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The Death And Re Birth Of The Human RaceNothing Could Have Prepared Them For The Last Day Explore The Future Of Humanity In Massimo Marino S Sci Fi Debut, Daimones, An Apocalyptic Tale That Feels Like It Could Happen Tomorrow You May Never Sleep Through A Windstorm AgainDeath Swept Away The Lives Of Billions, But Spared Dan Amenta And His Family, Leading Them To An Uncertain Future When Merely Surviving Isn T Enough And The Hunt For Answers Begins, Memories From The Past And Troubling Encounters Lead Dan To The Truth About The Extermination Of The Human Race Distressing Revelations Will Give New Meaning To Their Very ExistenceEarly Humans Shaped The Future And Seeded A Plan Millions Of Years In The Making Now Survivors Must Choose Endure A Future With No Past Or Fade Away Into A Past With No Future

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    This was a really good story well written, well edited, and different from other books I have read not to say it was totally original, but from my point of reference I have not read one similar.The flow of this book was different than I am used to Generally, they start slow and build up to the climax I found myself totally interested in this one from the start, but about a third of the way it started to get a bit dull and stayed that way until the last quarter, then got really exciting Ultimately, it is an end of the world as we know it story Sorry, no zombies, vampires, or ghouls of any type for those of you looking for that kind of thing It was forward looking and intelligent not so much that you needed a dictionary near while reading, but you didn t feel like it was dumbed down but it was also a warning regarding how we are treating our planet and the repercussions of our actions A frequent theme in books and movies these days The only things I didn t care for were the following two things and in the grand scheme of of the story as a whole, I guess they were minor irritants which may not bother anyone but myself view spoiler 1 When Dan went to town to get some guns for his family to use for protection, I thought he would just pick up some guns Nopeit turned into pages and pages of gun names, descriptions, and comparisons I don t love guns, could care less about guns, so I found this to be totally boring and all this attention to descriptiveness had no relevance to the story at all I can only assume the author has a subscription to Guns and Ammo magazine.2 After 22 years of marriage to a woman who he absolutely adored, all it took was one 20 minute drive in a Ferrari and he was having sex with a 22 year old girl he met recently Do men have no morals Just because this woman said his wife didn t mind, he was on top of her in a heartbeat Aside from his wife and daughter, everyone he has ever known was deadyou would think he would be a little faithful The lesson here even at the end of the world, a man still only has one thing on his mind hide spoiler

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    Recently, I have had the immense pleasure of reading Daimones, by Massimo Marino We begin with excerpts of real news articles about the death of thousands of fishes and birds For those of you who keep up with current events, you will have noticed that the internet has been peppered these past few years with such articles.Our main character Dan is a loving family man who does the daily drone of going to work What I really enjoyed at the beginning of the book is the description of the work environment, the peer competition, and the office politics Here I m thinking the author might be pulling from real life experience and I like it, because it s believable Write what you know as they say, right Dan is not happy with some of his coworkers, specifically the kiss ass types who always manage to push their ideas onto the head honchos, despite the fact that it wouldn t be in the company s best interest I m talking about Carl who can and will suck up to every honcho in the company for his own advancement Sound familiar anyone On the other hand, we have Dan To use Dan s words, he refuses to oil squeaking wheels or lick boots Suffice it to say he gets fired and it s the last normal day he ll ever least for a while that is.Here s one of my favorite quotes I Dan was an impediment for someone, or considered to be one, refusing to put lipstick on pigs Ouch Dan drives home while listening to a barrage of bad news streaming from the radio Reading this part reminded me of why I don t listen to the news Waaay to depressing But Dan on the other hand can t believe how disastrous humanity has become Killings, terrorist acts, species dying with no apparent reason, countries at war, on and on it goes I almost wanted to smack Dan on the shoulder and tell him to shut off the radio.Fast forward and Dan gets home to his family and is pummeled with evil news on TV The author succeeds in showing just how decrepit the human society has become And you know what Things can actually get worse Dan, along with his wife, Mary, and his daughter, Annah all head to bed at the end of the evening All seems normal and poor Dan is now wondering what he s going to do for work.He wakes up in the middle of the night because of a strong windstorm blowing outside The next morning the family is chipper and Dan heads out to bring Annah to school On the way, he spots a tractor with the driver slumped over He calls his wife and asks her to call the emergency personnel Then he gets on the highway and that s when things take a queer turn There are cars everywhere, having crashed in one way or another Nothing moves and there is no noise Dan freaks and heads back home.From there the story takes us through Dan s discovery of what has happened to the people of the community He goes to see if his neighbors are all right and comes back wishing he hadn t gone looking Confusion, sadness, and fear start to mix into a potent mixture What has happened I ll let you discover this for yourself..Will you believe me if I say that Facebook just might save the day The scenes the author has created made me laugh, made me feel sad, and had me questioning myself if I were put in that same position What would you do if you knew your child could be the only one left alive in the world with no hope of a future, only waiting for her dying day See what I mean Makes you think One particular scene even freaked me out I mean really freaked me out I m not joking Sitting alone in my office with darkness outside my window, I couldn t take it any one night and had to shut the blinds The next scenes seem to dig into my unconscious fears What if I saw that glow Aack Lying in my bed that night, I kept expecting to see that slow moving glow to show up in my hallway I don t watch horror movies and there s a reason for itI have an over active imagination and I scare easily.Despite a few grammar issues, I truly enjoyed this book The writing is witty and sharp, and the author has obviously done his research on doomsday theories In the end, when everything is explained about the First and Second Loss it s like watching a marathon of Ancient Aliens, which I absolutely love All of the information condensed in so few pages was truly mind boggling The author provides so much accurate information on so many different scientific notions that you can t come away from reading this book without having learned something The ending leaves the reader with a sense of hope for humanity As I said before, this book will make you think All in all, this is a highly recommended read

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    I loved reading this book Some parts of it held my attention like a vice I can still hear the roar of roller blades, the shatter of glass, the cawing of circling crows.Some passages needed a touch editing However, the little stutters in the flow, the very occasional clumsy phrase, certainly didn t spoil the book I guess it might if you happen to be the sort of grammarian that suffers pain from every linguistic deviation, but then you must often be short of reading.I had the constant nag at the back of my mind that the electricity supply for Geneva should have died, along with 99.9% of the population Though this continuing availability was never explicitly explained the implicit assumption I eventually made tied the threads together satisfactorily Another strand that I felt needed earlier enforcement was the childhood experience of Dan, which led to his life of chronic tinnitus The early avoidance of these issues was I m sure in part due to a determination to hold the surprise of the ending I, though, like to see all the main circles of direction earlier in a plot build.We start with reports of animal population crashes that might have come from the culturally shifting writing of Rachel Carson, move through a quiet apocalypse, then delve into the individualistic process of survival Finally, Marino pulls together an episodic and dystopian past history of mankind, and the promise of a new galactic spirituality for our species Erich Von D niken, Philip K Dick and Arthur C Clarke might all have been sitting around a table collectively weaving together the elements of the new start instigated by the Daimones I can see Marino sitting at the end of the table rapidly scribbling notes Then finally, he selected a touch of each to colour his vision Though each of these great authors probably inspired a few sentences, I feel that there is a lot of novel speculation to come in the rest of the planned trilogy.I really found this to be a very enjoyable read I am sure this is partly because I m a writer of speculative science fiction of a similar nature But also it s because this is, even with science fiction discounted, a very entertaining book The differing psychological profiles and difficulties of the main characters are well drawn, giving very real feeling grist to Marino s speculative ideas.Not every aspect of the book deserves 5 stars, but we are required to use this crude classification As you will have noted, I gave 5 I thank you for having taken the trouble to read my review.

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    I ve liked post holocaust tales going all the way back to the many series of the seventies Some of the recent books in this genre haven t been as enjoyable This book, first of a trilogy, changed all that.A slight twist has our hero Dan taking his daughter to school one early morning to find dead all over the highway, vehicles crashed, no help anywhere He learns that most of the world, at least that in and around their home in rural France near the Swiss border, dead, apparently at the same instant That it was such an early morning hour lessened vehicles on the street.Dan, his wife Mary, and their daughter, twelve year old Annah, appear to have the world to themselves Even ads placed on Facebook only yield one contact, Michael in New York And those services soon begin to fail.And those glowing humanoid shapes only seen at night Who, what are they Are they responsible for killing the world Answers come at the end, setting up the next two volumes.Most excellent.

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I flew through this book The action started very quickly and from that point on things progressed nicely I liked the moral dilemmas Dan had to go through and when the reason for all the destruction is given, it is quite interesting indeed As a huge fan of science fiction I feel this book is a must read for all who claim to be fans of that genre It has a great plot and premise that push the story in ways that just take a normal end of the world as we know it story to a new level Dan is a great character to follow as he seems like a typical man, who has a family and just wants them to be safe I found myself wanting to know about him and worried for him when danger seemed near He is a great well developed character to follow in these novels.

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    This was a very interesting story which I thoroughly enjoyed listening to It is well thought out and a refreshing change from the usual post apocalyptic zombie novel.If you woke up and discovered everyone outside your house was dead, what would YOU do Well Dan and his wife Mary have to not only decide what to do, but also how to shield and protect their daughter Annah from the realities which now face them.Thoughtfully written and logical, the decisions, and how they react to each experience make this a really enjoyable story.What happens to the rules when there s no one there to enforce them How long will the internet survive Are there other human s out there, isolated and afraid too, and if so, how can you contact them So many questions, not forgetting the obvious one, what happened An exciting story, with interesting twists and turns and great characters, and the icing on the cake was the ending which explained a lot, and yet kept you wanting to know .

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    This book was really great with an exceptional ending I am very excited to read the sequel A new twist on apocalyptic futures and the strength and healing of the human race.

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    REVIEWER PEN4.0 ON THE MASQ SCALEHow would you feel if you went to sleep one night then awoke to discover you and your family were the only survivors in a now silent world That s exactly what happens to Dan, his wife, Mary and their daughter, Annah.They live in Switzerland but quickly realize that whatever happened struck globally via the Internet they discover no one else is alive as far as they can tell.What follows after this initial discovery is the kicking in of survival instincts gathering provisions from local stores and malls while searching, via Facebook ads, for any other survivors.About halfway through the book, you begin to get an inkling of what really happened Even so, it doesn t prepare you for what actually happened.I liked that about this book Despite typos and overusage of exclamation points, the creativity and imagination of Mr Marino is enough to outweigh all that I also enjoy the unexpectedness of it Though I thought the book was going in one direction, it ended up in an entirely different place.However, this book is not for the narrow minded Those whose belief systems are carved in stone won t appreciate the alternative explanation for life on earth as we know it supplied by Mr Marino.I, on the other hand, love discovering fresh and new approaches to that conundrum they sometimes ring true than the centuries old dogma pervading this world.Much of the explanation found in this book does ring true much of it, but not all of it Still it is a very unique and interesting perspective that may ring true for those open minded enough to seek those alternative explanations.If you re seeking a fresh perspective about life on Earth, its beginnings and its future, this is definitely one book you want to read.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    To say that Daimones is an exceptional work, is an understatement To say it is unusual, even so While it lacks the action most science fiction thrives on, Massimo Marino maintains tension almost from the story s outset and doesn t let it drop until the story s unexpected conclusion With a clarity of language and style few writers achieve, his elegantly painted scenes transport the reader straight to Geneva where, after a windstorm throws the protagonist out of his everyday existence into a surreal but believable one, the reader is compelled keep turning pages to learn the reason why.Marino blends renditions of recent news stories with science and mysticism into an explanation that will give the reader reason to question mankind s current state of affairs Just as The Matrix gave one plausible explanation to our existence, Daimones offers another.

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    Daimones was a pleasant surprise English is not my language but reading the book by Massimo Marino was simple and addictive From the very beginning, and until the end, the rhythm is tight, and the writing evocative The plot has a strong American footprint I have readily associated Daimones with Stephen King, for the strength of the characters, and Cormac McCarthy The Road , for the suggestive places descriptions and the post apocalyptic scenarios I liked better the descriptions than the dialogues A little hasty in the development of the relationship between the characters and, in some cases, the characters themselves e.g., the girl with the rollerblades but the story evolution is fantastic without being excessive and the story involves and intrigues the reader You sense the potential for a sequel, which of course I will read it.