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Book SOULLESSAlexia Tarabotti Is Laboring Under A Great Many Social Tribulations First, She Has No Soul Second, She S A Spinster Whose Father Is Both Italian And Dead Third, She Was Rudely Attacked By A Vampire, Breaking All Standards Of Social Etiquette Where To Go From There From Bad To Worse Apparently, For Alexia Accidentally Kills The Vampire And Then The Appalling Lord Maccon Loud, Messy, Gorgeous, And Werewolf Is Sent By Queen Victoria To Investigate With Unexpected Vampires Appearing And Expected Vampires Disappearing, Everyone Seems To Believe Alexia Responsible Can She Figure Out What Is Actually Happening To London S High Society Will Her Soulless Ability To Negate Supernatural Powers Prove Useful Or Just Plain Embarrassing Finally, Who Is The Real Enemy, And Do They Have Treacle Tart SOULLESS Is A Comedy Of Manners Set In Victorian London Full Of Werewolves, Vampires, Dirigibles, And Tea DrinkingBook CHANGELESSAlexia Tarabotti, The Lady Woolsey, Awakens In The Wee Hours Of The Mid Afternoon To Find Her Husband, Who Should Be Decently Asleep Like Any Normal Werewolf, Yelling At The Top Of His Lungs Then He Disappears Leaving Her To Deal With A Regiment Of Supernatural Soldiers Encamped On Her Doorstep, A Plethora Of Exorcised Ghosts, And An Angry Queen VictoriaBut Alexia Is Armed With Her Trusty Parasol, The Latest Fashions, And An Arsenal Of Biting Civility Even When Her Investigations Take Her To Scotland, The Backwater Of Ugly Waistcoats, She Is Prepared Upending Werewolf Pack Dynamics As Only The Soulless CanShe Might Even Find Time To Track Down Her Wayward Husband, If She Feels Like ItBook BLAMELESSQuitting Her Husband S House And Moving Back In With Her Horrible Family, Lady Maccon Becomes The Scandal Of The London SeasonQueen Victoria Dismisses Her From The Shadow Council, And The Only Person Who Can Explain Anything, Lord Akeldama, Unexpectedly Leaves Town To Top It All Off, Alexia Is Attacked By Homicidal Mechanical Ladybugs, Indicating, As Only Ladybugs Can, The Fact That All Of London S Vampires Are Now Very Much Interested In Seeing Alexia Quite Thoroughly DeadWhile Lord Maccon Elects To Get Progressively Inebriated And Professor Lyall Desperately Tries To Hold The Woolsey Werewolf Pack Together, Alexia Flees England For Italy In Search Of The Mysterious Templars Only They Know Enough About The Preternatural To Explain Her Increasingly Inconvenient Condition, But They May Be Worse Than The Vampires And They Re Armed With Pesto

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    I loved these books so much It s as if Sense and Sensibility, Interview With A Vampire, and Bridget Jones Diary somehow merged, and so much Pure fun.

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    The Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger is a treasured find from 2010 I was riding home from work on a very packed bus and noticed the cover of the book the man sitting across from me was reading He had a bemused, wry grin on his face Something told me he was reading something scintillating Being brave, I boldly went in In a realm where strangers don t want to, but are often forced to interact, I decided to talk to a stranger So, I asked Excuse me, If I may what are you grinning about He looked mortified, looking nervously around us and all the curious eyes suddenly watching our interaction It s a steampunk series, do you like steampunk he said, managing to regroup himself As it turns out, yes I grinned I left the man in peace, taking note of the title promptly pulled out my phone to order it online This series isn t being marketed as erotica, but I will tell you why it is in my mind This is one of the best paranormal series that includes interplay between an Alpha female and an Alpha male Saucy, hilarious, touching, very entertaining I pre ordered the last three books of the series there are five total that is how hooked I was Characters include werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc It s also steampunk fiction, a favorite of mine The rest of it is delicious, all the supporting characters have their own naughty streaks with every type of sexual orientation well represented Honestly, I found myself attracted to almost all of her well written characters So yeah, H O T Fun, always amusing, funny, paranormal fiction Tea anyone

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    I couldn t pass up this great three book deal I ve seen the covers for a while and was curious about the stories they represented and I m so glad I took the plunge and bought these books I am now a fan.First off, these books were great FUN to read The writing is clever, witty, and irreverent The cast of characters is unique and memorable The stories are formulaic but only in the very best of ways This series is the kind of series that you d want to see in movie or TV series format they re just that nicely done Think of the latest iteration of Sherlock Holmes, with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law It s that kind of fun, one of those steampunk mystery action adventure romps, but with werewolves, vampires, and ghosts not as magical beings but as facts of science.Were I to rate the three books individually, I d probably give Soulless a 5, Changeless a 4, and Blameless a 4.5.Now, the only reason I would give Changeless a 4 is that it sort of ends on a cliffhanger not really a cliffhanger, though, since the bulk of its actual story ends properly, but sort of a cliffhanger because there is a revelation towards the end that sort of segues into the next book it becomes the thing that sets off the events, the conflict in the next installation And for me, loose ends nearly always bring a rating down.But given that this is a three book package, the cliffhanger was easier to take, as I could just simply continue reading These books are meant to be read like the Harry Potter books each is an adventure unto itself, but there s an even bigger story involved, so of course the real big bad guy has yet to be caught So that s how I see the books, just parts in an even bigger book I will definitely be reading books 4 and 5 for the conclusion.By the way, I tried to explain these books to someone, describing the mash up of genres and using words like Victorian, steampunk, paranormal, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, et cetera, but I m afraid I did a terrible job trying to make him see how great these books are He thought it was all ridiculous and didn t see why I was so taken by them or why there were so many genre mash ups lately think Cowboys and Aliens though really, such mash ups have been around a while Cowboys and Aliens actually kind of remind me of The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. from the 90s Oh, well I couldn t have described the Harry Potter books either, but he liked them well enough Really, these books are probably best experienced for yourself They kind of defy description.Some of my Kindle highlights, passages that made me laugh Alexia and Ivy are having a discussion while walking through the park shortly after the reader is JUST introduced to this bizarre world of a Victorian era London were werewolves and vampires are integrated into society They watch a dirigible land as they converse What remarkable times we live in, commented Alexia, her eyes sparkling at the spectacular sight.Ivy was not as impressed It is not natural, mankind taking to the skies whereas werewolves and vampires are perfectly natural Mr Siemons picked up Dr Neebs s long sharp surgical knife and moved at her unexpectedly fast for such a well fed man.Mr Siemons is a fat character such a well fed man made me laugh out loud Ah Alexia grinned I win Professor Lyall sighed, looked briefly up toward the moon, and said as though appealing to a higher deity, Alphas I totally and completely love the gloating here Other memorable passages Ivy waved the wet handkerchief, as much as to say, words cannot possibly articulate my profound distress Then, because Ivy never settled for meaningful gestures when verbal embellishments could compound the effect, she said, Words cannot possibly articulate my profound distress Had I died, I should never have lived it down Let me understand this correctly You are a werewolf with a keen interest in sheep breeding I preserve the nonviable embryo in formaldehyde for future study Lord Maccon has been drinking my samples When confronted, he admitted to enjoying both the refreshing beverage and the crunchy pickled snack as well I was not pleased It was difficult to see the exact nature of his expression as, in addition to the ubiquitous mustache, the clockmaker also wore a golden brown beard of such epic proportions as might dwarf a mulberry bush It was as though his mustache had become overly enthusiastic and, seized with the spirit of adventure, set out to conquer the southern reaches of his face in a take no prisoners kind of way.White nightgowns to the rescue, thought Alexia happily.Here, Alexia is referring to the white tunics the Templars wear over their armor.

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    Here s an ancedote When I attended community college in a very small town of upstate New York, called Corning, I took an acting class in which the final was a performance of a comedy Our group chose Seven Brides For Dracula in which I was casted as Mrs Half Nelson a guest at the sanatorium My favorite part was when I chased a warewolf and tried to kiss it.The reason why I bring this up is because the first book in The Parasol Protectorate Soulless, Blameless, and Changeless features the very bizarre, but highly original and neo Victorian romance between our heroine, Alexia Tarabotti Lady Maccon and her Alpha Warewolf husband, Lord Maccon It is silly and totally farcical, but it s also cute in a bizarro, interspecies erotica kind of way Word of Warning though If you don t like romance of any kind, then Soulless won t be a book you will enjoy because it is primarially focused on establishing the lead characters and their romance The steam punk universe which I aboslutely loved doesn t come until the second book, Changeless.In this book, we re introduced to my favorite character Madame Genevieve Lefoux She is a scientist in the Order of the Brass Octopus and has a hidden contrivance chamber beneath the hat shop This is probably the most steam punk element to this series Also, she knows how to work the aethographic transmitter and fly the ornithopter but that doesn t happen until Blameless We also get Lord Akeldama and his dandy vampire drone Biffy There s something terrible that happens to Biffy in Blameless but I m not going to tell you what it is because you have to read it Also, there s a cliff hanger at the end of Changeless in which Lady Alexia Maccon has a startling announcement that carries over to Blameless.In the final book of this wonderful bustle, I mean bundle, Alexia and her Parasol Protectorate clan find themselves in Italy and the mystery, mayhem, and utter hilarity that insues is well worth the read In this one Floote Alexia s secretary whom up until this book has been a secondary character really comes to light and steals the story, at least I thought he did.All in all, this series has been my guilty summer reading pleasure and I can t wait to see what will happen next in Heartless and then Timeless, which I m sure will leave me saddened because it is the end of this wonderful universe that I could easily read a million stories about.

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    Delightfully addicting This 3 in 1 book combines some of my favorite genres all into one book supernatural, gadgets ala steampunk , humor, romance, fashion and the Victorian era The main character reminds me somewhat of myself curious, hung up on her lack of good looks, intelligent, outspoken, etc The way her husband deals with her is very reminiscent of my own hubby The characters are engaging and the humor often left me laughing out loud much to my son s bewilderment What s so funny mom I can t wait to read the final two books and yet am very sorry to find out there is only two for the series I hope her other series are equally as entertaining Favorite line What was the maximum possible expansion ratio you have to read it to find out why it was so funny remembering Victorian morals I look forward to rereading them so I can pick out other wonderful lines that do not seem so funny out of context such as once the egg was broken, might as well make an omelet with it Again involves Victorian scruples I ll be truthful, the third book was not as good as I would have expected given the first two but was still very entertaining and engaging It was very quick paced to the point of feeling rushed and consequently the humor wasn t there as in the other two Not to mention Alexia forgave to easily I think Yet it still kept me up late as I wanted to finish it before going to bed.I m trying to think of a good synopsis without giving too much away Alexis is a soulless spinster in Victorian steampowered London who can negate the powers of both the vampires and werewolves who are incorporated into public life This makes her feared by the supernatural set, a curiosity to the scientific set and a bundle of trouble for the head of BUR Bureau of Unnatural Registry , a loud Scottish Alpha werewolf and his competent Beta Other items of note mixed into Victorian society a flamboyant rove vampire with a swarm of drone dandies, terrible taste in hats, a woman wearing man s clothing, steampunk type gadgets galore and oh so much .

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    What a Great Series If you like steam punk, vampires, werewolves, comedies of manners, historical fiction and fun, these books are for you If you re not a fan of any of these genres, these books are STILL for you I really don t like steam punk I m tired exhausted, really of werewolves and vampires I did t want to read Soulless, but I had nothing else to read I thoroughly enjoyed it and HAD to keep going.The various recurring characters are what make this series Alexia, our heroine, is fresh a take no prisoners Victorian woman with a smart mouth and no soul Her touch renders the supernatural, mortal Her husband, Conal, is a werewolf A very civilized werewolf most of the time but prone to fly off the handle with little provocation and he gets plenty from Alexia Her best supernatural buddy is a flaming homosexual vampire roue with exquisite taste and a penchant for floral pet names These people are NOT who I expected to find in a steam punk novel and they are pretty damned funny The novels are romantic adventures with lots of humor a little sex and a true cast of characters They are very entertaining I recommend them highly.

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    I d put this series squarely in the very entertaining poolside read category It d also work well on an airplane Since I read this series as a bundle and it s hard for me to separate the story arc into the different novels, I ll put my review this way if you like or tolerate at least three of the items from this list and haven t already succumbed to soulless person, werewolf, or vampire related burnout, you ll like this series 1 Steampunk.2 The Importance of Being Earnest George Bernard Shaw plays would be an acceptable substitute as well 3 The phrase flaccid dirigibles 4 Ugly hats.5 Unexpected public nakedness.I rather wish that GoodReads supported graphics, because a venn diagram would work perfectly here.

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    Lizard 4.Wombat 4.Overall 4.

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    You can read my review on each book independently through their personal links I did buy the series in the collection of 1 3 and also 4 all at once I really appreciated having book 3 around at the end of 2 as there is a bit of a cliff hanger It was also nice to have all three books in a row in 1 book on my reader so I didn t have to switch them out at any point I get confused sometimes if I don t have the computer right next to me to tell me which is next in the series when the names are so similar It s a pita to get up at 11pm to see what the order is It was a great value for the quantity and quality of books I loved the dry humor, the dimensional characters and the premise of the novels All and all, quite a good buy.

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    I actually read and reviewed separately the three books collected in this volume, so this is really just for my own records The rating for the collection is the average of the individual volumes in this case a very simple average, as I gave them all three stars This is a fun and absolutely frivolous series, and I say that not to put down the frivolous sometimes you re in the kind of reading mood where only frivolous will do, and this is the literary equivalent of a big pile of whipped cream with some little biscuits to dunk into it I enjoy the alternate universe that s been devised here, where vampires and werewolves are part of the established social and political system of Victorian England it s entertaining to see them all play off against each other Less entertaining is the romance, but after the first volume the romance sort of becomes a mild background to the plot rather than paranormal romance proper The strong cast of supporting characters than makes up for it, although I d love to see of Ivy, who I find absolutely hilarious.