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[download Textbooks] Once Upon a Time in New York: Jimmy Walker, Franklin Roosevelt and the Last Great Battle of the Jazz AgeAuthor Herbert Mitgang –

i was reminded of my editor in chief telling me that paper cost much these days concise writing. Interesting read of politics elections during the Jazz Age. The once great reach of Tammany Hall came to an abrupt end during Franklin Roosevelt s time in the White House FDR proved that he was above dirty politics and as a mayor from upstate New York, was out of reach from Tammany s influence Jimmy Walker, mayor of New York City, was perceived as a true New Yorker who remained in the hearts of every New Yorker even when he was brought to court and lived abroad avoiding the Feds Unlike Al Capone, Walker was never found guilty and Tammany Hall was in search of a new minion Tammany Hall, despite its influence in key governmental positions local, state, and federal, needed someone who was adored by all and would obey the chief of Tammany This is where Jimmy Walker got his start The wigwam as Herbert Mitgang refers to it as is essential in the daily operations of the city because without it the city would not function Tammany keeps the balance between the working man and the prestigious upperclassmen Despite Walker s connection to Tammany, he was appreciated and passed legislation that allowed baseball on Sundays Probably to mask his role and safeguarding Tammany s reputation in Arnold Rothstein fix of the 1919 World Series A brilliant book about the corruption of politics With the end of the jazz are, a new era was ushered in, FDR s presidential terms during the Great Depression If you are wondering how a mayor on a salary of 15,000 earns 500,0000 in one year then you have GOT to read this book. There is no end to the ways you can slice NY history perhaps there is no limit to the number of ways to look at the Roaring Twenties either This book expertly written by Herbert Mitgang details the relationship between Gentleman Jimmy Walker, famously corrupt mayor of NYC and the then governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt.It is always startling reading about the degree of blatant corruption in the city I m not sure it s much better now , but Jimmy Walker epitomized mocking the laws He had his own tables in speakeasy s where he was accompanied by his actress girlfriend.He had to fight the goo goos those politicians in favor of good government Many people thought he would never lose but he did.An easy fun read. The Jazz Age In New York A Legendary Time In America S Liveliest Town Flappers And Speakeasies Gangsters And Gun Molls Organized Crime And Its Handmaiden Political Corruption Almost Everybody And Everything Had A Price It Was A Great Time To Be A Politician In Power If You Knew How To Play The Game It Was Also A Time Of Larger Than Life Personalities Two Men, Once Friends, Were Locked In A Political Death Match That Would Affect New York And Indeed The Fate Of The Nation Jimmy Walker Was The Nightclubbing Night Mayor Of New York The Elegant Beau James Had Mob Ties Than Suits And He Had Lots Of Them, Too Franklin Delano Roosevelt, A Patrician From Hyde Park On The Hudson Highlands, Was Governor Of New York He Was A Crusader With A Distinguished Lineage, But He Still Had To Prove That His Talents Could Match His Presidential Ambitions The Bellringer Between The Mayor And The Governor Began With A Very Real Murder Arnold Big Arnie Rothstein, A World Class Gambler Who Reputedly Fixed TheWorld Series, Was Found Shot In The Gut Near One Of His Broadway Haunts He Survived For A Few Days But Would Not Reveal The Killer S Identity With His Death Came A Crackdown Against The Underworld And Its Crooked Officials Judge Samuel Seabury, An Incorruptible Outsider, Was Picked To Head What Was And Still Is The Largest Investigation Of Municipal Corruption In American History In The Witness Box Before Seabury Sat An Endless Parade Of Officials, All Of Whom Seemed To Be Unusually Adept At Saving Money The Press Called Them The Tin Box Brigade For The Tin Boxes In Which Their Private Fortunes Mysteriously Blossomed Each Exposed Officialdrew Seabury Inexorably Closer To City Hall And The Popular Rogue, Mayor Jimmy Walker Taking Advantage Of The Rarely Exercised Gubernatorial Right To Sit As Judge For The Investigation Of Major Officials, Roosevelt Brought Things To A Head When He Personally Prosecuted Walker In The Summer Of , On The Heels Of The Democratic Convention Roosevelt Had Much To Lose Behind Walker Lurked Tammany Hall, The Powerful Democratic Political Machine That Ruled New York City Prosecuting Walker Was The Final Showdown In A War For Control Of The Greatest City In The Country S Most Populous State Once Upon A Time In New York Is A Real Life Fable, The Story Of Two Towering Men In An Irrepressible Time It Is At Once The Story Of Roosevelt S First Great Test The Turning Point Of Machine Control In New York And The Battle That Marked The End Of The Jazz Age Way Of Political Life It Is An Unforgettable Portrait Of Roosevelt S Courage, With A Cast Of Gamblers And Gun Molls, Murderers And Mistresses More Outrageous Than Today S Headlines And As Lively As The Era It Describes, Once Upon A Time In New York Reads Like A Nonfiction Novel