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In The Houses Of Montague And Capulet, There Is Only One Goal Power The Boys Are Born To Fight And Die For Honor And If They Survive Marry For Influence And Money, Not Love The Girls Are Assets, To Be Spent Wisely Their Wishes Are Of No Import Their Fates Are Written On The Day They Are BornBenvolio Montague, Cousin To Romeo, Knows All This He Expects To Die For His Cousin, For His House, But A Spark Of Rebellion Still Lives Inside Him At Night, He Is The Prince Of Shadows, The Greatest Thief In Verona And He Risks All As He Steals From House Capulet In Doing So, He Sets Eyes On Convent Bound Rosaline, And A Terrible Curse Begins That Will Claim The Lives Of Many In Verona And Will Rewrite All Their Fates, Forever

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    I stood in the dark corner of my enemy s house, and thought of murder Well, that was completely unexpected I decided to read this book because I have an arc of it, because it was Shakespeare, because I was curious, but I have to confess, I was expecting the worst For a few reasons 1 I couldn t even make it through the first book of the author s Morganville Vampires series, 2 Well, duh, it s a Shakespeare retelling, and 3 Romeo and Juliet has always sparked conflicted emotions within me In terms of language and style, it s exceptionally beautiful, with the kind of passionate writing that makes you want to throw yourself to the wolves in the name of true love These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and powder which, as they kiss, consume When he shall die, take him and cut him out in little stars And he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun You can get all caught up in that kind of red hot drama But, when it comes down to it, the story is really about a pair of angsty, melodramatic teenagers who take instalove to an all new level I ve never really bought into the romantic side of Romeo Juliet, I always found the family politics far fascinating So when Caine balanced her romance with a good deal of family dramatics, scandals, betrayals, action, curses and revenge, she actually created something I was always going to love And her writing style was PERFECT for a Shakespeare retelling A curse for love, cast in my own hand and faith and flesh A curse of love, on the house of the guilty Let them feast on love, as crows feast on the dead Perhaps I am, after all, mad This book tells a story that runs parallel to the one most of you will be familiar with Almost everything is happening the same but we see it from a whole new perspective and uncover surprising details Like the fact that Benvolio is the Prince of Shadows a Robin Hood like character who steals from the rich, selfish and greedy and has his own forbidden love for Juliet s cousin, Rosaline Or the fact that Mercutio is secretly in love with a man and his double life threatens to endanger them all Caine takes all the old characters and develops them in new and exciting ways I was mesmerized She knew tragedy with an intimacy that was almost obscene Everything about this was just right for me It is deliciously romantic, yet hopelessly tragic It s dark, yet often funny especially in the banter between Benvolio, Romeo and Mercutio But one of my favourite things about the novel could be seen as a negative for some readers and it will all depend on your reaction to the original story And that is the way Caine portrays Romeo Not as a self sacrificing romantic hero, but as an immature, bratty albeit strangely lovable boy of sixteen I have respect for the way romance and love is portrayed in the story because I don t have to try and force myself to believe in teen instaobsession When compared to Romeo and Juliet s romance, the love between Benvolio and Rosaline seems far mature and believable, but no less passionate and sexy so on the latter.If you want a beautifully written, atmospheric retelling that is as menacingly dark as it is sensual and passionate, I really don t think you need to look any further I was very pleasantly surprised But I warn you, what pulls them together is nothing a mortal man may battle it is a holy fire, I tell you, a most holy fire that burns in them The devil can stoke a fire as well as ever God could Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Youtube

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    Wow Here I am, in love with a Romeo and Juliet retelling Who would have ever believed that it was possible Not me for sure Romeo is a foolish infatuated kid who composes poems like we would write a shopping list Yay Finally I found in Benvolio a hero who shares my opinion of Romeo as a kind but inconsistent and immature teenager who craves for drama God, I ll take the Prince of Shadows on any day It s Romeo He d swoon over a dancing bear if it wore a skirt My thoughts exactly Tybalt Capulet is an abusive asshole who deserves to die from a slow and painful death I m ready I have a love hate relationship with Mercutio, but mostly, I can t help but love him I love Rosaline , Romeo said One risks anything for love Mercutio gave him a disbelieving stare, then turned to me You actually let this infant out in the streets, Ben On his own Their friendship was so fierce and heartwarming that I found myself smiling often than not Romeo and Juliet s love story is filled with madness Indeed the direction chosen by Rachel Caine to portray Romeo and Juliet s love story was surprising and pleased me a lot I don t want to say too much but I found this way so much understandable and believable Benvolio is such a complex and captivating character I shall marry him someday The oldest of his generation, he can t afford to be a dreamer like Romeo by all appearances he s almost exactly what we could call a wise fellow strong, discreet, respectful, and if he sometimes sheds the blood, it s only to protect himself Except that appearances can be deceitful and that s for the best indeed Benvolio is none other than the Prince of Shadows, famous thief who strikes, revengeful, in the most important houses of Verona I smiled, feeling fierce and free and wild in ways that no one would ever believe of the quiet, solid, responsible Benvolio Montague At night I could be something else than what my city, my station, and my family required Benvolio is trust worthy and loyal where Romeo is charming, but restlessly fights against his own inner demons, either impossible feelings or thirst for blood There was a wilderness trembling inside me that begged to let fly, and let the arrows fall as random as rain I loved this about him How couldn t I It makes his character so much layered and real Rosaline is an heroine I can admire strong minded, smart, brave I fell in love with them both and suffered for them One might say that it was insta love, but I don t completely agree, as their relationship grows slowly, after perhaps an insta sparkle of interest on both counts, and with reasons, because they re both different from other people around them and both bounded by secrecy In any case it didn t prevent me from loving the story because there was a splendid characterization and yeah, I fell in love with them Don t get fooled though It would be grandly unfair to reduce this book to a love story, because even if it is present, it s far, far away from being the main plot Verona s world is brutal, unforgiving, filled with secrets, political alliances, violence and betrayals Each path can lead to destruction, and one might act like a wolf to escape wolves wrath.How to survive in this pack of wolves How to avoid all the low blows and manipulations present along the road How far will you go to protect your family, your friends, your love How to live a life where deception is the norm and personal happiness a stupid and impossible dream The writing is utterly beautiful, and creates an haunting atmosphere that I wasn t able to escape before the last sentence From the very first page I was transported into Verona, enthralled by Rachel Caine s vivid and superb words Whether because of the awesome action scenes or the slowly growing tension, I felt so many emotions compassion, hope, rage, love, with always, in this world, the despair lurking Frankly As far as retellings are concerned, Prince of Shadows was fantastic Why, it almost makes me want to read Romeo and Juliet again except I won t, because this is the story I want to carry in my heart Ps Benvolio is no Ezio for sure, but come on, roofs and balconies in Italy I heart it There is no freedom, Benvolio you should give up that folly now This city is made of stone, and the stones will press us down, and down, cutting off all light and hope until dark is the only light you will ever see For of my reviews, please visit

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    4.5 I hadn t known I had innocence left in me until I d felt it die Thi book conquered my heart, my soul, my mind and everything it was possible to conquer It is intelligent, well written, witty, wonderfully plotted you name it It had me hooked from the very first chapters, and the rest not only lived up, but exceeded the expectations that had been raised Prince of Shadows is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, yes But we all know how retellings go nowadays they take a couple of things from the original story, mix the up a little, then stumble forward on their feet, or try But Prince of Shadows actually achieve the goal all quality retelling aim for it worms its way in the folds of the story and reworks it from the inside You will never see Romeo and Juliet with the same eyes, once you read this that much I can promise.An example I felt the same irresistible pull through my cousin s flesh, trying to draw him back to her It was than infatuation, than love.It was something darker than that, and with a darker end It was insta love.Well, ok, the last line is mine, but the point is I am certain that all of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have been bothered by the question How could they fall in love so fast That s not even normal I m sure they are on drugs Personally, the reason I like Romeo and Juliet is the politics, and personally, I couldn t care less about the two lovebirds So yes, that question is me And Prince of Shadows offered me such a view on this point that, although I know it has nothing to do with the original Shakespearean story, now I won t roll my eyes every time I hear their names Now I am likely to start drooling because automatically Benvolio comes to my mind But that s another story Which leads me to Benvolio, Prince of Shadows His characterization is perfect, both because it results adorable and appealing to the reader and because it is exactly what this particularly story needed he s reliable, resolute and trustworthy, iron willed, level headed, fierce, honourable A true stand up guy, that is And as if that were not enough, he is also hot and athletic Athletic meaning that if you fancied a tour of Verona s rooftops, he s the one you should call for Moreover, I find it particularly remarkable that the author succeeded in keeping a balance between Benvolio s attachment to his family and its values and his own personal sense of justice It was not an easy task, and the outcome is a splendidly fleshed out and consistent with the historical context young gentleman Also, we are getting married soon House Montague graciously offered to cover expenses In other words, you re all invited Rosaline s only flaw is that she appears in very few scenes I could have loved her wholeheartedly had I had time to appreciate her strength of character and her nimble mind Like Benvolio, she is sensible and clever, and it is clear from the beginning that they are medias naranjas, soulmates, anime gemelle The camaraderie Benvolio, Romeo and Mercutio are one of the funniest, most loyal group of friends I have ever read about I loved their banter, I loved their interactions, I loved the obvious, striking affection they feel for each other, even though they never pass up the opportunity to bicker and tease one another The fantasy element masterful I didn t know this nice touch was hidden along the course of the plot, and it caught me completely by surprise Apart from all its objective merits of which I ve already spoken I also found it original and well placed This book made me wish I was from Verona and knew all the strade, chiese and piazze that were mentioned It made city feel so alive, so real Love and war are the same in Verona Rachel Caine had a fabulous talent in imitating Shakespearean language, as the dialogues in particular can prove I swear the feeling they give you is nothing short of ecstatic, and the writing in general in sheer pleasure Pet peeves time I had difficulties with the name Tomasso Theoretically, it exist, but it s so uncommon that I, being Italian and living in Italy, didn t know it existed before I read this book We use Tommaso , which is very very common It was just weird I was trying to find some less banal synonym for It stole my heart, you must read it , but it seems I am unable to find any, so it stole my heart, read it Don t worry if you are Romeo and Juliet s fans, because this book won t ruin it for you, in fact, you ll love it better It doesn t deprive the original of a single thing if anything, it rereads it and reinterprets it, giving it new life And I think that only an extremely talented author could bring such an operation to a successful conclusion.

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    Perhaps I only imagined the friendship between us, fragile and unspoken and as deadly to us as a cup of poison Prince of Shadows is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet However, the author took an interesting turn here Instead of focusing on RJ s tragic love story, Caine choice to tell this tale from Romeo s cousin, Benvolio s perspective PoS started out really strong but somewhere in the middle, it lost me Though this had a solid plot with likable characters, it didn t keep my interest for very long I blame that on the writing style First of all, it s written in the first person I m realizing and with each reading, I no longer have patience for stories being told from the first person There is just something off putting about it To make things even worse, it s written in old, historical style For some of you, it could be a plus Unfortunately, this wasn t the case here What irritated me the most was the absence of the female MC already forgot her name, that s how relevant she was throughout the most book She was the only reason i didn t DNF this Trust me, i really wanted to like this one I did try my best If anyone has similar suggestions, please let me know.

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    Let the future fall Let the houses burn, as long as you are togetherThe fire of Romeo and Juliet revises itself in this beautiful retelling by Rachel Caine It is narrated by the thief who tootles the streets of Verona during the dark hours of night, Benvolio.Prince of Shadows is rich in beautiful expressions, fine writing, crispy dialogues, and a cultural glimpse of the middle ages when a man s duty to his family and a woman s honour stood foremost and sacred.Caine has entrancingly recaptured the essence of Shakespeare s tragedy, there is a curse spinning, passion rising and lots of bodies falling kissing the feet of death.All the characters are finely drawn Benvolio mature, aware of his sensitive position in the house of Montague yet faithful to the duties loaded onto his shoulders, Rosaline wise and beautiful, Romeo a lustful fool and Mercutio a man haunted by love a fresh flower withered under the unhealthy rays of custom and tradition.Twisted around friendship, family politics, duty and love, PoS is a tale of fire and ice, coming together, both scalding and cooling each other simultaneously Duty is the rope that strangles me Piety is a bed of broken glass And family is the company of hateful demons A book for everybody, regardless of their feelings of their original Romeo and Juliet.

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    DNF 35%I know this is supposed to be the 1600 s shit or whatever, but seriously Tybalt beating his sister bloody, woman being treated like absolute shit, serving no other purpose but to cook, clean, get married, and give birth around the age of 13, 14 is really not doing it for me I m painfully bored and cannot find a fuck to give from my pockets I never like Romeo and Juliet so,, lmao bye.Also, romeo is a dumb, fucking insta loving, piece of shit, I hAte HIM.

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    What a fantastic retelling of Romeo and Juliet I m not a fan of the story Before reading Shakespeare s original tale, I was so sure I was going to hate it, and I was surprised to see I didn t, and that s because while reading it, I realised tht the story can be interpreted in various ways Mine was that Romeo fell because of his lust I already knew that normally in Shakespeare s plays the character whose emotions where the most intense or uncontrolled was the one destined to die or to be mocked, so I was okay with my interpretation.Rachel Caine, with Prince of Shadows, brings us a new refreshing one that kind of combines mine with other spoilery things I will not say, but it worked well for me In fact, I d rather read this book again than the original play because gah The instalove It burns my eyes.The story starts some time before the events of Romeo and Juliet Benvolio Montague disguises himself as the famous thief known as the Prince of Shadows as a way of escape, fun, and to steal from the arrogant ones or the ones who deserve punishment Basically, the plot revolves around his adventures and misadventures as the Prince of Shadows while also trying to accomplish the task his feared grandmother assigned to him Keep his problematic cousin Romeo, who falls in love too fast and too hard, from ruining the honor of the family by doing foolish things.For me, Romeo was only a lustful teenager Some people say what he felt for Juliet was real love, but what happened between them was too precipitated and ot was based only on looks Also, if you don t remember, at the beginning of the play, it is stated that he was in love with someone named Rosaline, but as soon as he saw Juliet, everything was forgotten, which confirms what I said Here, he is portrayed just like I always pictured him to be.It s Romeo He d swoon over a dancing bear if it wore a skirt.The rest of the characters from the play are brought back in all their glory Mercutio was particularly well developed and made into an intriguing and complex character who made me laugh at times and then feel pity Rosaline has an important role, and I loved her too for being strong and intelligent.The narrator Benvolio was great as well I loved him so much He was supportive of his friends, tried to make himself a good image of a Montague, while dealing woth his double life as a thief, which as I said, was used as a way of escaping his reality.As this is a Romeo and Juliet retelling, there needs to be death And oh, there is lots of that, as well as a really tragic and unexpected love story which wouldn t have made me angry as well as sad had it not been so depressingly unacceptable There is lots of love, hatred and human stupidity involved too, which made the book turn from normal to a little sad to heart breaking and, in the end, very intense.Love is the curse.I haven t read Caine s vampire books, and to be honest, I don t think I ever will since I don t like reading about vampires they have gotten too fluffy for my taste and I don t want to risk it , but her writing in this book makes me want to read of hers It was simply so beautiful It followed the style of Shakespeare but believable and I loved it.I wish I could complain about something, but I cannot think of anything Maybe in the future something will come to me who knows but for now, I ll just say this is a read I entirely recommend for fans and not fans of Romeo and Juliet alike.

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    4.5 stars I stood in the dark corner of my enemy s house, and thought of murder. How can I possibly not fall in love with a Romeo and Juliet retelling that commences with trespassing and murderous thoughts HOW Simply impossible.I ve only read one other novel by Rachel Caine, and Ink and Bone sorely disappointed me So when I picked up Prince of Shadows, realizing only halfway through the book by whom it had been written, I was pleasantly surprised Because this book was amazing Now, let me tell you about my feels because I have many.Let it be known that I love retellings, especially those that expand an original beyond its horizon This Romeo and Juliet retelling was enriched by the point of view of Benvolio Montague, Romeo s much reasonable cousin Prince of Shadows combines an engaging narrator yes, Benvolio Montague is my dreamboat , a dark atmosphere set in the streets of Verona yes, Verona is a gem of Italy and poetic prose that makes the historical setting come to life This was the retelling of Romeo and Juliet I didn t know I needed in my life Let me tell you of my undying love for Benvolio Montague The most famous burglar of Verona which earns him the nickname Prince of Shadows is an exquisite character, and he makes Romeo look like a fool There is no greater joy than discovering remotely reasonable men in a Romeo and Juliet retelling, let me assure you So in this book, a different male protagonist advances into the spotlight Benvolio is not quite as pretty as his rosy cheeked cousin Romeo but he s the one who has his wits together Benvolio is such a wonderfully multi layered, captivating character Whereas others settle differences with a brawl in the city, Benvolio sneaks across the rooftops of Verona to steal his enemies possessions of value He s a sneak A trickster, but one loyal to his family and his friends At the manor, he s a caged panther, but at night he puts on his disguise and revels in his freedom And I love this guy, have I mentioned that Yes Yes Romeo, on the other hand, is a dreamer, his heads in the clouds that firmly on his shoulders Romeo, though praised as the epitome of a romantic, is a shallow little fellow who cannot see past a beautiful face He made me want to break things, dear friends.So, one fateful day, Benvolio meets his match, which happens quite early in the book He runs into Rosaline on one of his nightly excursions of thievery Rosaline is a strong heroine, someone to root for, for her characterization is empowering to women She is well educated, strong willed, and has a spark of sass, too The pairing of Benvolio and Rosaline are the slow burn to Romeo and Juliet s insta love To my surprise, I really enjoyed the contrast I m not fond of stories featuring insta love but it worked in miraculous ways in Prince of Shadows Because as I ve mentioned, the book is told from Benvolio s perspective, so it really underpins the strength of a slowly developing love In addition, I appreciated the explanation Caine delivered for the folly that was Romeo and Juliet s fleeting romance.To reduce Prince of Shadows to a mere love story would, however, not do the book justice in the slighest What made me love this book so much was that the love story, though a driver of the plot, didn t take a front seat I had a love hate relationship with their best friend Mercutio Mercutio is such a grey character, he s the friend who sways from his path because he s deeply wronged and wounded, and yet you kind of what to give him a good shake Their gay best friend who s also involved in Benvolio s nightly mischief is instrumentalized for two purposes One, as demonstrated by the example of Mercutio, the focus on friendship is strong in this book The three young men make a fantastic trio and Verona puts their loyalties to the test than once Two, also demonstrated by the example of Mercutio, the author takes a wonderful stab at the injustices of a narrow minded and corrupt society, and though it hurt as hell, I still loved it This book stirs an intricate plot of political alliances, family feuds, violent clashes, and betrayals The ugly truth of Verona s little secrets is bloody and unforgiving, and the book paints a haunting image of a city torn apart by two families with poignant, vivid writing The pain, sorrows, desperation, and hatred were so palpably real, which is testimony to Caine s skills as a writer From sympathy to blinding fury, I think Prince of Shadows made me feel every shade of emotion in existence All in all, Prince of Shadows made for a wickedly good love story Wicked, because it was overshadowed by hatred, bloodshed, and general madness Good, because it gave me all the feels And because Romeo and Juliet can both suck it, for they are not the true stars of this romantic tragedy Seriously, if you have a heart for twisted reimaginings of ancient tales, then Prince of Shadows is your book Credit for the visual material goes to Allison and Busby.

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    4.5 stars Perhaps one day I d be made a saint the patron saint of fools and lovers, if those terms were not exactly the same An totally accurate picture of my face while reading Prince of Shadows is an amazing retelling of Shakespeare s Romeo Juliet I confess I ve only read the abridged version for school, so I don t have much recollection of the protagonists here.The story is mainly told from side characters perspectives We follow the same plot Romeo and Juliet fall in love, the balcony scene, the wedding but these events happen on the sidelines Instead our main protagonist is Benvolio, the spare heir of the Montague family He poses as the Prince of Shadows, a Robin Hood like character who steals from the rich to knock them down a peg Other POVs include Mercutio, best friend to Benvolio and Montague ally, and Rosaline from the Capulet family In both here and the original play, Rosaline is the woman Romeo is madly in love with until he meets Juliet I m not sure how she s characterized in the original, but she s brilliant here Brave Clever Rosaline loves to read and longs to study, but is unable to due to prejudices There is secret power in being thought weak, and a fool, as women are so often see when I lied, I did so without a quiver, and no one looked closely To be honest, I was initially worried the women might take a backseat because it s primarily told from Benvolio s perspective Plus, most of the important characters are men as per the era, I suppose Fortunately, there are good solid female figures as well Even Juliet, who we barely see, has a distinct personality outside of the lovestruck girl the narrative introduces her as I did take some points off though due to the better than other girls vibe Rosaline has Romeo s characterization is particularly deserving of praise I ve seen reviews that say he s whiny and foolish, which is fair, but it also goes much deeper than that Yes, he s a romantic and rather naive, but he s also brave and loyal and kind His relationship with his Mercutio is stunningly written Friendships are the real star of the book, not romantic love Though friendship is a different kind of love, isn t it The relationship between Benvolio and Mercutio is beautiful, and it broke me, as it broke Ben, to see it disintegrate and his old friend turn cruel and cold after his lover Tomasso was hung Caine s reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet s insta love is fascinating, too Romeo had ever been a follower of Venus, but this There was something new in his face, his eyes, in the bend of his shoulders towards hers, and the clasp of their hands I saw it mirrored in her, blinding and beautiful but also dangerously fanatical Great characters, great writing, terrific plot Highly recommended.

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    I confess that I had absolutely no knowledge of Rachel Caine or her writing before today On a quick GOOGLE search, I see that vampires seem to be her forte So, I am assuming that this was a little bit of departure from her normal stuff and will have its share of lovers and haters I fall in the first category Seriously, any author who takes on the world of well known writers has to be so careful about the execution of it To take on one of Shakespeare s well known plays Yeah, that is going to take some pretty big balls Luckily, it all works out for Caine in this Romeo and Juliet retelling and I felt myself totally immersed in the re visit to Verona If you ve always had lingering questions about R J, but your English teacher failed to answer, then this book is what you re looking for What types of questions For starters, why did Lord and Lady Montague put so much pressure on Benvolio to keep Romeo out of trouble Did Tybalt have a deeper reason than just centuries of pent up familial warfare to strike against Romeo What could possibly be the reason for Mercutio s descent into madness Oh and what did Mercutico really mean when he uttered a curse upon your houses The Prince of Shadows is none other than Benvolio Montague, the older cousin of star crossed Romeo Benvolio takes us from the streets of Verona, to the inner sanctum of Montague headquarters, to the secrets that haunt his best friend Mercutico, and to the forbidden love that he feels towards the dark headed girl named Rosaline Capulet As well, those who love the Bard for his wit will be satisfied that Caine was able to keep it Some of the scenes between Benvolio, Mercutio, and Romeo are so great I thought WS might have written them himself While Shakespeare s play took only a matter of days, Caine story is like a fine wine Yes, you ll be impatient to get to what you know but it is all worth it