Beard Necessities (Winston Brothers, #7) young adult

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Hairy Maclary Felt Bumptious And Bustly, Bossy And Bouncy And Frisky And Hustly Hairy Maclary, Everyone S Favourite Dog, Is Busy Chasing And Hustling All The Neighbourhood Cats From Slinky Malinki To Pimpernel Pugh But When He Comes Face To Face With Scarface Claw, The Toughest Tomcat In Town, It S Hairy Maclary S Turn To Be Bustled, Rustled And Hustled

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    Another great story from the very talented Lynley Dodd Hairy Maclary is up to no good but having chased all the cat s in the neighbourhood, he is in for a very big surprise in the form of the toughest tom in town.

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    Lynley Dodd is, as far as I m concerned, a childhood hero A genius of literary magic Her stories, and illustrations, are just the stuff a childhood should be full of The stories are not only simple stories that most kids can and will relate to, but they are written in a delightful manner that makes them a joy to read, and to hear I used to feel like the Pied Piper when I sat down to start reading a Lynley Dodd book to my kids at our local play centre, because I would soon have a throng of eager children all sitting transfixed Whether they knew the interesting words Lynley uses they would all be hanging on the suspense and anticipation of the tale From which dog was next, which cat was next or all jumping at Scarface Claw the toughest tom in town The stories absolutely delight, entrance and enthral each and every child I have read them to and that s a lot These books are read so often that they are learned, and this helps teach word association with pictures which are just as delightful as the words , my children and others learned interesting language that they may not otherwise come across The words all have a musical verse to them which enhances the flow and makes them such a pleasure to read which is good as my kid Never got bored with them My 18,22, and 24 year old all attest to the magic of Lynley Dodd Have I raved enough Do you have children nearby Then grab one of these wonderful stories and read

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    Lots of rhyming Hairy Mclary has chased away all of the other cats but just as he is about to scare another one he realises it s scarface claw Good for EYFS.

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    This book is about a small black dog called Hairy Maclary He loves to chase things Hairy Maclary goes outside and chases numerous cats He chases and chases until he finds a tail sticking out from a bush He pounces on the tail and discovers that he pounced on Scarface Claw a tough ally cat Scarface Claw then chased and chased Hairy Maclary all the way home.Hairy Maclary is a little bouncy black dog He has scraggly little legs, long curly fur, and big round eyes He is ecstatic when he goes outside He loves to run around, and discover things Hairy Maclary also enjoys to chase things, like cats, when he goes outside This book would be great for kids age s three to five This book would be great for kids who are starting to learn how to read It has a few larger words, like syca, but they are easy to sound out It is a cute read that I think they would enjoy.I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars I really liked this book This book was very cute and simple The illustrations were very detailed and portrayed well with what was happening, what characters were doing, and what the characters emotions were I would highly recommend this book for children.

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    I really loved this book I remember my Dad reading this series to me and we always used to say bits together Children in Reception and Year One may know these books as well and I would encourage them to join in with the story, for example ALONG CAME HAIRY MACLARY I would ask them to look closely at Dodd s lovely illustrations and try to predict what will happen next in the story We would create own pictures in Dodd s style and I would get the children to write their own storylines for these using the format in the book I would definitely take advantage of all the great verbs and adjectives that Dodd uses and create a sheet to send home with my class to learn They could use these in their own story writing, diary entries and poetry.

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    There is as much in the language for a 6 year old starting to read on their own as for the shared experience with younger children.Lynley Dodd and Margaret Mahy MUST be New Zealand National Treasures.

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    I ve seen these books around for ages, but never got one for the Spider, nor have I ever read one It wasn t for me the rhyming didn t do it for me I ve been spoilt by Julia Donaldson and I wasn t fond of the art style or the story.

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    Good fun

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    Book three in the Hairy Maclary series, and the 7th on that I have had the fortune of reading, and another great story, thais one featuring the mad Scattercat Great fun again here.

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    A lovely and funny book to read aloud to young children This would be good for EYFS.