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Wow Do I feel conflicted about this book.On the one hand, Girl Genius is one of my favorite webcomics, and Phil Foglio one of my favorite artists I have various editions, soft and hard cover of the comic collections, etc And this novel covering vol 4 6 of the comic covers the story very, very well, complete with lots of added backstory, and loads of footnotes, and, for that matter, inner monologues as well as the maniacal outer ones Indeed, having quickly gone back and read vol 4, I m impressed by how much richer and understandable the story is no flocks of zany, unnamed Circus folks to keep straight, as we get actual names and a sense of continuity, for example The action is of a story, and less a series of daily episodes and crazy pictures.And yet Without Phil s art, it s not the same And by that I don t just mean it s less enjoyable it s not the same story In many ways, it s a scarier, grimmer tale Yeah, there s always been a dark side to Girl Genius, but Phil s zany visualizations giving a nudge and a wink and a chuckle, that dark side is a lot obvious Human experimentation, killings, monsters, danger around and under, and behind, and over every turn The Baron is ruthless, Lucretia is insane, the Sturmholdt royalty are I Claudian, and the Jaegermonsters are not nearly as funny.Not to say it s all grim and grit There are some laugh out loud exchanges liberally sprinkled across the pages, and plenty of smiles and smirks But it s a remarkable example of how the medium for better or worse affects the tale told The only other down side to this book is that referencing footnotes via the Kindle is annoying Be warned.So I liked the book Not as much as I expected to, though It s a solid and ex post facto slightly tweaked story, but not quite as fun as the original It s quite possible I ll read it again someday, for what that s worth And for all my complaints, it was still a good read, and I ve no regrets having done so. 3.5 It is here, with great reluctance, and a full awareness of how a chronicler should report a story without being the story itself, that one of your professors enters the narrative Surely the tedious whys and wherefores of how he came to find himself in this particular prison at this particular time have no significant relevance to the greater story and shall thus be ignored Professor Philip FoglioSo, to get the basics out of the way, Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess is the second novelization of Phil and Kaja Foglio s Girl Genius webcomic series, a series born from a love of pulp, steampunk, comic fiction, and possibly monsters with teeth bigger than their faces In it, the main character, Agatha Heterodyne survives an airship crash into the terrifying area of an alternate steampunk Transylvania known as The Wasteland To get her safely to the city of Mechanicsburg without being eaten by the terrifying monsters or crushed by steam powered robots, she joins a traveling circus and hopes to have an uneventful time But soon intrigues and adventure find her, and she is swept up in an adventure involving her lineage, lost princesses, and insane gadgetry The book is incredibly well done, though it suffers from a minor lack of context in the opening pages and occasional typographical errors in the edition I own The descriptions are fantastically detailed, the sense of humor is frenetic but manages to let the reader catch up, and even the momentary self insert is played self deprecatingly for comedy If you have ever wanted an adventure story that is just straight out flat out fun with engaging characters, a good sense of humor, and a self aware quality that engages the reader rather than ironically detaching them to poke fun at itself, this is your book I love it, I thoroughly recommend you should buy it, and then once you ve bought it, press it eagerly into your friends hands with only a meaningful look and the words read this Complete review at Intrigue Subterfuge Circus Folk Review to come Agatha has escaped the clutches of Baron Wulfenbach, although staying free might prove to be a bit troublesome Thanks to a circus that performs Heterodyne plays, though, she s found a good place to hide Circus life suits her than she expected, but her ultimate goal remains Mechanicsburg, former home of the Heterodyne family She isn t sure what waits for her there, but plenty of forces are eager to stop her from finding out.Really, the Mad Science is the best reason to read these books Whether it s the variety of weird and hysterical creations to the things Agatha can do with a circus given plenty of time and raw material , there s always something new around every corner I love the worldbuilding The Sparks start semi normal and go all the way to totally insane is it any wonder Gil lists mostly sane as a criteria for a possible wife The humor is also excellent A few of my favorite quotes below, because they speak for themselves Krosp asking Agatha why she didn t run out to Gil Why do you think Because it would ve been hugely stupid The cat waited for Agatha to continue, but there didn t seem to be any forthcoming That s it Agatha nodded glumly Well, yes Isn t that enough Krosp s tail lashed a few times In my experience, that doesn t seem to stop most people To Zeetha Oh wait, Agatha said, let me guess This was where I was supposed to insist you let me wield a Quata ara, even though you, my Kolee, have told me I m not ready Possibly I m supposed to harbor some day dream that I have a magical affinity for these swords, which will allow me to side step all this tedious training No doubt this would have led to some hilarious, but painful lesson reaffirming that I am, in fact, not yet ready to touch the swords I ll skip that, if I may To Master Payne People keep giving me rings, she confided to him, But I think a small death ray might be practical Really, the only part of this I didn t care for was the purpose of the lightning chair That particular plot twist really annoyed me, and since the aftermath is going to be unfolding for a long time out, it s something I ll just have to put up with There s also the fact that Agatha continues to find herself in situations where her modesty is compromised, and it s a shame to see some of the humor continues to revolve around un or under dressing her.All in all this is a great continuation of the series I rate this book Recommended.See my reviews and at The novelisation of volumes 4 6 in the Girl Genius webcomic series, in which Agatha, having been revealed as the long lost heir to the in famous Heterodyne family, is on the run from Baron Wulfenbach and takes refuge with a travelling circus Slower moving than the first novel, Agatha H and the Airship City, and without quite the same tight focus, this is nevertheless a very enjoyable book, with all the delightful wit and magic you expect from the Foglios The authors use the much greater length of this book to further expand their steampunky universe as a Pratchett fan, I thoroughly approve of the use of footnotes here They re sometimes wry, sometimes genuinely informative, and always interesting , giving us tantalising snippets of backstory, introducing a heap of new characters and taking the extra time to provide some new depths to them not possible in the webcomic e.g the exploration of Zeetha s state of mind at the beginning of the story, and how having independent confirmation of her origins gives her a renewed sense of purpose Dramatic revelations abound, and the climax of the story is a real humdinger Most importantly, this is a crucial transitional stage for Agatha, who gets breathing room to experience new things such as a burgeoning friendship with Zeetha and a blossoming romance with hunky circus performer Lars Indeed, a much larger portion of the story is devoted to the latter than in the webcomic initially somewhat to my surprise, as I wouldn t have called it than a crush there , but I think it s part of the overarching theme of letting her experience as much normality as possible as normal as one can get in a universe ruled by Mad Science and allowing her to consider new possibilities, while at the same time firming up her sense of self and preparing her for her destiny as a Heterodyne.It s not perfect, of course at times it s probably too leisurely, and I d say that too much time is spent on the travelling with the Circus crew portions of the story much as I enjoy them somewhat to the detriment of the crucial Sturmhalten parts of the narrative indeed, I d go so far to say that they probably should have picked Circus of Dreams for the title rather than Clockwork Princess , as there s a lot Circus than there is Anevka There are also far too many repetitive instances of characters rolling their eyes which should have edited down, and while you expect a few little typos in any first edition, there are some really noticeable misspellings of character names General Khirzan Sturmvarous that leap out But these are minor faults, when all is said and done I really do love how woman centric this series is unlike almost every other SFF story out there, its default setting for characters is much likely to be female than male, and thus we re treated to women who are mad scientists, pirate queens cum airship captains homicidal maniacs Bangladesh Dupree truly threatens to steal the show at times , mechanics, warriors, animal trainers, vampyre hunters, androids and villains I want stories like this And now I m dying to read the next book in the series the Mechanicsburg section is my favourite part of Girl Genius so far Finally, if you get a chance to listen to the audiobook version, by all means do so narrator Angela Dawe does an amazing job with all the different voices. The Foglios have taken their brilliant webcomic and successfully translated it to a rollicking good fun novel Three of them, and coming Agatha, the young Spark who discovers her true identity in the first novel, appears in the Clockwork Princess as a damsel on the run, but not distressed in the slightest When she falls in with a traveling circus, she loses herself in her work, repairing the elderly machinery they use for transport and other tasks Along the way she bonds with the strange warrior princess Zeetha, and discovers new depths to her faithful cat companion, Krosp I won t get into details, I hate to spoil it Basically, I love the characters, the absurdity of the clanks and the setting, and the whole tangled mess Agatha makes of her budding relationships I really like that the authors keep her practical and grounded when it comes to those feelings are interesting, but saving her world comes first, and any way, she wants a man who would build her a really good death ray Lines that made me chortle An injured character insists that Agatha remain with him, Because she s got a great big monster killing gun he exclaimed And I want it, and her, right here Agatha s comment on romance People keep giving me rings, she confided in him But I think a small death ray might be practical Now that I have assured you this is well worth reading, here s the bad news Unless, like me, you can catch the Kindle version on sale, don t bother with the ebook It s ridiculously priced, especially for a book with proof checking issues I d bought it in hardback as well, for my Junior Mad Scientist, who loved the first one and is looking forward to these. I always like when I get a book and it s nice and thick There was a lot going on in this book, especially at the end with the double crosses, fake double crosses, triple crosses, what have you that it was kind of hard to figure out what was going on, and who was on what side.As I read I couldn t help but think that the plot and main characters would really shine, and make for a really good story, if the background clutter was cleaned up and didn t overwhelm them.High points Krosp, Emperor of All Cats, of course The circus in general Zeetha and her nose Beep Agatha s drawings that so disturbed Krops, with the screaming faces and fleeing villagers The little clanks that then went about implementing her plans without anybody noticing and without Agatha noticing at first either And the end Showtime reveal.Low point Shameless and purposeless author self insertion that totally pulled you out of the story I just think that if you re going to insert yourself into your story it needs to serve some purpose in furthering the plot, and not last too long. Intrigue Subterfuge Circus Folk In A Time When The Industrial Revolution Has Escalated Into All Out Warfare, Mad Science Rules The World With Mixed Success With The Help Of Krosp, Emperor Of All Cats, Agatha Has Escaped From The Massive Airship Known As Castle Wulfenbach After Crashing Their Escape Dirigible, Agatha And Krosp Fall In With Master Payne S Circus Of Adventure, A Traveling Troupe Of Performers Dedicated To Staging Heterodyne Shows Dramatizations Of The Exploits Of Bill And Barry Heterodyne And Their Allies Who Are Unaware Of Agatha S Connection To The Heterodyne Line Pursued By The Ruthless Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, His Handsome Son Gil, And Their Minions Not To Mention Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer , Agatha Hides In Plain Sight Among The Circus Folk, Servicing Their Clanks And Proving Herself Adept In Performing The Role Of Lucrezia Mongfish, Nemesis To And Later Wife Of Barry Heterodyne She Also Begins Training Under Zeetha, Swordmistress And Princess Of The Lost City Of Skifander Together, Agatha, Krosp, And The Performers Travel Across The Treacherous Wasteland Of War Torn Europa, Towards Mechanicsburg, And The Ancestral Home Of The Heterodynes Castle Heterodyne But With Many Perils Standing In Her Way Including Wulfenbach S Crack Troops, Mysterious Geisterdamen, Savage Jagermonsters, And The Fabled Storm King It S Going To Take Than A Spark Of Mad Science For Agatha To Get Through The second novelisation of the Girl Genius webcomic, this is equally as entertaining as the first While they naturally follow the same plot as the webcomic, the novels bring character insights, along with added details and backstory Great fun, and a highly enjoyable read If you like your steampunk or gaslamp fantasy, if you prefer with lots of adventure, strange creatures and mad science, then this is for you And there s a circus, too