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Lose Up ToPounds InWeeks With A Doctor S Proven Plan For Losing Weight Quickly, Easily, And Permanently No Counting, No Measuring, No Hassle If You Have Tried To Lose Weight And Failed, Or Lost Weight And Failed To Keep It Off, You Re Not Alone Two Out Of Three Americans Are Overweight, Many With Between Thirty And One Hundred Pounds To Lose Now Dr James W Anderson, A Professor Of Medicine And Clinical Nutrition At The University Of Kentucky, Shares His Groundbreaking, Scientifically Based Nutritional Plan That Has Already Helped Thousands Of Americans Lose Weight Sometimes Than One Hundred Pounds And Keep It Off Permanently It Can Also Help You Lower Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, And High Blood Sugar Reverse TypeDiabetes, Heart Disease, And Other Obesity Related Health Conditions Decrease Your Risk For TypeDiabetes And Its Related Consequences Eliminate The Need For Dangerous And Expensive Gastric Bypass Surgery Help You Feel Better About Yourself And Enjoy Your Life Best Of All, You Can Use Prepared Foods That Are Easy To Find In The Supermarket There S No Calorie Counting No Measuring No Guesswork And If You Stick With This Easy To Follow Plan As Thousands Of People Already Have There S A Nearly Foolproof Guarantee Of Success Lifelong Success Many People Have Changed Their Eating Habits And Improved Their Health By Using This Program Now It S Your Turn An easy read A simple plan We ll see if it works. I m excited about trying this eating plan It is super simple to understand and I believe it will be easy to implement and stick to It couldn t beconvenient and involves no counting of calories, carbs or fat grams Lots of fruit and vegetables are included, and there are contingency plans for hunger pangs It will also be MUCH less expensive than Medifast or joining a weight loss system. Perhaps the front of the book should say something about the fact that this doctor only cares about people that need to lose at least 100 pounds so that those of us who don t need to lose that much don t waste our time.