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Were I asked to name some of the best Dutch authors, one of the first would be Hella Haasse I ve read quite a few of her books and usually I find them riveting, contemporary and historical novel alike Recently I finished her great historical novel Het woud der verwachting dealing with the life and times of Charles of Orleans, turning with high expectations to The scarlet city It deals with Rome just after the downfall of the Borgia family and the main protagonist is a young man trying to find out whether he s a Borgia or not, while struggling to get a decent life in the swirl of events and power struggles he s bound up with.So far, so good Unfortunately the perspective changes all the time, even from first to third person within one chapter, as Haasse wants us to keep track of a lot of characters flowing in and out of the story we even get to know, quite unnecessarily methinks, the mind of the great Michelangelo But while the multitude of characters in Het woud der verwachting is deftly handled, in this book chaos rules and as a result I found that I didn t really care about any character at all surely a worrying sign Is our main protagonist a Borgia or not Will he find out Will he get the riches promised to him when a very young boy Regrettably, I quit fretting long before I was thrown out of the scarlet city with some other questions on my mind. I m not very fond of historical novels, intrigues and relationships among the nobleman I even barely stared enjoying the popular Game of Thrones series and i literally don t have a special interest in the history of Italy either However, I loved the writing of this book as well as the storytelling from the perspective of several characters. A r bay lmad m ama sevdim B l mler i indeki birinci ah s nc ah s anlat c de i iklikleri olmasayd daha ok severdim 3.5 5 I picked this up because I was interested in the time period 16th century Renaissance Italy, during the so called Italian Wars I liked it very much, although much of it was dark and depressing The protagonist was Giovanni Borgia, the so called infans Romanus He could have been the illegitimate son of one or of the famous Borgias, Cesare, Lucrezia or Pope Alexander VI.The novel follows Giovanni through his life first as a youngster shuffled from court to court At age 30, in the secretariat of a later pope, he commits his thoughts to paper All through the novel he searches out his parentage Different individuals lives all eventually touch Giovanni s Each section dealing with a particular person is set up in a particular manner, rather than strictly chronologically Michelangelo Buonarrotti, the angst ridden artist, confides his thoughts to us Machiavelli and a friend write letters back and forth, mostly on patriotism and a united Italy Italy at that time is many city states, each ruled by a Duke Finally, the friend counsels Machiavelli to abandon his idealistic dreams and to concentrate on his talent writing Through her interior monologues, we get to know Vittoria Colonna, the lonely and unhappy wife of a general, Ferrante, Duke of Pescara The scandalous pornographic writer, Pietro Aretino, reveals himself in conversations with Giovanni Those chapters are strictly dialogue It was difficult at first to pick out who talks to whom, until a first name is finally spoken In one of their conversations the cynical Pietro remarks, No one knows human nature the way I donothing is so lucrative as scandal People want to be titillated, Messer I got a very good feel for the courts and streets of Italy at that time the sights, sounds, and smells intoxicated me The personalities were very sharply delineated I enjoyed the descriptive passages where Michelangelo describes the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and its significance the beautifying of the courtesan, Tullia the heady description of Carnival, and the final battle in which Giovanni fights under the Colonna banner against the Germans and Spaniards The whole novel was rather grim The ending was a speculation so too are any historical facts about Giovanni s origins A side note the portrait on the book cover is a detail from a painting It shows Alfonso, Duke of Ferrara, and Giovanni as a young man and is kept in the Vatican Chronology the Italian Wars was invaluable It was a big help in untangling the byzantine nature of the corrupt politics The author bracketed what she used in her novel Highly recommended for lovers of historical fiction set in Renaissance Italy. In De scharlaken stad, de klassieker van Hella S Haasse uit 1952, probeert hoofdpersoon Giovanni Borgia het geheim van zijn onbestemde afstamming te ontrafelen tegen een achtergrond van toenemende onrust in zestiende eeuws Rome.De Italiaanse Oorlogen een gewapende strijd tussen de koning van Frankrijk en de keizer van het Heilige Roomse Rijk om de hegemonie over Itali zijn in volle gang en de legers van Karel V rukken in verontrustend tempo op naar Rome Maar voordat de stad valt op die fatale dag van 6 mei 1527 waarop de legers van Karel V een bloedig spoor van muiterij, verkrachting en moord achterlaten, proberen diplomaten van verschillende Italiaanse machthebbers onder wie Niccol Machiavelli, Francesco Guicciardini en Gian Matteo Giberti door middel van tact, strategie, list en bedrog hun geliefde schiereiland te redden van buitenlandse overheersing Terwijl het net zich langzaam rondom de Eeuwige Stad sluit, beweegt Borgia zich tussen verschillende kampen op zoek naar zichzelf het geheim van zijn afkomst en zijn plaats in de wereld.In De scharlaken stad vormen deze verhaallijnen het kloppende hart van de roman In hoofdstukken waarin het perspectief telkens wisselt tussen verschillende personages, komen we geleidelijk meer te weten over zowel die mysterieuze Giovanni Borgia en de vele verhalen rondom zijn schimmige herkomst, als over de intrigerende geschiedenis van de Italiaanse Oorlogen waarvan de uitkomst in de jaren 20 van de zestiende eeuw allerminst vaststond Tegelijkertijd weeft Haasse op subtiele wijze een derde verhaallijn door de twee hoofdlijnen van het verhaal, die van de groeiende godsdienststrijd Het levert een zinderende moza ekroman op die historisch sterk geankerd is en die de chaos van de late renaissance correct voorstelt een roman die in mindere handen makkelijk had kunnen verzanden in een log, levenloos geschiedenisboek In plaats daarvan zijn de personages, die allen echt bestaan hebben, karakters van vlees en bloed met eigenschappen die overeenstemmen met wat de bronnen over hen te melden hebben Het oogst niet alleen bewondering, maar dwingt ook respect af.In de Nederlandse literatuur wordt Haasse vaak gezien als de Grand Lady of Letters, een compliment om te verhullen dat zij niet gerekend wordt tot de Grote Drie van de naoorlogse literatuur Het oeuvre van Haasse is echter zoveel rijker en afwisselender dan dat van die zelfzuchtige mannen Haasse heeft nooit opzichtig gehengeld naar complimenten omdat zij wist dat haar werk sterk genoeg is om de tand des tijds te doorstaan En De scharlaken stad is, zoals zoveel andere werken in haar oeuvre, daar een uitmuntend voorbeeld van. Borgia, it s like the warning sign on the door of a pestilence house orginal DutchBorgia, dat is als het waarschuwend teken op de deur van een huis waar de pest woedtp 14 Finished What a wonderful read It s been a long while since I read anything by Haasse, but this reacquaintance reaffirms why she is my favorite author interesting historical topics, meticulous research, and beautiful writing What could a hf fan want SummaryThe Scarlet City a novel of 16th century Italy is a literary historical novel which starts in 1525, shortly after the battle of Pavia Giovanni Borgia finds himself, for the first time since his childhood, in Rome He is in search of his identity He bears a name which, than twenty years after the death of the Borgia pope, people still associate with corruption, intrigue, lust for power, as well as the rumors of incestuous relationships within the family His name marks him Yet Giovanni is struggling with that identity He wants to find out exactly who his parents are How is he related to Cesare, Lucrezia, the pope Giovanni s search for his identity and his place in the world is set against the background of a crucial phase of the Italian Wars German, Spanish, French soldiers all invade the Italian peninsula, accumulating in the bloody, horrendous sack of Rome.Haasse does not only give an insight into the life and thoughts of Giovanni Borgia, but also describes the actions and lifes of several key players in 1520 s Rome and Italy Machiavelli, Michelangelo, but also lesser known people such as Vittoria Colonna and Tullia d Aragona Each chapter she switches to another one of her characters, who all have a different insight into the complicated politics of Italy and Rome In total there are 5 different points of view This structure allows Haasse to give a far complete picture of the events of 1525 1527 than she could have done if she restricted herself solely to the point of view of Giovanni Borgia.Haasse presumes some background knowledge from the reader She s not going to explain who the Borgias were, or the geographical and political divisions in 16th century Europe The reader is thrown immediately into the events after the battle of Pavia Though with a vague idea of who the Borgias were and a rudimentary knowledge of 16th century Europe the emperor ruled Germany nd Spain, Italy was a patchwork of independent regions constantly at war with eachother , I was able to grasp what was going on.My judgementHaasse does what she does best With clear prose she writes about the events of the first quarter of the 15th century, and uses those events to get into the minds of some fascinating characters who populated the corridors of the Vatican in 1525 Her portrayal of life in Rome and the Vatican for those who are not the pope nor his most intimate counsellors is vivid and intriguing Each character who has his or her own point of view has their own distinct voice and their stories are multilayered I enjoyed the chapters of Giovanni Borgia, Vittoria Colonna and the correspondance between Machiavelli and Francesco Guicciardini the most Machiavelli s correspondance gave me some new insights into this historical characters In popular culture he is usually portrayed as a scheming politician Someone who can manipulate anybody to do anything Yet Machiavelli in the last years of his life, as portrayed by Haasse, is shown to be a man with ideals, and with a dream for Italy Possibly a far accurate description of the man.I loved reading Giovanni s chapters as they mostly recounted his life as he tries to reconstruct childhood memories and tries to hold every encounter with his family in a different light What did Lucrezia mean with what she said in their conversations Why did several members of the family act towards him the way they acted It s a nice little puzzle, and Haasse tells it well.I didn t like the chapters of Michelangelo, mostly because his voice was one of a suffering artist, which was not as focussed nor as strongly linked to the events in the novel as the other points of view I think the novel would be just as strong if she d cut him out completely Luckily, it was only two chapters.I m still mulling over whether I like the ending Vittoria Colonna s final chapter felt a bit too grandiloquent at places, and there s a major twist in Giovanni Borgia s quest view spoiler While the final solution of the puzzle of his identity as suggested in the final chapter is quite likely plausible I suspect Haasse has done extensive research on the trial for the rule of Camerino , it feels like a bit of an anti climax to think that Giovanni wasn t a Borgia after all or was he Though I quite like her portrayal of him being elated and clinging onto his new identity for dear life Quite fits his character hide spoiler Een meeslepend boek, maar wel een boek waarbij ik mijn aandacht niet kon laten verslappen De vele intriges, de schets van het politieke toneel binnen een historische context en de rijke taal maken het een prachtig boek, maar toch miste ik in vergelijking tot Het woud der verwachting iets. G NAH EHR Roman HELLA S HAASSE, Yazar Hollanda Edebiyat n n B y k Han mefendisi , FL 1951, TR 2011, Helikopter Yay n, eviren Ay en Anadol, 334 sf Roman n arka plan nda, R nesans d neminde ya ananlar 1495 1527 ve Roma n n ya malanmas ile biten talyan Sava lar yer al r ve ad ge enlerin t m Michelangelo, Machiavelli, G.Borgia, vd ger ek ki ilerdir Yo, ne lmekte olan s nd rebilir ate ini ya ayan n, Ne de sonsuz zaman d zeltebilir kar kl klar Michelangelo dan Vatikan koridorlar pazar kurulan sokaklar kadar kalabal k duvarlar n g z kula var burada insan n d ncelerini dile getirmesi, hatta f s ldamas s z konusu bile de il.Venedik ve Roma daki en zengin orospular bile imdiki kardinaller kadar uzun kuyruklu giysilere b r nm yor Yabanc n n biri Roma n n ne zaman sevin ten oyna n sorunca, bir rahip Papa ld zaman cevab n vermi ti Papa Alexander ld nde, r meye ba layan, kimsenin dokunmak istemedi i cesedi, ayaklar ndan s r yerek San Pietro ya g t r lm ve tabuta yumruklana yumruklana sokulmu tu.A l ktan ve vebadan peri an d en halk, Kutsal Pederin insan kisvesine b r nm eytan oldu u sonucuna varm a benziyor Burada bukalemunun i inde ya ar gibiyim Her ey durmadan de i iyor Unvanlar, ayr cal klar, makamlar, yeni gruplar esrarengiz bir abuklukla bir gidiyor bir geliyor nsan her an yeni bir ayar yapmak zorunda d n kudretli olan bug n g zden d m e benziyor, ya da tam tersi.Roma kadar siyasi eki melerin zehriyle kirlenmi ba ka bir ehir yok Her daim pejm rde, toz i inde, k l ks z, her daim acayip, her daim ula lmaz MICHELANGELO Ne b y k adam Roma da ok d man var G rg kurallar ndan haberi yok, hatta asl nda kaba g nlerce tek kelime etmez, abus somurtkan suratl , yabani, Neler s yleniyor hakk ndaPe in para al r, ama i i zaman nda teslim etmez, hatta hi etmez yak kl o lanlar n pe inde Roma da ge irdi i g nlerin her an st rap doluydu, her an a r lma olas l y z nden haz rolda beklemek zorundayd Zorunlu avarelik, i kencelerin en k t s Michelangelo kambur duru lu, elleri atlam ve bo um bo um 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iskelenin evresinde bulut gibi as l toz ve ince par ac klarla kar ncalan rd afaktan g n bat m na kadar, k iyi oldu u s rece y ksek iskeledeki yaln zl geceleri, uykusuzlu un i kencesi Bedeni t kenmi li in, zihni ku kunun ac lar n ekerdi V.Colonna Cinsel arzunun sarho edici co kusuna g venemezdi ideal a k n safl na, iki benzer ruh aras ndaki, m kemmellik modeli olarak g rd o destans duygunun safl na leke d rmesinden korkuyordu O ideal a k bozmamak i in kendini geri ekerdi Nereden ba lar z ar nmaya Zihinlerimizde Zihinlerimizi bi imlendirme, y neltme hakk na kim sahip Kendini kutsal olarak tan mlayan Kilise B yle bir tan m i in p nar suyu kadar saf, kar kadar lekesiz, ate kadar paklay c olmas gerek Ama Kilise pislik retiyor badet y zeysel bir ey Kardinaller, piskoposlar, en sttekinden en alttakine kadar b t n rahipler kendilerini d nyevi tutku ve h rslara vermi Manast rlarda tembellik, ahlaks zl k kol geziyorOn Emir d r l p b k l p TEK EMRE d n t r lm B ZE PARA VER N Roma koku mu , her yeri Alal m s p rgeyi, s p relim mahkemeleri, tarikatlar , manast rlar D nya mal seni zincirlemi se, Tanr ya do ru y kselemezsin Machiavelli Papa n n H k mdar Prens kitab n n bas lmas na izin verece i s yleniyor bas l rsa, g c n ne anlama geldi ini, yetke sahibi olman n, h kmetmenin, d zeni sa laman n, silah ta man n ve tetikte olman n, k saca h k mdar olman n ne anlama geldi i a k se ik anla lacakt r.Siyasetin kendine zg areleri vard r, kendi yolunu bulur ve bunun da sizin ve benim zel hayat m zda iyi ve k t diye adland rd m zla hi bir ilgisi yoktur nemli olan tek l t vard r H zl ve verimli al ma Bocalamamak, duraksamamak, ko ullar n tam da gerektirdi i yolu azimle se mek Sonu al nd nda o sonuca varmak i in izlenen yolu kim umursar Machiavelli bir el i, air, filozof, d nyay de i tirmek isteyen, kolay heyecanlanan, tuhaf bir adam Dalgalarda ift ift oynayan yunuslar seyrettim Bir yunus e ini yitirirse z nt den l r Denizden do an Ven s n oyuncu, sad k dostlar d r onlar Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa tablosunda En gizli ihtiraslar g steren, tabiat n bize d nd rd bir y z bu bir bilmece Y z canl , anla lmaz bir bi imde k p rd yor Dahice d zenlenmi perspektifte parlak, a k se ik tamamlanmam renkler, k ve g lge tonlar , farkl derinlikler Sanki bir pencereden i eri bak yorsunuz ndeki fig r kad n m , erkek mi, yoksa ocuk mu, yeti kin mi, insan m , eytan m , bilemiyorum Bakarken o y z n ifadesi de i iyor O k sac k anda, nce zul m ve h nz rca bir alayc l k g rd m sonra h z n ve efkat ve en sonunda bana yle geliyor ki dudaklar ve g zleri g l ms yor, esrarengiz bir tav rla, tatl tatl ve oyun oynar gibi S radan bir talyan n ne oldu unu siz de iyi bilirsiniz lkesi yoktur, b b rlenir, zeki de il kurnazd r, yi itlik g sterisi ar alaya kar, ama asl nda cesur de ildir Onur duygusu, utanma duygusu olmayan bir asker eytan n oyunca d r, hadsiz hesaps z ac lara sebep olur Bu oyundaki piyonlar d nmez, hissetmezler Ba kald ran, satran tahtas ndaki ta lar gibi oraya buraya s r lmenin a a lay c oldu unu fark eden, pek azd r B t n sava lar y k m u runa y k m olarak g rd m at man n nedeni ve amac nemli de ildi askerler yaln zca birer fig ran, ate kusan tun ve demir canavarlar n k lesiydi, ehirler ve k yler yaln zca birer hedef, savunmas z kar nca yuvas yd Her eye ger ekte oldu undan farkl ym gibi davran Ger ekli in kar s ndaki tek silah kesinlikle budur, o irkin, irkin ger ekli in R zgar en ok en y ksek a a lar sallar Skandal kadar karl hi bir ey yok nsanlar i lerinin g c klanmas n istiyor Michelangelo Fig rleri mermerden kurtar rken, ac lar n , dilsiz aresizliklerini hissedebiliyordu K rle mi bir fkeyle, bir bu heykel bir teki heykel zerinde al yordu sanki o zalim ta n i inden kendi huzurunu ekip karacakt Michelangelo , yirmi y ld r orada duran Davut a kendisinin yapt heykel Floransa G zel Sanatlar Akademisi nde her zamanki gibi i g d sel bakt onlar i in g t , cesaretti, haks zl k ve iddete kar soylu bir fkeydi Cesur Floransa Cumhuriyeti halk n n simgesiDevrim s ras nda o u ki 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Complex, multi narrator telling of the 16th Century s Italian wars The main protagonist is Giovanni Borgia, seeking not only his purpose and career, but also his exact blood identity He knows he is a Borgia but he does not know the sure identity of either parent, other than his own treatments while a child fall fairly toward the path that places Pope Alexander as his Grandfather Lucrezia s son by her second marriage, Roderigo, being raised with Giovanni They are continually hidden within distant noble households Although in various Italian city state castles and towns with tutors, he is quite on an equal par with his legitimate brother They are a childhood duo The book roughly follows this Borgia s life and closest acquaintance for decades.It is an extremely difficult read and it is masterful in scope We have sections in the eyes of several noble woman, Pietro, Niccolo, and other characters, such as Michelangelo, who you will recognize These works of Hella S Haasse translated from the Dutch are the best examples of historical fiction that is placed entirely within the eyes of that time and place This reads like 50 sided history with deep characterizations of people who are real 1511 or 1525 The art, poetry, visual occupational entertainment, manners and much else encompass the ultimate combinations of both trust and disloyalty mated in ever seeking self identity Not just for Borgia, but for Italy itself, in any national sense.Historical fiction as I seldom see found here. Het Pauselijk Hof In Rome Wordt In De Nadagen Van De Renaissance Gedomineerd Door De In Scharlaken Gestoken Hogere Geestelijkheid Een Jonge Mysterieuze Italiaan, Giovanni Borgia, Bastaard Uit De Beruchte Familie, Is Op Zoek Naar Het Geheim Rond Zijn Geboorte Zijn Speurtocht Is Onder Haasses Handen Uitgegroeid Tot Een Authentiek Beel Van Die Tijd De Wereld Van Michelangelo En Machiavelli