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In , The Exiled, Now Infamous Poet Dante And His Two Sons, Year Old Pietro Alagheiri And His Younger Brother Jacopo, Travel To Verona At The Invitation Of It S Leader, The Legendary Francesco Cangrande Della Scalla Almost Immediately, A Sneak Attack Leads Pietro Into His First Battle

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    Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWERUnbelievable detailsFormat Kindle EditionVerified PurchaseThe devil is in the details and at no than 5% into the book there are some very discouraging details At about page 6, 2% into the book, an assassin is hit with an arrow from a small trigger bow Never mind that crossbow projectiles are called bolts or quarrels rather than arrows That is minor compared to the mayhem that projectile caused in this novel A sharp cracking noise made Ciolo wince An instant later the breath exploded from his body Confused, he found himself sprawled several feet back down the hallway Something had hit him in the chest, hit him hard enough to stun him and knock him backwards From this description, I was expecting a blow from a flying tackle, a leaping dog, a hard punch to the body, etc But no, all of this was caused by the small trigger bow projectile I have never been hit with an arrow, bolt or quarrel However I do know a little physics, a little physiology, a little about ballistics, a little about archery hunting and a little about the results from real world shootings spent most of my adult career in law enforcement This author has apparently watched too many bad action movies.At about page 13, 4%, the action moves to a nighttime scene in an open air town square referred to as the market place, the civic center, the wide piazza of Verona It is lit by torchlight If you don t already know, torches flicker In the outdoors they really flicker and dance with every breath of wind I have used torches, they provide a jumping, leaping, unstable light at best Yet in this scene our protagonists are able to see details of dress, including the distinction of colors at some little distance his clothes were of expensive simplicity a light coloured linen shirt with a wide collar that came to two triangular points far below his neck Over this he wore a burgundy farsetto, a leather doublet But this was of the finest tanning, soft yet shimmery, and instead of common leather ties it bore six metal clasps down the front His hose, too, were dark, a wine red close to black Tall boots reached his knees, the supple leather rolled back to create a wide double band about each calf He wore no hat, but was crowned with a mane of chestnut hair with streaks of blond that, catching echoes of the brands, danced like fire Yet it was his eyes that most struck Pietro Bluer than the midday sky, sharper than a hawk s unearthly At their corners laughter lurked like angels at the dawn of the world Wow, I m a trained observer and I m not sure that I would have gotten all of that in just the few moments of observation in daylight much less at night in the outdoors by torchlight.Then beginning about page 14, 4%, a group is going hunting at night One of the group is carrying a small hawk Falconry at night One of the hunters is tomorrow s bridegroom and this is his last hunt as a bachelor Hunt for what lord For the hart of course I wonder if that pun even works in Italian Anyway the nobility ride off to hunt deer at night Nighttime falconry after deer These guys don t even have the means to headlight deer At about page 19, 5%, it turns out that the man is training the hawk At night On a deer hunt He must be expecting that hawk to be like the chicken hawk in the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.I don t know if the author is careless, contemptuous of his readers or if he really doesn t know any better It doesn t matter I am disinclined to continue reading a novel with that many unbelievable details at less than 5% into the book.As of March 9, 2020, this book is available from through Kindle Unlimited.

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    A few pages into Master of Verona one of the two characters who opens the book jumps out of the path of an oncoming horde, off a bridge and feet first into a river That s pretty much how that first chapter runs for the reader, as well straight into it, and swept off with the current.And the action never really lets up Before long, the main point of view settles firmly behind the eyes of Pietro, eldest son eldest surviving, that is of Dante Alaghieri Alaghieri, the poet insists, not Alighieri the pronunciation has a point to it Seventeen year old Pietro, his little brother Jacopo Poco , and their illustrious father have just arrived in Verona, and almost immediately Pietro is swept from a wedding celebration into a wild ride straight into battle his first at the heels of Cangrande, the Scaliger, the Greyhound.Or is he There is a prophecy about the Greyhound, which Cangrande has grown up believing applies to him but there is another candidate This adds a whole new layer to the story a man s life is shaped by his belief in what his destiny is supposed to be Change the destiny, mute it down from the phenomenal to the merely great, and there will be repercussions.As another reviewer somewhere in there pointed out, there are a number of typos in the Kindle edition stray apostrophes, laying instead of lying how ironic is it that I initially misspelled typos , but not so very many not, I think, enough to turn me away from any but an otherwise very bad book In an otherwise very good book, they are mere blips.My familiarity with Dante is, I regret to say, mainly through second and third hand sources I will certainly need to address that It was wonderful fun reading David Blixt s version of the working poet.It was around the time of the first battle against Padua that this began to remind me in all good ways of Guy Gavriel Kay s Tigana There is something about Pietro being swept off his feet so by the charismatic and irresistible Cangrande that chimed in harmony with Devin s similar sweeping away by Alessan Just a boy, if a rather extraordinary boy, caught up in the powerful wake of one of those men around whom history reshapes itself, a man who attracts the sort of loyalty it s hard to maintain in this age of jaded cynicism.That s huge Cangrande is magnificent, a man born at exactly the right time Today there is no one to follow with the sort of fierce devotion Cangrande inspires Today he might begin a meteoric rise in politics, only to be brought down by an illegitimate child or a temper too fully expressed the boundaries are stringent today But give the man a sword and a horse or a wineskin and a mule or even just give him the floor, and stand back something spectacular is going to happen The Scaliger in his own time and place is something glorious a leader, the embodiment of a Cause, someone and something to fight for and fight beside, to sacrifice for and sacrifice to, unto one s own life.The book as a whole has a general feel which is reminiscent of Tigana The setting of Master of Verona is, of course, Italy, in the 14th century, but there is for me a strong flavor of fantasy it feels like as much a fantasy Italy as the Hand in Tigana This Italy is a feral place where a poet is revered as a rock star It is a setting of feuds and battles, swords and, if not sorcery, then soothsayers, and astrology and fate and destiny taken very, very seriously and it s all seen largely through this young man s fresh eyes, with excitement and wonder.There is a battle near the end of Tigana which, the first time I read it, might as well have been happening around me My heart pounded, my breathing was short and fast, and internally I was ducking and dodging and parrying I ve never had an experience like it while reading till now Blixt hasn t stressed my blood pressure to quite the same levels, but the duel Whoof.It s clear from the flurry of words surrounding this book that it has something to do with the tale of Romeo and Juliet This idea is a minefield, I think like any delving into Shakespearean topics it could go drastically badly or beautifully well Blixt already proved to me that he knows Shakespeare I loved Her Majesty s Will as much as anything I read this year I was inclined to trust him on this one.I was right.By the time a friend of Pietro reveals that his actual Christian name is Romeo threatening his friends with death if they ever use it , the setup had seen to it that I cared about these characters and the announcement gave me a sinking feeling No, I thought, dammit, not these guys.And I just realized that feeling is what I read for That level of investment in the story and its people that is the goal There are lots and lots of bad books out there there are plenty of mediocre books and even good books that are fun to read without engaging the emotions to any great extent There are even quite a few books which do cause laughter and tears and all that But this this is near the pinnacle of the reading experience in my book so to speak This is being made to care, very very much indeed, about what happens to the people who live and breathe through the words made, without ever feeling manipulated At this level, this is pretty rare Originally Read from July 07 to 14, 2012Reread 4 19 15, and I only feel strongly about the book Why I didn t continue with the series then I have no idea I m too easily distracted, I guess I ll be remedying that now I have only two things to really add to what I said above the Easter egg hunt for Shakespeare references is a bard geek s delight, and I caught a few this time around that I apparently missed a few years ago And second I don t think I made quite clear enough that when I compare this book to Tigana, it s one of the highest compliments I can give Tigana was, for me, a bit life altering And The Master of Verona is in pretty damn near the same class It s been a long time since I read Dorothy Dunnett s Chronicles of Lymond, but, again, there is a strong comparison to be made Until there isn t Because David Blixt, as evidenced in his essays, tends to ask himself if he s really that evil and the answer is always yes And third I lied Read it.

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    The Master of Verona is the type of book that is right up my alley I love historical fiction, especially stories about royalty and political intrigue in Medieval times So it is no wonder that I found this book thoroughly enjoyable David Blixt s story tells the tale of Pietro, the son of Dante Alighieri of Inferno fame, Canagrande Della Scala, the ruler of Verona, and even the beginnings of the Montague Capulet feud This book is filled with fascinating characters Along with the many interesting main characters, Pietro, Cangrande, Mastino, and yes, Romeo, I especially enjoyed those of Antonia Alighieri and Katarina Della Scala Blixt transforms these women into complex, unconventional characters which makes them stand out in the story The major plot line of this book is fascinating by itself, but it was the many subplots and details included in the book that also caught my attention and helped me to devour this book The inclusion of the Montague Capulet families and the beginning of the feud made so famous by Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet, as well as others from Shakespeare s Italian stories is both a bonus and a delight As are the other subplots included in the book And I have to say, Blixt s description of life in Italy during the 1300s are beautifully done All in all this book is a great one by a wonderful author I look forward to reading of his work I hope they are all as good as this one.

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    This novel was quite the old fashioned swashbuckler I enjoyed this romp very much Taking place at the juncture of the Italian Middle Ages Renaissance, this was the Age of Dante The Master of Verona is an Italian nobleman warrior hero of that period with the nickname, Cangrande The protagonist is Pietro Alighieri called Alaghieri in the novel , the oldest living son of the poet Dante has been exiled from his native Florence and is now living in Verona This is the Veronese pronunciation of the surname Warfare among the northern Italian city states is going on, notably Verona against Padua and Vicenza Pietro is injured badly in his first battle and walks with a limp ever after, and he does make two dear friends, Antonio and Mariotto the three are so close, they are soon dubbed The Triumvirate.Although the novel starts slowly, the excitement in the book builds battles, a duel on horseback between Pietro and Marsilio Pietro is fighting for his friend Antonio s honor This is the best description of a duel I ve ever read I was exclaiming all through like the two combatants were real people Antonio s betrothed has eloped with Mariotto Of course, this breakes up the friendship There is also an exciting horserace and footrace Cangrande s heir to be, the toddler Cesco, is first nearly kidnapped and escapes being killed The boy is then kidnapped successfully and there is great excitement in the search, which Pietro leads The plot and subplots were very intricate The author threw in many twists and turns, even some big surprises I didn t see coming The author cleverly worked in his reimaginings of various characters from Shakespeare, whom you ll probably recognize The characterizations were rich, especially that of Pietro Cangrande was larger than life The author called up a vivid evocation of that historical period I was sorry to see the book end Even though the book was nearly 600 pages, I was totally engrossed The writing and dialogue were that good I m glad there is a sequel.Most highly recommended

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    Pietro Alaghieri Palio is 17 years old at the opening of this novel and definitely a boy constantly being corrected by his father, the famous poet Dante who wrote The Inferno But Palio will soon prove himself as a man as he inadvertently becomes involved in a battle led by Cangrande or Francesco della Scalla Palio is wounded and remains lame in one leg That, however, does not daunt Palio as he continues to repeatedly prove his fierce bravery and loyalty.Sounds like a simple plot, right Not at all Words can hardly convey the depth of plot, characterization, battle scenes, political intrigue, et al contained in these amazing pages To begin with, Palio s father has been exiled from his native Florence and his writings are considered brilliant by many but also heretical by many others, who make the sign of the evil eye when he passes Then there is Cangrande s sister, an enigmatic woman who seems to have a very strong affect on her brother, who will later bring up a mysterious child predicted to have a formidable role in Italian politics, and who knows her brother and his secrets like no other friend or foe Feuding between the Northern medieval cities is a constant, with agreements and betrayals interspersed with battles described in realistic detail Astrology is a foremost aspect in the lives of all characters, laced with the warnings of a church divided within itself The quest for power fuels all Poetry and prose are aptly included, with a fascinating look at the publishing or copying in reality process described through the character of Palio s sister A strong allusion to Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet is present in the war between two of Palio s friends over a woman, with a fierce battle not ending the debacle.Finally, there s a plot conceived by two main characters that does not become clear until the end but is masterfully carried out Who, out of the mysterious prophecy, will be the wolf leader bound to unite Italy and create a new destiny for this war besieged country Master of Verona cannot be simply described but MUST be experienced David Blixt is a brilliant, talented writer whose novels will be relished by all lovers of historical fiction and those who love a great story full of intelligence, wit, humor, adventure, romance, and so much So, well done, David Blixt

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    Pietro Alaghieri travels with his exiled father, Dante Alighieri, to Verona to meet the poet s new patron, Francesco Cangrande Della Scalla Cangrande is rud to be Il Vetro or the Greyhound, a man prophesied about to turn Italy on her head Pietro, with his two new best friends, Romeo Mariotto Montecchio and Antonio Capulleto, ride out with Cangrande to battle Padua Pietro saves Cangrande s life and becomes his right hand man and confidante Following Cangrande on a secret mission to bring his heir to Verona, Pietro becomes intertwined in the private life of the ruler of Verona Cesco, the boy, is raised by Cangrande s loving sister who believes in the prophecy Pietro bonds with the boy and becomes his rescuer and champion Pietro must also continue his battle with Padua and it s champion knight When a peace treaty leaves his best friends rivals in love, Pietro is torn Thought the stars may determine a man s fate, it is up to him to determine how they will guide his life.Pietro starts out as a boy living in the shadow of his famous father and deceased elder brother But his bravery and honor soon make a name for Pietro, who almost eclipses his father For this story, he does Pietro serves Cangrande, a true Renaissance man who loves battle, clever conversation, wine and women The eclectic cast of this book is completed by a rival on the battlefield, two lovers, a heartbroken friend, a devoted sister, a brilliant poet, a doctor, a Moor and a barren wife The plot is always thick with love, lust, honor, treachery and twists While the book is large, the story is larger than life This is a wonderful read

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    Lengthy book dense historical content 1300 s Italy copious swords, cross bow, horse action extremely complicated characters comic relief provided by Dante, not so much from his serious children Italian family feuds based on star crossed lovers think Shakespeare.Not so sure if I will follow along to next book Library Loan, Chicago author who gives thanks to Newberry Library, a good thing

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    Being already familiar with the story of Cangrande della Scala, I was keen to read this version of his life So far, my interest has been maintained and I have not been at all disappointed with David s re creation of this fascinating and turbulent period in Italian history.For those familiar with Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet , here is the chance to read an interpretation of the history behind the play, and meet the real life characters who inspired the Bard to put pen to paper.But do not be deterred into thinking this is just a medieval romance for where would a great story be without a cast of truly interesting characters intrigue and drama battles a plenty and life, love and death.A must read a looking forward for the next instalment in the Star Cross d series.

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    When I started The Master of Verona, I had no intention of reading a 560 page book in three days I had other things to do I read the book instead The book s scope of topics is as broad and intricate as a medieval tapestry just when you think you ve seen it all, Blixt draws your eye to a new detail as compelling as the last There s Pietro, son of Dante, learning to become a knight under the shadow of his famous father There s medieval Italian politics as vicious as anything you see on The Sopranos There s great female characters like Antonia Alighieri and Katerina Della Scala using words as devastatingly as the men use swords There s the historical figure of Cangrande attacking a neighboring city in a battle sequence as vivid as those you find in Bernard Cornwell s Sharpe books There s a horse race that makes a NASCAR crash look tepid and a duel that only a writer who s also a fight choreographer and swordsman himself could write Blixt also throws in a mysterious child, assassination attempts, oracular prophecies, and a villain as curiously loathsome as one from Dickens or Dumas All of this should collapse into an unreadable mess, but Blixt s well honed prose, characters, and narrative line turned it instead into my favorite beach book of summer 2007 Oh, and if that weren t good enough, throughout the book, you come to empathize with the fathers of both Romeo and Juliet and watch as their friendship turns to hate I can t wait for his next book.

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    At 1 00am this morning, when I finally finished the last chapter of this book, I stayed awake for another two hours trying to figure out what to say about this book Amazing, thrilling, suspenseful, complex, confusing, exhilerating, beautiful are all words I would use to describe it No one is exactly what they seem and you can tell that peeling of the onions are to come I don t know how Blixt could possibly surpass my expectations now he has set the bar extremely high All I can say is Wow.