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This book is well, it s amusing to say the least I don t really have much experience in the realm of steampunk save for listening to some few songs that I m still on the fence about , so reading this book was certainly an enlightening experience but, really, despite reading this book I still don t know what to think of steampunk as a genre I gained no judgement on that aspect.But what I did gain was an entertaining read, I ll grant you that Despite the language or, perhaps, because of it , I find myself immersed in a fleshed out world a laughable, almost ridiculous, world but quite fleshed out and well written The language, I have to say, wasn t really a barrier, despite English being my second language that sounds conceited, do forgive me , but it did irritate me People back then certainly did confabulate in a formal manner, but they most certainly didn t think it necessary to imbue every other second with such magniloquent, highfalutin words See what I did there And not to mention the utter ridiculousness of the plot It felt like a parody at times even now, a part of me feels as if what I read was a parody instead of a serious work A severed head flying into outer space Ridiculous, but that is the gist of this whole thing.All in all, an entertaining, if a bit silly, read. A clever and amusing pulp steampunk story that hearkens back to the most ridiculous aspects of the classic Victorian science adventure. The Apocryphal Memoirs Of An Eccentric Genius Nineteenth Century Inventor Phineas Magnetron Is A Man On A Mission In This First Volume Of The Magnetron Chronicles Series, A Faithfully Executed Parody Of Victorian Era Science Fiction Adventure Tales, Blending Historical Fact With Improbable FictionMisunderstood, Ostracized By His Closest Associates, Phineas Embarks On A Daring And Unlikely Caper To Resurrect His Dead Mentor, The Bombastic Dr Hogalum, Mustering All The Steam Age Weird Science At His Disposal He Ll Bend The Laws Of Man, Nature, And Physics, Unearthing A Haunting Mystery And Going Boldly Where No Gentleman Has Gone Before One step into Dr Magnetron s Contrivance Conservatory and you re transported back into the dawn of the masters of science fiction and adventure Back when all scientists were a bit mad, and anything goes in the name of science I was reminded all at once of First Men in the Moon, Frankenstein and Around the World in 80 Days, and thoroughly enjoyed the romp through the past What will Phineas Magnetron think of next Can t wait to find out I LOVE the adventures of Phineas J Magnetron Begun as a webserial a decade ago, these repckaged storylines with new ones coming are semi serious chapter yarns of derring do and improbably technology Best experienced as they originally were read a short chapter, do something else, read another E pulp warning All of my reading and reviewing is focused on e pulp So all reviews are skewed in that direction Reader beware E pulp warning Overall 4 stars Recommended A fantastic start to what should be a great pulp series The narrator s voice is brilliant and the steampunk sci fi whacky and fun, making up for what may be for some a lack of action But the short length of the story ends up being its undoing, suggesting that either this should have been grouped together with two other stories in the series or the reader should buy and read three of them at a time.Pacing and Action 3 stars.This isn t the fastest or pulpiest story you will ever read In fact, there s not a lot that happens But the slow pace of the story actually reflects the genteel nature of the main characters, helping to build the world from the perspective of the narrator Written in the style of an H Rider Haggard adventure story or a Sherlock Holmes mystery the plot is relatively slow in the face of other pulp offerings but like thriller or horror or hard boiled suspense stories the slower pace is appropriate to what is happening with excellent use of cliffhangers to keep the reader turning the page at pace, even if the stakes are social than physical If you ve ever read a story written before World War 1 you will also marvel at how the author has been able to capture the cadence and pacing of those old stories That, along with the sheer wackiness of all the steampunk sci fi, than make up for any perceived lack of fisticuffs or chase scenes All activities such cerebrally minded gentlemen such as those illustrated here would look down upon as unseemly, unnecessary and than a little vulgarThe real problem with the pacing is to do with the length of the story It s only 15,000 words and before you can get your teeth into the story world it has come to an abrupt halt At the end That in itself would not be a problem if you could just go onto the next story but The Last Adventure is sold on its own as an individual book This isn t just because it s the first free title in the series, either I ve checked and all ensuing titles are the same length It makes me wonder why the author didn t package three stories together at a time as it would be a fulfilling reading experience.Pulp Concept 5 stars.Fantastic The narrator s voice clearly captures not only the whacky steampunk happenings but also the class and characters of the era in a way that makes you want to know and about what is going on in this crazy new world It s fun, it s quirky and all done with a charm that immediately lends the series its own character Very memorable and great pulp.Character development 4 stars.The narrator is clearly a man of his class and clearly unreliable in a way that illustrates who he is and what motivates him It s very well done All the other characters in the story are also well drawn with their own personality quirks and foibles and all fitting in magnificently with the world that has been created Again, the only problem is that we haven t spent enough time with them to get beyond simple caricatures They re unique but we will have to wait until later stories to see if they are well rounded.Production 4 stars.Great cover and no editing problems of note Very professional And as the first story in the series it is also free which always helps you get good marks.But you can t go past the fact that these stories could be packaged together in groups of three in order to have a fulfilling reading experience You can always buy them individually but it would be so much simpler if they were collected together.Series Potential 4 stars.Strong Very strong In fact there s already four books in the series although each is 15,000 words each The reader has been introduced to a world of vast, quirky potential in which anything could happen And enough has been set up to suggest a strong series going forward As a reader I definitely want to see what happens next.Wrap Up.A great start to what should be a fantastic pulp series, I highly enjoyed The Last Adventure but recommend that if you don t mind paying the extra 4 you should get the equivalent of a full novel s worth of story to experience the full potential. This was great fun You have to be willing to read something written in an archaic stlye, but that is appropriate since it is a first person account This was a fast read and made me want to read the other volumes. The Last Adventure of Dr Yngve Hogalum by D.L Mackenzie is the first book in The Magnetron Chronicles The story is told by 19th century inventor Phineas J Magnetron He is a member of the Hogalum Society which is a group of humans with special talents that fight crime, are dedicated to going on adventures and protecting mankind from evil.The year is 1877 and things aren t good for the Hogalum Society as their founder dies under mysterious circumstances Against the wishes of the rest of the group Phineas decides to bring their comrade back from the dead Needless to say, things don t go well and a mystery is uncovered.This book was excellent, its funny and the way the story is told and the language used make it a must read One thing that every steamunk story I ve read has is some really interesting characters and this one is no exception The story is told in the first person by Phineas Magnetron who is a bit of a mad scientist and has visions of life in the future This story moves along quickly, I find some stories told in first person don t come across as exciting but this one does I loved how the Hogalum Society is brought together and despite Phineas describing them as being superior to others He also describes how some members fight among themselves and have issues with dealing with the stress of protecting the world.The Hogalum society is like a 19th century Justice League or like The League of Extraordinary Gentleman The story made me want to read science fiction from the likes of Jules Verne and H.G Wells I also liked how D.L Mackenzie describes everything in the book, he brings Phineas s world to life in stunning detail This book is a self contained story but there are three books after it that follow the adventures of the Hogalum Society The Last Adventure of Dr Yngve Hogalum was a fun read and a great beginning to what looks to be an excellent series. This was my first venture in the Steampunk genre That being said I thought it was a really good read Luckily though, I read it via the Kindle app The author constantly used an advanced vocabulary to further immerse the reader into the universe So I had to whip out the kindle dictionary almost every other word While making it kind of annoying to frequently do this, it didn t detract from the story. A most amusing steampunk parody, complete with overblown, supposedly archaic diction and ridiculous plot turns The scene where the various members of the Hogalums, a sort of secret society of scientific do gooders, attempt to detain a constable from preventing the re animated head of their leader from flying away into outer space was especially hilarious Short and engaging.