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{books pdf} The Post-Catastrophe Economy: Rebuilding After the Great Collapse of 2008Author Eric Janszen –

The author provides a great market analysis on the US and his take on the future seems very plausible, but although I m not an economist, whether or not the postcatastrophe economy actually comes into being, I believe it is going to depend on long term political and social trends Politicians will likely continue to manipulate the markets until it can t be done any major crash time then. Fascinating insights regarding the state of of the economy, what lead to its collapse, and the best ideas I ve heard for fixing it I most liked the lack of partisan rhetoric it s written by an economist venture capitalist, not a politician or pundit The only detractor from enjoying the book are numerous typos throughout I can only assume Janszen was eager to get his book off the press so its predictions could be recognized as predictions and not retrospective commentary. Great book, I recommend reading it with Bailout Nation by Barry Ritholz, as they almost work together Barry s book goestechnical about what happened, while this one touches on it, but hits on some very intriguing ideas like what has happened to the media, healthcare, universities and politics itself as as slowly taken over Keep in mind this guy was a venture capitalist who made his fame, very accurately, predicting markets so this is no lefty stuff or calls to socialism, just an honest, realistic look at what has happened and how we can save and strengthen our economy A good, simple, informative read with a pretty positive tone and is solution oriented Something I think we need badly going ahead. Great explanations of the 2008 economic crisis as predicted prior and what will ultimately be expected to happen in different scenarios No notable political bias here, which is great.I do think he spends too much time discussing what he thinks things will look like and details of energy that should be used, and what private public partnerships should be formed He makes his forecast almost from a point of certainty, and as that is uncertain it is just too much unnecessary detail While he may have researched energy sources, I don t think he can accurately predict which will be most efficient in each situation.I read this one in audio format. He hit it dead on a the cure will become the disease there s only so much money you can print before inflation hitsb you need to create REAL value through technology, energy.c you can t let a financial system ruin a value base economy through greed. Describes the separation between the financial economy and the producer economy or rather how the financial economy came to dominate the total economy Outlines in great detail how the financial economy ultimately failed during the 2005 2010 period and what must be done to fix the problem The problems with the transition are also describes, in parituclar the constrictions from not paying attention to peak oil transportation earlier on. How Bad Will The Current Recession Get According To Eric Janszen, We Could Be Facing An Unemployment Rate Of OverPercent Half Of All Retail Stores Boarded Up Skeletons Of Unfinished Buildings In Our Cities And Tax Revenues Down ByPercent, Leading To Big Cuts In Government Services Meanwhile, Inflation Will Keep Rising As The Fed Is Forced To Devalue The Dollar Because Foreign Countries Won T Lend To Us Any Sounds Grim, But The Good News Is That This Crisis Will Open The Door To A Saner Economic Future If We Recognize The Opportunity To Correct Decades Of Bad Policy America Can Wean Itself From The Debt Financed Growth Of The Past Thirty Years And Restructure To Grow Based On Old Fashioned Savings And Investment Janszen Shows That The Key Is Not Big Government But Deploying Our Unique Capacity For Innovation Through Private Public Partnerships He Calls For A Modern New Deal That Develops Twenty First Century Industries Such As Biotechnology, Alternative Energy, And Nanotechnology And He Shows How Our Financial Markets Can Adapt To Make It Happen This Is An Essential Book For Everyone Who Is Struggling To Understand Our Current Predicament