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Banned Upon Its Initial Publication, The Now Classic Candy Is A Romp Of A Story About The Impossibly Sweet Candy Christian, A Wide Eyed, Luscious, All American Girl Candy A Satire Of Voltaire S Candide Chronicles Her Adventures With Mystics, Sexual Analysts, And Everyone She Meets When She Sets Out To Experience The World

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    if the difference in appeal between reading pornography and reading erotica is in the artistry of the language and the sophistication depth of the emotions conveyed, then perhaps the difference between reading erotica and reading the erotic literary novel is in the richness of its thematic elements right Candy s depiction of a very horny 50s america is also a depiction of the various obsessions and bugaboos of that time period, and in that way it is somewhat interesting thematically is a picaresque and fast paced tale, and the similarities between the title name and candide are obvious sadly, its many attacks on the staid ole 50s come across as tired and cliched there is also, as always, something deeply problematic in the use of a naive sexpot as a symbol of liberation i mean seriously, is this cliche jackoff persona really such a timeless icon that she has to be used so consistently throughout literature i prefer her where she belongs, amidst the entirely unrealistic and two dimensional caricatures of porn there are surely interesting personifications of empowerment, particularly female empowerment, to be drawn upon and the various sexy scenarios were actually not very hot at all.still, the novel is not without its worth, as a relic of its time.

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    I read this book a few times the summer between the 6th and 7th grades.Candy taught me to refer to grown up lady parts as honey pots and spice boxes.I wish I had known at the time that this was supposed to be satire.

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    Few are the books which deliver on all possible levels and to all possible audiences, and Candy reigns supreme as their undisputed queen There are those who might disagree with me, but there are also folk that don t believe dinosaurs existed since they aren t mentioned in the Bible So don t be a hater get up off your Candy less ass, drum up a plan to finagle a copy of this book, and jump on the bandwagon of the winning team I have absolutely no doubts that my persuasive intro convinced you that to ignore the greatness of Candy would be the height of folly, but before you embark on a mission which risks life and limb tracking down this masterpiece, let me give you a little taste of the creamy goodness to come just a little sample which will leave you writhing on the floor, begging to digest the story whole I came across this awesome work while kicking it in my old hood, at a resale shop I used to love going to and sadly now live about 45 minutes from Paperbacks are usually 50 cents there, but on this fateful visit, there was a small collection of vintage books in a glass case ranging from 2 to 15 bucks Naturally I was intrigued, and on first glance, I had some explanation as to why they were under lock and key, the selection was almost universally smutty in nature Regardless, I risked looking like a pervert and asked to take a gander at these treasures, and solidified my perverted nature by purchasing a trio of them I couldn t help myself, all three presented themselves as completely tawdry smut, catering solely to purely prurient interests, basically, the sole reasons I continue to read I ve got to make a quick sidenote here, within this sidenote, regarding the store I was purchasing this filth at This particular resale shop allegedly supports funds a battered women s shelter, I assume the proceeds go directly towards castrating or shackling the former tormentors of the victims However, with the number of studies not that I ve seen them, but often brought up by anti porn pundits in debates that show the sexual objectification of women as a gateway to battery and or rape at the hands of the uncontrollable, drooling troglodytes which make up the male sex, I am somewhat perplexed as to how they justify selling this stuff Turning a profit or receiving a donation from books which degrade women such as Candy seemingly goes against their principles, and thus supports my oft mocked theory this place is actually a front for either a Nicaraguan drug ring or assists in exporting young white girls as slaves to Mozambique Either that or it goes to show that there is no room for business ethics when a buck can be made in a cutthroat capitalist economy Anyway, let me explain to you just how seedy this book was, by providing sample text from the front and back covers all I dared to inspect under the watchful eye of the slightly frightened lady accommodating my perusal the cover alone promised I was holding the world s most talked about book , and the back had an excerpt from the story which contained this brilliance But, oh Daddy, when Uncle Jack looked at me that way, and when he beseeched me to give him all my true warmth on the hospital floor, his need was so great, so so aching of course I gave to him The fact I enthusiastically purchased this gives you some sickening insight to my soul The fact I also escalated it to the next book in my queue probably doesn t put me in any better light A few pages in, I thought I knew exactly what was going on in the book, that this was just some hastily scribbled smut working the Daddy s Worst Nightmare scenario the protagonist, Candy Christian, is Daddy s Little Girl, and also a mindless, burgeoning skank under the tutelage of erudite, bohemian hep cat Professor Mephesto I m sure the average D.W.N is pretty universal walking in to find your daughter coated in layers of jit while your poker buddies are slapping her face with recently spent and enormous tallywhackers and wiping the residual joy juice from their monstrous schlongs off with your golf club warmers Luckily for those of us reading Candy for a good laugh, Daddy Christian is a little imaginative than all that After catching Candy preparing to fellate the totally stereotypical and monosyllabic Mexican gardener, Emmanuel, his thoughts are revealed It was not as though he couldn t believe his eyes, for it was a scene that had formed a part of many of his most lively and hideous dreams dreams which began with Candy be ravished, first by Mephesto, then by foreigners, then by negroes, then gorillas, then bulldogs, then donkeys, horses, mules, kangaroos, elephants, rhinos, and finally, in the grand finale, by all of them at once, grouped around different parts of her, though it was Candy who was the aggressor, she who was voraciously ravishing them, frantically forcing the bunched and spurting organs into every orifice, vagina, anus, mouth, ears, nose.he had even dreamed once that she asked him if it were true that there was a small uncovered opening in the pupil of the eye, because if it were she would have room there for a praying mantis Daddy is our type of man utterly and completely fucking ridiculous However, right after his kangaroo praying mantis gangbang recollection, he attacks the gardener, but his shabby, middle class, white boy fighting skills are trumped by Emmanuel s inherently Mexican trowel wielding prowess, and he s lobotomized Don t worry, Daddy s quickly and quite conveniently replaced by his identical twin brother, and his drunken nymphomaniac wife, Livia It was at this point in the novel that I made a startling discovery this book wasn t just smut, this book was actually a parody of Voltaire s Candide, a classic which I happen to be quite fond of I have to admit, this actually did shock the shit out of me In retrospect, there were a few clues which I overlooked, the first being the title page pronouncing the book as Maxwell Kenton s Satirical Novel , and a quote from Candide kicking off the first chapter which I honestly just figured was tossed in to give it some element of respectability to prevent it from being banned , and lastly, the similar sounding names, Candy and Candide Very fucking clever Maxwell, you wily rapscallion Now, able to see my man Professor Mephesto as a modern day Pangloss, causing untold damage to a na ve student with his philosophy consisting of balderdash and malarkey, I was able to continue reading with renewed pleasure Sure, the fact that I didn t immediately catch that this was a perverse retelling of Candide after the first page was somewhat embarrassing, but I caught on by page 30, illustrating how much smarter this book made me in such short time With my Daddy s Worst Nightmare theory sadly thrown to the wind, the book continues as a tongue in cheek parody of Candide, except instead of arguing the idea that we live in the best of all possible worlds by entangling the narrator in all sorts of life threatening misfortunes, here we see the argument against free love being the best of all possible privileges by getting Candy worked over in increasingly insane sexual imbroglios These events include anal action with the nose of a Buddha statue, incest, and of course, the depraved zenith of the book, Candy s mind blowing copulation with a bedraggled, wino hunchback, which climaxes with Candy demanding that he attempt forcing his unwashed and deformed hump into her succulent lamb pit I m proud to prematurely announce Candy as the winner of my 2009 Holy Shit Award, certain nothing in the next few months will come close to challenging its twisted magnificence.

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    One of my all time favorite films is Barbarella, and that s where I first encountered Terry Southern s name, as one of its screenwriters Now, while I was reading Candy I couldn t help but notice remarkable similarities Candy Christian behaves like a battery operated talking fuckdoll than a human being, just like Barbarella Candy is comprised of a series of disconnected events calling it a plot is something I have a lot of reservations about just like Barbarella however Candy is no Jane Fonda, and without the movie s campy but exotic studio sets, costumes, sci fi props, Candy is far less fun.I liked male characters somewhat better They are not typical hunky, muscular studs we almost always read in erotica these days Especially the Hunchback is quite memorable The shop on this corner of Grove was a man s underwear shop, and the hunchback s eyes devoured another crotch or two before he looked up He was also smiling He supposed she was a policewoman Rubatubdub he said, agitating his hump vigorously against the tree Getting run in was part of his kick. Three men in a tub cried Candy, laughing in marvel at their immediate rapport How simple she thought.And this passage The hunchback was lying naked, curled on his side like a big foetus, when Candy appeared before him, standing for a moment in full lush radiance, a naked angel bearing the supreme gift Then, she got into bed quickly, under the sheet, almost soundlessly, saying, Darling, darling, and cuddling him to her at once, while he, his head with the most freakish thoughts imaginable all about tubs of living and broken toys, every manner of excrement, scorpions, steelwool, pig masks, odd metal harness, etc tried desperately to pry into the images a single reminder the money Mmmmmm.Addendum Ok, I am reading Trippin with Terry Southern What I Think I Remember and, according to the author, Southern clearly had Candy in mind when writing Barbarella Overall Terry loved writing Barbarella because he felt it was his Candy a brave girl trying to do the right thing but in outer space

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    This was awful Justawful I would like to say it reminded me a bit of S by John Updike, but that resemblance is backward Anyone who has read S will know what I mean.I m glad I knew, going in, that this was a satirical novel because if I thought it was serious I would not have been able to finish Is it erotica I guess, but the way in which Candy is painted as a such an innocent slut talk about an oxymoron is offensive 2 14 I ve been reading other reviews and feel I should add a note Another gentleman said that the ridiculous situations Candy finds herself in, i.e a full gynecological exam in a public restroom, a Buddha statue s nose shoved up her ass as a penis fills her front, are all situations that men, being the oversexed beings they are, truly believe could happen They don t, but true men are always ready If and whenIf I had read that review first I know I would have been amused by this book than sickened.

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    Acquired via interlibrary loan Salacious comical odyssey of a young girl s carnal initiation Written in 1958 This will be my entre into the world of Terry Southern apart from films If it s really good, I ll tackle The Magic Christian or Blue Movie next.UPDATE Blazed through the first 73 pages on the bus and would have continued if not for pending family business I actually laughed aloud on the bus when I came to this, spouted by the lascivious Aunt Liv I m in the mood for cock and plenty of it About ten pounds, thick and fast So this is pretty fucking funny so far, written with confidence and it flows like the smoothest buttah There s slapstick and satire and a certain hapless charm as Candy tries to lose her virginity I m not sure this is really a great book, but it s just plain fun and there s something to be said for that.HALFWAY or so OK, well the antics in the hospital and then the hunchback thing, hmmm Methinks the book is falling apart a bit after the terrific flowing momentum of its first third It reads well, though And there are laughs and imagination Surprisingly, the book is not as dirty as a lot of people seem to be suggesting When it is dirty, it is quite so, but it just isn t nasty very often It s hard to think of anyone getting off to this book it s mainly a comedy Candy herself is a relatively poorly defined character, it seems to me One minute she s supposed to be kind of dumb and naive, and other times she seems to possess smarts at odds with the cluelessness It s hard for the reader to think of her as an erotic object being, despite her appearance as one to the other characters.FINAL Scattershot, but admirably transgressive.

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    Coming in at 2 on the 1964 bestseller list is what I found to be a quite silly book, intended to be a satire on American s, mostly sex I am a tough customer when it comes to satire and though I got a few laughs from Candy, I was glad it was short and soon over Candy is an ingenue who likes sex but has to pretend she does it to satisfy the great need of the men involved Not that funny, is it She has one adventure after another, just innocently finding herself with odd characters, always surprised to find herself so aroused Playboy Magazine listed the book in 2006 as one of the 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written So that tells you a lot There are some fellows on Goodreads who confess they read it for a certain purpose as teenagers.Terry Southern co wrote the book in collaboration with his buddy Mason Hoffenberg for a flat fee from Olympia Press, Paris, France, in 1958 Olympia was known in those days as the dirty book publisher The novel was banned in the United States until 1964 Southern went on to work on screenplays for Dr Strangelove, Casino Royale, Barbarello, and Easy Rider, among others What a guy.Not recommended, even for teenage boys in 2018, unless you are taking a class in how not to write satire The book does speak volumes about where America was at in the mid 60s when it came to sex.

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    This book would not see light of day, today Southern would be modernly crucified, ostracized and maybe indicted for inciting violence to society of women, ethnic groups, race, etc., and who could argue otherwise Well How s bout a wee frame of context, yep that ol set of circumstance thing, the times ya know were shaping things, grappling with re shaping those entrenched attitudes, customs pathologies of abuse, to forge new s of behavior in accordance with equality and personal protections against all forms of manipulation sexual and otherwise It was the times baby, the Beat on the street was in jazzy time with the louse on the loose eschewing constricting boa conventions and the tribe was feral Panties were coming off bidden or not but the music played on So, the book is indefensible by today s standards true enough, but so are other maybe less egregious novels that are offensive, statues, appropriations naming, etc., etc., that s where this is going isn t it, banning everything that rubs the mob s ire Candy is a truffle scratched up out of the loamy reach of sexual piggish desires for open expression of repressed animality Feminism on the rise played into that hand with resulting bad behavior in search of good Candy the character is a benevolent climber in pursuit of wisdom haha via her hourglass charms as she willingly doles out like a Mother Teresa on point anointing wounds The men are all despicable Harvey s at the grabpoke So that s how it was in places while things were shaping can t we who know better survive the ignominy of looking reading comprehending the wrongness and move on unvictimized The scrapheap is where this book mostly survives but it had its fifteen, and, serves as clear reminder of how we got here, So risibility

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    Candy was way ahead of its time Total litporn which is the vogue these days A two hour read at most with some laughs Derek the hunchback and some shocks the Buddha s nose Typical early 1960s era Olympia Press traveler wank trash And if the youtube trailer is anything to go by, the movie is not faithful to the book going for a Laugh In vibe, an aren t we naughty wink wink all star cast Richard Burton Marlon Brando JOHN ASTIN RINGO STARR , rather than, well, the surreal manic degenerate energy of the novel It s amusing to see both the datestamp of the hardback library copy I read August 1964 and the whiteness of the pages Whereas whenever I see the E.L James books on the shelves at the library rode hard and put away wet is a kind term Were folks around these parts too scandalized to check Candy out I wonder I really do Probably NSFW

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    I would never have thought that I will be able to find erotic pastish that awesome as in works of Marquis de Sade And Candy is just like that as if Sade and Voltaire had written it together just for fun Over the top, somewhere between philosophical tale and satire of the one, with freudian twist at the end.