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The American Bald Eagle, The National Symbol Of The United States, Was Once Dangerously Near To Extinction With The Help Of Dedicated Volunteers And Decades Of Hard Work, The Eagle Population Made A Dramatic Comeback This Moving Picture Book Tells The Story Of One Boy Who Helped In The Hatching Of An Eaglet Featuring Vividly Detailed Paintings From Landscape Artist Wendell Minor, Jean Craighead George S Inspiring Text Will Motivate Readers Of All Ages To Care For The Environment And Its Many Creatures

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    The third book in this pair s new nature series, this is the story of how people worked together to save the bald eagle from possible extinction Told through the eyes of a young boy, this is also the story of how children can make a real difference in their world When the boy climbs to a bald eagle nest, he sees that the eggs in the nest are broken Only 450 pairs of bald eagles still survived in the wild because of the impact of the pesticide DDT making the eagles eggs soft and fragile The boy meets with a ranger who has a healthy eagle egg for the empty nest The boy agrees to keep an eye on the pair and see whether they accept the egg The boy kept watch and saw the eagles adopt the egg, but he also helped by catching fish for the eagles to catch in midair Readers and the boy get to see the eaglet grow and take her first flight This is a celebration of how humans can turn things around and help the environment, no matter how young they are.George writes with plenty of details that really explain the seriousness of the situation that DDT caused Writing with a child as the main character sends a powerful message to today s children and the impact that they too can have on issues that are important to them It is also a clear invitation to enter the wild and explore George specializes in writing about nature and the environment and always reveals the beauty and wonder of the wilderness.Minor s art echoes that beauty and wonder In gouache and watercolor, he creates images that are soft and inviting They are also lit from within, giving them the glowing feel of real nature and sunlight on leafy canopies Celebrate the return of the eagles with this book, but also make sure that your library collection has the first two about wolves and buffalo Appropriate for ages 6 9.

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    I love this book The illustrations are beautiful The story is sweet It talks at a high level about DDT and how it was harming the birds but focuses on the positive part of bringing the population back.This book is also not part of the official BYL1 curriculum When we were asked to research a bird we saw this summer my daughter selected Eagle and we requested a few books from the library.

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    I love these books There are three written illustrated by Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor Delightfully detailed illustrations and narrative nonfiction about conservation efforts to save the Bald Eagle Very well done.

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    3.5 stars Great non fiction narrative book Beautiful illustrations and I learned the baby bald eagles Eaglet don t get the white head bald until they are 4 or 5 years old AMAZING

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    Richie s Picks THE EAGLES ARE BACK by Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor, ill Dial, March 2013, 32p., ISBN 978 0 8037 3771 8 Ah, oh, mercy, mercy meThings ain t what they used to be, no noRadiation under ground and in the skyAnimals and birds who live nearby are dying.Oh mercy, mercy meAh, things ain t what they used to beWhat about this overcrowded landHow much abuse from man can she stand Marvin Gaye 1971, the year before the US banned DDT Just before darkness, First Lady returned Uncle Sam lifted his six foot wings and was airborne First Lady sat down in his place They had adopted the egg The boy went home whistling and grinning I will tell the ranger, he said Next weekend I will be in Seattle for the American Library Association s Midwinter Meeting Being a grownup in today s world of children s books, is such a wonderful thing Some particularly poignant moments for me at these conferences I ve attended over the years have come when I ve gotten opportunities to meet a few of my own childhood idols At different points in my young years, I was hopelessly in love with Julie Andrews and then Jane Fonda, and it was so exciting to meet each of them in person.So, too, was it exciting for me to meet and spend time conversing with Jean Craighead George.Anybody who knows the first thing about me would not be surprised to learn that I had quite an easy and fun time earning my Reading merit badge in Boy Scouts But what you wouldn t know is that when I first met with the Reading merit badge counselor in my area sometime around 1967 the one and only book he absolutely insisted upon my reading as part of my work for the badge was MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN by Jean Craighead George So, when I attended my first American Library Association convention many years ago in San Francisco, and I got to meet Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor at their publisher s booth, it meant a whole lot to me, for my identifying myself in my adult years as an environmentalist goes directly back to those Boy Scout years and to my meeting Sam Gribley in Ms George s 1960 Newbery Honor book During my years in Boy Scouts, I never once saw a bald eagle in the wild As we learn in THE EAGLES ARE BACK, the increasing concentrations of the toxin DDT that were found as you got further up nature s food chain resulted in its softening the eagles eggs shells so that they broke when the eagles sat on the eggs to incubate them This was a big part of the reason that, as we learn here, bald eagle populations plummeted to around 450 pairs nationwide.The 1972 banning of DDT was followed by a multi faceted campaign to save the eagle Part of that campaign involved attempts to have nesting pairs adopt eggs Here, in THE EAGLES ARE BACK, a boy who is fond of watching a pair of bald eagles he has dubbed First Lady and Uncle Sam is given the responsibility, by a ranger he knows, of watching to see whether the pair successfully adopts the fertilized bald eagle egg that the ranger has received from another ranger in Alaska and then placed in their nest Thus, the boy gets to participate in the resurgence of the bald eagle population This is a potent lesson for young readers, that kids can make a difference One of the golden rules I learned in Scouting was to always leave a place better than you found it While young Scouts are taught this in a concrete way that literally we need to leave a campsite or hiking trail better than we find it, so many in my generation grew up to see this as meaning the planet and that we need both to raise our voices for change and to make energy conservation, recycling, and environmentally smart consumer purchasing part of who we are There are a lot of things going wrong with our planet I honestly don t know How much abuse from man can she stand But the campaign to save the bald eagle has been a success story A few times I ve experienced the joy of gazing upward from my farm here in Sebastopol and seeing a bald eagle riding the thermals It gives me a bit of hope.I expect that this is the last review I write about a Jean Craighead George book Ms George died last year, just short of her ninety third birthday This wonderfully illustrated book, the third in a trilogy of picture books about the resurgence of endangered species wolves, buffalo and, now, bald eagles is a fitting final tribute to an inspiring woman who did her best to leave this a better world Richie Partington, MLISRichie s Picks

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    Opening Lines Years ago a boy climbed to an eagle nest in an old tree by a remote lake The nest belonged to a pair of eagles he had named Uncle Sam and First Lady He had not seen them here for a while.Synopsis This is a book that celebrates the prospering of a species that was highly threatened in North America during the rapid increase of damaging pesticides in agriculture during the 20th century This story is narrated through the eyes of a young boy, emphasizing how children can make a real difference in the world A boy climbs high up a tree to a bald eagle nest, and notices that the two eggs in the nest are cracked He knows this pair well and also that not long ago 450 pairs of bald eagles survived in the wild because of the impact of the pesticide DDT making the eagles eggs soft and fragile The boy meets with a ranger who is hoping that this nesting pair may adopt an eagle egg he has from Alaska The boy agrees to keep an eye on the pair and see whether they accept the egg because the ranger needs to head back to other parks The boy keeps watch and sees the eagles adopt the egg, first the male and then the female Not only does he keep a watchful eye on the nest but he also helps by catching fish and tossing them to the eagles to feed their baby The eaglet grows and thrives and finally takes her first wobbly flight.Why I like this book Craighead George adds many details and facts about the threats to these regal birds, their history in the US and especially the devastation that DDT caused on their numbers I smiled at the boy naming the pair, Uncle Sam and First Lady Craighead George specializes in writing about nature and the environment and always reveals the beauty and wonder of the wilderness, enticing young readers to do their own exploring.Telling the story through the eyes of a young boy, emphasizes how children can make a real difference in their world It is also is a story about collaboration, between a ranger and a young boy Conservation projects are almost never done in isolation by individuals, but are rather wonderful group efforts across borders.Landscape artist, Wendell Minor s paintings in this book reflect the beauty and majesty of this species and its habitat In gouache and watercolor, he creates vivid natural scenes that are authentic and inviting He plays with the lighting on each page and the skies are heavenly.This is a beautiful addition to my books on conservation and endangered species It is the third book in the new Craighead George Minor nature series Don t miss the first two about wolves and buffalo.

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    George, Jean C 2013 The eagles are back New York, NY Digital Books for Young Readers1 Opening Boys and Girls, I am so excited to share some cool bird books with you Wouldn t it be fun if we could grow wings and fly Where would you fly to right now Wait for responses Well, since none of us can fly anywhere, I thought it would be cool to bring some birds into our library In the next few weeks, I ll be sharing some stories about different birds We will start with one my favorite birds, the Bald Eagle This bird is very special At one time there were very few of them in our country Would you like to hear about their story Are you ready to fly with me Alright, flap your wings a little, settle into your next and let s listen 2 Opening moves that are incorporated in the opening Raise questions to spark curiosity, foreshadow the problem in the story, raise interest in a topic or theme, prompt the listeners to notice details.3 I teach a variety of topics within elementary library classes The themes are selected based on a student interests as well as curriculum goals I thought birds would be a great theme because it would offer a wide range of reading and research topics for students in various grades Birds offer color, movement and a connection with nature that many of us are missing during the winter months In addition, this unit can lead us into a study of butterflies and ladybugs in April I looked for a variety of bird books that included fiction and nonfiction as well as different illustrations We ll explore voice, fiction, non fiction and author s viewpoints I feel this is a solid collection and I m very excited to share these with the students.4 March 1st, 2013 School Library Journal.http search SID

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    The Eagles Are Back by Jean Craighead George, paintings by Wendell Minor fantastic picture book with a hopeful message about human s impact on the environment I loved reading The Wolves are Back, special This one, just beautiful as well You follow a little boy as he receives a huge responsibility of helping a pair of bald eagles decide to adopt an egg and provide them with food when needed Really liked how the story presented how and why humans impacted yet another species with choices made Additionally, the perseverance to bring back bald eagles and results of that effort were packed with hope Jean Craighead George s books always rise to the top fiction, non fiction, picture books I never stopped learning Thinking back on Jean Craighead George s impact on children s literature decided to include a few videos below Never will stop appreciating her books.

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    I may have upgraded this to 4 stars based on sentiment for George s work and life She was a remarkable writer This is very well written but to a large extent, it is the illustrations that make this book excellent Minor s work is just luminous with beauty He has never won a Caldecott which is inexplicable to me This is a very simple explanation of the successful effort to keep our national bird from extinction It is a great approach So often the environmental movement gets only negative press if you don t help this species it is going to die out This 3 book series is nice because it celebrates the environmental movement successes.

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    A young boy and a park ranger help a pair of eagles adopt an egg After losses from hunting, DDT, and habitat destruction, American Eagles faced significant threats to their existence Jean Craighead George clearly explains the eagles role in the food web and the threats they faced I wish she had given specific dates and information about how eagles are doing today Wendell Minor s illustrations are a wonderful match for this well done environmental themed picture book Recommended for grades 1 to 3.