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The Strange Case of Finley Jayne is the prequel to The Girl in the Steel Corset I picked up this short novella as a free download from Kobo books The title and the cover were attractive and its relatively short length encouraged me to read it I ll admit that while I liked the story, I just wasn t wowed.It seems to me that a lot of authors are jumping on the steampunk bandwagon I enjoy the genre I love the contraptions and gadgets This story had all sorts of cool gadgets, from simple flush commodes to battery operated lights, to brass automatons and mechanical carts There was even a Dr Frankenstein styled laboratory with some strange items in tanks I really can t pinpoint why the story did not wow me I liked Finley s character, but we are never told what she is I enjoyed her spider monkey skills I giggled at a description of Finley s riding costume, which suffered from eggplantishness Yes, eggplantishness While I am curious to learn about Finley, I think I ll wait until the book is available at the library. Well, well, well This short story, which is billed as a prequel to The Girl in the Steel Corset, is probably technically better than the actual book, if only because it feels complete and is much tauter and better plotted The mechanical wizardry is still a little nuts, but somehow it s in a enjoyable way here it s almost what you d expect from a film that s been MST3K d There weren t quite as many threads connecting it to the main story as you might hope, aside from a few near miss encounters with Griffin, but overall it s kind of a fun novella This is actually quite a bit longer than I expected maybe a tad longer than it needs to be , but anyone who enjoys Steel Corset will probably also enjoy this one This book is currently still available as a freebie for Kindle and for Nook, although you may certainly download to read on your computer as well.My full review of The Girl in the Steel Corset may be found in The Midnight Garden. Finley Jayne Knows She S Not Normal Normal Girls Don T Lose Time, Or Have Something Inside Them That Makes Them Capable Of Remarkably Violent Things Her Behavior Has Already Cost Her One Job, So When She S Offered The Lofty Position Of Companion To Phoebe, A Debutante Recently Engaged To Lord Vincent, She Accepts, Despite Having No Experience Lord Vincent Is A Man Of Science With His Automatons And Inventions, But Finley Is Suspicious Of His Motives Where Phoebe Is Concerned She Will Do Anything To Protect Her New Friend, But What She Discovers Is Even Monstrous Than Anything She Could Have Imagined So I really enjoyed this I might ve even enjoyed it than The Girl in the Steel Corset Definitely an easy from me Lady Morton and her daughter Phoebe are quite lovable characters, and you love them all the for accepting Finley as she is, not fearing her or wanting to reject her I really hope to see them again later in the series Dear sweet people And how can you not love Finley She s as badass as they come, and is protective of Phoebe and her mother Busting up automotons, knocking out teeth, jumping from 2nd story windows, and a bit of breaking entering, all mashed into this short novella Love it And the irony of Silas choice of book to give Finley to read when they sent her off is quite hilarious The author has quite the sense of humor Definitely worth reading if you have an interest in the series. 2.5 out of 5 starsI don t normally read novellas I don t think I ve read than five of them, but I decided to try this one because it was said it is better than the series And it was true.This less than a hundred pages novella was much fun than the series In first place, Finley is better developed in less than a hundred pages In the series, she s boring, while in this book, she s kick ass, which is what I wanted from the series.In second place, this is much fast paced Yes, I know, it s a novella It had to go right to the point, but in the series nothing happened It was completely boring, while this one was very funny Really enjoyable, actually.But even when I enjoyed this book, I cannot rate it than 2.5 stars It s not bad, it s that I had many issues with it, and those things always ruin my experience while reading You see, there are very few books I consider utterly perfect I ve rated some books five stars, but I have complaints even if they re small for most of them.Let s start with the bad things, then The references to classic books aka references to Frankenstein Really, Ms Cross, you could have gone to Wikipedia to get the right summary for that book It felt silly at some points Like, some unnecessary things happened and they felt laughable.Those are my two major complaints They are not so big, but they bothered me a lot, especially the first one Still, I enjoyed this book It was a lot of fun This one I recommend The series I don t. The Strange Case of Finley Jayne is a quick, fun prequel to a book I haven t yet read, The Girl in the Steel Corset It works reasonably well on its own, without having to infodump If you re used to steampunky worlds, it isn t that different, at least at first glance.It s not very subtle or very deep, but then, it is a short story novella not sure how many words it has and which exactly it qualifies as Basically, it introduces the character of Finley Jayne, who is rapidly realising that she s very different to everyone else.There s enough detail about the characters situations to get me interested, and I ll be reading The Girl in the Steel Corset for some light fun, but it didn t bowl me over or anything like that. For those looking for a quick read, this little novella is only 84 pages It is the prequel to The Steampunk Chronicles.What I loved about this book is that Finley Jayne is a bit of a kickass, no nonsense woman She is a great daughter and friend She protects the innocent and is smart enough to trust her instincts when things seem awry She investigates questionable people even before she s asked to do it She is the one saving the day, even before she knows it Some superheroes are heroes because it is the right thing to do Finley Jayne is a hero because it is who she is She is not trying to be a hero She just is Great story Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I really liked this book It s a new genre called steampunk, which I find interesting I ve read a book by Cassandra Clare, don t remember the name, but I think it may also be classified as steampunk At any rate, I m fascinated by how a new genre comes into being Steampunk the way I understand it combines science and magic and usually steam engines or clockworks and often tho maybe not always a Victorian setting I m still trying to figure it out In this story by Kady Cross, Finley Jayne has just been fired from her job apparently as a maid because she socks the governess in the jaw because the governess hit the young master Fenton for taking another biscuit from the tea tray The governess loses a few teeth and the reader learns that Finley Jayne has strength than the ordinary girl That s going to come in handy at her next job as companion to Phoebe Morton Phoebe s engaged to Lord Vincent Phoebe s father has arranged for his daughter s marriage to Lord Vincent in exchange for Vincent s promise to pay off his gambling debts Lord Vincent is a much older aristocrat who s wife died in an unfortunate accident Phoebe bears an amazing resemblance to the late Lady Vincent Lord Vincent is a mad scientist kind of guy, who builds his own servant automatons as well as brass automaton horses that draw his carriage, but what other kind of experiments might he conduct Intriguing, eh Finley Jayne has a few other gifts besides increased strength and as she calls it, a darker side Cross does a good job with the plot and characterizations I find that she fleshes out her secondary characters to create another element of interest in this short story, 78 pages Cross packs a lot in You re the very spawn of Satan and I ll not have you darken this door ever again And so we are introduced to Finley Jayne Really enjoyed this, Finley is a fun and very interesting character it d easy to connect with and root for her She s kickass and loyal, someone I would be glad to have on my side.Her abilities aren t really explained here but left mysterious, Finley still getting the hang of things herself and doesn t understand why she is the way she is.Makes me wonder if it comes from her father s side somehow perhaps, hmm..Didn t see much of steampunk in here but the things that were mentioned were very interesting.Loved Phoebe and her mother, I hope we see of them and that her father falls down a deep dark hole.Plot 3.5 starsCharacters 4 starsWriting 3.5 stars I was blown away by the character development in this short story, especially considering it was free I guess it s proof that every now and then a little gem does pop up on the freebie list The story has some pretty crazy Frankenstein ish elements to it, which may not appeal to everyone, but I thought it was fun The plot was fast paced, and Finley was a thoroughly interesting heroine.I ve been riding the fence when it came to reading The Girl in the Steel Corset, mainly because I m burned out on the whole steampunk genre At first it was different, and then it started looking like sci fi s dorky cousin Instead of a cool futuristic gadget like, say, a teleporteryou end up with a steam powered jet pack Oh You ve got a jet pack And it s powered bysteam.See what I mean Dorky Cousin.At any rate, this book managed to make me forget that it s not my preferred genre, and sucked me right into Finley s world I can honestly say that I m now looking forward to finding out about her and her strange abilities in the next full length book.