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More Than A Century Ago, Lighthouse Keeper Linus Harris Left His Beloved Wife And Waded Into The Ocean With Three Other Men To Reunite With Their Mermaid Lovers The Mysterious Mermaid Mutiny OfHas Become Legend For The Residents Of Cradle Harbor, Maine, Honored By The Town S Mermaid Festival Every August, When Wind Chimes Are Hung From Seaside Porches To Drown Out The Alluring Sound Of Mermaid SongFor Thirty Five Year Old Tess Patterson, The Legend Is Than Folklore It S Proof Of Life S Magic A Hopeless Romantic Who Is Profoundly Connected To The Ocean In Which She Lost Her Mother, Tess Ekes Out A Living As A Wood Carver And Longs To Find A Love As Mystical As The Sea But When She S Hired To Carve The Commemorative Mermaid Sculpture For The Coming Festival, A Chance To Win The Town S Elusive Acceptance Might Finally Be In Her Grasp For Tom Grace, Life S Magic Was Lost At Eighteen, When The Death Of His Parents Left Him To Care For His Reckless Brother, Dean Now Thirty Five And The New Owner Of Cradle Harbor S Prized Lightkeeper S House, Tom Hopes The Quiet Town Will Calm Dean S Self Destructive Ways But When Tom Discovers Tess Working On Her Sculpture, An Unlikely And Passionate Affair Ignites Between Them That Just Might Be The Stuff Of Legend Itself Even As It Brings To The Surface A Long Buried Secret That Could Tear Everything Apart

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    View this review and many at 5171 Miles Book Blog.What could possibly be better for a long, cold weekend than a story about mermaids Nothing, obviously The Mermaid Collector was the January book choice in my book club with friends from junior high and high school Interestingly enough, we ve all gone our separate ways over the years, but through social media and our love of books, we ve been able to connect again This has been a great way to push me out of my comfort zone and read books I wouldn t likely pick up on my own.The Mermaid Collector is set on the coast of Maine, near an old lighthouse with a long history In the 1880 s, the lighthouse keeper waded into the ocean with three other men, determined to be reunited with their mermaid lovers, leaving his wife and young son behind Ever since, the town of Cradle Harbor, Maine has been captivated by the Mermaid Mutiny Alternating between the mysterious past and the festive future, the story takes readers along for life and the love of two women Lydia and Tess This exciting journey is the perfect read for the cold winter months still upon us.The main thing I enjoyed about this story was the feel of it I loved being transported to the beaches of Maine, the legends of the town, and the haunted feel the past brings to the present The story ended up being of a Romance than I expected, to my delight I can t help for a little bit of a love connection in the stories I read Overall, the substance of the plot and the mystery of the story was excellent Through and through, this was a transportive, feel good read.While there were several characters in this story, they were all presented at appropriate times within the flow of the story Usually, with large numbers of characters, I feel overwhelmed and annoyed about keeping the names straight Luckily, I didn t experience this feeling at all, thanks to Erika Marks organization of the story The large majority of characters were likable people, easy to read about, and well rounded within the plot.In the end, I was thankful I was able to get lost in this story for a few hours My biggest complaint was being unable to see how the title fits into the story While the mermaid element is the main theme, I wasn t able to grasp the collector in the title I wasn t sure the title fits the story in quite the way I expected I also wish a few things had been tied up neatly in the end because I still had some minor questions upon finishing Nonetheless, this was a thoroughly enjoyable, solid 4 star read.

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    I m a fan of books that make me happy This is one of those I m also hopeless about reading the end if I m not enjoying a book didn t do that here It was fun, with just enough twists in the plot to keep the brain busy and I read the book without skipping to the end At the end of the story, I wanted to have to read about this lively group of characters The Maine setting gave the plot substance and was well represented Have a fun break from all that serious stuff you ve been slogging through, read and have fun

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    there a better backdrop for a story than the ocean, beaches, lighthouses and mermaids I think not Erika Marks brings to life a story of The Mermaid Mutiny of 1888 to life with Lydia and Linus Harris Linus is the lighthouse keeper in Cradle Harbor, Maine in 1887 Together they are simply a young couple setting up a home and hoping to start a family When an unfathomable event occurs changes everything for this couple and the town A century later, the legend of Lydia and Linus lives on and is celebrated with a Mermaid Festival For Tess Patterson this is a magical time Tess is a local artist who recently was commissioned to make a mermaid wood carved statue for the town.Tess is looking for acceptance from the townspeople with their noses in the air Whereas Tom Grace new in town isn t looking to please the community of Cradle Harbor He just wants a fresh start for himself and younger brother, Dean Tom and Tess make the perfect couple, but is their desire to change their pasts going to doom their future I LOVED The Mermaid Collector I had begun reading it the day before my dad passed away and finished it the week after his funeral As I read the last few chapters, I couldn t put The Mermaid Collector down Not only was this a fantastically written story, but Marks wrote with such truth As I read at 3am in the morning tears fell Erika Marks did an amazing job of weaving the two stories together I was completely taken in with Lydia s story You get tid bits along the way, so you get an idea of how it will end yet as it draws to a close you want a different ending I just couldn t accept that was how it was going to end.As I read about Tess Tom I just kept wanting them to let go of their past knowing you hinder your future if you are always looking backwards.The only thing that could have made this a better read was if I could have read it on a New England beach, with a hot tea, wearing a cable knit sweater with the background sound of waves crashing and the tingling sounds of wind chimes An absolute perfect fall read I highly recommend THE MERMAID COLLECTOR

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    I enjoyed the epistolary way this novel unfolded first with a letter from the 1800s, then a snippet from the coastal Maine town s history book, The Mermaid Mutiny and More, and then an email correspondence hinting at a core conflict in the story.I was immediately drawn into this novel that seamlessly shifted from the present day story of Tess and Tom and Dean, Buzz and Beverly , to the historic story with its mermaid legend belonging to Lydia and Linus Marks does a wonderful job of drawing subtle parallels between both stories Both deal with hidden truths The truth he knew in his heart would be as firm as a handful of sand to anyone else who tried to hold it the complexity and fierceness of love and the struggle to overcome adversity I was particularly drawn to the legendary aspects of the story set in 1887 88 and all of the lore surrounding the disappearance of a group of men at sea, said to have been rescued by mermaids.While the book may feel like a light read with a young couple s love story at its heart, it is so much , grappling with the heavy issues of infidelity, mental illness, guilt, life after the death of loved ones, and parent child love.And if you loved Marks s first novel, Little Gale Gumbo, for its savory descriptions, you won t be disappointed Paper bowls of hot blueberry crumble, topped with quickly melting scoops of vanilla frozen custard, lined picnic tables one passage reads the story is interspersed with even mouth watering descriptions and beautifully painted scenes of coastal Maine so enchanting you ll want to gobble up every word.

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    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads Wow The mermaid Collector was a pleasantly delightful read The read was light, heartwarming, sad, happy and magical I managed to finish the book in just a day because I couldn t find myself able to put it down.I love the way the author did the parallel time difference to show the readers were the mermaid legend originated at that town, it flowed smoothly with the current story line The characters were interesting, the battles that they fought from losing a death one at an early age, to alcoholism to disorders made their stories unique in their struggles Dealing with relationship between Tess and Buzz, Tess and the town, and two very different brothers.The book was written very well, and I loved it It touched on things and different perspectives As sad as the Lydia story turned out, i almost ache for I will be looking forward to other books written by this author.

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    Nooooo Please Nooooo This book seemed to have such a good premise Old New England town history, mermaids, lighthouses, ocean But after reading The Secret History I am completely spoiled for good writing The writing in this novel is honestly pathetic For example, He came up behind her Tess guided his arms around her waist and leaned into his chest or Tess lifted his hand to her lips, kissing the fingers one by one But in the Secret History, which is not a romance btw , She closed her eyes, dark lidded, dark shadows beneath them she really was older, not the glancing eyed girl I had fallen in love with but no less beautiful for that beautiful now in a way that less excited my senses than tore at my very heart Donna TarttMaybe not the best examples but good writing shows us without simply telling us I can not go on with this one.

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    My dearest Lydie, By the time you find this letter, I will be returned to the sea So starts The Mermaid Collector, a mesmerizing book that alternates between the 1887 story of Lydia, Linus, and Angus and the current day story of Tess and Tom In a captivating voice, Erika Marks weaves these two stories into a wonderfully rich book complete with an intriguing cast of characters whose histories are all tied to Cradle Harbor, Maine Adding to the book s charm is how Marks interlaces each story in and around the magical history of the mermaids and the Cradle Harbor Mermaid Festival This book is a true page turner, made so by the beautiful descriptions of the coast of Maine and the mysterious Mermaid Mutiny of 1888 And I was absolutely captivated by the love story of Lydia and Angus But ultimately this book is so much Marks has written a compelling novel about finding courage to confront painful past secrets in order to move forward and live fully in the present.

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    Such a beautiful story A story built around a tale of Cradle Harbors lighthouse keeper Linus, his wife Lydia and mermaids The whole town is still to this day affected in many ways by what is referred to as the Mermaid Mutiny of 1888 The mutiny for Tess is a reminder of the magic of childhood and her mother for Tom Grace coming to Cradle harbor is a life changing experience.This book has multiple relationships that are so deftly described you become submerged in this poignant romances, losses and familial trials.I loved this book, though the main charachters are Linus , Lydia, Tess and Tom there is so much going on secondary characters and there story lines all fit together beautifully.Thank you Penguin books, Ms Marks and goodreads first reads for a wonderful book, my review has in know way been influenced by any of these groups.

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    A quick easy read, this story brings together a likable set of characters in a Maine beach resort town The town is getting ready to celebrate a legend from the 1800 s in which a lightkeeper and three other men leave their families and run together into the sea to be with the Mermaids they fell in love with The story is told from several points of view Buzz is an old hippy and owner of a small gathering of resort cottages overlooking the sea Buzz and his step daughter, Tess, are each dealing with or not dealing with the loss of his wife Tess mother in their own way.Tess is in a one sided romance with the town golden boy when she meets Tom who has just inherited the lightkeeper s house from Buzz s brother in law, Frank.Tom Grace, straight laced teacher, never has any fun He can t afford to let go and enjoy life because he is too busy caring for his alcoholic brother, Dean Why did Frank, whom Tom never met, leave the lightkeeper s house to Tom and Dean Beverly, Frank s former mistress, rents one of the cottages in order to find out about Frank and his past.Lydia, wife of Linus, the lightkeeper in the 1880 s, can t understand the changes in her husband since his mysterious disappearance at sea for four days After he and three other men are miraculously returned to their families, they have all changed and become like strangers.I enjoyed this book than I thought I would I thought it would be a sappy romance, but it isn t Tess is a bit unlikeable at first, but she becomes human as the story progresses There were a few unanswered questions Where was Frank s wife What went on during that four days when the men were missing at sea, and what happened when they returned to sea In spite of these unsolved mysteries, I still liked this book and recommend it as a great summer beach read.Read this book if you like stories that take place on the beach like stories with a touch of romance and mystery

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    Set in the town of Cradle Harbor, Maine, THE MERMAID COLLECTOR takes place during the Mermaid Festival the annual ritual remembering the Mermaid Mutiny of 1888, when a group of the town s men were reportedly lured to sea by the mermaid s call.Local outsider and sculptor Tess Patterson wins a contest with her mermaid woodcarving and finds unlikely love with a troubled man caring for his difficult brother In 1888, a barren fisherman s wife becomes entangled in a painful scandal that threatens her marriage and her sanity As the mermaid festival approaches, the mysteries of the present and past are woven together until their final connection and climax.The multi period novel is a complex story structure that, when done well, makes an outstanding read When the stories of the present and the past have equal weight, the characters are equally engaging, and the stories are connected by setting or circumstance, the plot and themes are the richer for it.Marks has perfectly blended her multi period narratives, and has created a compelling and satisfying drama I found myself quickly reading each section because I was so interested in developments in the next I m generally drawn to the past in such narratives, but Marks present day characters and story were as complete and interesting to me as those in the past.Marks writing style is smooth and immediate, and her descriptions of the coast of Maine made me long to visit The book moved me to tears from both tragedy and redemption, and I ll be thinking about it long after I ve closed its pages.If you enjoy stories of love, family secrets, and that demonstrate the relationship of the present to history, you will love THE MERMAID COLLECTOR I can t wait to read Marks next book.