantastic book The plot was well thought out, the action segued from one scene to another with absolutely effortless movement I got caught up in the adventure, and found myself really caring about the characters and what happened to them The only thing keeping this book from a rating of four or even five stars was the need for editing.I would like to start my critique by saying I do not envy anyone who has to learn English This is very daunting, because, just like Chinese, it changes from area to area Indeed, British English and American English are so different in terms and colloquialisms that you almost need a translator to understand what each is saying.I highly recommend editing by someone who is a native born English speaker, so that this wonderful story is readily understandable by all English speaking readers This is a treasure I would love to see it really take off.K.R MorrisonAuthor, Be Not Afraid, UnHoly Trinity, and Resurgence The Rise of JudasBlog address Actual Rating 3.5 Stars A full review will be up on my blog as well as here I gave this book 3.75 out of 5 starsI received this book from the authors who were kind enough to send it to me in exchange for an honest review First, thank you to the authors for being soooo patient with me in writing the review I read this book at the end of December, but with going back to work and being on a hiatus from my blog, I haven t had the chance to write the review I thought that the plot was very interesting and reminiscent of the Chosen series and of course some elements of Harry Potter private school where students have powers I really enjoyed the mystery element to the story and how Arica was drawn to find out about her and her family s past However, there were a couple of things that I had an issue with I liked the plot of the story, but I felt as though the words used to describe and explain events in the story were a little younger than I m used to reading YA and NA books I am curious about whether this book is middle grade or YA I will double check with the authors and let you know The other reason is that I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters One of the most important things for me about reading a story that I give 4 5 stars is that I am able to connect with at least one character I would still recommend this book because I do think it s a great debut novel by teenage twins yes, they are teenage authors which is incredible Thank you both again for sending this book to me.