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I d been toying with the idea of reading books in French I can understand the language but as for speaking it, well here s another ball game I read part of this edition in my class when I was 13 years old I read when the hound was racing towards its would be victim.Would be victimdue to Sherlock Holmes intervention Holmes is a very fantastic, very popular character Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, though he claimed to loathe the character, had a hidden fondness for Holmes The author was furious with the treatment of his creation in the hands of Maurice Leblanc, who was the creator of Arsene Lupin.Movie and TV adaptations come and go, but the purity of Sherlock Holmes is like vapor to the uninitiated Us fans know secretly what makes him tick But we cannot transcribe ourselves in certain terms We lack the knowledge how to pin the exactitude of Homes as portrayed in the original 4 novels and 56 short stories Same for the directors and wannabe authors who wish to ape Doyle.This was an experiment And I think I succeeded in enjoying the story, known as it was to me in an earlier reading in English The Hound of the Baskervilles was really wildly successful only in retrospective Now it is part of the legacy of the detective The meerschaum pipe and the hunting apparel are nearly part of folklore, and I enjoyed visiting it thoroughly Highly recommended. I think this is my favorite Arthur Conan Doyle story What a combination you have a mystery, a horror story with a demon like wolfhound, set on a dark English moor I ve never seen an English moor, but I ve experienced them through the great books I ve read I ve imagined Catherine stalking the moor in Wuthering Heights searching for her beloved Heathcliff I ve been with Jane Eyre on Marsh Glen when she heard the cry of Jane Jane Jane from her forlorn Mr Rochester, and I ve felt the terror of being on Dartmoor at night with the howling of a demon hound close by This is a great story and if you only read one Sherlock Holmes, this should be the one. When The Services Of Famed Detective Sherlock Holmes Are Engaged To Ensure The Safety Of Baskerville Heir Sir Henry, Dr Watson Is Surprised To Find His Friend Dismissive Of The Matter Watson Is Dispatched Alone To Accompany Sir Henry To Baskerville Hall In Devon While Holmes Deals With Another CaseYet Watson Finds The Wild Moors Are A Far Cry From The Orderly Streets Of London, And In The Cold Night A Savage And Bestial Howl May Be Heard 781 The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes, 5 , Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThe Hound of the Baskervilles is the third of the crime novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the detective Sherlock Holmes Dr James Mortimer asks Sherlock Holmes for advice following the death of his friend, Sir Charles Baskerville Sir Charles was found dead on the grounds of his Devonshire estate, Baskerville Hall Mortimer now fears for Sir Charles s nephew and sole heir, Sir Henry Baskerville, who is the new master of Baskerville Hall The death was attributed to a heart attack, but Mortimer is suspicious, because Sir Charles died with an expression of horror on his face, and Mortimer noticed the footprints of a gigantic hound about 50 yards from where Sir Charles lay dead The Baskerville family has supposedly been under a curse since the era of the English Civil War when ancestor Hugo Baskerville allegedly offered his soul to the devil for help in abducting a woman and was reportedly killed by a giant spectral hound Sir Charles believed in the curse and was apparently fleeing from something in fright when he died 1997 1375 126 9643052281 20 1379 71 9643509060 1382 220 978963631895 1393 1391 201 9789643807641 1391 242 9786006572895 1902. In the sometimes cold, wet, windy region of southern England called Devonshire, where the land gradually disappears and the stormy sea can be seen, there was a legend of a demonic hound that haunted the Baskerville family through the centuries, beginning in 1647 Hugo Baskerville, a tough individual who got what he wanted until if you are a believer in the supernatural, this vengeful animal mentioned before, came straight from hell, hunted down the vile man and shredding his throat, for a misdeed against an innocent woman, a neighbor The Bible says for this kind of crime future generations must be punished and ever since the Baskerville Hall inhabitants have suffered Now at the dawn of the supposedly enlightened 20th, such nonsense is laughed at but some don t, certainly not the present master of the manor, Sir Charles Baskerville, an old gentleman and he has heard disturbing sounds from the nearby moor, a swampy area, when the rains arrive and it does often Horses, their loud pitiful cries in the night, soon stop, as they sink in the mire and are never to be seen again This desolate place of hills, boulders, wet bogs that remain always that, weird vegetation growing there, a dangerous region, which fogs frequently cover , making it treacherous for man and beast in the darkness, an empty stone huts where primitive people thousands of years ago lived, but not sinceThis gigantic, glowing hound the locals have viewed, are afraid of and Sir Charles s heart , one chilly evening stops while taking a walk outsidewhy Rumors of the creature hunting again, permeates the small village near Baskerville Hall, and the doctor James Mortimer who had treated the poor victim goes to London for help Nobody else but the famous Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson will do, only the best can solve this case, but evidence points to a simple, regrettable occurrence, an old man dying from a bad, weak heart Peculiar incidents in the illustrious city happen to the great detective , Holmes and Watson are puzzled, then a mysterious message of warning against going to Devonshire from a woman The next of kin Sir Henry Baskerville, a nephew has come a long distant from America to take over but Holmes says he s too busy in London, to assist in the investigation and sends Watson alonethis doesn t sound right The ultimate Sherlock Holmes story I think, it grips the imagination and never lets the suspense end, the mystery flows along almost smoothly, to the very satisfying conclusion. All the stars Sherlock Holmes is at his inscrutable and logical best, Dr Watson is his devoted self and manages to actually be helpful, and the mystery is a solid one, with a gothic feel to it And the Baskerville Hound is truly creepy.Holmes and Watson are visited one morning by a Dr Mortimer, who explains the legend of the supernatural hound who haunts the Baskerville family Many years ago, Hugo Baskerville kidnapped a local maiden, who escaped from his manor and ran off into the moors When Hugo tried to chase her down, a great black beast tore the throat out of Hugo and turned its blazing eyes and dripping jaws upon his friends, who rode off screaming Says the old manuscript Dr Mortimer reads to Holmes and Watson One, it is said, died that very night of what he had seen, and the other twain were but broken men for the rest of their days Now it seems the Hound has arisen again Sir Charles Baskerville, a kindly older gentleman, recently died of a heart attack while running away from something that apparently terrorized him, and Dr Mortimer reports that near him were the footprints of a gigantic hound.Sir Charles heir, Sir Henry Baskerville, returns from Canada to take possession of the Baskerville estate But a mysterious warning is left for Sir Henry Also, some of Sir Henry s possessions disappear, and a sinister man is seen following him Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson decide to get involved to try to protect Sir Henry from the fate that overtook his relative Holmes, making excuses, sends Watson off to be Sir Henry s bodyguard Off they go to the Baskerville estate on the lonely moor, where not only the Hound and, perhaps, a murderer, but also perils like a dangerous and crazed escaped convict and a quicksand like bog await them All in a day s fun I think the mystery in this book is a better one than those in the prior Sherlock Holmes novels, A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four The women characters are a bit helpless Victorian times and all , but Hound of the Baskervilles avoids the major racial and religious slurs and the lengthy and tedious flashbacks that diminish those books If you want a good example of a Sherlock Holmes novel, I recommend you skip the first two and go straight for this one, unless you re a Sherlock completist. 4.5 stars Ahh it s good to be back, I ve missed you Sherlock Holmes It s hard to believe that I ve never read Doyle s most famous Sherlock Holmes tale until now I don t even know why I ve been putting this off, the short stories that I ve read about the well known detective and his sidekick Dr Watson were pretty good but this little novel has remained on my to read list for years And I found The Hound of the Baskervilles a really enjoyable little story, at times very creepy and at others balanced out with humour The mystery kept me guessing until the end, even when I thought I knew the answer there were numerous niggling doubts in the back of my mind The challenge that Holmes and Watson face here is quite different from any of their other cases a mystery that straddles the line between this world and the possibility of the supernatural.There is an old legend of the Baskervilles, that they are tainted by a centuries old curse The curse of the Hound of the Baskervilles, a spectral hell hound that chases down members of the family if they should venture out upon the moors at night and brings about their early demise Many believe it is fairy tale nonsense, but what then is the explanation for the misfortune of the Baskerville family members And what is that piercing howl that can be heard across the dark, misty moors at night When the doctor of the late Charles Baskerville pays Sherlock Holmes a visit, both Holmes and Watson get pulled into something very old and dangerous, even the level headed Sherlock Holmes begins to question whether his most recent villain is even of this world.So, this is a very creepy book The image of the old, haunted mansion used in many horror stories seems rather overdone today but Doyle s example of this still works all these years after the book s publication The atmosphere created by setting this mystery miles from civilisation and out on some creepy moors is highly effective, that kind of setting can make anyone start to believe in ghosts This tale is told through the discovery of secrets that are hidden away in the house s very corridors and come out to play at night, red herrings are thrown in and everyone has a secret it s hard not to be caught up in the creepiness and tension.Also, I know some people hate Sherlock Holmes holier than thou attitude but I find him amusing Same with Poirot and other characters who don t know how to be wrong, their arrogance will make you roll your eyes but I cheer for them too I always want to congratulate authors who can take a somewhat insufferable character and turn them into someone everyone wants to succeed, there s somethingchallenging andinteresting with that, rather than just someone who is inoffensive to everyone but one dimensional Anyway, I really liked this and I think most mystery fans will too. My Grandpa Cannon loved this story, and he often told of a time when he went to see a picture show about the Hound of the Baskervilles It scared the willies out of me, he said, and then he and his friend had to part ways as my grandpa rode his bicycle home in the dark.He was thinking about this devil hound, and then he heard something panting behind him He pedaled faster and faster, but the panting only got faster and faster too Then, it was harder and harder to pedal, and his bike was going slower and slower Just when he thought for sure he was doomed to die and the hound would get him, his bike stopped, the panting stopped, and he found that his back wheel had a flat tire A flap of rubber had made the panting sound as the air was being released.That has nothing to do with this story, except that it is the reason I read the book Good book too Almost as good a story as my grandpa s. It is not my intention to be fulsome, but I confess that I covet your skull The task of safeguarding a family estate has been bestowed on a young heir But there is a problem, A dark curse has been plaguing the Baskerville House for centuries as a result of the actions of a vile ancestor and Hell has found a face in the presence of a black hound with glowing red eyes Sir Henry Baskerville has come to the one man who knows where to look when everyone else is blind Sherlock Holmes.What darkness has covered Dartmoor What is the source of those strange screams and howls A light appears and disappears on a window and Dr Watson sees a tall man standing on a rock, illuminated by the moonlight And the hound is still at large This is how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the most fascinating adventure of Sherlock Holmes and one of the finest mysteries in LiteratureIt may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light Conan Doyle used the unique landscape of Dartmoor with the bogs and the rocks and the inspiration provided by hundreds of dark myths related to elves, apparitions and the Devil himself to compose a mystery where the past presents a heavy burden to the kind hearted Sir Henry Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson try to decipher an enigma that defies the laws of science, a riddle that lies within the actions of a cursed family and a supernatural threat Through a haunting adventure and in a story that presents us with some of the best moments of Conan Doyle s writing, the tradition of the British folklore and the impact of the landscape challenges our favourite detectiveA strong wind sang sadly as it bent the trees in front of the Hall A half moon shone through the dark, flying clouds on to the wild and empty moor It came with the wind through the silence of the night, a long, deep matter, then a rising howl, and then the sad moan in which it died away Again and again it sounded, the whole air throbbing with it, strident, wild and menacing I read The Hound of the Baskervilles when I was nine and this was how my love for Sherlock Holmes was born The mystery of Dartmoor, the folklore and one of the greatest literary characters have provided the best material for countless adaptations in cinema, TV, and Theatre My personal favourite remains the BBC Sherlock 2012 episode with the title The Hounds of Baskerville, a fabulous modern adaptation of Sherlock s most popular adventure A mystery for Halloween and a cold winter s nightThe devil s agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not My reviews can also be found on