Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) young adult historical fiction

The Look of Love –

2.75 5This was a bit disappointing.I really got mixed feelings about this book I enjoyed some parts of the story, but many others made me want to pull my hair out at the same time One moment, it had me smiling and my heart swelling with joy, the next, it had me frustrated and so upset.In my opinion, the second installment in this series From This Moment On was much better than this one I ve read this series out of order In this book, there was too much information about all eight Sullivan siblings Honestly, I don t care what they do for a living I can t even remember their names when I finished reading this book except Marcus and Gabe because I read their books already If I want to know about them, I can find out for myself when I get to their stories.What worked for me 1 Chase He told Chloe that he is not a saint, but in my eyes, he s exactly the person I d call a saint He s so good to her in the way I wish I could have him all to myself He s just perfect Sigh 2 The setting I loved Sullivan Winery The picturesque vineyard scenery was like a breath of fresh air.What didn t work for me 1 The plot There was not enough substance to make the book captivating and the plot was too plain and somewhat boring nothing new here Chase found Chloe alone at the side of a dark road in the middle of a rainstorm He took her to his brother s guesthouse They both felt an intense attraction towards each other and then they had sex several times While he tried to win her heart, she kept pushing him away At this point, I had steam coming out of my ears What the hell was wrong with her Argh But thankfully, she came to her senses eventually, and thenHappy ending Well, this is not a novella so I expected something than THAT Sadly, I didn t get what I wanted.2 The sex scenes There were too many sex scenes and some of them were overly long I skimmed..skipped..then skimmed..skipped..and skimmed through those pages, and yet these two people still didn t FINISH Gosh, get to the point please 3 Chloe She totally got on my nerves Chase is a man every woman wants to spend the rest of her life with, but she wanted to walk away from him Seriously A heroine with love and trust issues No, thanks.However, I always enjoy Bella Andre s writing style Although this one wasn t my favorite in this series, I will definitely read the fourth installment. I didn t fall in love with you because you re so lovely it hurts to look at you I didn t fall in love with you because you make love like a dream All of that is just a bonusswoon This book is so EFFING cute my bloody face hurts grinning like a fool throughout Chase lifted his glass To rainy nights She tipped her flute against his, murmuring, To rainy nights in a husky voice.He continued to hold his glass against hers And to one very lovely woman that a storm brought into my life Sorry Chloe, I am stealing Chase for me He is just Ask me again how I know you re special, Chloe The pictures dropped from her fingers onto the table She didn t need to ask Chase had shifted his seatMINE I want him Agrh He s perfect Bastard. I did not expect much from this book because of mixed reviews So basically, what I got was what I expected.This book could have been better but there was too much cheeziness going on I love cheezy and romantic books, but this was overdone Another issue I have with this book was the insta love It s too unbelievable.It all started when Chloe, who ran away from her ex husband, accidentally bumped into the hot and enigmatic Chase Sullivan when her car skidded off the road and Chase saw her and instantly helped her He brought her to his home and gave her comfort, basically persuaded her to stay for the night while she s figuring out what to do with her car With Chase s help her car was taken care of but she needed to stay a bit longer because Chase wanted her around She discovered lots of things while staying at the beautiful mansion of Chase and learned about him, including his passion and work as a photographer Then they developed sexual tension and fell in love.There was just a plain and simple plot in this book Nothing was really special And even when I was just starting this book, the insta love love at first sight thingy was already palpable it became a clich.It took seconds for Chase to decide that he s attracted to her And it took hours for him to realize that he s in love with her It also took 48 hours for them to have sex And they were still getting to know each other at that Insta love, everyone Nevertheless, I love the author s way of writing I love how she described the setting It was beautiful and peaceful and relaxing and I want to live there I just wish the storyline was good.Rating 2 Stars 3.5 5 Review posted Happily Ever After Reads Meet the Sullivan Family Smith ActorMarcus Winery ownerChase PhotographerRyan Pro baseball playerZach Owner, autoshop chainGabe FirefighterLori Naughty Dancer choreographerSophie Nice LibrarianThe Look of Love is book 1 in the Sullivan Family series, following the 8 siblings listed above Chase is up first and he would be the model for the ultimate good guy On his way to his brother s winery for a photo shoot, he sees a car that s skidded off the road and stops to help He s instantly taken by Chloe and convinces her to let him take her to the winery to stay in the guest house for the night He says and does all the right things to make Chloe feel comfortable, in the presence of a stranger Chase feels a pull to Chloe and sets out to slowly woo her We like woo ing Chloe has problems to deal with than just a totaled car She s running from her ex husband, who gave her a nasty bruised cheek when she tried to get away from him She has no money, basically nothing to her name and even though she doesn t know anything about Chase, she s pretty desperate and needs a little help right now Chase puts her at ease and she decides to stay the night and regroup the next day.Staying at the winery ends up extending past one night and Chloe meets Marcus, the winery s owner and gets to see Chase in action as a photographer She sees him interacting with the models, his brother and with her and he almost seems too good to be true He wants her, he makes that point very clear, but he also knows that something happened to her in her past, and she needs to make all the first moves He sets a slow pace and Chloe isn t able to resist him Not many of us could, he s caring, patient and becomes a solid presence in her liferight at that moment, with the Napa Valley sun shining down on her and grapevines budding to life across rolling hills as far as the eye could see, there was nothing left but honesty I haven t had a male friend in a very long time He was silent for a long moment, and even though the butterflies in her stomach had her keeping her eyes on the horizon, she could feel his gaze on her I d be honored to be your friend, Chloe By the time they do get together, it ranges from hot, up against the wall sex, to pure love But overall, I kept thinking how romantic the book was and that 100% applies to Chase He s the perfect guy for Chloe and it was just a matter of when she realized it, not if The pacing is pretty fast, the story taking place over the course of days and there is closure with her past that gets wrapped up pretty quickly in one scene, but this is one of those books where the entire focus is on the main relationship I did miss moments with the siblings, although I hear we ll get a big Sullivan family scene in book 2 We are introduced to all of them through Chase telling Chloe about his family and we meet Marcus on page He s preoccupied with his own personal life, and we ll find out about that in the next book.This is a nice start to a new series and if judging by Chase and his sweet, protective character is anything to go by, the Sullivan s will be a great family to follow. Well that was a disappointment about 60% I was ready to throw in the towel with The Look of Love I kept going because I don t like not finishing a book I also purchased a bunch of Bella Andre books in a package deal which were the first five books of this Sullivan series I kept hoping and hoping that I would eventually get drawn into this story I didn t The word lovely was used 55 times to describe Chloe 55 times Chloe had a lovely face, a lovely personality, lovely toes and even her clitoris was described as lovely Oy with the lovely already It was also way over the top with how beautiful everyone was Of course Chloe was lovely but Chase and all his Sullivan family were all gorgeous, the models that Chase photographed were all beautiful, the guest house wasn t just nice it was breathtaking The winery scenery was perfect There was so much perfection oozing from the story that I found myself wanting something to go wrong just to bring some normalcy to the story One of my pet peeves with books is where the author writes that the protagoists had never experienced what was happening to them over and over again Each orgasm was and mind blowing and they d never experienced such an orgasm before Here are just a few of the nauseating examples, not only has Chase never met anyone so lovely, both inside and out Chloe Peterson had never felt so wet like he d never seen anyone or anything quite so pretty she d never worn clothes this gorgeous She d never been like this before, vacillating from one extreme to another never been like this before, never like this with anyone I ve never been kissed like that before She d never seen anyone like Chase before She d never been able to find a man who really understood her before I could go on and on and on with all the experiences that they never had before I was also rolling my eyes reading that they were already dropping the I love you and a marriage proposal by the end of their introductory weekend What were they basing this love on Well of course I got that Chase was drop dead gorgeous and Chloe was lovely but what else was the draw There was lots and lots of sex but I really wasn t sure what it was that had them immediately falling in love Lust I understood but love It just wasn t realistic to me Chase went from sleeping regularly with many different women to proposing all in one weekend The Look of Love tried really hard but it really failed for me and I was never so happy to finish a book before Someone please tell me that the rest of the books are way better than this first book since I already bought them. I truly wanted to like this one, many of my reader buddies like it, hoping it was along the lines of Marie Force s Gansett Island series, however sadly it s not Just bad dialogue and too cheesy One truly bizarre part about 78% in where the H, Chase, a 32 year old professional photographer, is thinking about the h, Chloe, Chase thinks What an idiot he was Nearly 2 decades of as much sex as he wanted with models and actresses hadn t so much as been the first chapter of the rule book for making love to a woman he was actually in love with Really WTH The guy would have been 12 years old 2 decades earlier I tried to re think this and went back to check his age again, then tried to give the author the benefit of the doubt Ok almost 2 decades18, 16, 15 years ago Still a no go No way a guy who could have been 14 17 years old is having hot meaningless sex as a photographer for models and actresses Between rolling my eyes and thinking Puh leeze I did manage to finish the bk Disappointed that this series was a fail for me. Chloe Peterson Is Having A Bad Night A Really Bad Night The Large Bruise On Her Cheek Can Attest To That And When Her Car Skids Off The Side Of A Wet Country Road Straight Into A Ditch, She S Convinced Even The Gorgeous Guy Who Rescues Her In The Middle Of The Rain Storm Must Be Too Good To Be True Or Is He As A Successful Photographer Who Frequently Travels Around The World, Chase Sullivan Has His Pick Of Beautiful Women, And Whenever He S Home In San Francisco, One Of His Seven Siblings Is Usually Up For Causing A Little Fun Trouble Chase Thinks His Life Is Great Just As It Is Until The Night He Finds Chloe And Her Totaled Car On The Side Of The Road In Napa Valley Not Only Has He Never Met Anyone So Lovely, Both Inside And Out, But He Quickly Realizes She Has Much Bigger Problems Than Her Damaged Car Soon, He Is Willing To Move Mountains To Love And Protect Her, But Will She Let Him Chloe Vows Never To Make The Mistake Of Trusting A Man Again Only, With Every Loving Look Chase Gives Her And Every Sinfully Sweet Caress As The Attraction Between Them Sparks And Sizzles, She Can T Help But Wonder If She S Met The Only Exception And Although Chase Didn T Realize His Life Was Going To Change Forever In An Instant, Amazingly, He Isn T The Least Bit Interested In Fighting That Change Instead, He S Gearing Up For A Different Fight Altogetherfor Chloe S Heart Love Story, Contemporary Romance, Alpha Males, Heroes, Sexy Romance, Bad Boys, Falling In Love Well What was I expecting anyway Chloe just ran away from an abusive drunk On a rainy night, down a stretch of Napa Valley highway, her car skidded to a fence and into its death the car slet s make that clear Lol That s where Chase found her, stranded, looking like a drowned rat with a mighty shiner courtesy of her ex husband Instant chemistry abounds One of those, ohemmgee I must have her must protect her mine mine mine type of chemistry Chloe was skittish, understandle given her situation Chase gave her space commendable considering he s one of those, MAN SEES, MAN WANTS, MAN TAKES type of guy And really, I love those type But I was really expecting And thenand thenI don t know what happened How could Chloe go from being determined to stand on her feet to being just another googly eyed, weak in the knees heroine was mind boggling It was like the author decided to give her a strong persona and then in the middle of the novel she decided, nah, this won t do Thankfully, Chase pretty much stayed the same until Chloe got drunk and put the moves on him I was scratching my head at this point It was sex, sex, sex Too bad because I was really liking this until it got to the point where Chase, after three days of meeting Chloe, proclaimed his never ending love for her We re talking forever kind of love Always and Forever kind sigh I just don t think that the relationship should ve been rushed But hey, please refer to the second sentence of this review Serves me right I think I have lost the ability to pick good books to read But can you blame me The synopsis sounded so good I couldn t wait to read this book so much that I sped through it in less than three hours I m really feeling bad now I m going to call my friends, Ben Jerry. THE LOOK OF LOVE is the first book in the Sullivan s series and I think Bella Andre has a hit on her hands Not only are the characters very likeable and engaging, but they hold a certain appeal that makes you respect them and their choices In the midst of a storm, Chase Sullivan, the photographer finds Chloe on the side of the road Thinking he s doing a good deed, he pulls over and tries to help this woman who is drenched to the bone and is sporting a shiner Instead of pressing the issue, he convinces her to get in his car so he can drive her to his brother s winery to stay the night Chloe has her heart shielded like a prison It seems like nothing will get past her ward However, Chase has this uncanny ability to tease her, making her feel safe in the shelter of his arms He doesn t try to push her Instead, he coaxes her slowly with a lethal seduction that will end in Chloe s complete surrender Bella Andre really amps up the sexual tension in this book There are numerous scenes that made my palm sweat and heart beat a little faster While the sex scenes between Chloe and Chase were wonderfully creative, I thought there were some cases where it was cut off in when I wanted it to go on This is a testament to Andre s writing She makes me want Another thing I wanted to mention is the fact that Andre s voice works really well for hot contemporary romance So much so that I think she ll be one of my go to authors when I need a contemporary romance fix And this Sullivan series has become one of my favourites The reason being is that Andre creates characters that feel larger than life Marcus, the winery owner and brother to Chase made a lasting impression on me that made me eager to start his book right after this one When an author is able to present characters to readers and make us fall in love with them within one book, then I know that this will be a series that I will be following Andre creates distinct personalities while still keeping that Sullivan trademark about them I can t wait to read about the rest of the Sullivans Read my Fresh Fiction review hereThere is a new print edition You can read my thoughts on that here i can not believe this book is 300 plus long and the content is only about hero and the heroine getting hook up 300 pages i have to skip so many pages and trying to get into the drama the major twist or the steamy sex but nothing happen so disappointed 1 star