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Have You Ever Wished For Something So Hard That You Could Think Of Nothing Else When Karen Becomes Entranced By A Pair Of Beautiful Red Dancing Shoes In A Shop Window, They Fill Her Every Thought And Dream One Fateful Day, She Is Able To Buy The Shoes For Herself, Only To Learn Later, As The Shopkeeper Tells Her, To Be Careful What You Wish For, Because It May Come True The Enthralling Presentation Of This Hans Christian Andersen Classic Will Win Readers Over With Its Luminous Illustrations And Engaging Text, And Will Remind Them Of The Lessons Of Life And Love

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    De r de sko The Red Shoes, Hans Christian AndersenThe Red Shoes is a fairy tale by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen, first published in Copenhagen 7 April 1845 in New Fairy Tales Other tales in the volume include The Elf Mound Elverh i , The Jumpers Springfyrene , The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep Hyrdinden og Skorstensfejeren , and Holger Danske Holger Danske 2003 1382 12 9646979297

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    I read this story when I was a child but it was a much earlier education than this one.It seems very strange today that this story was intended for children s ears but many from a different era seem quite disturbing today An interesting classic children s story.

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    I enjoyed this fairy tale Come back to God

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    And Hans Christian Andersen had one disturbing story to tell the little ones even I am a grown up and was disturbed because the protagonist is supposed to be a little child This is the worst I ve ever read for the esteemed author, even worse than The Tinderbox I didn t like the intimidating religious tone of The Red Shoes If you want to send some kind of a message, then use your creativity in choosing a smarter way other than manipulating your way through a story intended for children, that s just so sick For the gory details, chick on the spoiler at the end of this review Morals of the story If you had to choose between a nursing the good old sick lady who adopted you into her warm loving house, and b going to a bloody dancing ball, then you MUST stick to a even if Beyonc and J Lo were coming Vain people will have it coming, sooner or later And there s a great chance that the punishing hand would strike them sooner i.e when they re still little children If the shoe fits, NEVER EVER get it in red. I don t know about you, but I d get it in black Because, Duh view spoiler If you wore the red shoes, your feet would become possessed with demonic powers You ll beg to get your feet chopped off with an ax because obviously red is an evil color hide spoiler

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    By the end the whole message of the story became a little confusing to me The red shoes behaving like the devil s gift and the life saving grace of the angel May be a little too overboard From what I understood, with this story Anderson was trying to send a few very controversial messages Against the bent towards glamour and showbiz which had just started to grow when this was written A propaganda for the church to make people come towards orthodox Christianity Everyone, child or not is equal in the eyes of the God and will be punished equallyIf not the above lessons I can t gather what else could be the possible explanation of writing such a gruesome story which ends on an equally awkward note.Or is there something missing in my angle of looking at faith

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    Brutal como todo lo de Andersen Debo decir que sinceramente me ha costado entender el castigo final y la moraleja del mismo