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It took me two months to get through this 500 page book I can rationalize the reasons thusly I was busy I took time to absorb the content of the book Instead of rushing through it, I let each chapter sink in before I moved on.But that s, you know, rationalizing Here s the real reason It s not very good Okay, wait, that s not fair Let me start again Sophie s World is, as the full title suggests, a Novel about the history of philosophy The idea is to present that history as a narrative, featuring a 14 year old girl named Sophie and her philosophy teacher, Alberto Knox There are two major premises for the existence of this book 1 He who cannot draw on 3,000 years is living hand to mouth This quote by Goethe illustrates that if one is to understand one s world, one needs to understand the history of that world You could also say He who does not understand the past is condemned to repeat it As you will.2 There is not a worthwhile introductory Philosophy text for young readers Bertrand Russell s History of Western Philosophy might be a bit much for some people While the for young people part of this premise is spelled out in the text, it s clear that anybody, regardless of age, needs an accessible survey of the history of philosophy if one is to understand one s world.So enter Sophie s World It s written in a very light, young adult way with short sentences and simple language There s nothing wrong with that if that s what you re after This aspect grated on me initially, before I actually realized that it s geared for ease of use, as it were.There are two aspects to this book, since it bills itself as a double header it s both a novel and a history It s fiction and non fiction It s entertainment and education It s tough to combine these things It s like writing and reading two books at once So, in a sense, I need to review it twice At once.Sophie s World The NovelRemember I said It s not very good I was talking about the novel fiction entertainment half of the book Here s the plot in a nutshell Sophie begins getting letters from a stranger These letters form the text of a correspondence course in philosophy Sophie learns and grows and begins to think about her world differently.Great, right The problem is that a story needs a conflict This is story writing 101 At first, you re intrigued because it s a little weird and creepy that Sophie should out of the blue begin receiving a course in philosophy from a perfect stranger But absurdly, she just rolls with it and takes it as it comes.For the first 250 pages or so, nothing happens, story wise Sophie gets a new letter She reads it She meets the weirdo, they talk The entire thread of plot is just a way to get from one philosophy lesson to the next, and you find yourself discarding the story bits and jumping right into the philosophy bits.It s only after the halfway point that a real literary conflict arises and this book starts to hold its own as a novel Here s the proof it took me 8 weeks to read the book, but 7 of those weeks were getting through the first half I blazed through the second half because things were actually happening.Sophie s World The HistoryAs a history, the book fares much better As an introduction to philosophy, or even a refresher survey, it excels Gaarder, through the character of Alberto Knox, is a superb teacher.The history hits all the high points of philosophy, starting with the Greeks and moving forward all the way to 20th century existentialism, ending with a brief introduction to the universe Big Bang, stuff like that.Obviously, one cannot expect in depth coverage of any particular subject or philosopher, but there s enough information presented at each stop along the way that a reader can identify what particular aspects they might want to explore further through other channels.The history is primarily concerned with western philosophy While it touches sometimes on eastern knowledge, it s only in illustration of particular cases where an eastern thought directly affected a western idea.ConclusionRead Sophie s World, even if you think you already what you need to know about the world we re living in And especially if you don t.Just be warned approach this book as a light hearted textbook, not as an information heavy novel Even without the trappings of Sophie s story, the history of philosophy is a fascinating subject, because it s the history of us. . 3,view spoiler hide spoiler Sofies Verden Sophie s World, Jostein Gaarder Sophie s World Norwegian Sofies verden is a 1991 novel by Norwegian writer Jostein Gaarder It follows the events of Sophie Amundsen, a teenage girl living in Norway, and Alberto Knox, a middle aged philosopher who introduces her to philosophical thinking and the history of philosophy The book begins with Sophie receiving two messages in her mailbox and a postcard addressed to Hilde M ller Knag Afterwards, she receives a packet of papers, part of a course in philosophy Sophie, without the knowledge of her mother, becomes the student of an old philosopher, Alberto Knox Alberto teaches her about the history of philosophy She gets a substantive and understandable review from the Pre Socratics to Jean Paul Sartre 1995 1374 639 1375 624 1379 20 1375 607 1375 1379 1380 1381 1384 1385 1386 1390 9789644480416 1392 1389 607 9789642575855 1392 1392 742 9786001900747 1392 630 9789643634728 1393 1393 600 544 9786007364420 9786009666713 1395 700 97860079867381991600 . 600 view spoiler 600 hide spoiler I was a philosophy major in school and everybody would ask if I had read Sophie s World What an amazing book they would gush You ll love it So I bought it Purchased the book, let it simmer on my shelf for awhile, and finally picked it up a few years ago to give it a go.I slogged through the first few chapters Did my best to suspend my disbelief at the transparently device the author uses to introduce the ideas of many famous and not so famous philosophers I tried to ignore the sophomoric dialog and trite inner monologue of the child I even put the book in the bathroom so I could force myself to keep reading it I filled in with other books maybe it was just too much philosophy at once If I took it in smaller doses, perhaps I d enjoy this survey of the subject.Then one glorious day the cleaners came and managed to knock the book between the washer and dryer It s a sign Oh thank god, a sign that I can stop trying to love this horrible, wretched, unlovable book Last week, the cleaners unearthed the book It s pages mangled, the paperback spine bending it into a permanant spread eagle position Maybe it gets better How do I know the book won t redeem itself in the 2nd half Surely all those people couldn t be wrong about the book, or misjudge whether I d like it or not Surely.and into the recycle bin it goes.The End. Philosopher 350,, ,182 , , , , 187 , , , , , , , 364 Here is another example for you the Danish nuclear physicist Niels Bohr is said to have told a story about Newton s having a horseshoe over his front door 386 85 146 , 149 , , 149 146 , ,, , , , , , , 184, , , ,, , , , , , One Day Fourteen Year Old Sophie Amundsen Comes Home From School To Find In Her Mailbox Two Notes, With One Question On Each Who Are You And Where Does The World Come From From That Irresistible Beginning, Sophie Becomes Obsessed With Questions That Take Her Far Beyond What She Knows Of Her Norwegian Village Through Those Letters, She Enrolls In A Kind Of Correspondence Course, Covering Socrates To Sartre, With A Mysterious Philosopher, While Receiving Letters Addressed To Another Girl Who Is Hilde And Why Does Her Mail Keep Turning Up To Unravel This Riddle, Sophie Must Use The Philosophy She Is Learning But The Truth Turns Out To Be Far Complicated Than She Could Have Imagined 01 .02 .03 .04 .