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Meet The Laments The Affably Dysfunctional Globetrotting Family At The Center Of George Hagen S Exuberant Debut NovelHoward Is An Engineer Who Dreams Of Irrigating The Sahara And Lives By The Motto Laments Move His Wife Julia Is A Fiery Spirit Who Must Balance Her Husband S Oddly Peripatetic Nature With Unexpected Aspirations Of Her Own And Will Is The Waif With A Paper Thin Heart Who Is Given To Howard And Julia In Return For Their Own Child Who Has Been Lost In A Bizarre Maternity Ward Mishap As Will Makes His Way From Infancy To Manhood In A Family That Careens From Continent To Continent, One Wonders Where The Laments Will Ever BelongIn Bahrain, Howard Takes A Job With An Oil Company And Young Will Makes His First Friend But In Short Order He Is Wrenched Off To Another Land, His Mother S Complicated Friendship With The American Siren Trixie Howitzer Causing The Family To Bolt In Northern Rhodesia, During Its Last Days As A White Colony, The Twin Enfants Terribles Marcus And Julius Are Born, And Will Falls For The Gardener S Daughter, A Girl So Vain That She Admires Her Image In The Lid Of A Biscuit Tin But Soon The Family S Life Is Upturned Again, Thie Time By Their Neighbor Major Buck Quinn, With His Suburban Tirades Against Black Self Rule Envisioning A Civilized Life On The Sceptered Isle, The Laments Board An Ocean Liner Bound For England Alas, Poor Will Is Greeted By The Tribal Ferocity Of His Schoolmates And A Society Fixated On The Blitz No Sooner Has He Succumbed To British Pop Culture In The Guise Of Mop Top Sally Byrd And Her Stacks Of S, Than The Laments Uproot Themselves Once Again, And It S Off To New Jersey, Where Life Deals Crisis And Opportunity In Equal MeasureUndeniably Eccentric, The Laments Are Also Universal Every Family Moves On In Life Children Grow Up, Things Are Left Behind There Is Always Something To Lament Through The Lament S Restlessness, Responses To Adversity, And Especially Their Unwieldy Love For One Another, George Hagen Gives Us A Portrait Of Every Family That Is Funny, Tragic, And Improbably True From The Hardcover Edition

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    Onvan The Laments Nevisande George Hagen ISBN 081297218X ISBN13 9780812972184 Dar 400 Safhe Saal e Chap 2004

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    Will belongs to a family that moves A lot It is what the Laments do They have moved from South Africa to Bahrain to Southern Rhodesia to England and then to New Jersey His father is talking about moving on to Australia or maybe New Zealand, always looking for that perfect place where he will be able to realize his dreams But for Will, it means he never feels like he belongs anywhere And sometimes he wonders if he really belongs in this family, with his wild twin brothers, his permanently distracted father, and his harried mother He doesn t know what the reader learns very early in the book he is a Lament in name, but not by birth What the reader also sees is that Will is the heart and soul of his family This is a beautiful, sometimes funny, often heartbreaking coming of age story I read it first when it was newly published, and I relished the re read.

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    For a long time I didn t think I liked this book It seemed too light, no real substance I kept waiting for some major, tragic event to occur That shows what kind of books I ve been reading lately Eventually the characters and the story grew on me, especially the main character, Will, who is a quiet, serious boy who was switched at birth and doesn t know it Throughout the book the Lament family travels, always in search of a fresh start, a better job, and a better life Each new home brings its own challenges, and the mother is convinced that something is lost every time they move Eventually I realized that this book wasn t the light, nothing story I had first thought it was It does have its share of tragedy By the end I was really enjoying it, and I was sad when it ended It was a pretty easy read I d recommend it as a break between heavier books.

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    George Hagen versucht in The Laments oder unter dem eher falsch gew hlten Titel Die Z glinge des Doktor Underberg gar nicht, seine Geschichte ernst und realistisch darzulegen Die Ereignisse im Leben der Familie Lament sind zwar meist tragisch und jeder Umzug in ein neues Land bringt weitere Probleme, der Schreibstil von Hagen bietet aber einen lockeren und warmherzigen Umgang mit diesen komplizierten Situationen.Das erleichtert dem Leser, diesen Abenteuerroman voller Entdeckergeist und Aufbruchsstimmung als Unterhaltung abzutun verhindert aber auch, dass das Buch tiefere Ebenen ffnet Die Geschichte ist zwar interessant und nett, bewirkt am Ende leider aber zu wenig Vielleicht w re hier ein sprachlich sachlicher Ansatz wirkungsvoller gewesen.

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    I expected to enjoy this book a lot as Will is very relatable to me having lived in three different continents myself and having moved a lot However this book was hard to concentrate on I continuously avoided reading it I don t know what else to say other than that it was a pretty good read but the writing style maybe didn t draw me into the story as well as I would have liked.

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    What a lovely, heartbreaking and funny novel this is Many thanks to my friend Sharon for reading this book and sharing her review I loved it.

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    This is the story of a family, the Laments Babies are switched and tragedy happens throughout their search for a place to build a happy life They settle in cities in various continents, finally ending up in America The tone of writing is very matter of fact , which is sometimes comical Still I didn t like this book so much It dragged on, and there is this sphere of despair and destruction.

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    exactly my kind of book Big sweeping epic of a family over many locations and times, with great characters, a bit of absurdity, and a lot of heart Dickensian in its reach but also feels very real I loved it

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    This novel tracking the lives of a globe trotting family paints a poignant picture of the expat lifestyle and the desperate quest to belong Julia and Howard Lament are both trying to overcome the shortcomings of their upbringing, and find in each other all that they ever wanted When their first bouncing happy baby is kidnapped by a troubled young woman in Rhodesia, they find themselves adopting her sickly premature son Thus begins a life of uncertainty for both Julia and Howard as well as their son Will Constantly on the move searching for a better job, a better lifestyle, a sense of home, the Laments instead find themselves drifting further and further from each other and from the life they once dreamed of living.I was impressed by the writing style, and the way characters in the story gradually revealed and about themselves as the novel progressed At heart, I found this a sad book, and was pained by the Laments efforts to create a home for themselves in an ever changing world Hagen does a wonderful job of conveying the sense of disconnection that pervades the expat community even today I highly recommend this debut novel.