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Tales Of The Hasidim Wikipedia Tales Of The Hasidim Is A Book Of Collected Tales By Martin Buber It Is Based On Stories Both Written And Spoken Based In The HasidimBuber Wrote These Tales Based On The Lore Of The Baal Shem TovHasidic Tales Of The Holocaust Yaffa EliachNot Retrouvez Hasidic Tales Of The Holocaust Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Hasidic Tales Of The Holocaust By Yaffa EliachDerived By The Author From Interviews And Oral Histories, These Eighty Nine Original Hasidic Tales About The Holocaust Provide Unprecedented Witness, In A Traditional Idiom, To The Victims Inner Experience Of Unspeakable Suffering This Volume Constitutes The First Collection Of Original Hasidic Tales To Be Published In A Century Hasidic Tales Of The Holocaust By Yaffa Eliach Derived By The Author From Interviews And Oral Histories, These Eighty Nine Original Hasidic Tales About The Holocaust Provide Unprecedented Witness, In A Traditional Idiom, To The Victims Inner Experience Of Unspeakable Suffering This Volume Constitutes The First Collection Of Original Hasidic Hasidic Tales Of The Holocaust Original Hasidic Tales The First New Hasidic Tales In Over A Century Collected By The Author, From Survivors Of The Holocaust They Provide Unique Witness To Hasidic Tales Annotated Explained By Rami M The Tales Of The Hasidic Masters Can Become A Companion For Your Own Spiritual Journey The Wisdom Of The Hasidim Is Earthy, Realistic, Rooted In The Simplicity Of The Heart It Is Alive With The Awareness Of The Holiness Of Creation And The Boundlessness Of The Hasidic Stories Home Page The Hasidic Stories Home Page This Page Is Devoted To The Appreciation And Sharing Of Hasidic Stories All Are Welcome The Creators And Adapters Of These Stories And Essays Vary In Their Observance Of Hasidic Practice All Are Deeply Moved And Inspired By The Hasidic Tradition Of Conveying Values And Soulfulness Through Stories Jewish Lights Hasidic Tales Annotated Explained The Tales Of The Hasidic Masters Can Become A Companion For Your Own Spiritual Journey The Wisdom Of The Hasidim Is Earthy, Realistic, Rooted In The Simplicity Of The Heart Chassidic Stories There S No Better Way To Make A Classic Chassidic Tales There S No Better Way To Make A Point Than To Tell A Story

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    It is now Christmas Eve, and there are few spiritual works I could recommend during this holy winter season as memorable or as useful as Yaffa Eliach s Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust Whatever our religious background whether we simply await the growing sunlight, laud the birth of goodness in a fallen world, or tell about how one bowl of blessed oil lit the holy lamps for eight days our traditions assert warmth s dominion over a frozen land, anticipate the coming light at the moment of greatest darkness In such days, what could be better than these Hasidic tales, stories that discover the presence of God even in the Nazi death camps This book is so rich in stories that it is difficult to pick favorites, but I was most moved by the ones involving makeshift rituals, memories of family and food, even in the shadow of the gas chambers the coffee cauldron used to conceal a shofar, the Bergen Belsen seder where we only have matzah, the Hanukkah light consisting of a wooden clog for a minorah and one poor thread taken from a prison uniform and blackened with shoe polish for a wick, or the many narratives about dreams visitations at moments of great suffering, sometimes just before liberation of grandparents and parents bringing not only love but also the delightful smells of the old family kitchen It is not only food and rituals that help our storytellers survive, but any object or memory which maintains the link with tradition a religious amulet, a goblet for kiddush, the memory of a revered rabbi s special blessing or kiss These are the things that sustain them, even through the most extreme suffering At the holiday season and throughout year such stories carry a warning and a promise to us all we must cherish our families, our foods, our traditions, for these are the things which can sustain us through the most difficult of times.Yaffa Eliach does a fine job organizing these narratives, but her greatest achievement is her skill at becoming a listener worthy of being trusted with extraordinary stories Without her faith, her reverence, her empathy, we would not have been graced with this marvelous book, nor the strange blessing of its tales.

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    A little gem of a book of very short stories Aside from piercing looks at Holocaust experiences I got an even better glimpse of not only some Hasidic culture but importantly, philosophies regarding how anyone explains or absorbs this horror with their faith still intact and this is a subject I m very interested in.

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    The Jewish author that wrote this book should get a medal She wrote this story in a very Jewish manner using words phrases and culture that only the Jewish people would understand Ahhhh, but there is a really good glossary at the end of the book that will help you me out At times some of the stories may be hard to grasp or understand the miracles since they are about how the Jewish faith plays a role That is what makes this book so interesting Found this nice treat at HalfPrice bookstore for a couple bucks.

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    The gold standard by which Holocaust literature is judged is Elie Wiesel s Night Dawn Day trilogy If that is 24k this is 22k gold Does that mean 4 or 5 stars I m no mathematician, only a humble mechanical engineer, so I gave it 4 stars, on the grounds that .com predicted I would These tales are mostly short and so, emminently readable Above all, one remains in my mind It is the story of little Shachne Hiller, Mr and Mrs Yachowitch, and a young Polish priest Schachne is 4 years old when he is given up by his Jewish parents into the care of the dutiful and trustworthy Catholic Yachowitchs The Hillers are careful to instruct the Yachowiths that they wish Shachne to be brought up Jewish Time passes and the Yachowiths come to love little Schachne dearly Mrs Yachowitch takes the little boy to a young priest, explains the situation and asks that the boy be baptized The young priest refuses That priest, who is Karol Wojtyla refuses and eventually becomes Cardinal and is then elected Pope The boy comes to America, becomes a successful businessman and a devout Jew According to the Grand Rabbi of Bluzhov, Rabbi Israel Spira, God has mysterious, wonderful ways unknown to men Perhaps it was the merit of saving a single Jewish soul that brought about his election as Pope It is a story that must be told As for the rest of the stories, I was brought the point of tears by some, rendered incredulous by others, and rarely if ever bored by any This is great book and highly recommended by a tough grader.

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    The author of this book is not Hasidic herself, but in producing it, she interviewed many Chassidim about their experiences in the camps She also stuck to the main concept of a Hasidic story, which is that it must end on a positive note How is that possible with the Holocaust Leave it to Hasidic Jews to remember G d in the darkest of circumstances Especially inspiring are the stories of Rebbetzin Bronia, who later married the Bluzhover Rebbe, and his words of Torah introducing the book literally changed my perspective on life.

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    You might think a book called Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust would make you incredibly sad Perhaps Well, most probably But perhaps also it will give strength, hope, inspiration In the forward to the book, Yaffa Eliach explains how she gathered these tales They are based on interviews and oral histories, compiled with the help of her Brooklyn College students She begins by relating the history of Hasidism, a movement founded by the Baal Shem Tov 1700 1760 From the foreword The main themes of Hasidic Tales are love of humanity, optimism and a boundless belief in God and the goodness of mankind One can see why this form of tale could be helpful in relating the horrors of horrors of the Holocaust You can t fool me there ain t no Sanity Clause That phrase from the Marx Brothers movie came to mind as I was reading the book But instead, I thought, You can t fool me, there ain t no happy ending More here

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    Yaffa Eliach tells the stories of Holocaust survivors in Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust It was frequently painful to read of the tortures and to realize that six million Jews suffered death at the hands of the Nazis I am thankful that I had the opportunity to read these stories and to pray for all of those lost lives These poignant tales make me wonder how man can be so inhumane as the Germans were in trying to eradicate the Jewish population Yet, we see today how Islamic fundamentalists are attempting to do the same against both Jews and Christians God help us all.

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    I don t enjoy reading books about the Holocaust, as my book group well knows But, 20 years ago a good friend loaned me this book and assured me that, hard as it may be to believe, these were uplifting stories And it s true This book is one of a kind a collection of testimonies to faith and miracles despite terrible adversity.

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    This book gives a reader personal experiences of the holocaust from many perspectives of victims and survivors It lets a reader see these experiences in the context not only of the 1930 s and 40 s, and not only in the context of the lives of Jews in Europe before that time, but also in the context of the Hadisic tradition in Jewish religious history A reader connects with the people who endured the holocaust Ed D.

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    Read this book The tales are very brief, yet powerful, and so important as testimonies of the unbelievable events, both horrible and miraculous, that occurred in the lives of Hasidic Jews in Eastern Europe during the Holocaust Every story touched me many of the stories moved me And there are a few that I know I will never be able to forget.