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Not Since The Th Good Thing About Barney Or I Ll Always Love You Has There Been Such A Peaceful And Inspiring Book To Help Children And Adults Cope With The Loss Of A Pet The Talented Multiple Medalist Jane Yolen Takes On This Difficult Subject With Her Usual Grace And Poetic Sensitivity, Focusing Not On The Death As Much As The Life In The Last Day Of An Older Cat Named Tiger Rose Tiger Rose S Kitten Days Are Long Gone And She S Grown Too Tired To Stay, So She Says Her Goodbyes To All The Creatures And The Joys Of Her Natural World From The Scolding Blue Jay, To The Dog And Children She Shares Her Home With, To A Chipmunk, Startled By Her Gentleness, To Her Favorite Shady Patch Under A Piney Bush In A Final Vision, Tiger Rose Takes One Last Leap Into The Blue Sky And Becomes One With All The Earth, The Air, The Sun This Is Perhaps The Most Reassuring Book On Death Available For Children

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    Ugly crying But a good ugly cry A sweet, moving tribute to the life and death of a pet.

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    A friend sent this lovely book after the death of my all time favorite cat It is a sweet story about an elderly cat saying good bye to everything around her as she prepares to die The story manages to be tender without being maudlin sweet without being syrupy and life affirming without any religious baggage It s meant for children I suppose but it was a terrific, consoling read to this 60 woman Yes, I cried Thank you spring for this wonderful book

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    Tearjerker of a book about an elderly cat who goes around and says goodbye to everything she loves Probably a good book for dealing with loss, or, I suppose for people who like to sob over picture books.

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    I first saw this book on a library display several months ago, and was drawn to it by the names of the author and illustrator, two of my favorites I flipped through a few pages and promptly returned the book to the shelf, lest I started bawling in the middle of the public library But I kept the title in the back of my mind in case we d ever need it As it turns out, we needed it sooner than I imagined we would I could go on and on about how beautiful this book is The story itself is so gentle, so sensitive, a heartfelt celebration of a good life And I will forever think that Jim LaMarche is a genius his illustrations lend a perfect softness to a difficult subject My favorite illustration the cat curled peacefully in the grass while the spirit climbs into the sky is a wonderful way to explain such an abstract idea to a preschooler Especially since my initial explanation wasn t cutting it with my daughter Lucy will always live in our hearts But Mommy, I thought Jesus lived in our hearts How will Lucy fit I think I will buy a copy and donate it to my vet clinic, just to have on hand for other children if parents want to read it to them What a comforting book this is Highly, highly recommend.

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    I saw this on the 40% off rack at a local bookstore, and picked it up because it s by a favorite author, Jane Yolen I had forgotten that I had marked this as WANT TO READ, a while ago, and am very happy that I bought it This is a gentle, peace filled book about an elderly cat, Tiger Rose, who knows it is her last day The author and illustrator, Jim LaMarche, take us through her day as she she says good bye to all she loves and who have loved her, and even those who may not love her, but that have given her amusement in her days like the birds and small creatures in the woods And finally, Tiger Rose curls up under a rose bush and her spirit leaves her and never looks back, but it happens so peacefully that, rather than crying uncontrollably as I thought I would, thinking of my four aging cats , I knew it was as life should be Classroom teachers, consider having this book on your shelf for those students who come to school sad one day, grieving a loss of a favorite pet They need to grieve, and need to know we care, and sometimes a book like that can help in the healing process.

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    I imagine this gentle story of life and death will provide great comfort to young readers who have lost a pet It is a little sad In detailing the domestic dynamic of Tiger Rose s household, it is revealed she is merely tolerated by the family dog and often goes unnoticed by Mom and Pop But the children love her, and she is a happy cat who has lead a good life but has now come to her natural end Again, it s a gentle story, so the pet here slips away into death brought on by old age not by, for instance, being hit by a car or drinking antifreeze.The writer and illustrator allow Tiger Rose her inherent dignity, value her full life and her place in the great circle Yes, she is only a cat, but, by virtue of being a living thing and existing on this planet, she is connected with all the other living things and her life has a richness and sweetness.The pictures are dear, and the cat s face and body are full of character, but not anthropomorphized She looks and acts very much like all the good cats I have known.

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    This is the most beautiful book I ve ever come across to explain the anticipated death of a beloved pet in a non religious way It s the story about a cat, Tiger Rose s life from city cat to country cat and what she and her family meant to one another It slowly eases into the subject of her passing, by celebrating her life as well Only then do we see that she s gotten older, she s much slower now, has lost her appetite, her legs hurt, her memory is not so good Knowing her time left is short, she goes about it in a way only a pet can do She visits her favorite spots, her outdoor critter friends and says goodbye to those she loved, eventually passing away peacefully leaving her tired body behind and becoming part of the air, earth and skyThe pastel illustrations are soothing and gorgeous and the story is so tastefully told It s a must buy for those who have young children and aging pets 5 5 stars

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    This is a really sweet story with sweet illustrations I personally would have preferred this as a poem over a childrens story, as there are a lot of hard words for younger children, and I can see a lot of confusion coming from young minds on what is happening I do love how the cat goes through her world, acknowledging everything down to the ants and bushes, which is something that adds a bit of mindfulness and respect towards all living things Our world can do with a bit of that I loved the ending, how she just becomes part of the earth, air, sky, and sun I find the ending beautiful, as it coinsides with my own beliefs, but I can see it causing ruffles with parents who believe quite differently Overall, it is really just a sweet book that is beautiful to read and look at.

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    This book was incredibly beautiful It was everything I wanted out of a book where a cat says goodbye to its life.The pictures were beautiful, the prose heartbreaking in its simplicity I m not a person who cries easily, but I cried while reading this Tiger Rose is perfectly content and poised, walking through the memories of her life and saying goodbye one by one I am proud to have it on my shelves.

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    The language and the illustrations are so gentle for such a hard topic This is the perfect title to start difficult conversations about death with a little one.