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After Her Brother Is Killed In The Crimean War, Innocent Young Oriel Pembroke Finds Herself Alone In The World Disowned By The Cruel Father Who Has Always Despised Her, She Has Nowhere To Turn Until She Is Taken Under The Wing Of A Glamorous Relative She Never Knew The Former Duchess Of Ellsworth, Who Has Scandalized Society By Remarrying Soon After Her First Husband S Death At The Opulent Seaside Estate Of Ellsmere, Oriel Thinks She Has Found A Safe Haven But The Darkly Handsome Young Duke, Herron, Believes Otherwise Haunted By The Death Of His Father, He Suspects That Ellsmere Is Sheltering A Murderer Even As Oriel Falls In Love With The Duke, She Begins To Fear That His Grief And Suspicion Are Turning To Madness When Dangerous Accidents Start To Befall Both Herron And Oriel, However, She Realizes That Someone May Be Trying To Stop Them From Discovering The Truth About The Past And When Her Father Comes Back Into Her Life, She Learns That He May Hold The Answer To The Most Horrifying Secret Of All

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    Good book I enjoyed this one Some parts I would ve maybe liked to see happen differently but overall thought it was full of good writing, interesting characters who were pretty mysterious , intrigue, a great gothic type ambience It was easy to read and follow, a good book to follow up a deep or heavy one I ll definitely try others by her.

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    This could have been so much better if there had been an epilogue in the form of an Italian newspaper exerpt stating something along the lines that Sir Claude etc was found dead after what the authorities concluded must have been a tragic accident..For really, which mother can shrug off the fact that her new husband has made several attempts on her son s life

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    Rating 3.5 StarsHow are the sex scenes What sex There is only kissing, but I did not want for any bedroom action Sex doesn t fit this story and Amanda made the right choice in excluding it.How are the story lines A clever treat is in store for readers It s excellent and I was so pleased when I figured it out Amanda explains it all in her Author s Note at the end of the book.Review Sea of Secrets by Amanda DeWees is set between 1853 1856 along the English coast.Oriel is a character to fall in love with She s emotionally neglected, believes she looks plain, sews herself drab colored dresses because her father refuses to buy something better and lost her mother when she was an infant Strong, wounded heroines are a favorite of mine and Oriel hits all the right points To whatever he said, however caustic or cruel, I answered only Yes, Father As you say, Father To be sure, Father.The hero of this story is foreshadowed Remember this sentence Remember this sentence, read Sea of Secrets, then think about this sentence again It s there And it rules.The most amazing part of Sea of Secrets is the huge parallel between it and another fictional writing To give the title is a spoiler, but keep this in mind and see how long it takes for you to notice Then read Amanda s Author s Note to understand the rest.The reason Sea of Secrets receives 3.5 stars and not 4.5 stars or higheris also a spoiler But this story is slated as a Gothic Romance, not a historical with a romantic element and is graded as such The lack of sex has nothing to do with the rating As mentioned above, Sea of Secrets doesn t need it and Amanda shows great wisdom in leaving it out.I enjoyed this story It s now a comfort read for me.Amanda s form of writing is beautiful and I dare say perfect it s nice to read beautiful things Disclaimer No compensation was received for this review ARC was received from author in exchange for honest review.This is posted on Ravishing Romances Click here to read the complete review.

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    Reviewed By BlackTulip for Confessions from RomaholicsThe blurb seemed fantastic, so I was than ready to love this book but unfortunately, I didn t I wanted to like it, but I simply couldn t This novel is based partly on a famous Shakespeare play and has the flavor of some 19th century British writers like the Bronte sisters and as a tribute to them, it s certainly well done This being said, that s not what I was hoping for and the result is a big disappointment, utterly frustrating.Quite frankly, nothing really worked for me in this book I m the kind of person who s addicted to descriptions of any kind There are never too much of them, they always help me to feel or to see and be in some way part of the whole But magic didn t happen here The author failed to pull me into her story I never felt Oriel s love grow for the brooding Herron or even any connection between them, nor did I feel Herron s anger In fact I ve never experienced their emotions, even less gothic atmosphere the blurb was suggesting I read words after words after words which never once spoke to me The first half of the story was extremely slow to develop there was too much thinking and talking and not enough action Something dramatic happened, at last, half way through but unfortunately it didn t change the slow pace of the writing The fact that it s a first person narrative didn t help, I think Nevertheless, I ll admit that the second part was a little less dull to read But regrettably, my interest had ample time to wear down and to finish this book was not easy but I wanted to know how it would end The multi layered mystery plot was the best part and that s what made me decide to continue However, in my opinion, the romance was very weak, the weakest element And as if it wasn t enough, I found the ending rather unsatisfactory and disappointing.Overall, I cannot say I enjoyed this novel, though I tried But to be fair to Amanda DeWees, I have to say it was very well written It simply didn t work for me And in all honesty, I can only give it 2 stars.

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    This novel was so disappointing I was intrigued at the idea of reading actually listening to a retelling of Hamlet, but this book was so slow, it dragged so much No real fact actually took place until the very last chapters It was all talk talk talk, endless talk Where was the promised suspense And even forgetting that I disliked all the main characters involved Herron wasn t to me a tormented romantic hero but a rude boy who behaved childishly and at a certain point even like a psychopathOriel s feelings were so very shallow After immediately and unexplainably falling in love with the duke, she soon transferred her affection to someone else again with no proper character development to explain that The duchess Well she was an exemplary mother indeed One that tells her son something like Hey Herron your stepfather did some very horrible and criminal things to you but he didn t mean to, you know, and he is so sorry and promised he won t hurt you again so why don t you forgive him The villain Wasn t he too much Too much cruel, too much scheming I mean he looked like the parody of a villain to me

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    This is not my typical read, however I am glad I had the pleasure to read it Oriel has been somewhat raised by her evil worthless father After he disowns her she meets the Duchess, her Aunt, and is given a new life After becoming friends with Herron and trying to help him she realizes he is not her soulmate However his step brother cousin Charles could be Great story that keeps you guessing and hoping for a miracle This is of a historical dramatic romance, however there are no intimate scenes But you do not miss them with this fantastic story line WaAR

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    The story of Oriel is a haunting, gripping saga that will keep you flipping the pages long after you ve turned the lights out for the night A story eloquently wrapped in imagery and descriptions so vivid you ll feel as if you ve found a portal into the historical setting A beautiful story of a woman coming to terms with the reality of her destiny and the power of the past, an eerie setting rich in closeted skeletons, murder, and mysterya historical Gothic romance written in the style of Holt and Whitney, and one you most certainly do not want to miss

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    I was really excited by the premise of this book and in the end, it was a good book engaging and layered, if a bit slow to get started I liked the writing style and the successfully historic feel to it But oh dear, were the characters disappointing The villian was a bit too much He came across as of a cartoon villian too unfeeling, manipulative, and evil It just wasn t believable as the story progressed, with no balance of a soft spot orliterally anything to humanize him Oriel was willfully blind and obtuse at times When all the signs were screaming in her face, when she overheard all the clues she needed she still couldn t put two and two together She let sentiment get in the way of logic so many times Which I guess sort of makes sense when you take in to account the environment in which she was raised Herron was supposed to be this troubled and grieving young man, but instead he spent most of the book in a state of insanity basically, with a touch of tantruming toddler thrown in He behaved in a manner that was entirely inexcusable and completely unacceptable His half hearted explanation at the end of the book was woefully inadequate and frankly nowhere near even being in the realm of acceptable reasoning for his actions And his mother The duchess is worshiped by essentailly everyone in this book, but I find her completely undeserving of such adoration What kind of mother would EVER accept and look past her husband making attempts on her son s life on than one occasion, mind you Simpy because she s managed to convice herself that it s not truly in his nature and that he never would have attempted it had he not been pressured Okaybut he still tried to kill your son, whether he relished the idea or not You worthless woman.In the end we are left to decide for ourselves whether we think Herron s father was killed or not and, if so, by whom I quite liked that it was left open And I am glad that Oriel didn t forgive Herron to the extent of looking past his actions and taking him back I never would have been able to respect her character after that.

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    Honestly, I can t understand why Amanda DeWees books aren t popular These are the books I turn to when I can t figure out what to read or I m in a reading rut They are the perfect balance of gothic spooky and dreamy romantic I didn t love this one as much as I ve loved some of her others cough cough Herron was the worst character ever but I did very much enjoy it view spoiler I am SOOOOOOOO glad that Oriel ended up with Charles in the end I was so afraid we would go down the tragic love story path Not to mention that I was infuriated with Oriel s love for Herron in the first placeeven if I understand the reasoning due to her upbringing hide spoiler