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This series should ve stopped with the Giver.Mostly because That Ending ARE YOU KIDDING ME deeep breathsOkay, let me back up a bit In this quasi magic, quasi dystopian world, we have humans with magical gifts living in harsh, cruel and primitive villages.In the previous book we followed Kira, who was gifted with great artistic skills with embroidery talk about a disappointing super power as she is used and abused by those in power This book, we follow Matt Kira s old companion Things seem when you re little They seem bigger, and distances seem farther. Matt now Matty is roughly a teenager and is coming into powers of his own And unsurprisingly world has become very, very confusing for him His deepest desire is to become the Messenger in charge of relaying communication between the crude, vengeful and often irrational villages surround his little town Only, some of their madness is infecting his home And he could see as well that they had not yet approached the worst of it. A Trader has come to town and what he is trading causes harm to the entire population Gentle friends are quickly becoming cruel, kind folks are becoming apathetic and soon the entire village shifts from idyllic to something far, far worse.In the midst of that, Matty is sent out with one, final task to find Kira and bring her back before it s too late But with her lame leg and the Forest s ever increasingly menacing presence, Matty will soon find that even he might not make it back at all.Overall, I liked this one a bit than the previous but I m still peeved that after three books we re left with not even a scrap of information regarding their powers, the society i.e how the forest can have a consciousness or the world that used to be.The Trader arc was never truly resolved and I don t think I could forgive the author for what she did to Matty I ll finish this series but my heart isn t in it any.Audiobook CommentsWell read and a pleasure to listen to The variation in tone made this audiobook extremely engaging Blog Instagram Twitter Arrrrrgh In the best way I was 15 pages from the end and said to my husband, I don t see how this is going to end So when I get to the end, I moaned, and he asked whether it was a bad ending, to which I replied, Really good but bad And that is all I can tell you This is one you really must read if you have not I think I might even read it again to really get it If you can, start with The Giver and go right through to Gathering Blue and then Messenger I have not enjoyed a related series of books so much since Goose Girl, Enna Burning, and River Secrets I don t know how these two sequels to The Giver escaped me for so many years This book was terrible And stupid.It pains me to say so, because as everyone likely knows by now The Giver is one of my most favorite books of all time In this book, we get to see Jonas again and even Gabe, for a moment so I thought for sure it would tie things together and give me some emotional resolution And while it was good to see what happened to Jonas even though he is never called by that name in this book, it s clearly Jonas there were too many other major flaws for me to enjoy the story Major spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.First of all, I was than a little confused to learn that Jonas literally arrived in Village also, this trend of capitalizing nouns and not putting the in front of them annoying as fuck on a sled The sled is now in Museum in Village SEE Annoying Because the ending of The Giver is so open ended, I kind of thought maybe the sled was a metaphor, or a hallucination, or something Why was there randomly a sled He literally rode a sled into town All right Okay I ll pretend to buy that BUTJonas is around 20 21 in this story He has already been named the leader of this new community his name is now Leader and apparently has been for some time Really A thirteen year old shows up one day on a sled, with an infant, and in a few years he s the leader of the community This is kind of explained by saying that Leader has a gift, the ability to see beyond Yes, I ve heard that before Jonas could see colors when the other genetically engineered people in his childhood community could not But wait this is not the same seeing beyond that we know from before Adult Jonas can actually seebeyondwhat normal people can see Like, he can stand in his study and focus really hard on the forest and see to the other side But it makes him really tired Hmmmm When did he discover master this particular skill We never find out At one point Matty, the main character in this story, is hanging out with Leader and admiring his many books Leader says that they arrived one day when he was about 15 on a river barge just a bunch of wooden crates filled with books We are led to understand that these were the books that the Giver had owned, sent down the river to Jonas as a token of forgiveness for leaving them and making them deal with memories and colors So, what happened in his old community Is the Giver still there Did they sort themselves out Again, we never find out Jonas has never gone back to his old community, never regained contact with his family, nothing No juicy tidbits for a Giver fan to hold on to.Apart from the frustrating lack of information about Jonas, we have a strange subplot involving trading pieces of your soul or your family s health for things like slot machines that give you candy There s this shady fellow called Trademaster who is apparently magical in some way, because he s collecting the deepest self of many of the people in Village and trading them for these slot machines This is making many of the people in Village turn into hostile assholes who are mean to each other, and want to close the borders to prevent additional refugees from coming in So, you would think that this Trademaster fellow would be the Big Bad of the story Who is he What does he want What on earth is he doing Guess what We see him once, and thenwe Never Find Out.Somehow related to this close the borders subplot is the fact that Forest not THE forest, but proper noun Forest is thickening, decaying, and killing people who try to enter it Like, Forest is literally attacking people with vines and sharp sticks when they try to pass through This obviously has something to do with why people in Village are becoming so mean, and also probably with Trademaster, but none of it is ever explained Zip, zero, zilch, nothing The book ends with Matty sacrificing himself by using up all of his healing power to heal the forest, which then heals the people in Village by restoring their deepest selves and Jonas and Kira oh, she s here too traipse out of the woods together That s the end The main character dies stopping this malevolent evil that is completely unexplained Where was it coming from Why is Forest trying to kill everyone Are the slot machines evil Who is Trademaster What exactly were people trading WHY IS THIS BOOK SO TERRIBLE We never find out.So, if you re looking for a completely nonsensical and frustrating read, I highly recommend this book Otherwise, if you ve read The Giver and are thinking about continuing the series, I strongly suggest that you do not, because you will be sorely disappointed.And yes, I m still going to read Son Glutton for punishment, I guess. Messenger The Giver Quartet 3 , Lois LowryMessenger is a 2004 young adult fiction by author Lois Lowry It forms the third installment of The Giver Quartet, begun by her 1993 Newbery Medal winning novel The Giver It takes place about eight years after the events of The Giver and about six years after the events of Gathering Blue Characters from the two earlier books reappear in Messenger, which gives the novels a stronger continuity Matty was introduced in Gathering Blue as an energetic and impatient individual, who is undergoing a transition into adulthood as the story begins Matty now lives with Seer, originally named Christopher, an unseeing or blind man rescued by the people of the Village years before Matty is desperate for his new name to be Messenger, which is what he feels he is best at doing 2017 1396 183 9786002297136 WELL I didn t expect to be so torn up after finishing thisbut WHAT EVEN, OMG HOW CAN IT END LIKE THAT THIS IS UNFAIR GET ME BOOK 4 ASAP BEFORE I LOSE MY SANITY Yeah, yeah, already lost it but shhh don t get too caught up on details ANYWAY This book is incredible I confess to not loving Gathering Blue, but I think that was because I was confused it wasn t directly about The Giver But this quartet IS all tied together in knots It s really awesome, and the cameos make me squee insanely I wish I d reread Gathering Blue before this one, though, because Messenger featuresMATTY From Gathering Blue SO YAY And also Oh my gosh Jonas is in here JONAS, LITTLE KIND AND WONDERFUL JONAS Although he s all growed up Gabe is briefly mentioned but he s not a huge part.The style is Lowry s trademark simplistically but beautiful flow of prose I LURVE IT It could be viewed as too simple but that s half the reason I like it There s not excess It s just the story And that s blissful It also features this creepy jumunji jungle It was very nature survival ish, actually, which is quite different from the other books But I LIKE It s always fun when the foliage comes out to eat you It s also really really short Like less than 200 pages and yet WOW It hurt me badly Justwow The ending It has a worse cliffhanger than The Giver and I m just A LITTLE BIT DISTRAUGHT RIGHT NOW, OKAY I practically ran to my library to reserve Son, but there s 3 reserves on it and I m four so sobs It ll be ages before this gets resolved I CANNOT WAIT. This one starts to tie things together and characters from the previous two books are back again But overall Eh. This one follows Matty as he lives his new life in Village Several years have passed since Gathering Blue He has lost his uneducated slang way of speaking and now talks totally normal He pretty much has a completely different personality He has been civilized Not that it s a bad thing, but I definitely noticed a huge change The plot of this very short book less than 200 pages is centered on Matty s life and his special ability Also, some of the people in the Village are getting obsessed with this trading thing that goes on What they trade is a mystery, but the smart people stay away from it When people trade, they start to change.The traders end up wanting to close Village to new refugees, so Matty must go and bring Kira back before Village is closed for good Matty must go through Forest, but Forest is also changing, and becoming a real danger to any humans traveling through it.SO this book has one of my biggest pet peeves in it I won t say what it is because spoilers So that kind of influenced my feelings when the story ended Also, the resolution just felt kind of unsatisfying.I really liked Matty and will still read the final one But I think this was my least favorite so far Minor spoilerish items below I didn t get the Traders thing That really wasn t explained at all And really, the explanation for Forest was kind of weak, in my view Did the guy named Trader who brought trading to Village have some ability or something I felt there was potential there for a exciting subplot, but it didn t go anywhere Everything was wrapped up perfectly well besides that ONE POO POO THING HAPPENING and rushed at the end I just felt very meh Original post OMG David Morse narrates this Messenger Is The Masterful Third Novel In The Giver Quartet, Which Began With The Dystopian Bestseller The Giver, Now A Major Motion Picture Matty Has Lived In Village And Flourished Under The Guidance Of Seer, A Blind Man Known For His Special Sight Village Once Welcomed Newcomers, But Something Sinister Has Seeped Into Village And The People Have Voted To Close It To Outsiders Matty Has Been Invaluable As A Messenger Now He Must Risk Everything To Make One Last Journey Through The Treacherous Forest With His Only Weapon, A Power He Unexpectedly Discovers Within Himself Here s the second companion piece to The Giver I liked this one better than the first, Gathering Blue Actually, it had potential to be a great book, but it s like Lowry forgot her plot lines and things just fell off at the end of the book The first two books, The Giver and Gathering Blue deal with utopian societies This book takes place in a village with all the outcasts from these utopian societies It s called the village of the Broken, people with some deformity, disfigurement or handicap that were ousted from their home village now live here It is a great village where everyone accepts each other, has endless patience and are willing to help anyone along the way Then these auctions called Trademart starts and it s simple at first, where people trade one good for another But then people start trading part of their souls to fix their disfigurements As the villagers become normal their village changes People mock others behind their backs, no one wants to help others any and now they want to close their village to any new outcasts, fearing the village will run out of supplies and resources A messenger is sent out to all the surrounding places to let everyone know that the village of the Broken is builing a wall and closing itself down This messenger has a secret too but will it help or hurt the village And here s where the book falls off a little The ending is a little anticlimactic, I was really interested in the Trademart aspect and then all of a sudden it wasn t mentioned any, it wasn t resolved But I will say, for the age this book is written for, it is a good read and I think most tweens could get something valuable out of this book. the Messenger boy runs to and fro, delivering his messages, keeping his secret to himself.the old Seer sees beyond his blind eyes, to the world around him, to his distant past, to the heart of the boy.the young Leader looks ahead, the past secured, the present and the future fraught with danger.the distant Embroiderer makes her tapestries and sees all, all but the sickness.the once welcoming Villagers have changed avarice and fear sicken their hearts warmth and life have been replaced.the now sick Forest has found a new purpose kill, kill, and kill again cold and rot have replaced warmth and life.the Author writes a parable, her third in this world of parables she provides a guide on how not to live a life a guide full of secrets and blind sight that sees and futures that must be avoided and sickness that must be cured she writes with clarity and ambiguity, in equal measures.the Parable is a simple one resist your worst self.the Cure is a hard one sometimes a terrible sacrifice must be made.the author Lois Lowry lost a son, caught in the machineries of war she wrote an elegy for him, to mourn his passing to mourn the reasons for his passing to give his passing meaning to give him life, again to mourn his death, again.the Elegy is a lament for the dead a lament that gives purpose a lament that adds something tender and something meaningful to the terrible sting of loss.the boy is a Healer, as is the seer, and the leader, and the embroiderer the world the Author creates requires their sights, their sacrifices, their giving the world We live in requires the same. I think this is the most boring book of the series so far Very little happened really, although we did get one revelation